Seekonk Speedway To Host Major Pro Stock/Super Late Model Event In July 2016

(Press Release from Korlacki Speed Equipment)

Seekonk Speedway LogoThe Pro Stocks compete at race tracks in New England and throughout the country by their original name, and at some tracks & racing series as SUPER LATE MODELS. The Pro Stocks/Super Late Models race as a weekly racing division, or as a racing touring series which compete at multiple race tracks on an alternating schedule. The Pro Stocks/Super Late Models were created by and introduced to racing by the original builder and promoter of Seekonk Speedway, D. Anthony Venditti in 1978. This initiative sanctions Seekonk Speedway as THE race track with the right to host:

The race date of Tuesday July 12th, with inclement weather days of Wednesday July 13th and Thursday July 14th, is selected to correspond with the New Hampshire Sprint Cup

Weekend of July 16-17. This schedule will facilitate the potential participation of a Sprint Cup or Xfinity Series Driver by providing additional days to promote the event due to inclement weather during this week. This schedule will also facilitate race teams who travel a great distance from other regions of the United States or Canada.

The racing format, (we are considering two (2) one hundred (100) lap segments); total purse which includes lap money, and the rules; (will be similar to the recently completed open show rules from the 2015 DAV Fall Festival of Racing), will be published by February 1, 2016.

We welcome your comments or questions. Please direct them to Gary Sagar, President, Kraze Korlaki Korlacki Speed Equipment, Inc. by e-mail only to: [email protected].


  1. Cool. I know the current Cup champ owns a Super Late Model. Just saying… A lot of big events at the Cement Palace next summer.

    The title should say July 2016 though, not 2015.

  2. Will this be a NASCAR sanctioned event or open competition?

  3. Andy Boright says

    So if the reason the race organizers are considering a segment race is to prevent fans from seeing 150 laps of “riding around” (that happens in every long distance Late Model type event these days), why not just shorten the race to prevent stroking?

    Who wouldn’t want to see a 75 or 80 lap race paying 10k to win?

    Getting many PASS teams to support this event is going to be a big challenge because PASS doesn’t travel well outside of Maine, regardless of the race distance or format.

  4. If there’s no mods, the CT fans won’t come. You’ll get people from Maine, NH, and Mass, but not from “Modified Country”.

  5. Seekonk has never relied on CT fans. No big deal. There are plenty of big modified events at Seekonk this year anyway. Seekonk draws 20 plus Pro Stocks a week, so the car count starts there. Being a Tuesday night, teams from Maine to Virgina will be coming in. A few national names might be in play. A lot of the PASS guys actually enjoy running Seekonk too. Beech Ridge has a full field of Super Late Models and the track is only 2.5hrs from Portland. The Granite State Series guys are out there too. Before Open Wheel Wednesday Seekonk use to run Wednesday Night 10k to win Pro Stock races. Those nights always had a full pit area and full grandstands. Fun races too. Let’s not try and knock it down before it gets going. There are more than mods out there. I’m quite sure this will be a successful event. Especially leading into Cup weekend. I heard one rumor that the WMT race there will be July 9th so it could be a real fun week.

    Andy, with all the things you say are wrong with the WMT you might want to at least let them run the event ONCE before you tell us what is wrong it. Are there any racing series you actually enjoy watching?

  6. Andy Boright says

    I love this comment “Being a Tuesday night teams from Maine to Virgina will be coming in”.

    Like midweek shows have always been supported by Pro Stock teams? How did PASS do with those type of shows at Lee and Thompson?

    Spoken by someone who hasn’t paid much attention to the Pro Stock scene or the politics behind it.

    You can forget about getting many PASS teams to support that race. Mayberry frowns on his teams supporting shows outside of PASS, and the Seekonk/PASS relationship has been up and down to say the least.

    If PASS teams aren’t willing to support a $10,000 to win show that’s also a point race for them, they sure aren’t taking off a couple days of work to go run a show that Mayberry is going to spank them for running.

    Beech Ridge teams travel even less outside of Maine than PASS teams do.

    GSPSS averaged about 12 or 13 cars in 2015.

  7. It has nothing to do with supporting the event. It has everything to do with WINNING $10,000+. This is the best Pro Stock purse outside of Oxford in New England. It didn’t work at Lee and Thompson because those tracks aren’t headlined by Pro Stocks. Hell, Star drew in like 40 Pro Stocks a few seasons ago when they double billed an open modified event. The race sucked because of cautions but there were a ton of cars. Seekonk packed them in during the old Wednesday Night Triple Crown Series back in the day. They get 40 cars all day long for this. I understand the Pro Stock scene just fine.

  8. Seekonk added ACT TOUR to the weeks events, July 16th. Busy, crazy week for them in July. I’ll be at WMT event on 16th though.

  9. Andy Boright says

    …and $10,000 to win ($50,000 total purse, bigger than Seekonk) only drew 19 Pro Stocks to Airborne in 2015, and that was a PASS point show!!!

    PASS has just released their 2016 schedule, as predicted Tom Mayberry is giving this race zero support, which means a handful of PASS teams at best.

    Better stick to modifieds NH Mark, because you clearly don’t understand or follow the politics of New England Pro Stock racing.

    …and running an ACT Tour race on the same week of this race is just stupid – one event will undercut the attendance of the other. Makes me think one or both races might be lease deals. No Pro Stocks on ACT night.

  10. I agree the ACT Tour on Cup weekend is odd but Seekonk is always looking for ways to give their weekly Pro Stocks time off. Please explain how the 2016 PASS Schedule would “support” the Seekonk event? This race doesn’t effect the Pass Tour either way. The Seekonk event is 4 days after Beech Ridge. Seems good to me. Also, maybe one of the 3 TBA events on their schedule is for Seekonk. I was actually a little surprised to see PASS added to Icebreaker weekend. The 250 drew 74 cars in 2015. If Seekonk gets a quarter of that on top of their weekly field they will have 40 cars. Either way, let them run the race before we determine whether it is a hit or miss.

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