You Make The Call: How Should NASCAR Penalize Matt Kenseth?

You Make The Call 286 BoxIt was the dump heard round the NASCAR world on Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.

While running nine laps down, Matt Kenseth rammed race leader Joey Logano into the wall late in Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series event at Martinsville. The action seemingly retaliation for Logano wrecked Kenseth two weeks before during an event at Kansas.

NASCAR is expected to announce any penalties regarding the incident on Tuesday.

So how do you think NASCAR should penalize Kenseth?

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  1. Its too late to do anything this year as there has not been any penalties for some others. NASCRAP needs to be consistent with the rules enforcement and get rid of their WWF mentality. Real race fans are getting turned of this bs.

  2. NASCAR is the one who created this with their “let the boys have at it”. They got what they asked for so how are they going to punish someone without being a hypocrite.

  3. Well it wouldn’t make much sense to punish him next year in my opinion that would just be unfair and i think most people would agree that this goes beyond “lets have at it.” Its one thing to be aggressive and race hard and run someone over in the process but i think its another thing completely to wait on someone like that.

  4. NASCAR should force Kenseth to watch the last three cup races on television, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

  5. I think they should ask darealgoodfella since he is so smart. He will give them all the info they need. He’s the smartest fella in racing. Don’t believe me then just ask him yourself.

  6. Park him for the rest of the season and one race next season – yes Daytona.

  7. park him for all of next season . NASCAR already lost young fans with this WWF drama. Who wants to watch a bunch of spoiled over paid cry baby’s sticking their heads up their own butts , intentionally trying to injure or kill someone . Had someone been injured or killed as a result of actions that were taken we will law enforcement step before long . Just try to do the same thing off the track ! Can you say FELONY!!!

  8. This kind of thing has been going on all year. So now they should do something about it????? Why? Because he took out the self proclaimed championship contender???

  9. Bob,
    While there have been some incidents of aggressiveness on the track this year, nothing has come close to the magnitude of a driver nine laps down intentionally and viciously taking out the race leader.

  10. Fast Eddie says

    I am a big fan of both drivers and teams, but this was way too blatant to let go. NASCAR has to do something to send a message: It’s a RACE, not a demolition derby! I would have thought Matt would have gone inside and pushed him into the wall with the side of the car (Kind of like the old “8 wheels are better then 4” modified restart technique) and it would have arguably looked much more like a “just hard racing” deal.

  11. Crazy in NY says

    park him for all of next season WTF!!!

    easy to say, easy to write but Dollar General didn’t put up the mega bucks to have their car parked
    for a year, Let’s get real. NASCAR is stewing in their own gravy. They wanted this ridiculous playoff
    system but what other sport lets those teams out of contention effect the outcome of a championship run? It doesn’t work that way in motor sports. Two races off would be fine with me.

  12. I happen to agree with Shawn on this one. If you watch the video, there is NO evidence of brakes being applied until Logano is about 15ft from the wall, and then the tires lock up on Kenseth’s car. Just enough to keep him from burying his own car completely. And no, I can’t stand Logano, but NASCAR can’t let this continue. Unfortunately, this same attitude of “anything for the win – have at em boys” is now prevalent at all levels, and is starting to cost NASCAR teams at the lower levels because they aren’t going to continue spending money and rebuilding cars. There are times when racing incidents occur during hard racing, there are other times when someone “gives them some help to get out of the way”. Shouldn’t be penalized for hard racing, should be penalized for “helping them along”.

  13. Shawn, I agree, but I think NASCAR should have warned the drivers about this type of thing long ago and indicated that serious consequences would result.

  14. The 22 got what he asked for.When you run into another car in the beginning or center of a corner,its not justv hard racing,its intentional,who u kidding.Good for Kenseth,dont take no crap.Joey L and his father can go pound sand,

  15. Management ! says

    Let it go just the boys being boys !!

  16. .. hey now, didn’t ya’all see the fans – standing up and cheering as Matt drove Joey into the wall? They want this, they love this crap. NASCAR has created this for their viewership and now we don’t like what we see? Phffft….

    The “have at it boys”, “doing what you have to do”, “quintessential NASCAR” – moronic statements, absolutely absurd. They are masters at making stuff up as they go along – and now – they have created a mess of a system with way too much grey area – (it’s okay to take someone out as long as you’re not laps down and they aren’t the leader?) – come on – how many laps down is appropriate? How many positions back from leading is acceptable?

    It’s a circus, accept it..

    • Speaking of moronic and absurd – I can’t listen to Rick Allen or Kyle Petty any more – volume off.
    • I actually voted for Points and a Fine, ONLY because I’m pretty sure that’s what Gordon got when he targeted Boyer – otherwise I’d vote for Nothing.

  17. Other professional sports suspend players for numerous games without pay.

    Suspend Kenseth without pay for several races, say the rest of the season, and the car. Suspending the car will impact the owner, team and sponsor. Make the driver pay the team during the suspension.

    That a driver can do something so blatant and wrong without repercussion shows that there is something very wrong. Why have any rules or policies when a driver can just go out a wreck another car?

  18. An antagonist says

    I say suspend Kenseth the rest of the year and put Ryan Preece or Bubba Wallace in the car. (‘_’)

  19. Send a message. Park him for the rest of 2015 AND deduct 2016 points. Not only did he mess with the championship but he could have injured another driver. Enough of this hillbilly justice. Drivers’ health and big money are in play.

  20. I’m not even sure why so many people bother to voice their opinions on a topic like this. Nascar is going to do whatever they want. They decided 15-20 years ago to take a certain path in which they want their product to look like. What Nascar did is perfectly fine seeing how it’s their own product… in turn, they drove away the hardcore fan base. I gave up on watching Nascar on TV. It’s a bland show that they are desperately trying to create entertainment with it. I’m sorry to say this but our opinions dont matter.

  21. Have you noticed that it is many of the former drivers\crew chiefs who now work as TV broadcasters that are calling for something to be done about this? However, the exact same networks these former drivers\broadcasters work for use footage of this stuff to promote upcoming races they are going to cover or for segment they are going to do on the prerace show.

  22. I agree with darealgoodfella, NASCAR needs to park both Kenseth and the 20 car. It the best way to get the attention of all involved. The sponsors and owners can have more influence on the drivers behavior than NASCAR.

  23. tucker, good point. But we are the consumer of the product. And many consumers have gone away. Look at the empty stands. There used to be waiting lists for tickets years long. Consumer feedback should have weight. We vote with our wallets.

  24. I don’t do the facebook thing but I bet Dollar General has a facebookpage and if enough people voiced their displeasure with their driver in the social media venues it may have more effect than wasting time voicing your opinion to NASCRAP.

  25. And as they await to announce penalties, NASCAR’s own website has video from the post race “fight” at Texas last year between Gordon and Keselowski to preview this week’s race. Plus another video about Danica “getting her revenge” on Gilliland at Martinsville last week. Any suspension will look dumb if the sanctioning body has that up on their own site no matter who runs the thing for them.

  26. darealgoodfella- You’re right… the consumer SHOULD have weight with their feedback. but nascar dropped the opinions of the hardcore fans. Too many people are wasting their energy trying to give their opinions. forget the high ranks of nascar. short tracks are the place to be.

  27. All Brian France (aka the clueless one) had to do was say, that’s “quintessential NASCAR, 2015 style” and he’d look kinda smart. I’m waiting for the TV spot that has that tag line and just shows drivers taking out drivers and throwing stuff at one another… Kewl!!! Now that’s racin’!!!

    In a Rick Allen voice… NASCAR BRAIN TRUST TO THE INSIDE LANE!!! Conventional wisdom on the outside!!!.. Coming out of turn 4 to the checkers, NASCAR BRAIN TRUST TAKES CONVENTIONAL WISDOM HIGH AND INTO THE WALL!!! NASCAR WINS!!! WHAT A FINISH!!!

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