Scott Fearn Shutting Down Late Model Operation With Keith Rocco Effective Immediately

Keith Rocco salutes fans at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl earlier this season after winning a Late Model feature for car owner Scott Fearn

Keith Rocco salutes fans at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl earlier this season after winning a Late Model feature for car owner Scott Fearn

The winningest driver/car owner duo in the Late Model division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl over the past three years are parting ways.

Team owner Scott Fearn said Friday that he has shut down his operation and that all his equipment is for sale.

Rocco won Late Model championships in 2013 and 2014 for Fearn at the Speedbowl. In five seasons Rocco recorded 36 victories for Fearn at the Speedbowl, with 32 of those wins coming since the start of the 2013 season.

Fearn said demands on the team between himself, crew chief Junior Woods and Rocco, brought him to making the decision to shut down.

“Some people may think it’s a joke, but I’m saying this is a fact, that racecar never comes out of the trailer all week long,” Fearn said. “It never gets worked on. You listen to guys, and it’s true, that they work on their cars five nights a week. Our car doesn’t even leave the trailer. I’m not saying that because it’s funny or it’s cool, it’s a fact. Keith is too busy and I don’t begrudge him for that, he’s busy with other cars with the Modifieds. And I have no problem with my car staying in the trailer and taking a backseat to the other stuff because it’s not like there’s [stuff] falling off it or it’s not winning races.

“Junior doesn’t have the time to work on the Late Model. I certainly don’t. I haven’t been to Keith’s garage to work on that car ever. I’m too busy with other [stuff]. If you win 10 or 12 races a year you should be the happiest [person] in New England and I don’t even like going to the track anymore. I couldn’t care less if we win a race, but I can tell you I get awful pissed if we finish second or third. Pretty much I’ve had enough.”

Rocco and Fearn ran selected races together in 2011 and 2012 before making the decision to run full-time before the 2013 season.

Rocco won 12 features in the car in 2013 and 11 last year. He has nine wins in 13 starts in the car this year. Rocco currently sits second in the Late Model standings at the Speedbowl, 33 points behind Jason Palmer. He missed two events this year because of obligations with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

“It’s unfortunate it had to come to an end,” Rocco said. “We had a lot of fun and won a lot of races together. We did everything we set out to do. Hopefully Scott will change his mind in the future and we can be back together.”


  1. Wins just about every week never touches the car which means no moneys going into besides fuel and tires and you shut it down? Maybe it’s best for Rocco focus on a national championship next year with part time rides in the VMR or traveling divisions that appear at the bowl

  2. Andy Da Woodchuck says

    I have to agree. It seems odd that if you basically you’re throwing tires and fuel at it and you still win, why would you walk away? seems more to the story

  3. Maybe paying for maximum performance and matinence and not getting his bang for his $

  4. All I can say, he’s a big baby, really BIG BABY! I’ve tried to talk to him and he thinks he is better than everybody else,wrong!!!!!!! YOU SUCK SCOTT FEARN!!!!!!!

  5. A real nobody says

    Two races left and your gonna throw in the towel cause palmer beat you 2 in a row and you have over 80k invested….seems like a sore loser to me.congrats on selling the car so quick now the legal fees and the lawsuit can be paid… The show will go on without the 1ct at the track. The speedbowl is the track to be at this year job well done in all series.

  6. Right, seems to be more to the story. Anyone know who bought it? Will be interesting to see how it does. Guess it’s a Seekonk car now.

  7. it will be a turd, his brother will kick there butt when he comes back!!!!!!!! Trust Me!!

  8. guess ferns upset the level playing field at the bowl isn`t paying off with wins??? most people would do anything to have a car that sits all week in the trailer with no work and is a top two three car. Is rocco lying when he says “i gotta thank the guys that work so hard all week on this car”. more to the story here but who cares ..more drama to fees ? lawsuit ? 80 grand invested and you aren`t putting parts on it every week??? .wonder where the money went LOL!!! this is a joke.

  9. Seems there’s a lot more to the story. That guy fearn doesn’t even go to the track everyweek. There doesn’t seem to be a lack of money there either.

  10. Andy Da Woodchuck says

    does anyone believe that car will ever go as good as it did with rocco? I bet that car was totally stripped out of the “good stuff” before it was sold. owner looks like a bad used car salesman.

  11. Shawn, I was wondering if Keith owns the ACT late model he has been running at Thompson, and if so will that car be at Waterford?

    To “jm” on your comment above, over the last two or three years I have spoke with Scott Fearn about the car a dozen times….. maybe the problem isn’t Scott but you.

  12. What a bunch of horse manure! Nothing here adds up.
    Car sits, yet takes top 3 every week? That’s a dream come true.
    Methinks there is a lot of misinformation going on here as I don’t like to call anyone a “liar”.
    But, if the shoe fits????
    There is a lot of underlying “stuff” going on here, because, like I said, “Nothing adds up!!”

  13. To Paul, It could be, but I doubt it! You must be a lucky guy to be able to have a conversation with him, I’ve tried to more than once….. Maybe he just doesn’t like to talk with competitors.. That’s fine!

  14. Hey scott, Call Phill Rondeau …..he’s available and he will be happy to work on it. Think of the press when he passes Rocco for the most wins at the bowl…

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