LFR Chassis Continues Major Expansion For 2016 Season

(Press Release from LFR Chassis)

LFR ChassisAfter a successful 2015, LFR Chassis is excited to announce the continued expansion of the company. To kick off 2016, LFR Chassis’ Late Model Division Director Jeff Fultz and Competition Director Tony Eury Jr. will join founder Rob Fuller in ownership of the organization. Additionally, the LFR Chassis team will welcome five new team members and an accumulation of 6,500 square feet to the North Carolina facility.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience success at about every level there is in this industry, but this is the proudest moment of my career to date,” said Fuller. “Two years ago I sat down with a couple good friends and we thought it would be fun to take all our experience and spin it into state-of-the-art short track cars and go win a couple races. Now with over 50 wins, a NASCAR championship, 85 cars sold, and more than 20 on backorder, we realize we have built a solid organization. I felt strongly about letting Jeff and Tony know how much their hard work and dedication meant to me and the company. We had a company meeting last week and sitting in front of 28 employees, talking about where the company was headed, it really hit me what LFR has become. With all the sacrifices my family and I have had to make to this point it was an emotional time for sure.”

Jeff Fultz and Tony Eury Jr. have both been with the company since 2014, helping create the Driver Development Group and develop the level of competition LFR Chassis is know for today. The pair now each have an equity stake in the organization and look forward to continuing to help it grow and succeed in the future.

“I’m very excited to be getting together with Rob and Tony on the ownership side of things,” explained Fultz. “This is something we started over a year ago and to play even just a little bit of a role in its success has been awesome. Becoming an owner in LFR Chassis was something we talked about from the start, and now that it’s growing like it is I want to make sure I stay a part of it. I really see a lot of potential in what we have here.”

Eury Jr. echoed Fultz’s statement on moving to an ownership position.

“Fultz and I have been there almost from the start and we want to be a big part of this company and I’m proud to have ownership in it,” said Eury Jr. “We want this company to grow bigger than it has and have the dedication to do it. This May it will be two years since I’ve been part of LFR. I started when we were building car number 2. We’ve built 85 cars now so I’ve been there for 83 of them. We’ve continued to add talented and loyal people to this team. It’s like a small family and we’re very dedicated to making it a great place.”

The facility expansion at the North Carolina shop will serve as the LFR Driver Development Group base, housing four Late Model Series teams and its stable of drivers. The LFR Chassis facility now has three distinct areas with the two front areas focusing on chassis manufacturing and assembly.

Five employees have joined the North Carolina shop this year bringing the total number of LFR employees to 28.

Chris Bryant will lead up transportation for the team utilizing his six years of experience at Michael Waltrip Racing. Shannon Conner will assist Fultz in the Development Group.

Michael Conforth will join LFR after eight successful years at Kyle Busch Motorsports. Tina D’Alessandro will join the front office for the team, while Ben Mergado will be part of the chassis manufacturing team bringing with him a wealth of welding experience. A new part room manager and engine tuner will be announced next week which continue to build the LFR team into a full, very experienced, work force.

“Two years ago we were taking in anyone that would walk by the shop, now we have built a great company that people are looking at and want to be a part of,” said Fuller. “When someone like Michael leaves a team as recognized as Kyle Bush Motorsports, to come be a part of what we have built, that means the world to me. I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have built at LFR. We are looking at some land in Mooresville and plan on relocating to a larger, more custom facility, to help service our customers and handle our rapid growth. We have some big plans for the future and look forward to letting everyone in the industry know our level of dedication in providing not only the best chassis and components, but the most experienced staff to bring their team to The Next Level.”

LFR Chassis, founded in 2014 by Rob Fuller, manufactures cutting edge racecar chassis that are user-friendly and provides high-end components and customer service to the top-tier modified and late model race teams across the nation. Daily operations are overseen by former NASCAR crew chief Tony Eury Jr. with Jeff Fultz leading the Late Model division and Ryan Stone leading the modified division. To learn more about LFR Chassis call (704) 662-3306 or visit www.LFRChassis.com.


  1. Grey Matter says

    So far.. I all I’ve seen of these chassis from a SK Mod stand point is how they fold up like tissue paper.

  2. I’m sure a company like this could care less about what you think they are like in a SK division. They are WAY above modifieds. If Fuller didn’t have a personal connection to modifieds they wouldn’t even manufacturer them. JMO. I for one am glad they did. Got all the other manufacturers off their ass and to the track! Now all they need to do is convince their customers they actually care and can help after being absent for so long. If I was a competing chassis manufacturer this company is my worst nightmare. Again, JMO.

  3. Dear grey matter you are absolutely correct they fold up like paper just ask Bob Charland who at the last race last year got tapped from behind on a restart and had to put a clip on REALLY!! I’ve been around mods my whole life and I still believe Troyer is the best and don’t worry Chris it’s my opinion not yours that matters.Not only do LFR fold up their welds suck look at the new LFR car Glen Johnson brought out last year during first practice all the welds that hold the lead mounts to car let go and TC and Keith paid the price yep got other chassis guys scared….Look at the CD CAR Bob Charland let Cory Casagrande drive it went airborn landed on top of other cars and held up just saying….

  4. And that’s why Bob and Cory are both going to be part of LFR ,they must think they suck or maybe they just want to make them better,I’m sure Modfan has the answer

  5. hopefully make it better or maybe now get it fixed for nothing because its his house their in….wasn’t saying they thought they were bad all I said was ask them how easily his LFR car bent. comments were about the cars not the people many more people have said same thing about them down south they bend way to easy.it’s basically a troyer copy anyway as is a cd chassis there isn’t much you can do different except mounts,body styles,everything else is like the same.wish them well but only time will tell.

  6. modfan, my understanding is the LFR car is just a evolvement/refinement of a Troyer but I definitely know there is not much in common between a CD and a Troyer other than they both use 4 tires, shocks and springs-quite different animals in both construction and setup.

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