New Race Day Format Planned For Tri-Track Sanctioned Open Modified Event At Speedbowl

(Press Release from Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

Ron Silk celebrates victory in the Dunleavy Truck & Trailer 100 Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Ron Silk celebrates after winning the Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer 100 for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series earlier this month at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

All the marbles will be on the line at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl when the Northeast Race Cars and Parts Tri Track Open Modified Series concludes an action packed weekend on October 25.

Unlike the four races prior in 2015, the series season finale will be a non-points event. At the Speedbowl in September, Matt Hirschman was crowned the 2015 Tri Track Series champion after finishing on the podium in the Dunleavy’s 100.

This event will also hold a completely different format than any of the other four races this season. There will be no short distance heat races followed up by consolation races and a B-main feature. Instead, this event will be started with two 35 lap “qualifying feature’s” that will determine who will advance into the big show.

The series will use a blind draw to line up the twin 35 lap feature’s, splitting the car count exactly in half. For example, if fourty cars show up at the Speedbowl on that Sunday, twenty will be in the first feature and twenty will be in the second feature.

From there, the top eleven finishers in each one will transfer into a 65 lap, $5,000 to win main event. The 65 lap feature that will conclude the afternoon will include 22 drivers, plus up to four provisional spots that could be added by series officials.

Payout for the 35 lap qualifying races:

  1. $3,000
  2. $2,000
  3. $1,500
  4. $1,000
  5. $800
  6. $700
  7. $650
  8. $600
  9. $550
  10. $500
  11. $450
  12. $400

13-24 in the qualifying races will pay $400.

Payout for the 65 lap feature:

  1. $5,000
  2. $3,000
  3. $2,500
  4. $2,000
  5. $1,500
  6. $1,000
  7. $800
  8. $700
  9. $600
  10. $500
  11. $400

Series officials will also award a $200 bonus for 34 teams that competed at the Lee USA Speedway and Monadnock Speedway events earlier in the season.

Also in attendance on the Sunday afternoon will be New London-Waterford Speedbowl Mini Stocks, who will hold a 50 lap feature event. The $2,000 to win “Battle of the Sound,” for the Legend Cars, will also be 50 laps in distance. The series wishes to thank all of the fans, drivers, teams, sponsors and officials for the support during the 2015 racing season.

To register, teams should fill out the necessary form at the Tri-Track website.


  1. WOW.Thats a great payout,these days.

  2. Honestly, this is great except for the 4 provisonal spots. Anytime you pick certain cars to run the feature, the appearance of favoritism is inevitable… why pick this one but not that one, etc. I think a better idea is to only start cars that qualify on the track, no special favors for anyone…race your way in or go home.

  3. Agreed. Very impressive payout!

  4. Why on Sunday not Saturday . Didn’t learn the first time going up against the NFL .

  5. Could easily draw 50 cars if the weather cooperates.

  6. What happened t SK Lights being part of Sundays race

  7. Chris D. The provisionals aren’t given to random drivers that don’t qualify. Its for situations where a top guy doesn’t qualify because of a bad pill draw. Say Hirschman pulls a 40 out of the bag, starts last in his qualifying race and doesn’t make it up to the front, well there goes a huge attraction to the show. Same goes with people like Preece, Savary, Colby, or Pasteryak top guys in the standing. They don’t just give them away, you actually have to earn them.

  8. NFL not as big an issue because its not opening weekend like last time but I like tradition and tradition tells me the season is over after Thompson. I think the level of success will ultimately be based off of lineup. The more announced big names entered the more fans that will show up. If they get a lineup like Seekonk had in July it will be game on.

    If the the World Series rains out everything will have to be moved around. History tells us we are going to get at least one weekend of rain in October.

  9. Am i mistaken?? says

    No prostocks?? I thought the granite state series was supposed to run as well???

  10. Chris D. is correct. Provisionals that “could be added by series officials” are favoritism. Paul D so much as proves it by trying to say how they “earn” it by whether a driver is an “attraction”. So, the choices are based upon what? Unless there are specific guidelines up-front to define which cars get a provisional, it comes down to a personal choice made by officials; and that is favoritism no matter how you spin it.

  11. Am I Mistaken,
    The Granite State Pro Stock Series is on the schedule for Saturday of that weekend at Waterford. According to the Speedbowl website, the SK Light Modifieds have also been added to the event, though I’m not not totally sure which day their feature will be.

  12. Thank you beserious, you are right on.

  13. They have also added the Waterford/ACT Late Model division to the card. Whay day and how many laps have not been revealed, but it was suggested the payout will be higher than an average Saturday night show.

  14. The SK 150 and GSPS 150 are both running on Saturday as far as I know. Mini stock, limited sportsman, are running features on Sunday. Schedule is sort of vague at this point. But SK lights, bandoleros and legends are also part of the show. The only division not running are the late models. I’ve heard Palmer is planning on running his car with the pro stocks so maybe others will also. I also like tradition but when Thomson moved to Wednesday night this year, that forced Waterford to break tradition of Wacky Wednesday and move to Thursday. I thought it was funny how the bowl called it Thursday night thunder, the old name Thompson had. So why not break more tradition and have Waterford have the final big show in the northeast? Pretty sure most race fans don’t mind.

  15. I stand corrected ScottyV. I had not heard about the late models. Basically Bemer’s big show has become Bemer’s huge show. Or as Trump would say “euge”

  16. I need to know what day is practice for the sk lights, and what day the sk lights are running. Also how many laps? Would be nice to see the complete schedule up here !

  17. Sect. D Row 25 says

    Chris D., Thumbs up, Another uniformed conspiracy type posting. Paul D., Also wrong. Beserious,, Took the bait, Just as far off as the other two. It is clearly stated already who gets a provisional. The four previous winners or the next in the series standings. Being a special non points event this seems like a fair gesture to me for a series to support those that support them.

  18. This is going to be a great event.

    It just shows what can be done.

  19. Hey sec d, don’t be such a pansey for a change, race your way in or go home, be a racer, no gifts, if you can’t make the top 11 in the 35 lap feature you must not be that good after all. You must be one of those guys who believes everyone should get a trophy too.

  20. Sect. D Row 25 says

    Chris that is the type of comment that will get you dropped in a flash. It will happen so fast you will think you were in a crowd. I’m sure you are not too hard to find. If I don’t see you clinging to Ted’s zipper I imagine all I have to do is take a walk up to the Cotton Candy stand and look for the guy with the bandage on his left thumb from where the hammer hit it. The “D”must stand for dumb . You and four more just like you couldn’t unnerve me. You couldn’t be a bigger joke. That’s the rules the series states but again you did no research and just spouted off. I have been telling you for a year now what a “D”ope you are. An uneducated Rat who”s name should be Chris “C”,You know what I mean?

  21. When will waterford post about the schedule or other info about this event. Seems like their PR is strugling.

  22. secd, you hide behind your fake name just like everyone else, I stand behind what I said, race your way in, your threats are pretty funny. Enjoy your next anonymous meeting.

  23. Sect.D Row 25 says

    Chris, Section D row 25 seat 28. Now you are out of excuses. Appear before me if you can somehow muster the Sac.

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