Stafford Speedway Offers Weather Information Concerning NAPA Fall Final Weekend

Stafford Fall Final Logo 2015Officials from Stafford Motor Speedway confirmed through a Facebook posting on Tuesday that should weather become a major issue for this weekend’s NAPA Fall Final event, the racing card will be moved to Oct. 10-11.

Stafford is scheduled at this point to have qualifying for all divisions on Saturday, including the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour in preparation for Sunday’s scheduled NAPA Fall Final 150.

There are also features scheduled for the SK Light Modified, Limited Late Model, DARE Stock and Legends divisions.

Sunday’s card has the Whelen Modified Tour event scheduled along with features for the SK Modified and Late Model divisons.

Most current forecasts have rain playing a part in the weather scheme Saturday and Sunday in the Stafford area, with the possible of a developing tropical storm/depression rolling up the east coast and into the area for the weekend.

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  1. the forecast I’m looking at has Sunday as the good weather day. They’ll have plenty of time for all divisions. The WMT race is always over before 5:00.

  2. That is because they usually only hav three races on Sunday that it gets over by 5:00.

  3. no s**t, what I’m saying is they have time for 7 divisions on Sunday.

  4. If Stafford has to run the following week that will be a shame for the guys that were going to run at Lee.

  5. The forecast I’m looking at on Weather Underground showed rain all day Sunday this morning, and is now down in the 40-50% chance range… Doing my sun dance!

    However, as a pilot, I can tell you that there’s a reason people who really depend on weather don’t go out much farther than 12-24 hours. The confidence level really drops beyond that.

  6. Even a small chance of rain and the stands are empty

  7. I wouldn’t trust the weather reports yet. Look what happened at Waterford for the tri track series..

  8. It’ll take a couple days to pump out the infield.

  9. Stafford won’t take a “bath” on the Fall Final. I’m sure there will be an official go or no-go decision early Friday morning.

  10. Andy Boright says

    This might be the first washout of the season for most of the Northeast. Lots of big races looking doubtful for this weekend, which would make for even more conflicts next weekend.

    Next weekend already has the Milk Bowl & Lee going head to head, now throw in the possible Fall Final & PASS weekend at OPS and New England will really be divided.

  11. This is looking worse, and worse. A call can probably be made long before Friday.

  12. Even if they can dodge the rain, it will be way to cold to enjoy it. Temps in the 50’s and very little sun to warm up in = empty grandstands.

  13. I’ve both froze and sweat my tail off at Fall Final over the years. If its dry they race. Temps are irrelevant. A great points race will draw this year regardless of which weekend they run.

  14. No worse than sitting in the stands at the Ice Breaker. Stafford needs to make every effort to get this show in.

  15. Mark Fisher says

    darealgoodfella : . Now all of a sudden your a meteorologist because you have weather underground on your Dumb phone ! You should stick to bad mouthing Ted Christopher and MSIII for illegal carburetors your much better at that.

  16. The forecast has devolved into total chaos.

    The hurricane forecast models are diverging. However, Joaquin is forecast to get to the DelMarVa peninsula Monday night for the model(s) that say it is heading that route.

    It’s New England, wait a minute.

  17. darealgoodfella- As I asked in another forum, please post less on this site. You posted 3 comments in this article alone; all of which held zero value.

  18. Well, the latest data shows Saturday will most likely be a wash out, with gusts of 30 MPH. Sunday will be cool with temperatures in the mid 50s, heavy overcast, good chance of rain or showers all day, and a persistent >10 MPH wind. Cool temperatures, cloudy, and that wind will not be pleasant. Satellite subscriptions show a steady train of moisture, heavy overcast, and precipitation in the region through Monday.

    Well, it was a good run. We’ve had outstanding Stafford Fall Final weather for a few years.

  19. Monadnock has postponed their show.

  20. Dress warm, and wear a windbreaker.

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