New London-Waterford Speedbowl Announces Details For Bemers Super Bowl Event

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoWhat was once scheduled to be a one-event, one day show at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl has grown into a full-fledged blowout season ending bonanza at the shoreline oval.

Bemers Super Bowl will now feature 12 divisions in action with 14 feature events scheduled between Saturday Oct. 24 and Sunday Oct. 25. The track will open Friday Oct. 23 for practice for select divisions.

Saturday’s schedule at the track will be anchored by a 150-lap feature for the Granite State Pro Stock Series, making its first stop at the track.

Also on the schedule will be features for the Limited Sportsman, Mini Stocks, Trucks, X-Cars, Super X-Cars and Bandolero’s.

Sunday’s schedule will feature a three-segment format for the Tri-Track Sanctioned Open Modified show. The event will have twin 35-lap semi-feature qualifiers to set the field for a 65-lap feature events.

Grandstands open at 10 a.m. Saturday with qualifying events to begin at 1:30 p.m.

The schedule will also include a 75-lap SK Modified feature and features for the Late Model, SK Light Modified and Legends.

Grandstands will open Sunday at 10 a.m. with pre-race ceremonies scheduled for 1:15 p.m.

Click For A Detailed Bemers Super Bowl Schedule



  2. Jerry,

    Check the Speedbowl schedule page linked here for all the pricing details.

  3. What if thompson gets canceled a week?

  4. Shawn – I believe actual admission prices have, at times, varied a bit from those publicized at the beginning of the season (and included with the document referenced in the link above). You may want to confirm admission prices for the big event with the track.

  5. Rafter,
    Those are the only published prices that I know of right now.

  6. I was really happy that it was only going to be 3 divisions on Sunday but now they changed it… I’m a mod fan and that’s all I want to watch, now I have to suffer through the other divisions, maybe I will stay home

  7. Hey Steve, were you at the Outlaw race at the 2013 Finale on SATURDAY? Maybe that’ll change your mind…

  8. NH Mod Fan says

    The Sunday show looks good for mod fans who travel longer distances. Two of the divisions’s features are after the Tri-Track 65 lap race. Gives us the option to stay for the whole event or leave earlier if things are running long that day. Great format! I like this better than the Thompson world series schedule.

  9. No doubt there will only be a Saturday/Sunday combo ticket. I wish they would let me buy one day or the other since the round trip for me is over 100 miles.

  10. Crazy in NY says

    I was really happy that it was only going to be 3 divisions on Sunday but now they changed it… I’m a mod fan and that’s all I want to watch, now I have to suffer through the other divisions, maybe I will stay home
    —————————————————————————————————————————————————Stay home?!?! WTF kind of fan says that? Steve the Legends and Lates running are for you to go eat, whizz or get up and stretch and go to a stand or something. Or……maybe catch the best racing of the day. (all are possible) but stay home?…..

  11. I would be a little leery of relying on the speedbowls website’s posted schedule and pricing for reliable information. The schedule posted on speedbowl ct website states they are running a 150 lap sk race on Saturday and a recent schedule I saw for the weekend has the sk’s running Sunday and only 75 laps. Wrong day and wrong amount of laps. The recently posted schedule for the weekend didn’t include any information on pricing. I know the original schedule with pricing was put up at the beginning of the year and hasnt been updated to reflect the recent changes. They added a bunch of lower divisions to the show. In my opinion, making a must see two day event into a longer drawn out show less appealing to me. I am not even sure if Saturday is worth going to anymore, no feature for modifieds.

  12. My my how far we have come. From save the soeedbowl, dunno what I’d do without, to I don’t think I wanna see the most amount of racing possible before winter.

    I do agree though, the speedbowls website is not the easiest thing to navigate and get any info from.

  13. Xcar driver says

    As one if the drivers of the so called lower divisions… I point you in the direction of any thursday night… 20-30 cars and more often then not green to checkers side by side racing throughout the field… Deemed some of the best racing in the region. Bite your tongue you pompus ass. And please stay home saturday

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Please let me make sure I understand this: The latest schedule on Sunday has two 35 lap qualifiers and a 65 lap feature for the open MODIFIEDS, a 75 lap feature for the SK MODIFIEDS, a 25 lap feature for SK light MODIFIEDS, plus legends and late models, and people have a problem with this? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?!?!? I can’t wait for this one! And yes, I can only go on Sunday. If the price is comparable to the last Tri-Track Series show, it will be one of the best races you’ll see for the money!! HUGE THANKS to Mr. Bemers & Co. AND Jim Shaefer & Co.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. As it’s been said many times before… The people who claim they love this sport so much, are really the ones who are damaging it the most.

    Two points here

    1.) If you want to know prices, which schedule is correct etc. Pick up the phone you lazy sob. Stop relying on the internet for every ounce of information… Technology is destroying this world…
    2.) SHUT UP!!! You all should be glad we have a Speedbowl at all! SHUT THE F UP already! The incessant crying is comparable to that of a kindergartner… You people are ridiculous!

  16. hi are any mods running on sat… i would love to see the bowl split it up.. cant go sunday and i have a long tow home.. lol

  17. Stafford last weekend the WMT race sucked.Just because its not a mod doesn’t mean its not going to be a good race.Sit back and watch u may be surprised Steve.I feel just lucky to still have the bowl to go to..

  18. What Shawn has posted for events distances by divisions and days matches what NLWSB has listed on their Facebook page, which is also linked to their web site.
    The full schedule published at the beginning of the year is different, as are the rates of admission.
    SK Modified National is now 75 laps vs 150, and the previously mentioned added divisions.
    Original admission rates were to be, Sat $25,Sun $30, combined two day ticket, $40. The prices announced on 10/5 are for a combined two day ticket at $35. There will not be individual tickets priced for each day. One price ($35) get you in for both days.
    Cost for Pit passes are shown as $50 without further detail. Pre-Season Schedule listed, Sat $40-Sun $40/Two Day $50. So it may be that it is now only a combined two day Pit Pass. Check directly with the NLWSB for confirmation.
    It’s not unexpected that info published in April may change by the time October arrives.
    No question in my mind that NLWSB has been lack in nailing down the details and getting complete and accurate info out to the potential audience in a timely manner. Their reliance on postings to Facebook as their primary news outlet is frustrating. There is a link to the weekend schedule on the web site. It’s easy to miss, but it’s there.

  19. This looks like a fantastic event!

    Thanks Gerry D., for the link!

  20. I will say this i love the bowl and im glad it’s still alive,have been every week when not at work. Im not gonna ramble on about the things I didn’t care for threw out the year nothing really major just little things that irritate me. How ever i do not like them changing the sk race from 150 to 75 laps when they been advertising 150 all year long. This event was perfect the way it was but now like other people have said it is gonna a long drawn out weekend. And oh by the way last weekend in October probably will be rather chilly too. I support the lower tier divisions but i may skip myself as I don’t wanna sit in the cold all day waiting for 2 races i paid to see. In my opinion this is a bad change and will most definitely hurt the attendance

  21. i say run run the sk 150 saturday as it was…

  22. Is this SK race $5,000 to win like monahan told everyone at the last Sat show?

  23. first of all, i apologize for the perceived demeaning of some peoples dedication to the sport I enjoy by calling them a lower division. I did not intend to come off like that. I am sorry. I have been to a few Wednesday shows and thought they were quite entertaining and enjoyed higher car counts then some of the Saturday classes. That is my bad.

    That being said I was looking forward to the sk150 combined with the prostocks on Saturday. The revised schedule kind of ruined Saturday for me and cutting the sk150 in half was another disappointment as I believe that was the longest sk race(at any track) of the season. Adding a bunch of features tends to add to the length of the show and late October weather can be less than ideal. I understand why tracks add divisions that dont have significant purses, financially it makes sense. As a fan, sitting through a bunch of divisions to get to the race I want to see can at times be frustrating, especially on a cold day. At least Waterford has good car counts, which makes the wait more enjoyable.

  24. The change of the schedule and the pricing has caused me to decide not to attend any of this. I was going to be in the area Friday night, but would have been able to stick around Saturday afternoon if they were going to run the 150 SK and 150 Pro Stock for the 1 day admission price. But, I would not be able to stay for Sunday and won’t pay $40 for just what they are having Saturday.

  25. JMB, why would you pay $40 on Saturday? It’s $35 for the weekend.

  26. I only voice my opinion because I’m hoping the promotors read this stuff. They need to know what the fan and competitor thinks…. I like the original schedule, two divisions (prostock and sk) plus one support division on sat and three good divisions on Sunday (tri track mods , lites and late models) both days would have been early out, no waiting for hours for your division to hit the track. The other divisions could run after the main show on Saturday night, free admission to the grandstands. I don’t think it’s fair to the fans of legend drivers and such to fork over $35 if that’s all they really come to the track for. JMO

  27. If you haven’t been to a Thursday night show you should have because They got the best side by side racing with 20-30 cars every week. Saturdays Nights have been great this whole year and great turnout by the fans and drivers. Saturday night have great side by side racing and some of the winners will even give one of the flaggers the trophy to go and give it to a kid in the stands. this will be the best two day weekend ever at the bowl and 12 division on hand.

  28. Never seen so many complaints about an event. I’m not going because the sk’s are only 75 laps. I’m not going because there are too many divisions. I’m not going because there are no mods on Saturday. I’m not going because there is no one day ticket option. I’m not going because I’m going to be cold. I’m not going because I’d rather sit on my couch and watch football. To me $35 for two full days of racing is an excellent price. Not to mention only $12 to get in for practice Friday and free camping. Record purses for most of the divisions. All people do is complain how tracks are not paying out enough for the drivers. Well here it is.

  29. old observer says

    Planning to be there at least Sun. Go enjoy the races & have fun. Not many races left up North this year so make hay while the sun shines.
    If you don’t enjoy the races, you’ve got all winter to B**** about them but if you don’t go, you have yourself to blame.

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