No Fear: Jack Bateman Unfazed By Threat To Valenti Mod Series By Upstart Tour Organizer

2014 VMRS LogoValenti Modified Racing Series founder and owner Jack Bateman said he has no worries hearing stories of an upstart Modified touring division looking to put him out of business.

In quotes exclusive to RaceDayCT on Monday, Gary Knight, lead organizer behind the newly forming Modified Touring Series, said his group would only run a new division in 2016 if they could take over the events at tracks currently being filled by Valenti Modified Racing Series races. Essentially the message was that the new group was going to put Bateman out of business or not operate.

“We’re going to continue to do what we’re doing, continue to do the best job that we know how and let the chips fall where they may,” Bateman said. “I don’t see any reason to be worried. I know the guy, I know his history and I’m pretty sure I’m not too concerned.”

Bateman said he has had offers to sell his series over the last year, but he has no intentions of walking away. The Valenti Modified Racing Series recently completed its 12th season of operation under Bateman’s leadership.

“I enjoy it,” Bateman said. “I have no intentions whatsoever of selling it. I have had some people approach me with offers and it’s just not something I want. I enjoy doing it and that’s what I do. It’s my life and always has been.”

Knight said Monday that representatives of his series have “offered our package to the racetracks”

“The tracks do not want two series’” Knight said. “[Bateman] has reached out to get his dates. Right now everything is on hold. He’s been advised that he has competition.”

Though management officials from all three short tracks in Connecticut have all said they have had no dealings with Knight or anybody involved in his series.

Stafford Motor Speedway hosted three Valenti Modified Racing Series events in 2015 and track chief operating officer and general manager Mark Arute said Monday the track has already tentatively scheduled three dates for the series at the track in 2016.

Bateman said he wasn’t surprised Knight would say he’s had talks with tracks that haven’t spoken to him.

“That’s the operations that I’m used to with them,” Bateman said. “I just want everybody to know that we’re healthy and we’re moving forward and it’s some unpleasant noise, but that stuff happens about this time of year.”


  1. just a fan says

    after all that from take the bate man the competitors should voice there words !!!!! tell him to change the way you run things or we are all out and you have nothing to sell the tracks and line your pockets !!!!! ……

  2. thumbs down to VMRS for scheduling their awards banquet the same day as the North South shootout. Couldn’t wait until the racing season is over, brilliant!

  3. Scaremy Badley says

    That’s news to you Chris D? What’s Woody gonna do? I’m hoping he goes to Concord and flips Jack the bird. We know who the Champ is. t(‘-‘t) Bateman

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