Stafford Speedway Starter Tim Bennett Retiring At Conclusion Of Season

Starter Tim Bennett oversees a practice session from the flagstand Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway

Starter Tim Bennett oversees a practice session from the flagstand Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway

STAFFORD – After 20 plus years watching racing locally from atop various starter’s stands, Stafford Motor Speedway starter Tim Bennett has decided it’s time to get a different perspective on the sport he loves.

Bennett said Friday that he will retire from flagging races locally at the conclusion of the 2015 season.

Bennett, 49, currently serves full-time at Stafford Motor Speedway, but has flagged at times also at Thompson Speedway and the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

“I’ve been doing it so long, I’ve had enough,” Bennett said. “I’m not having fun anymore. I’ve flagged at all three Connecticut tracks. I’ve done five touring divisions. I’ve flagged at 26 different race tracks across the country.

“It’s family time now. I know I’m still good at what I do. I know I’m going to miss it, but it’s just time for me to step away. I’m not liking where the sport is going.”

Bennett said his efforts in racing after this season will focus on the burgeoning racing career of his 14-year old stepson Zack Robinson, who is a rookie in the DARE Stock division at Stafford.

“I might do a fill-in here or there, but with my shoulder issues, it’s tough,” Bennett said. “I tore my shoulder in 2009 and had rotator cuff surgery. The way my body is starting to act and all, I’m just at that point where I’d rather spend time with my family and friends and enjoy it.”

Bennett got his start flagging locally at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 1994. He’s hoping to get the opportunity to be part of the season ending show at the shoreline oval on Oct. 24-25.

“That’s where I started my career, so I’m hoping to end it there,” Bennett said.


  1. Eric "Eggs" Egnor says

    One of my best friends back in my racing days. Hope things got he way you want Tim and hope you get to flag the Bowl.

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