LFR Chassis Northeast To Open In Stafford; Racer Bob Charland Behind New Operation

LFR ChassisSTAFFORD – How impressed was Stafford Motor Speedway SK Light Modified driver with the new LFR Chassis car he took delivery of in 2015?

So much so that the Stafford business owner wanted to get behind the operation in a massive way with a brand new business.

Charland, in cooperation with the Rob Fuller owned LFR Chassis, will open LFR Chassis Northeast in Stafford.

LFR Chassis Northeast will serve as the Northeast distributor for LFR Chassis Modifieds and also serve as the central location for chassis repair, technical support and parts distribution.

“They had something going on with [Raceworks Chassis in Berlin] that I don’t think was at the level they needed it,” Charland said. “We proposed using a building that we had, 6,500 square feet to start.

“LFR has some pretty high standards for what they want with their buildings and how they want their customers treated. With me getting a car from [LFR Chassis owner Rob Fuller], he’s been around Shark Cycle and he sees the operations and the level that we’re at. I think he felt that was compatible with what they’re doing.”

“All the big teams around here will be able to go there. We’ll be a full parts and chassis inventory or even new cars and chassis repair It seems to be good timing as far as financially, the location and strategic timing. There’s a lot of things that worked out really well all at once for this to happen.”

LFR Chassis, based in Mooresville, N.C., opened in 2014. Doug Coby drove an LFR Chassis built car to the 2015 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour title. Charland owns Shark Cycle on Willington Ave. in Stafford. Charland took delivery of an LFR Chassis built SK Light Modified for the second half of the 2015 season at Stafford.

“I felt that the car was built very well,” Charland said. “It’s an advance, it’s a modern day race machine vs. a yesterday race machine. The car was really friendly. It was solid underneath me and it was really friendly to drive. Unfortunately we just never had any decent luck on the track.”

The new LFR Chassis Northeast building will be on Cooper Lane in Stafford, literally right down the street from Stafford Speedway. Longtime local crew chief Jimmy Fuller will head the service and setup of the business. Longtime Stafford Speedway Late Model driver and Granite State Pro Stock Series driver Cory Casagrande of Stafford will also play a major role in the operation in parts distribution and customer service.

Jimmy Fuller is the uncle of LFR Chassis owner and founder Rob Fuller.

“I’m very excited,” Jimmy Fuller said. “I’m proud of the opportunity and I think great things will come from this. We want to grow the LFR name in the Northeast and this is a great way to do it.”

Charland said while the focus of the operation will be sales, service and support for LFR Chassis branded Modifieds, the operation will welcome service needs for other types of cars.

“We invite all,” Charland said “We will be the official LFR dealer and place for sales and service, but the operation will be open to working on any variety of cars for people with needs. All racers are welcome.”

Charland said the business will focus on Modifieds at the start, but he sees sales and service of full-bodied types of cars being something for the future. LFR Chassis also builds full bodied cars.

“We think that’s only a turn away,” Charland said.

Charland said he expects to open the doors on the business in late February or early March, with an Open House event to be held on a date to be announced.

LFR Northeast will also operate a house car in the SK Modified division at Stafford Speedway in 2016 with Jimmy Fuller overseeing its operation at the track.

“There’s no set driver at this point,” Jimmy Fuller said. “We’re going to put in the people that are available and would like the opportunity to showcase the LFR equipment.”

Fuller said he will also serve as a technical advisor for LFR Chassis Northeast customers while at events at local tracks.

Anyone with inquiries concerning the new LFR Chassis Northeast can contact Jimmy Fuller at 617-584-2138 or Cory Casagrande at 860-508-5162.


  1. What happened with Raceworks???

  2. something smells about this deal …..is LFR dumping raceworks ? or did raceworks dump LFR ? …were is all the people in the know ? ……with only a couple cars out there what did LFR really offer raceworks ….although raceworks does not have any tour cars there are still some of them out there from years ago that need parts maybe that still keeps them in business …..

  3. The Dot Connector says

    Sounds like Rowan has a new crew chief?

  4. LFR house car? I like the sound of that. Should be another good driver in the already stacked Stafford field.

  5. House car!! Jimmy and Woody ,then sit back and enjoy the show

  6. If LFR becomes the dominant modified manufacturer we can all sit back and watch local mod racing slowly die. $$$

  7. I’m waiting for a official release before I put any thought into this one. No quotes from Fuller here. I’m betting there is more to this. And why is such news like this only on this site? LFR has every media outlet in racing all over them. Weird.

  8. Here come all the conspiracy theorists. Why can’t you guys just take this at face value?

  9. Good luck to them we welcome the challenge. Troyer guys are ready

  10. I am saddened by the comments by Charland. Ed and Reggie are stand up guys and have supported local racing for many years. This is all about the money. I see only one LFR car running up front. Not long term success in my opinion..

  11. Last I knew the Reg was out of here .That leaves Eddie all alone and everyone knows he don’t start working until noon. No pun intended.

  12. Eddie works on Pacific time… that doesn’t make him a bad guy! Just turn your watch back!

  13. old observer says

    Just a thought on Eddie
    Remember he is getting older, not all old people are up at the break of dawn & looking to going to bed @ 8PM. Also he & his father raced more at night then in the daytime so it is part of his biological clock.
    Besides, sometimes you can get more done at night when no one is bothering you.

  14. Kevin Trageser says

    Ask anyone who knows Eddie,he WILL get the job done,and correctly,His workman ship is second to none,just pacific time,I like that.He will work the hours too get the job done,no question.8am,10am,whatever,he is working at 9pm.well after all of us are home.

  15. Sounds to me like they are just gearing up to help the additional teams. No problem there. The super LM cars need service up here as well. Eddies not doing those. Not only that but they need parts up here bad! There isn’t any at eddies shop at all. I’m sure rob and Eddie have plans to make it work for everyone. Bob was out of line yea but that was not a LFR release and I would be willing to bet that LFR management will shut those down real quick. Lonely time will tell but this is a good thing for the sport. Oh yea, why do LFR cars have a rep for a big price tag? We have a SK and it was in the ball park with everyone else and is the nicest car we have had and seen! Rumors are horrible but that’s the industry we are in I guess.

  16. Troyer guys are ready? That’s a good one. They weren’t ready in 2015. Did they come out with a new design that’s going to beat LFR over the winter?! You put woody and jimmy in a LFR house car at stafford and it will be a race for second. Real simple.

  17. While I don’t remember seeing LFR modified cars winning on the VMRS, Tri Track, ROC or much if any in the SK’s I will say they did well on the WMT. With that said for them to be the dominant force in open wheel modified racing the need to be winning in every modified series, every modified division, not just one. Let’s not be to quick to throw in the white towel yet as I am sure Troyer, Spafco and CD are all ramping up for an all out assault for 2016.

  18. Great 2016 start for LFR, 3 of the top 5 at Caraway. By the way, LFR won….

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