LFR Chassis Expands Operations To Benefit Northeast Racers

(Press Release from LFR Chassis)

LFR ChassisWith the start of 2016 only a few days away, LFR Chassis is proud to extend its current operations in the Northeast with a new facility as well as the addition of long-time crew chief Jimmy Fuller to the staff.

LFR Chassis owner Rob Fuller has partnered with Bob Charland to open a 6,500 square foot facility in Stafford, Conn. that will sell and service LFR Chassis. This opportunity builds upon what Eddie Flemke and his team has done to service LFR teams in the Northeast.

“We have big plans to help service our customers in the Northeast and this is phase 1 in a 3-phase process,” said Fuller. “Eddie Flemke has been instrumental in servicing the LFR teams in the Northeast and will continue to do so. We had six (6) modifieds and one Super Late Model north of Pennsylvania last year. In 2016, we will have 10 modifieds and eight (8) Supers so to expect Eddie to be able to handle this all on his own was not feasible.”

“Eddie is a one-man show these days and I do not want to overload him at this stage of his career,” continued Fuller. “He is still looking after his Raceworks customers as well, so he was all about getting some help to service the LFR customers. He will be at this facility at times to help while taking care of his shop down the road.”

Fuller is excited to expand his Northeast operations with Charland, who has retail experience and space available in the area. Both Fuller and Ryan Stone, head of modifieds at LFR Chassis, will be heavily involved in the Northeast operation.

“Bob Charland has really stepped up to the plate by providing the shop and his expertise in retail sales,” Fuller commented. “He has a great group already in place to handle sales and shipping while we will focus on providing the equipment and technical support to the Northeast region.”

Jimmy Fuller, a long-time crew chief and veteran in the modified industry, will join LFR Chassis in the Northeast facility this year.

“It’s pretty cool to offer my uncle Jimmy a position in the company,” said Fuller. “He’s a hard worker and has a wealth of experience in this sport. I think he will put in the hours required to make this a success and will feed of the people around him. It’s exciting for him as well, I believe. He is ready for something steady and we look forward to providing him with this opportunity.”

The growth of LFR Chassis has continued to surprise the industry and multiple phases of the Northeast growth plan will be revealed in the coming months.

“We are working diligently on the second phase of the New England area expansion and look forward to providing more information when ready,” said Fuller. “The final product will be a state-of-the-art facility in the Northeast to provide engineering support, the most current parts inventory in the region, and all the necessary pieces to compete at The Next Level of Motorsports. It’s an exciting time for sure!”

LFR Chassis, founded in 2014 by Rob Fuller, manufactures cutting edge racecar chassis that are user-friendly and provides high-end components and customer service to the top-tier modified and late model race teams across the nation. Daily operations are overseen by former NASCAR crew chief Tony Eury Jr. with Jeff Fultz leading the Late Model division and Ryan Stone leading the modified division. To learn more about LFR Chassis call (704) 662-3306 or visit www.LFRChassis.com.


  1. This makes more sense now.

  2. speed kills says

    not really. If Flemke was overloaded Charlands comments don’t add up .Charland doesn`t know the facts and he is opening a shop???.he insulted race works from where I sit

  3. Tony Membrino says

    Not a big secret there aren’t many RW cars out there, and I’m pretty sure you could count the number of LFR cars that got serviced at RW this year on one hand and still have fingers left, including the MSR car this week. Doesn’t sound too overwhelming to me, but that’s none of my business…

    What I’m most curious about is who is Flemke’s successor when cars need clips?

  4. I didn’t see any quotes from Charland in here. What is reggies deal? If Eddie and Reggie worked there this year and now Reggie had moved south I’m sure that’s a concern in the Raceworks camp. If a LFR car and Raceworks car show up at the same time with one guy there who gets serviced first? Does Eddie service supers as well? Sounds like the Stanford shop is doing that as well. I’m sure the people involved know more than all us but to think the Eddie can keep up with the growth all by him self is pretty crazy. Just looking in from the outside.

  5. Does Eddie repair super LM cars there? I also know there is not a LFR parts inventory there. We needed nerf bars and they did not have any. I am sure they will work together to get all the customers up here taken care of. That’s the most important thing at this point. Not sure what the problem is. Racers will make drama out of anything though!!

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