Two Top Level NASCAR Modified Tour Teams Making Switch To LFR Chassis For 2016

(Press Release from LFR Chassis)

LFR ChassisMOORESVILLE, N.C. (November 18, 2015) – Tinio Racing and Eddie Harvey, two championship NASCAR Modified teams, are set to switch to LFR Chassis for the 2016 racing season. The two teams, who have previously found success on the track, are looking to take their programs to the next level with LFR Chassis.

“Having top championship caliber teams such as Tinio and Eddie Harvey coming on board for 2016 is a huge compliment to our company and all we have going on,” said Rob Fuller, President of LFR Chassis. “We have really raised the bar on the engineering and design, as well as the customer service side of this division. These guys have been racing with the same equipment and basic designs for some time now, and when they took the time to look at what we have developed and the technical data they will have access to, along with the open tests we provide, I really believe the switch makes sense to them. They are not buying a car, they are buying into a company and its concept.”

Tinio Racing, owned by Sully Tinio and family, has been on the modified racing season for a while now and are planning to go into their third full-time year. The team won multiple races from 2012 to 2014, but 2015 saw the team go winless, prompting them to make a change during the off-season that will get them back into Victory Lane.

“The move to LFR Chassis really happened for a number of reasons,” said Lawney Tinio, Team Manager. “One was just seeing Coby and the No. 2 team run so well last season. We were also looking for someone who was looking to work with our race team and LFR was making a great push for us. Then after some further research and a trip to the shop to see what technology they had, the switch became a no-brainer. We’re really looking for this change to help bring us back to being a top contending team and pick up a couple of wins and possibly a championship next year.”

Tinio Racing’s driver Bobby Santos, the 2010 NWMT Champion, has worked with the team since 2012. Having collected eight victories with Tinio Racing and piloted an LFR Chassis twice before, Santos feels confident about the upcoming switch.

“We’ve seen what LFR Chassis has done in a short amount of time, and it’s really just such a great program,” explained Santos. “Tinio Racing isn’t a team that likes to sit still, so I think this change will help us keep moving forward. Having ran an LFR Chassis before I think the transition will go really smoothly and I expect us to be back to winning and be contenders for the championship next year.”

Eddie Harvey and his driver, Andy Seuss, are regular competitors in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour (NWSMT), and also switching to LFR Chassis for the 2016 season. The partnership has previously had tons of success in the NWSMT, earning the multiple championships in the series. Two of those championships were back to back, as driver Andy Seuss secured both the 2014 and 2015 NWSMT honors.

“We really want to take our race program to the next level,” said Eddie Harvey, owner. “The competition is closing in on us and we want to try something new to get ahead again. I’ve been friends with Phil Moran and Rob Fuller for a while now, so switching to LFR Chassis made sense. Hopefully this switch will bring us another championship!”

LFR Chassis is located at 117 Crosslake Park Drive in Mooresville, N.C. To learn more, call (704) 662-3306 or visit


  1. These 2 teams didn’t quit they just got better equipment. That’s what racers do. The only 2 teams that could see the rear bumper of the 2 car this year are gone (88,6) and LFR added Bobby Santos to the roster…..good luck. If I couldn’t get a LFR car I’d quit too!

  2. Better? There is one LFR that dominates then who? Interesting that the best car at this past
    North/South Shootout was an eleven year old Troyer. I wonder if Timmy Jordan thinks LFR’s are

  3. I thought a SPAFCO won the N/S Shootout in 2015.

  4. There are only 2 out there! Screw the NS shootout. You put the 60 cars motor in a 30 year old car and it will win. How does the 60 run on the tour where there are rules? How many wins does Timmy have in his other cars? Another blogger with no facts. I was on Timmys social media page and he was thanking the LFR crew and got ANOTHER car.

  5. Daryl there is a reason he calls himself crazy in NY

  6. Geez, instead if going to LFR, just find out where the 2 gets its carburetors from. Save a whole lot of trouble.

    Let’s see how these new LFR cars do with all that shared set up data. All the set up data in the world is worthless when the alleged SPEC out-of-the-box-as-manufactured- carburetors and SPEC motors are not even.

  7. LOL Great point!

  8. crazy in NY says

    I didn’t say the winning car I said the best car. Good thing the SK guys are running them cause the
    Waning Modified Tour might not be the best market for them any more.

  9. The lfr is one thing but its the set up and a few things that are not shared, springs,etc etc.
    and I hate to say it but Colby didn’t take cry baby out his car was better in the center and cry baby was losing it trying to stay on that line.

  10. race fan, When will you ever get it? Who in hell is “Colby”? It’s like Christmas. There’s NOEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I know a guy on the 8 car and the set ups between all lfr cars were the same at loudon. They had a test session at Thompson and all shared data there as well. racefan needs to drop the l and buy a clue!

  12. Ryder, given the really bad history between Lia and Coby, I have to doubt the 2 & 8 were honestly, openly and completely sharing data.

    The 2 & 8 run LFR, and Bruneau motors. The 8 never came close to running with the 2 all season.

    I doubt that all set up info from the 2 was ending up with the 8. A monkey could drive the 2 car better than the 8 performed all season.

    A really good carburetor can do wonders, far better than a chassis can. Carburetor, carburetor, carburetor.

  13. If the manufactur supplies the set ups then who cares about driver relationships? Didn’t Lia lead laps at loudon and qualify in the top 5? Looks like he had the pole at Waterford too. Hhhmmm. Just reading what it says on line here but judging by your previous posts you know way more than the stupid internet that is cluttered with mis leading facts.

  14. Riley, there are two cars running LFR, the 2 and the 8. If LFR is supplying the set ups, why does the 8 suck? There is a great divide between the 2 and the 8. Do you really think that the 2 team is handing over all the set up secrets they have learned in all their test sessions to LFR or any other team? LOL!!!!

  15. darealgoodfella, we get it. the 2 was cheating with a carburetor. you’ve mentioned it on this site a ridiculous amount of times. can you please just quit with this?

  16. Colby, Colby and Colby Mr.Ryder

  17. Who is “Colby”? The only tour driver with any name close to “Colby”, is Doug Coby ! What car does “Colby” drive ?

  18. racingman, it really bothers you, eh?

    There is no way the chassis can enable what that car is doing. Keep trying to make it look like the chassis, or anything other than the carburetor, are what makes that car fast, and I’ll keep bringing up carburetors.

  19. darealgoodfella, just goes to show you that maybe you don’t have a clue about chassis setups.
    If a car has very little bind in it and you can get one the gas a lot quicker than the next guy, it can make you look like you’ve got a ton more horsepower than the next guy.
    You can bring up carburetors all you want. Even if it was that, you’d need to have the chassis working really well to get the car to bite coming off the corner with all that power.

    Do you post this garbage just to entertain us ? Anyone who has ever even once watched ESPN “they have excellent coverage” knows more about how to make a winning combination than you do. BUT I may be mistaken and you may be the worlds foremost authority on Holley Carbs, so please explain to all of us who do not know anything about Carbs how the MSIII carbs are different than the rest. Also please explain how these differences make the car roll thru the turns. I am very curious is the carb all hogged out, OH maybe it’s a 5 barrel, maybe it’s not even a HOLLEY and Phil is running a secret FI unit. Come on please please amaze us with your wisdom

  21. LOL!!! Joe, Spec-tre, if chassis setups were such a commodity, there would certainly be no difference in performance of these cars, especially since you are so sure that the SPEC motors are perfectly equal, and of course, the out-of-the-box-as-manufactured-carburetors are virgin and untouched and perfectly equal. It’s funny just writing that. LOL!!!!!

    If you pay attention, you will see that the 2 does not roll through any better than the other competitive cars, and it does not take horsepower to roll through. But it does sprint down the straights like no other, and that is a result of horsepower and horsepower with a SPEC motor is due to better breathing.

  22. Jim in Pound Ridge says

    This is fun, keep it going guys!

  23. I say Colby you say Coby you say potato I say patato!!!

  24. Any of you bench warmer experts ever hear of coil binding??? Hmmm

  25. Do you mean Coil Binding the return springs in those HUGE carbs ?

  26. You mean illegal coil binding? What’s worse, illegal carburetor or coil binding?

    And the 2 was NOT coil binding. There is way too much space between the coils.

    From the rules:

    “All downward chassis movement while the race car is in competition must be
    limited only by the normal increasing stiffness of the springs or the bottoming of
    the chassis against the race track, whichever occurs first. Any device or
    procedure that in the judgment of NASCAR Officials attempts to detract from or
    compromise the above will not be permitted.”

    Keep trying.

  27. specter, the return springs on the carbs are extension springs… can’t coil bind an extension spring.


    race fan, that’s po-tah-to. 😉

  28. WOW! darealgoodMORON has been called out. The 8 car was coil bound at Thompson fact, just talked to someone that was there. They decided to try something different. They have the same set up on paper that LFR handed out in March that won the race. How much stuff do you think you can change on these cars? Even Ray freekin Evernham said the LFR cars are “rolling the center better and have a ton of bite off the corner, Bobby Fuller should be proud of what they have.” But what does that guy have on you anyway?! Watch a race and open your ears but better yet get you facts straight! At least I am not the only guy here that says you are clueless in this industry!! Call LFR and order a chassis and see what the delivery date is. Either your correct and the guys ordering LFR cars are all wrong or your a idiot. I go with the second of the 2!

  29. And how did the 8 do with that coil binding? Not too good. And what race did the 8 win? I just looked over the season results… the 8 didn’t win a race all season. Are you saying the 8 ran the same setup as the 2, and it was the 2 that won the race? Or was it the setup that won the race? Or was it the 2 carburetor that won the race and that 2 win had nothing to do with the LFR chassis and magical chassis setup that only works on the 2 car? Well, where was the 8 with that same magical setup? Since when does a magical chassis setup include a carburetor?

    The car that tries coil binding is the 6… and it doesn’t work out well. They need a feeler gauge to measure coil gaps. THAT’S coil binding.

    Mark says: “How much stuff do you think you can change on these cars?” Not much at all, especially the chassis. But you are spouting that the LFR is far better, and hence must be way different. LOL!!!! Look, the front end of these cars are the same, no clear geometry advantage, no winning advantage or differentiator. The rear suspension configuration is all over the place with torque arms, panhard bars, radius rods, etc., and no clear superior configuration (or everyone would be running it by now). So what else is there regarding the chassis? There is really only one thing a chassis brings to the party. Only one other thing that the chassis CAN do better. Why aren’t you talking about it?

    How often are carburetors inspected? How often are chassis checked and inspected? LOL!!!!

    I’m surprised Tinio is going to LFR. They ran great last year, then not so good this year. I can’t see blaming the chassis for that fall off in performance. Something wasn’t right, the setup they thought they were running wasn’t what was really in the car, or something was bent. Santos is a great driver, there was something not right with the car. They should have been able to at least repeat their performance, and that didn’t happen.

  30. DUH FELLA I asked you before to amaze us with your wisdom ! ! So you have proven your point as a chassis and coil bind expert. Now I will ask again what are the carburetor differences and/or mods that will make that 2 car rocket down the straightaways? Maybe, just maybe if you share your wisdom we would have a full field of cars battling for the poles and wins.

    And to answer your question, all NWMT Carbs are checked pre-race and I have seen them taking them apart after the races as well.

    But please keep makin this garbage up, because I LOL everytime you post your wisdom

  31. DUH FELLA I will give up my identity I am agent XXX from SPECTRE
    S – Secret
    P – Policing
    E – Experimental
    C – Carburetor
    T – Testing
    R – Research
    E – Engineering

  32. #2 does coil bind and does a chassis dyno after every race and that’s the facts. The carb comes out of NC
    and that’s a fact. They just do it better and that’s that’s. So darealgoodfella please stop your outside looking in comments I have a head ache

  33. spec-tre, go ask NASCAR or the half dozen teams that had their SPEC motor carburetor confiscated EARLY this season. Ask them. Ask them why their carburetors were re-colorized. There is no need to re-colorize a carburetor unless it has been modified. You know, some material (and the OEM color) removed here and there. Then the bare metal has to be re-colorized as an attempt to hide the material removal. Ask them why their carburetors were confiscated. What carburetor differences would make the 2 rocket down the straightaway? Anything that allows more air into the engine. Figure it out. After all, you are a secret agent spy. While you are looking for all that is hidden, you are missing what has happened out in the open. Here’s the rule: “The Holley 4150HP Series, list number 80509 (830 CFM), four (4) barrel carburetor is the only carburetor approved for the NASCAR-approved “Spec Engine”. The carburetor must remain as supplied by the NASCAR-approved supplier (refer to sub-section 20D-4.1B).” So why were all those reworked, colorized carburetors confiscated early in the season?

    race fan says: “#2 does coil bind and does a chassis dyno after every race and that’s the facts. The carb comes out of NC and that’s a fact. They just do it better and that’s that’s. So darealgoodfella please stop your outside looking in comments I have a head ache”

    What does the alleged coil bind and chassis dyno have to do with each other? Does the chassis dyno measure coil bind? LOL!!! After every race?

    The carb comes out of NC? Again, what does that mean? It comes from RYR in NC? Or some other “facility” in NC?

    race fan, the nose of the car does not have enough travel to take up all the gaps between all the coils. Hence, therefore and to wit, it ain’t coil binding. Get video of the springs and prove that the coils are going solid. Besides, coil binding is illegal. Per the rules: “All downward chassis movement while the race car is in competition must be limited only by the normal increasing stiffness of the springs or the bottoming of the chassis against the race track, whichever occurs first.” Geez, are you advertising that the 2 is cheating? If a car is genuinely coil binding, it would be obvious. But the signs of coil binding are not happening. Ask any engineer and s/he will tell you to never coil bind (put a coil compression spring in a solid state). Coil binding is dangerous and harmful to the spring, and potentially the rest of the suspension. The only spring action left in the suspension after the coil spring goes solid is the tire. So keep insisting that the 2 is cheating by coil binding.

    Take care of your headache.

  34. Now we got him fired up! hes on the rev chip and about to blow! MORON, the difference is the chassis design! That’s what I am trying to say. You cant change too much on these cars. If you look at that chassis the front and rear design are COMPLETELY different! The same group won 1 race last year and NO poles. They get a new car and do this much damage?! Listen to Phil, Doug, Mike or whoever you want to listen to about why they are running better!! Heres the plan, if Tinio runs better you owe me 500.00 payable at the track of your choice. If they do not run better I will double down and give you 1000.00 at the track of your choice. Maybe a cool grand will get us your real name. But then again you wont want to admit you were wrong and come face to face so we will let the season and finishes tell the story. If you try to say the 44 has a cheated up carb after they win a race next year you will sound like a bigger idiot than you do now!!

  35. People, I think there is something we all can agree on, Dareal is a legend in his own mind!

  36. Here is how stupid you sound incase you don’t proof read this garbage! HAHAHAhahaha.

    I’m surprised Tinio is going to LFR (really? They got beat bad all year and want to get better!). They ran great last year, then not so good this year(thanks for pointing out the obvious!). I can’t see blaming the chassis for that fall off in performance(they didn’t fall off in performance just results because the 2 car got a lot better during the off season and all the others tried keeping up which put the 44 further behind!). Something wasn’t right( yea, Im thinking the car because we know Bobby can drive, oh yea, no cheated up carb!), the setup they thought they were running wasn’t what was really in the car, or something was bent(yep, those racing ghosts came in the shop after they set up the car and changed it!). Santos is a great driver, there was something not right with the car(the manufacturer! How many races did Troyer win in 2014, then look at how many they won in 2015 Im sure with all your wisdom and knowledge you can figure that out!). They should have been able to at least repeat their performance, and that didn’t happen.(When evolution happens people especially in racing fall behind. You have to work hard to repeat and even harder to improve. One team out worked all others over the off season and they will be rewarded in NC. So you might come from a time and place where you just sit back, do nothing and keep rolling. Those times have come and gone…….similar to your MIND!

  37. if you look threw out the racing world and modified history you will find the cars that dominated were always something different that the rest of the field ….geoff bodine big red #1….. 50 plus race wins in one year …first three point rear ….greg sacks wilsburg #5 …first torque arm car ….mike stefanik X-6 …home made car of his design with a-frame lowers …tall spindles …4 link bird cage rear ….lfr #2 drop spindle …big bar front clip …old school 3 point with wishbone ride side panard bar …solid top mount 3rd link …long right side strut …its all about the tires you are racing on and making them GRIP better than the other guy ….plain and simple …but hard to do …lol

  38. old observer says

    Just a thought
    If you go thru the turns quicker, you are usually faster down the straights, been that way for decades.
    Not a fan of the 2 but they really get through the turns.
    Maybe deal is SC so he gets more hits on his site.
    Enjoy thanksgiving and go to the races when you can.

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