Thompson Speedway To Open Up Pit Area To Minors Beginning With Upcoming Sunoco World Series

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoOfficials from Thompson Speedway announced Friday that the track will institute a pit area change effective immediately for NASCAR sanctioned events that will allow minors in the pits.

Previously, nobody under the age of 14 was allowed in the pits during events at the track.

Friday the track announced that beginning with the Sunoco World Series of Speedway racing, Oct. 16-18, the track will allow children in the pits as long as they possess a valid pit pass.

Anyone over the age of five will now be allowed to purchase a pit pass for events at the track. Pit passes for the World Series are $75. Children five and under will be admitted free.

Minors release forms will need to be filled out for anyone under the age of 18 in the pit area.


  1. Nothing good can come from this. I have a 5yr old and would never in a million years bring him into pits. They are asking for trouble.

  2. What could go wrong?

  3. This is not a good idea. Show me the money.

  4. I agree with Mark & Bob.
    The pit area at local short tracks are not a place for children, this is an accident waiting to happen. I know people are going to say parents need to watch their children but as most people witness on a daily basis this is not always the case. Hopefully all people that are concerned and realize the potential danger in this are proven wrong. The only logical purpose for this decision is money, greed is a very ugly quality, especially when a child’s safety is in jeopardy.

    @darealgoodfella – Hopefully you are being sarcastic with your question.

  5. I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem. Only issue will be young uns learning some new words!!!

  6. Great idea and bad idea at the same time.
    Great for responsible folks having the chance to bring their child or family member that makes it easier for them to attend an event.
    Great chance to bring along a future racer.
    Also, a great risk when cars are zipping around with young folks wandering, if not closely monitored.
    I expect most will behave properly.

  7. Muddbus461 says

    It’s all about the money!

  8. I think it is a good thing I am going to bring my kid and show him a carburetor or two

  9. Pitgatelady says

    Not a good idea as watching many minors walk around Waterford WITHOUT parents or adults. Just a matter of time before someone gets hurt !!!

  10. Andy Boright says

    Thompson Speedway – the greediest race track management on the face of the earth. And people wonder why promoters are treated like crap in social media.

    How come Scott Tapley isn’t bragging about this policy change?

  11. All for the money

  12. Much like Waterford, which is like a child day care center. As Thompson is always the leader in pricing. just another scheme to make an extra $63.00 per child in an area they have no business to be in during an event. Horrible concept hoping no child is run over and Thompson’s insurance is paid up. Much like Trump no facts or why this dangerous accident waiting to happen money deal is in place. . Now fans will have twice as much too worry about the drivers on the track safety and the little children in area waiting to be seriously injured.

  13. Charging $75 for a six year old. Yeah, nothing about revenue here folks.

  14. Tom, of course that was not serious.

  15. Does anyone else see this as sort of funny… picture it…

    “Anyone over the age of five will now be allowed to purchase a pit pass for events at the track. Pit passes for the World Series are $75.”

    How many five year olds will be in line at the pit gate with $75 in hand? And a letter from their mommy.

  16. After the first one is flattened by a modified slick and TMS is sued for millions they will reconsider.

  17. Holly crow….
    So I was once an 11 year old with a bad attitude and a tenancy for jumping over or sliding under any pit fence in the Northeast. There were not woods think enough nor barbed wire razor sharp enough to keep this kid out of the pits, no sir.

    While I tried extra hard to pay attention and not be a burden for the modified team I was associated with, I’m sure I was nothing but “in the way”. Never mind the times I was almost run over as a kid, even as an adult fan / observer the Pits can be a pretty dangerous place.

    This is just a bad idea to generate some extra back gate cash. Poor judgment being applied here by both the track management and Nascar.

    Doesn’t the State or the DMV have anything to say about this? – didn’t the DMV used to have some authority at tracks?

  18. old observer says

    I can see both sides of the story, I see racers there with young family for the weekend that can’t be together so this is good for them. I remember taking my early teenage son to the track & trying to find responsible adults to watch him in the stands while I was in the pits, now he is a crewman for a top WMT team. It would have been nicer if he was inside the pits learning more earlier. The flip side is the casual fan who doesn’t know what is going on & the kids are clueless. Hope proper guidance is provided & everyone is safe.

  19. James Scott says

    The pits are no place for kids period. Even during Legends races and Bandos there should be a designated area. If I ran a track nobody under 15 would be in the main put area. I don’t even think kids should be on the track racing with adults. Bad idea.

  20. I tend to agree with the majority of people here, kids under age 14 should not be allowed in the pits. It seems like an accident waiting to happen. Hopefully, our concerns do not become a reality. I dont think that extra money Thompson will make is going to be worth it if a child is hurt in the pits. I have been in the pits as an adult and come close to being hit. Its just a frantic pace with a lot of stuff going on, its easy to be caught up and in the way.

  21. Bad idea with racing vehicles with clutches and transmissions; horrible idea with ISMA Supers …

  22. On second thought: Supers will pit in infield? Hope that area is not part of any spectators ticket package…

  23. The Supers get pushed from the pits to the track by an ATV or pushtruck. I would be more worried about some of the general mayhem that has been know to break loose in the pits after the local divisions run.

  24. Horrible money making scheme. sounds like pony tail idea. This is one headline being a parent i do not want to ever read. Headline: Super mauls midget in Thompson pits.

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