Spin Cycle: Doug Coby Scores Controversial Whelen Mod Tour F.W. Webb 100 Win At NHMS

Doug Coby celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Doug Coby celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

LOUDON, N.H. – On Friday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Doug Coby talked about what he needed to happen to return to contention in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship hunt this season.

“We’re going to need some help in terms of the finishes that Ryan [Preece] and Woody [Pitkat] get,” Coby said after winning the pole for the Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100 at NHMS.

Coby’s wish for a victory and bad finishes for Preece and Pitkat came true, though it happened in dramatically controversial fashion centered squarely on Coby’s final lap intentions.

A tap from Coby on the final lap sent Preece spinning out of the lead and allowed Coby to take the checkered flag as the winner of the F.W. Webb 100 Saturday at NHMS.

It was the fifth win of the season for Coby, the reigning series champion, from Milford. The race was extended to 102 laps because of a late caution.

Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. was second and Bobby Santos III of Franklin, Mass. third.

As Coby drove away from the last lap incident, Pitkat, running fifth at the time, drove into the spinning Preece. Pitkat ended up 10th in the running order and Preece 19th.

“I pushed him into turn one and he basically stopped,” Coby said of Preece. “I wanted to pass him in turn three not in turn one and two. I was going to push him off the corner and he didn’t go through turn one and two the same way he did all the other laps and it might have caught me a little off guard because I was in throttle and when we made contact his car went right around. At that point my job is to save my own car. I certainly did not mean to wreck him there.”

Preece said Coby purposefully wrecked him.

“I got wrecked, one hundred percent,” Preece said. “No if ands or buts. I really like Doug, he’s a really good guy, me and him on the personal level. But on the racing level now, respect-wise, I have zero. He’s used me up before, no big deal, I don’t get wrecked. But for what he did right there going into turn one, there’s no explanation for that.”

Coby came into the event third in the standings, with Preece leading the points chase and Pitkat in second place, one point behind Preece.

After the dust settled Pitkat ended up in the points lead with two events remaining this season. Preece fell to second, eight points behind Pitkat. Coby is third, 11 points off the lead.

“Obviously I expect their team to say I wrecked him because of the points deal and I probably expect Woody’s team to say the same thing,” Coby said. “But that’s not what happened.”

Said Pitkat: “From my point of view I don’t think [Coby] should be in victory lane. Obviously [the officials] must have saw something different.”

Preece quickly drove to the front from his 17th starting spot. Coby and Preece ran in first and second together for the entire second half of the event.

A James Civali spin after contact with Justin Bonsignore on lap 97 set up the decisive green-white-checkered finish with Coby leading Preece and Santos in third.

On the lap 101 restart, Preece got a push from Santos in third to clear Coby off turn two and take over the lead. Preece and Coby ran nose to tail in first and second into turn one after taking the white flag before the fireworks in turns one and two.

“Everyone of us, we race and things are going to happen,” Coby said. “That’s the nature of the beast. Whether you choose to believe stuff happens on purpose or stuff happens because we are racecar drivers driving racecars at 150 mph, that’s the only thing I can say. I don’t think I made a mistake. I think I sent him into the corner like I should, rolled through the gas like I should and was content to roll up off the corner off of turn two and get a big run down the backstretch and that never happened because he screwed us up in the middle of the corner.

“I know what my intentions were. I know when I do things on purpose and I don’t and I’m probably the only one in our series that will step up and say when I do something on purpose that I did it on purpose. I didn’t do this on purpose. I think he checked me up in the middle of the corner to try to slow me up.”

Said Preece: “I got wrecked leading this race. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t check up more than any other time I have. The guy leading gets tight, the guy leading has a way better run, control your car. He’s good enough to do it. I don’t know what happened. … There’s nothing he can say that’ as far as what happened that’s going to change anything.”

The series visits Stafford Motor Speedway for the NAPA Fall Final 150 on Oct. 4 before closing out the season at the Sunoco World Series 150 on Oct. 18 at Thompson Speedway.

Preece, the 2013 series champion, is looking for his second series title in three years. Coby, who also won a championship in 2012, is looking for his third title in four years. Pitkat is trying to win his first series title.

“Points will take care of themselves,” Preece said. “We have two more races, anything can happen.”

“I think going to these other races, if it’s going to turn into a slugfest I’m ready to slug it out if I have to,” Coby said. “That’s not what I want to do. I’d love to just go racing, on to the next race and that’s that. But the reality is, if that’s what people want to turn this into, I’m ready to go. I don’t like that that’s what happened in the race. I would have been perfectly content winning and him finishing second. That would not have been an issue for me. We’ll just see what happens at Stafford.”

Emerling had a career best second place finish. Before Saturday his best series finish was a fourth place, which he did in the July series event in Loudon.

“It was going pretty well for us I thought,” Emerling said. “We didn’t quite qualify how we wanted to. We ended up 12th there. But during the race we had a pretty good car and managed to stay in the top-10 for most of the race. … We got the car a little bit better for us [at the halfway break]. Towards the end I was feeling very comfortable with my racecar and we ended up with a second place out of it.”


  1. Doug brilliant ! Never your fault . You no what the problem is here you can’t just go up to a guy and deck him like in the old days. … plus you can’t hit a woman

  2. The deuce will now go onto win its 2nd consecutive championship since putting Colby behind the wheel . These next two races are going to be great !

  3. I watched the video, looks like
    Preece breaks loose b4 Colby makes contact, so I would say incidental contact. It puzzles me that Colby said Preece checked up because Preece was tight.

  4. I'M FROM UTICA says

    Coby has been a weapon ever since he started in Don Kings #28. I really don’t think Ryan or Woody will allow him a championship after today. Maybe next year, that is if they forget what he did to them today.

  5. Steady Eddie Fan says

    How could Coby do that to the face of modifieds Ryan Preece LMAO Ryan got what he deserves !

  6. What a clASS act ,said he would have passed him in 3 anyway,how about all the one s behind you that got wrecked,I don’t think Ryan or Woody will take him out ,they have a little more clASS ,maybe even a lot more

  7. This is going to put people in the stands.


    I was stunned at all the booing when the 2 was announced as the winner.

  8. Alternate headline….
    NO RAGRETS: Coby dumps Preece on last lap, know what I’m sayin?…

  9. Poor doug coby always getting bumped by everyone else never his fault he’s a real creep and so is sm111 hope to see them wrinkled up on the wall next sunday

  10. August Thompson race, Bristol and today show that Coby is out of contol. He cannot manage himself behind the wheel and cleary junked Preece without any care for the safety of 33 other drivers.

    If I were following him into turn 1 at stafford next weekend he would be junked … no matter where my team was in the standings. Coby makes excuses about how things happen fast at 150mph, but as a seasoned veteran he k ows better than to but others in jepordy.

    Szegedy and others could have been killed today if that turned out different. NASCAR made the wrong call here and retribution is coming the way of the 2 team.

  11. Reading Rainbow says

    How can you read a headline and an entire article and still think the man’s name is Colby??


  12. Reading Rainbow says

    22 times.

    22 times in this article Shawn clearly states that the man’s name is Coby yet people still want to think its Colby.

  13. You all need to go back and look at the video Preece got loose before Coby got into him

  14. C-o-b-y, Steve, that is how you spell Doug Coby’s name. Do you read these articles and see the t-shirts and think everyone else can’t spell?

  15. Andy Boright says

    Don’t need to see the video, I was there, the 2 flat out dumped the 6 and NASCAR let him keep the win. It’s not the first time any of those things happened (remember all the sanctioned punting that went on at Daytona?), and it won’t be the last.

    All those people weren’t booing Coby because they couldn’t spell his last name correctly. A dump job is a dump job and Coby dumped the leader of the race to win it, with NASCAR sticking their hands in their pockets.

  16. Steve may have spelled the name wrong, but after seeing the video I agree with him 100%. Looked to me like the rear of the 6 breaks free (snaps to the right probably when he got back on the throttle), and then the 2 got into him. It should be very interesting to see the angles NBC Sports has, I just checked and the race will be aired Thursday (10/1) at 7 PM.

  17. i agree with Jim the 6 got loss before the 2 hit him the video tells the hole story.

  18. Where can you see the video?

  19. I can’t wait for Stafford…

    Hope it doesn’t rain!

  20. As of 9:39 AM, Sunday morning, results are still not posted on the NASCAR site.

    Is there a protest, or is this still being reviewed?

  21. This is great , looks like we now have a new “Villain” in the Mod Squad . It should make for some great racing at Stafford and Thompson , go get them Doug .

  22. Where are you guys finding the video of this incident? I’ve looked on nascar.com, speed51 and youtube and haven’t located the actual incident.

  23. Mod Tour Fan says

    “Dirty Doug” should be the new slogan for the 2 team. If you listen to his post race comments, everytime he is involved in a controversy he is never at fault, with the exception of Bristol, but then again, who was he going blame, no one touched him, he did that all by himself and he admitted it, but if you read the various articles on the Bristol incident, at first Coby took full blame, but as he talked to different reporters he tried to change it up a bit, not taking full responsibility in the end. I have watched Coby race for years, since his Pro Stock days and have NEVER heard him say he did something on purpose. I do not believe he did the Bristol incident on purpose, but there was no one to blame. Coby was caught cheating in his Pro Stock days and insisted he did not, I can only assume he cheated on purpose but refused to own up to it. So Doug maybe you can sell your BS lines to your Real Estate clients and NASCAR officials, but seasoned race fans are not going to buy them, I am certain you heard 90 per cent of the fans in the stands booing you in Victory Lane. This is the second time in 2 months that Szegedy has been a victim of one of your idiotic moves, I am certain the 4 team is not too pleased with you along with many others that were victims of your actions. I suggest you ditch the firesuit for a suit of armour for the last 2 races and hang on as it will probably be a wild ride. Preece and Pitkat will probably be the least of your worries, but I do not expect them to give you an inch and hope they race you with the same respect you have shown them, not much! If you do end up with the Championship don’t forget to thank NASCAR and Phil Moran, any idiot can figure out that your LFR car is not the same as any other LFR car, I know you would like to take the credit but we the fans are not buying what you are trying to sell. What goes around comes around, so I suggest you hang on, the Road to the Championship is going to be a wild one.

  24. Barney Rubble says

    Maybe some people call him Colby due to brain damage sustained when Doug showered them with rocks in a fit of rage when pulling his car behind the wall at Stafford…

  25. Goodfella, I found it on hometracks

    Video I looked at is being shared on facebook

  26. official results were posted last nite.its over, punted back to 19th and woody is lucky to walk away in one piece. nice days work for the 2 crew

  27. If Colby (lol, just kidding) gets to Thompson within 2 points of lead its game, set, match. He is untouchable there. Business about to pick up at Stafford. More drama in what has been a tremendous WMT season.

  28. Folks,

    Please no posting links or directs to personal Facebook pages.

  29. Sorry Shawn. I didn’t realize the Facebook connection was not allowed, however I do agree with your rules. I was just trying to get the video out here. I guess it will arrive soon enough.

  30. Observer,
    No problem at all. It’s one thing when things are published on regularly public pages, and while Facebook pages are in the public domain, not all personal Facebook pages are fully open.

  31. Shawn , could you post a clip/video of the last lap incident between Ryan and Doug in turn one at NHMS Thanks

  32. Steady Eddie Fan says

    We have had villian(s) right along, Ryan Preece iis no better than Doug it’s never his fault either. If you look at at all the controversy this season in the modifieds alot of the time you’ll fine one of three names, Ryan Preece, Woody Pitkat or Doug Colby. And if you ask any of them it’s never any of their fault whether they are cheating or driving dirty.

  33. Colby [sic] is accusing the 6 of checking up?

    From the restart, the 6 took the lead from the INSIDE. The 2 chose to take the outside position on the restart. The 2 did not expect to be playing catchup at all. There is a video out there from @NASCARJason, and he recorded the video from the apex of T1-2. It shows the whole thing pretty good. Watch the nose of the 2 go side-to-side while right behind the 6, with a cut to the right to spin the 6. The 2 was on the bumper of the 6 pretty much from the restart. The 2 got into the bumper of the 6 as they entered the APEX of T1-2, when the 2 went deeper and got into the 6. That broke the rear of the 6 loose, and the rest was history. When the cars went by this particular video position, the 2 was well into the rear of the 6.

    Plenty of cars were taken out. Really too bad. Could heave been a great finish.

  34. JustaFella,
    I don’t have video. I checked with NASCAR today and there isn’t an authorized video clip available on any public domain at this point. Have to remember, there are broadcast rights issues with the event that are involved and the event is scheduled to be broadcast later this week on NBCSN. There is some video out there that was taped off a monitor at the track that has been posted on some Facebook pages.

  35. Mod tour fan (or guy who is too scared to use his real name) the best way not to get wrecked is to be fast enough to get away from the guy behind you. Ryan is not the first mod driver to have a rough last lap at Loudon. I have been to LFR btw. All those cars are the same exact car. The maintenance and up keep are different yes. All LFR customers are very close in set up and the crew chief tunes to the driver. Real simple. It is run like a team and the crews all work together. Rob is very involved in ALL the cars set ups as well. Don’t be a hater to success. It does nothing for your name (or lack there of!) Phil and Doug and that car have DOMINATED this season. If you don’t see that your not a “mod tour fan” just another hater to the success of those cars and that team.

  36. It was rather shocking to hear the booing when the 2 was declared the winner. When TC does that, there are cheers.

  37. Thanks Shawn

  38. I don’t know if this will pass Shawn’s posting rules, but if you search on Twitter with #NWMT and #NHMS, you should get plenty of video options.

  39. darealgoodfella,
    That’s fine, nothing wrong with that. It’s really a copyright and authorization issue. I wish I could post a video of what happened, but there really is rights issues involved. NASCAR and NBCSN control video broadcast rights of the event. Whoever posted video taped off a monitor at the track is essentially breaking NASCAR broadcast rights rules that are involved. I’m choosing to respect those broadcast rights rules and I can’t control whether or not any other media outlets decide that they don’t need to respect those rights, and I’m surely not going to direct anybody to other outlets posting unauthorized video.

  40. That’s cool, I understand and respect that.

  41. Did the 2 pass post race tech?

    How about the carburetor?

  42. drealgoodfella,
    No issues in post race tech that have been relayed from NASCAR.

  43. They reviewed the finish and put the 15 in front of the 51 car.

  44. Did the #2 pass post race inspection – really? When was the last time the #2 did not pass inspection? The most dominant, best prepared car on Tour? Phil Moran has brought the best car week after week & he does not cut corners or cheat. Doug goes agressively for the win with the best car & everyone wants to boo him – TC does the same thing & he is Dale Sr reincarnated. Anyone remember Todd Szegedy bumping Donnie Lia on the last lap at New Hampshire a few years ago for the win?

  45. I love people that use their “real” name, such as “mark” and make like that really identifies you, and justifies ridiculing others that use equally useless handles.

  46. Mod Tour Fan says

    Mark, I have no problem with Phil Moran, my point was Coby should be thankful he has him for a crew chief’ he gives him a great car every week, but he can’t drive it for him, that is all up to Coby, and I have to question some of his actions this season and find it hard to believe it will not come back to haunt him, again just my opinion. As far as you going to the LFR shop, good for you, I have been to Troyer and Spafco. You claim to know that Rob Fuller is involved with the set up of all the LFR cars and I should not be a hater to success, [ I must admit, I got a good laugh reading your post] the only great success I have seen out of the LFR shop is the #2 car with Phil Moran setting it up and Coby behind the wheel. I do believe that Burt Myers on the Southern tour has had some success with his LFR car, but have to ask you, do you really think if Coby got in the LFR house car with Rob Fuller setting it up [the one Silk drives] that it would be the same as the #2 car that Moran sets up? Silk has won a WMT Championship, Lia has an LFR car and has won a couple WMT Championships in the past, my point being both are capable of winning races, but they are not having much success in the LFR cars. Lia’s car appears to be better than the LFR house car of Silk, but don’t try to tell me that Rob Fuller is the brains behind the Coby car, the results just don’t add up. I am certain Billy Colton at Troyer gives his customers a basic set up and the crew chief’s tweak it to what works for their driver, and I am sure Art and Ken Barry do the same for their customers at Spafco. I will say the only thing I ever hated about Rob Fuller was the fact that every year at Loudon, that purple and white car he drove was usually the first caution of the race, sometimes on the first few laps of the race, I was happy to hear he was hanging up his helmet and moving onto the car building business. That being said, it appears the cars Rob sets up do not go as well as the ones he does not, it is just a fact and I will let the facts speak for themselves. By the way, I have been attending races at Loudon since the very first one, I believe it was 1990. I can assure you I am not a Preece fan, but still feel he got a raw deal, as well as the 5 or 6 other cars involved. If you think about the July race, Bristol and the race yesterday, Coby’s actions have destroyed alot of cars, you say “Phil and Doug and that car have DOMINATED this season”, I say Phil has done his job but would have to say a more accurate description of Doug would be DESTROYER, by the way just my opinion.

  47. For what its worth,I saw aforementioned video and it sure does look like Ryans car starts to break loose before Coby hit him…….

  48. This is a video I took from T1-T2; it happened right in front of me:
    Shawn: I assume it’s OK to post this.

  49. right on mod tour.it was what sometimes happens seems like to everyone sooner or later.but if you obiously can’t put the 6 back where he belongs don’t you send the 2 back?thats what regularly happens at riverhead ask tom rogers

  50. ctmodfan, nice video. The 2 put his bumper to the left of the rear bumper of the 6, and then cut his nose to the right, spinning the 6. When the cars went by, the chrome horn of the 2 was ahead of the rear bumper of the 6 and off to the left of the rear bumper of the 6. There’s another video out there from a slightly higher perspective and you can see the nose of the 2 cut left, hook the bumper an then cut right, spinning the 6.

    Some have said the 6 lost it on his own, but I don’t see how any car would lose it at that point on the track. The 6 was strong, no signs of getting loose.

  51. I can’t wait for the Stafford race… Preece and Pitkat own that place.

  52. While we all appreciate any videos, the above posted by ctmodfan, doesn’t show the needed angle of the contact between the 2 drivers. Also, the other video, (discussed in earlier posts: Facebook), I did see, and as for my opinion, it is difficult to know exactly when the contact was made, as the front bumper of Coby’s car was black, which blends in with the surface of the racetrack. Its actually difficult to even see the bumper on the car. (The Facebook attachment was filmed off a TV monitor).

  53. As mentioned earlier, the race airs Thursday at 7pm on nbcsn. The truth will be set free then.

  54. the name less mod fan, you will see things the way you want to and I will see reality. Wasn’t Phil the crew chief last year with 1 win and no poles? Phil is the best in that garage for sure but if you cant see a improvement when they went to these LFR cars you are BLIND! You say you attend all the races up there, if so did you not see Todd in that 15 car last year with a borrowed BUILT motor or were you in the bathroom the whole race. Keep in mind that the 15 races 4 or 5 times a year. They show up and are a threat to run up front with a limited schedule. Put that car in every race and they will be a threat for every win. They lead Thompson and didn’t have a pit crew to change tires! Not exactly a championship caliber team running 5 races. As far as the set ups yes Rob does have a lot to do with them in his LFR cars. Doug drove the 15 car at Loudon last year in practice and was .3 faster in the 15 car than the 2 car! We talked to Rob in NC and he was very open and helpful. If you want to compare his knowledge of race cars to Troyer and Spaco go for it. Kinda like comparing the LFR shop to their shops! And LFR has no success, come on man. Open your eyes. How many wins and poles do the other manufactures have this year? In the first season of building mods this is a huge success in any ones eyes. Just ask the drivers that have driven one what they think, or just read their quotes. I am not a fan of anyone but when someone does something that is successful I recognize. Robs driving was hot and cold but I have no clue why you brought that up. Its quite obvious you have a issue with him but I lived by New Smyrna and saw some great runs here. I was at Thompson when he sat on the pole and started last and come up to finish third in a race. Either way he has experience driving that is a benefit to what he does when helping a customer tune a car. I am ending it at this. LFR is a higher quality car with more engineering involved. ALL drivers that have driven them say they are a better piece. FACTS. Doug did lose it at Bristol, we all make mistakes. Loudon was a example of a much faster car getting into a slower cars bumper on the last lap. Brake check maybe, dumped maybe, but Doug was the winner and yes this is my name. Am I the only guy that submitted a email address to get on here? All my CORRECT info is on there which was what I thought you did to get on this section. Things are a little clearer in my part of the country maybe but we don’t hide behind handles here.

  55. And in conclusion, mark, you agree that the 2 dumped the 6?

  56. Mod Tour Fan says

    Mark, It appears you are not only an LFR fan but a Rob Fuller fan also. You appear to be missing my point so I will spell it out for you, Phil Moran has hit on something with the LFR car but it does not appear that he is sharing with this team of Rob Fullers LFR cars you are talking about, and I do not blame him. Yes I was at the race last September when Todd in the 15 finished 2nd to Pitkat in a Troyer. (I wasn’t in the bathroom after all) Jeff Fuller was a star in the Modifieds, Rob Fuller was a pack filler, and that is simply my opinion. It is also my opinion that in order to call the LFR car a success you need to have more than one team that has it figured out, what I see is it is working for the 2 team and when others figure it out and start winning races I will call LFR a success. I have never met Rob Fuller but you seem to be a big fan, I consider myself a fan of drivers not car builders.

  57. Mod Tour Fan, don’t put so much credit in the chassis of the 2. A very good carburetor can make a not so good chassis look better than it really is. The 2 has had straightaway speeds like no other cars, and the 2 does not have superior exit speed.

    Put the carburetor of the 2 on another SPEC motor and watch that car excel.

  58. its not the CHASSIS that is providing the peformance advantage to this specific car… its what is bolted to it..how those parts work together along with the driver. if LFR dominated why does he need to junk othe rdrivers for a win ?? wouldn`t call it dominating.. for some reason people keep talking about “figuring out” this chassis (the poor performing LFR cars including some being run as SK`S).. coby and moran work very well together. moran has been found in the past with illegal gear and almost every car running up front is pushing the grey area`s.. stafford is salivating keep the posts coming .. hopefully the coby,preece pitkat trifecta wont result in more cars being destroyed .. all three are whiners ..no class .. lets see if LFR mods are around as lonbg as spafco,troyer and chassis dynamics.. me thinks the mod thing is a phase and they will soon focus on fendered cars specific in the next couple years … PS how are the fendered cars doing vs all the other chassis…dominating???

  59. It’s not the chassis, it’s the carburetor. There is no huge advantage to one chassis over another. The other LFR chassis aren’t very competitive. And they are running the SPEC motor. SPEC motors and LFR chassis, I’d expect to see IROC style racing. That ain’t happening.

    Because they are racing carburetors. This is the big dark secret. It’s the worst kept secret.

    NASCAR needs to focus on the carburetors and establish perfect parity with the carburetors. Makes no sense to have a SPEC motor with a carburetor that gets very little attention.

    NASCAR should pull all the carburetors from the SPEC motor cars after qualifying, and give them out to the field randomly for the race. That should really scare the bejeezus out of some owners, crew chiefs and drivers.

    NASCAR should seal the carburetors, and number them, and assign winning points to the carburetors. LOL!!!!!

  60. I say everyone meets at Stafford with a sign with there name on it ,and let the poop hit the fan,enough talk.lets have some action.I personally would like to but names with faces.lmao.stirring the pot.

  61. Just my thoughts... says

    speed kills, Thank you for your post, I too have heard rumors of illegal parts on the 2 car, yes I agree that Moran and Coby work well together but I also agree there is something more going on. Mark would have us all believe that it is the LFR chassis which most know is not true. Mark also states that Silk lead the race at Thompson in the LFR house car, if my memory is correct Silk inherited the lead when the front runners pitted and why would Silk pit, Mark admits he had no tire changers. What kind of car owner and chassis business owner would show up for a race with his house car and no crew??

  62. On another note, since we’re all looking forward to the next time all of these drivers meet…

    Does anyone know what happens if Stafford gets rained out this weekend? Would the race be held the following weekend?

    And yes, Barry is my real name… ;^)

  63. And in all of this, we have to feel sorry for Szegedy. He was taken out by the 2 in Bristol, and was collateral damage due to the 2 at Loudon. The 4 is always very good at Bristol, and was very good at Loudon, in the top 5 on the last restart. Szegedy would be in contention for a championship if not for being taken out twice by the 2.

  64. Well I was going to not waste anymore of my time but here we go. Field filler is a strong word for someone with poles and top 5s. Whatever, this post was not a Rob Fuller driving post. LFR finished 1, 4 (with the car that doesn’t run according to you) and 6 at Loudon THIS WEEK! This is their second time here at Loudon! Burt Myers won 9 races with his. Jason Myers picked up wins that he couldn’t last year so you don’t have to look very far to find success with those cars. Again, just talk to someone who drove them. Find Todd and ask what drives better, the 4 or the 15. (I have a idea the answer to that). The other manufactures have MANY more cars in the field and have raced MANY more times there. LFR is a success in my opinion, as well as Phils and Dougs I believe. I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” but I do appreciate hard work and give credit where it is due unlike yourself. If you believe that Doug got in Robs car at Loudon and went considerably faster and Rob didn’t sell that set up with his car you are a fool! I just spoke to a good friend who was at Loudon and said all the LFR cars were running soft springs except the 7ny so where did they get that set up? Phil must have set them up. WOW. The LFR house car is to run and collect data one would assume. When you only have 2 cars in the field probably a good idea until you get 20- 30 cars in each field. Again, LFR spending their own money to test and provide data to customers. How many cars do the other chassis guys run? Or do they want customers to spend their own money on a new idea? Just asking. Another example of how a company goes above and beyond and a hater will find a way to turn it into a negative. I am pretty sure although they would want a win, but data is pretty important to a chassis mfg. Maybe the team van was full I am not sure why they didn’t bring a crew. Maybe they just weren’t experienced. In closing I am a HUGE fan to a racer and innovator. In my opinion Rob is a racer that has picked up a dying division and opened a lot of eyes. There have been other chassis mfg changes to web pages, designs etc. If LFR wasn’t a success these guys would not change anything. After thinking about it maybe I am a fan. Call it what you want its but its respect. All I know is that the racing is great. Doug has been the best car on a consistent basis and if not for the Loudon wreck and Bristol wreck the points would be done already. Yes, I know he wrecked himself at Bristol haters. Just pointing out facts. Good night all. Until the next time a clouded brain puts up a post without a name. I will be at the NS race this year so if any nameless posters would like to meet for a beer let me know! Sounds like it would be fun. I was on the LFR FB page just now and it seems like the fender cars are having success. Maybe they are flying Phil there to set those up too!! The plot thickens!

  65. Take the carburetor from the 2 and put it on any other SPEC motor car with a Troyer, SPAFCO, CD, etc. and watch that carburetor go!!!!!

  66. mark if they are sharing info and have the same set ups what accounts for the performance difference… you are telling me coby is THAT good.. sorry he is NOT. dont even talk burt meyers.. the southern tour has no real competition and low car counts ..meyers wouldnt top 5 in a northern race .so almost any team who debuts a new car near the end of the year wins.. the car is new..straight ..parts new,,and freash motor …the performance advantage hasn`t been found yet and it may be a legal one ..sorry mark LFR will price themselves outta modified production in a year or two. they do make a sweet car but not worth the extra price.. ask any of the guys who bought one thinking they would instantly win.. (SK`S and some tour guys ) .its NOT the chassis and i would love to meet for a beer as long as you are buying ..you proably drink the most expensive beer cause you think its the best LOL!!!! PS coby wont win the title.. he wont be given an inch on the track the nesxt two events and rightfully so.. karma ..karma ..karma

  67. Hey mark, I hate to inform you that the chassis is just not that important as you think. The silly little carburetor has more influence on performance than the chassis. A good chassis can’t make a bad motor look good, but a really good motor, er, carburetor can make a less than the best chassis much better.

    There are some real old Troyers out there that are competitive, and if they had the carburetor the 2 is running, they would run circles around the 2.

    The importance of the chassis is overblown. They are all so close, a slight difference in carburetors can easily make up for any chassis difference.

  68. Just my thoughts... says

    Barry, If Stafford rains out this weekend the rain date is the next weekend, Oct. 10 & 11th.

  69. Woody said it all after bristol it was later edited.what he said is that ms111 has full time guys working on that car everyday all day.seems to me that is the difference and its perfectly legal don’t know why nascar chose to shorten the interview

  70. misspoke it was todd not woody.woody had other things to say.If you remember they were waiting for doug at the podium

  71. A lot of BS talk here. Listen, anybody who is a fan of short track racing should NOT be a fan of LFR chassis. They dont deserve credit. Theyre spending a fortune on R&D and engineers which is driving the prices of new chassis higher and higher. Has anybody seen the prices for these cars? If LFR was to succeed and everybody started jumping on the bandwagon you would see a HUGE decline in car counts especially at the local tracks. And their big selling points are integrity for safety and how lightweight their cars are. Well, these cars a folding up like pretzels because they are trying to make them so lightweight which costs a lot more money to repair. Beyond that, how about the lead tab mounts? Integrity for safety when chunks of lead come flying out and hitting other cars? I guess it’s very important to save weight in the area where WEIGHT IS SUPPOSED TO BE MOUNTED.

  72. I Just can't Even says

    Coby spun Preece out. Plain and simple. You can play with your words and spin it however you want, Doug. Anybody with two eyes saw your dirty coward move. You knew where you were in points, and if Ryan finished the race where he was set up, you would have been out of the championship. Total spineless DB move. Enjoy your tainted victory, and I hope someone returns the favor at Stafford.

  73. darealgoodfella, no one else has taken the bait so I guess I’ll bite… what is so different about the carb on the 2 that makes the car go so well, and if it is illegal, why does it always pass tech? Did they cheat it up or did they just get lucky when they bought it? What is so different about it?

  74. Chris D., “pass tech” doesn’t mean much. There are many ways to get a carb to “pass”. There have been cars in the past that were very fast, and then all of a sudden were found to have a big carb, and then they were no longer way faster than the rest. There have been numerous SPEC motor carburetor confiscations this season.

    The rules say: “No modifications to the carburetor and carburetor spacer – Must
    remain as supplied by the NASCAR- approved supplier.”

    I really doubt that every SPEC carburetor on the Tour is randomly pulled from some warehouse, shipped to a team, and then the box opened and the carb installed without some sort of special attention.

    Some would like to point your attention to the LFR chassis to get your attention away from the carburetor. The chassis can’t make the 2 do what it does. The carburetor can.

    Several years ago, after a few races where the 36 ran away from the field as if it had about 50 more ponies, NASCAR began looking into it, and miraculously they found the 36 had a “special” carburetor, and the team was fined. After that, the 36 was a regular car. If it really was all about the chassis, I’d expect to see some of the other teams that are running the LFR and are also deep with talent to be up there, the three top cars are running Troyers and an LFR, not much of a runaway domination of one chassis over the others.

    NASCAR should impound the SPEC motor carburetors after qualifying and then randomly deal them out to the cars. Lets see how that works. And follow what carb wins!!!!

    Right now, we are racing carburetors.

  75. I just can’t even,
    Ryan did the same thing to the 2 car several years ago at Stafford when he was driving the 3 car, only he flat out sent it in from a distance and drilled him, in turn one, I believe on the last lap. This is when Szegedy was still driving and Ryan had less experience but none-the-less he is far from pure. I think all top three point drivers have had these moments including this season, unfortunately.

  76. darealgoodfella, you yourself said the 2 dumped the 6…if that doesn’t happen and the 6 wins the race over the 2 then does that mean the 6 now has the special carb? Why would the 2 dump the 6 when he had such an advantage due to his special carb? If the 36 several years ago had an illegal carb and was fined, why wouldn’t NASCAR look for the same infraction now? Did they forget what to check since then? Can you be more specific than “special attention” to the carburetor? What is special about it?

  77. Spinning somebody out to win is as low as you can get period. The officials let it happen and that’s that. I’ve heard top drivers would rather be second on the last two laps just because your chances of winning increase in the second spot. Ask Ron S he’s a pro punter that’s the only way he can win.

  78. Chris D., there weren’t many laps left, and the 6 took the lead from the inside when the 2 chose to line up outside. Never take the outside on a restart with a couple laps left, NEVER. The 2 lost the restart and fell behind the 6, and under those conditions on the last lap, with less than a lap left, the 6 was going to make it very difficult to get around, so it was close quarters. Remember, this happened on the LAST LAP. Gloves come off on the last lap. When you are a dumper, you do what needs to be done as the opportunity presents itself. There you have it.

    To think that Preece an the 6 went snap loose all by himself at the end of T1 is out of the question.

    This set a precedent, and business will be brisk for the parts trucks.

  79. I must be talking to a wall, because darealgoodfella still has not answered my question about the special carburetor the 2 has…guess I’ll just ignore him like everyone else is doing.

  80. Carburetor performance was being achieved by having tapperd boosters. Nascars “nogo” gauge would be ok on the top of booster but when they took off butterfly plate spacer and measured from below boosters were found to be “BIG”. Boosters are epoxyed into carb for safety and can’t be removed without damaging, the 36 wasn’t the only car buying a new carb!! Tire was softer back then and when Teddy pitted late it made him look great.

  81. I can teach, but I can’t make you understand.

    Chris D., back then, it was the 390 carb on the built motors that was in use for a very long time. Every trick in the book was pretty much known with that carburetor. Anybody that doctored the carb was gambling. The carb is the dominant limiting factor on the built motor, it is the choke point. Do you have any idea how small a 390 carburetor is?

    Now the SPEC motor carb is what is in play, and it is a very different beast. It’s HUGE. Many have already been confiscated, many very early in the season. Why is there a sudden rash of carburetors being confiscated? And the carburetors are the big honking SPEC motor carburetors? Can you explain that? Do you understand why? Chris, why the rash of SPEC motor carburetors being confiscated? Well, perhaps because they are deviating from the rules: “No modifications to the carburetor and carburetor spacer – Must remain as supplied by the NASCAR- approved supplier.” Yathink? Chris D., please explain why there has been a rash of numerous SPEC motor carburetor confiscations.

    The built motor carb is 390 CFM, the SPEC motor carb is 830 CFM. That is a huge difference. NASCAR is learning what is being done to get more air through the SPEC carb by confiscating the carbs. Is it too obvious?

    The lack of parity is embarrassing. If the SPEC motor is indeed a SPEC motor, speeds and racing should be very tight, and they just aren’t.

    The Tour is racing carburetors.

  82. Where can I find a record of a rash of numerous SPEC motor carburetor confiscations? I go to a lot of races, read a lot of published reports on NASCAR modified racing, and talk to a lot of people in the pit area of various tracks including drivers, car owners, and crew members, and the only one who ever mentions the SPEC motor carb issue is darealgoodfella. Everyone else just ignores you, no one ever agrees with you or verifies what you say…why is that? What penalties have been levied so far this season for this obvious rules infraction? Where can I find more information on this fascinating topic? You have indicated the 2 had one of these illegal altered carbs at New Hampshire, if true why is no one else talking about it?

  83. Chris D., it took time, and lots of rumbling to go after the 36 with the big carb and the 7NY with the extra air passages. There was indeed elaborate cheating there. And after the 36 was bagged with the big boosters, that big bad Ford wasn’t so big and bad after all. The chassis isn’t what is making the 2 go better than the other cars, the driver certainly isn’t helping, and there clearly isn’t parity with the SPEC motors. Put truly even SPEC motors, carb included, in modifieds and there should be many cars stuck together the entire race like a flock of birds. That isn’t happening either.

    Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

    Many carburetors have been confiscated already. They are racing carburetors. Using a bigger carb for similar horsepower does not leave the carb out of the equation, NASCAR still has to be extremely vigilant in governing extremely tight oversight and control over carburetors.

  84. Why is no one else talking about illegal carbs? A rule is a rule, you break it you get penalized, what am I missing here? You somehow uncovered a sinister plot within the WMT, and only you are in the know? One minute you say the 2 is fooling NASCAR and the next minute you say NASCAR has to be extremely vigilant and confiscate these carbs… which one is it? Why would NASCAR want one car to dominate vs cars stuck together like a flock of birds? It has nothing to do with what I know or don’t know…question is how come you are the only one who does know? Over 80 posts here and not one other person is agreeing with what you say about the carb on the 2. I’m to believe based on your posts that chassis, tires, set up, and driver mean nothing… so if we put that carb on any other car with a spec motor they will start winning?

  85. darealgoodfella- Please post less comments on this site. A lot less.

  86. What a pitty party for Preece. I can only assume all of your reactions would be the same if Big Red Ted did the same or maybe if Woody did it. I highly doubt that would be the case. It’s also plainly obvious, unless your blind or Preece biased, that the #2 did not rail the #6 car. Coby bumped him, not slammed, not took out and not dumped him. These cars are fast at Loudon if I recall and the banking.. well… it’s not really there. Speed+lack of banking+a bumper tag = a spin and by the way the video looked, Preece was tight in the middle and over steering so when Doug tapped him the front tires took over.. If Doug purposely dumped the #6 then it would have been obvious on the video. Doug nearly wrecked himself in the incident and his bumper is hardly bent. I can already tell the Coby cynics are rolling their eyes. Do any of you personally know any of the top three right now well enough to make assumptions? I highly doubt that as well. If you knew them well enough for long enough, neither the #2 or the #6 are the ones to watch out for. It’s the 88. You can belly ache all you want about the “style” of driving of the #2 or your halfcocked interpretation of the video. Your comments fall upon deaf ears which belong to NASCAR who have already made a decision. Let the whining continue.

  87. Chris D. said: ” It has nothing to do with what I know or don’t know…question is how come you are the only one who does know?”

    Apparently it has everything to do with what you know and don’t know. I’m not the only one that knows. All teams that had carbs confiscated know, everybody that knows those teams know they had carbs confiscated … so yeah, just about everybody knows.

    A big carburetor can compensate for tires, chassis, set up, etc. Are you really that naïve? Once the 36 was bagged with the big carburetor, it was no longer dominant, it was not very competitive. And look at the points… if the 2 did not have the wrecks at Loudon and Bristol, it would be leading the points with a nearly insurmountable points lead. Why aren’t all the LFR cars crowding out the Troyers from the top of the points? It ain’t the chassis. A carburetor can compensate for many other things.

    anonymous said: “darealgoodfella- Please post less comments on this site. A lot less.”

    Anonymous, getting nervous?

    Grey Matter said: “Speed+lack of banking+a bumper tag = a spin and by the way the video looked, Preece was tight in the middle and over steering so when Doug tapped him the front tires took over.”

    So you agree that the 2 dumped the 6, correct?

    May the best carburetor win!!!!!

  88. Just about everybody knows but darealgoodfella you are the only one talking about it. Why is it that no one else is talking about it? Are they all sworn to secrecy but you? Are you the GRAND WHISTLEBLOWER? If no one on the tour this year has had a win taken away for an illegal carb, why not just run one? I want to start a WMT team next year, where can I get one of these carbs? I’ll just buy an old used Troyer and a SPEC motor, slap the carb on and get any available driver and my car will GO, right? The 2 still had over half a lap to blow the 6 away with that special carb, especially with those long NH straightaways. Why not just do that instead of bumping the 6 in 1 & 2?

  89. darealgoodfella- no, more like annoyed. you make up a large percentage of the comments section and your jabbering of carburetors and conspiracies is redundant. And nobody really cares to read about your expertise of on track incidents. We can only assume and state opinions of what happened on the track this past weekend because the replays or views from the grandstands don’t tell the story. The guys behind the wheel are the only ones who know. But you seem to think you have all the answers.

  90. Anonymous, only when enough noise is made does anything get done about the problems. The big carb on the 36 and the very elaborate cheating done on the 7NY engine were obvious conditions waiting to be found. Only after much was made of the situation was it looked into and stopped. How many races did Newman win like that? He’s been a big fat nothing since he’s been under the microscope. The 36 was a non-factor after the big carb was exposed. So all those people that were claiming a conspiracy, that the 36 and 7NY just HAD to be cheating, were right. I was one of them. I also believed that Lance Armstrong was cheating, many years before he was caught and later confessed.

    There’s no conspiracy theories. SPEC motor carbs have been confiscated. Now in case you are wondering how that works, carbs can be confiscated before a car ever hits the track at an event, and therefore a win, place, post tech, etc. is not affected. People don’t really pay attention to what goes on from the time the car shows up at the track and before the race. Really, you should. It’s fascinating.

    Remember when the 36 carb issue was happening… the top 5 cars in practice and qualifying were constantly being watched and carburetors inspected throughout the events. After a practice session or qualifying, the top 5 were sent to the trailer for carb inspection. All because of what the 36 was doing.

    So you see, a big carb, or illegal air path, can make up for chassis, set up, tires, etc.

    NASCAR still needs to get tighter with these new, bigger carbs, to establish parity. After all, that was one of the objectives of the SPEC engine.

    May the biggest carburetor win!!!!!

  91. I Just can't Even says

    Grey Matter, He bumped Preece well enough in the middle of the turn to spin him around, therefore taking him out for the win. It’s funny how far people will go to convince themselves Ryan apparently saved his worst lap for last, and forgot how to drive into turn 1 conveniently when Coby was right on his bumper. Nope, he was on pace to win that race, and Coby got on the gas early and took him right out. I suggest you get some new glasses. It was a cheap shot.

  92. Wow. How about this post guys.
    2 car 1 win 0 poles
    1 car 0 wins 0 poles

    2 car 5 wins 5 poles
    1 car 8 wins 5 poles
    Nuff said. Same crews same hauler same owner. Different chassis. If you need more that that I can’t help you. Call a doctor!

  93. Mod Tour Fan says

    Mark, We all know you are a LFR/Rob Fuller fan, perhaps you should call a doctor to extract your head out of Rob Fullers ass. Nuff said.

  94. Hey mark, same carburetors this season as last season? EXACTLY the same carburetors?

    Interesting… it usually takes a few races to figure out a new chassis. Amazing that these guys are doing so much better. Same carburetors?


  95. GreyMatter said: ” It’s also plainly obvious, unless your blind or Preece biased, that the #2 did not rail the #6 car. Coby bumped him, not slammed, not took out and not dumped him. These cars are fast at Loudon if I recall and the banking.. well… it’s not really there. Speed+lack of banking+a bumper tag = a spin and by the way the video looked, Preece was tight in the middle and over steering so when Doug tapped him the front tires took over.. If Doug purposely dumped the #6 then it would have been obvious on the video.”

    Call it whatever you want: bumped, slammed, rail, dumped, tapped, etc.

    You DO say that the 2 tapped the 6 causing the front tires to take over. You do say that the 2 got into the 6. Do you realize that means that the 2 DUMPED the 6? With little banking and the high speed, a light tap will loosen the car. It happens all the time. Doesn’t make it right. When it happens on the last lap, it’s a dump job.

    “Dumped” means moved out of the way. The 2 dumped the 6.

    GreyMatter, are you trying to say that the dumping was not intentional?

  96. Just a fan of facts guys. I run my posts on facts not opinions or accusations.

  97. Grey Matter says

    @ I Just can’t Even
    If he was on pace to win then why did the #2 get to his bumper? If Ryan was driving his tail off, Doug shouldn’t have caught him because Ryan is just so perfect all the time. If he was truly on pace for the win, no one would have touched him. That is a proven fact in any form of racing. You are also saying, by using the words “Took him right out”, that Doug purposely hit Ryan to spin him which is pure conjecture. On to Thompson to see if Ryan is Dudley-Do-Right once again or maybe the Rocky and Bullwinkle show will dump him again.

  98. I Just can't Even says

    Grey Matter – What you’re saying is, if Preece was the faster car, how did Coby get to his bumper? Are you kidding me? You obviously have no idea how modifieds run at NHMS, not to mention entering turn 1. It’s not at all difficult to use the car in front of you, and you don’t need to be the faster car to do it. But go ahead and keep blabbering your nonsense in here… Stay ignorant.

  99. So, Don’t really care who you’re a fan of, Coby bumped him so hard that he took the rear tires off the ground. Ryan check up? Probably. But Doug wasn’t going to use the brake pedal, he was gonna use the 6 to stop him. NASCAR screwed up by letting him keep that one. Last couple of shows should really be interesting now.

  100. So I decided to wait before commenting and watch the race. Don’t know where you all are getting this from but preece did not spin out on his own. Unless having your tired lifted of the ground is considered spinning out on your own. Any ct track and coby would have been black flagged. Just another example of the arrogance and poor teaching NASCAR is doing for their future drivers.

  101. I Just Can’t Even,
    Here’s the view with the shoe on the other foot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_1NldD9L90 The view angle is far from ideal here but I had a perfect view from the end of pit road and there was no mistaking it and Ryan didn’t deny it. I don’t think he had any intention of looping Todd here, I just think he tried to wiggle him out of the way and miscalculated. The margin between leaving a win on the table and making contact with a competitor is razor thin. Only the guy giving the bump knows for sure what his intention truly was and only the receiver knows if, when and how he exacts revenge. Should make for some interesting tension during these next two events.

  102. old observer says

    But Ryan was a rookie & was placed to the end of lead lap then, why not the same story now!!!

  103. Frankie Tree says

    I watched the race last night on TV . And the 2 car of Colby ran him over. That’s just not a tap and spin he ran into him hard and caused the wreck to get a win. Kinda Teddy like ” Oh I just bumped him ” Great Job NASCAR on making another great call. Kinda sick how they let them ruin a good show week after week in all series.

  104. Please………Its COBY, COBY, C O B Y. There is NO “L” in COBY. Its NOT “COLBY”

  105. Coby must have forgot that this was being televised.

  106. It was Colby that ran over Preece, not Coby.


  107. Well then it’s my bad. I didn’t realize that both Doug Coby, and Doug Colby were in the race. I am so sorry.
    The way the 6 car got so jacked, perhaps both Dougs got into Preece !?

  108. I watched the video last night and it looked like Coby gunned it enough to clip Ryan out of the race. Him wrecking Ryan was intentional. Couldnt have won otherwise, so he cheated. And endangered the lives of how many other racers? If I was racing next week against him, I’d put him in the wall and take a disqualification after that stunt.

  109. Perhaps It was to much carburetor for him to handle

  110. Jim, you might be on to something, on tip in, the 2 car took off much more than expected.

    Good observation.

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