Bob Garbarino Unsure Of 2016 Plans For Mystic Missile Team On Whelen Mod Tour

Bob Garbarino

Bob Garbarino

Three weeks from today the teams of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will be hitting the track for qualifying for the season opening Icebreaker 150 scheduled for April 10 at Thompson Speedway.

Will the iconic No. 4 Mystic Missile be on the track that day?

Team owner Bob Garbarino of Mystic doesn’t have an answer.

Garbarino said Saturday that he has no timetable to naming a possible driver for his car for the 2016 season.

Todd Szegedy of Ridgefield left the team following the 2015 season after driving one season for the team.

Asked Saturday if he had a timetable for naming a possible driver Garbarino said: “No, I don’t think so.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Garbarino said. “I don’t have a plan. That’s all I can say now. It sounds crazy I know, but it’s the way it is.”

Asked about the possibility of missing the open test session at Thomspson Speedway on March 26 Garbarino said: “I wouldn’t probably test anyway.”


  1. Leo Cleary might still fit the seat of the V4,let’s make modified racing great again!!!

  2. The Reg !!!!!!!

  3. I heard Tony Stewart is giving up the #14 cup car to drive the #4 mod

  4. I think we should put darealgoodfella in it so he can show us all how’s it’s done. It’s not a LFR so I’m thinking he will drive it cause those LFR cars are junk ya know. Man if I hit the loto I would pursue this!

  5. You might want to call Joey Cipriano👍🏻🏁

  6. knuckles mahoney says

    Call Les Hinckley, and go win some races.

  7. I don’t understand this situation at all. If you don’t have the love for it anymore it’s time to get out. If it’s a money thing than anonce it that your looking for a driver to bring something with them. If it a driver issue, there’s still plenty to pick from. Like tc , Eric Rudolph, tyler dippel, Matt hirshman, jimmy blewitt, James civali, Les hinckley and maybe mike stepanik or Steve park. We are all big fans of the 4 team so I hope to see them back with tc.

  8. Hello!!! What About TC!

  9. Sorry Frank, You Wrote TC So Small I Did’nt See It At First. I Agree With TC. Should Have Been In Car Last Year!!!

  10. Pete Kelly says

    Bob has always been a private man, sometimes to a fault. I can understand why he is non committal to Shawn. I know he still would love to race, but at 78 years old, and being a “hands on” car owner, maybe the energy level is not where it once was. Just a thought for Bob, maybe he has to reassemble a familiar crew that will re-energized him again. He could try to get that bunch back together, his talented crew from the Worley – Connolly days, even though they have to be in their late 40’s – early 50’s by now and I don’t see some of them at the tracks anymore. They were a fun loving bunch of guys. I know he has a new car coming for April, so for all the Missile fans , which I am a life long one, there is still hope. Tell that Brian’s Signs dude to get the “Showtime” lettering ready, put his ole crew chief hat back on and lets go!

  11. Don’t mention jimmy blewitt he’s ovbiously not driving it

  12. The 4 will be at the Icebreaker! Bob is just trying to put together the best deal with the best driver available. TC, Eric and Matt are all good choices. Bob likes to keep things “hush hush”. Check out Jimmy Blewitt’s Twitter and Facebook pages. He use to post stuff all the time, and now, nothing since the Feb 25 article. There’s your driver!

  13. Bruce I like your idea, dareal seems to know everything about anything just ask him. I think he could probably take the place of Chad Knaus!

    Bob, Garbarino has been doing this for many years and I might add very successfully so I believe he knows what he is doing. Take your time, make the choice that best fits your team and I hope we see the 4 car back on the tour soon. Best of luck to you in 2016.

  14. crazy larry says

    Let the circus begin ,Oh that’s right it began at the end of last season.I believe it’s not the money it’s not a driver ! It’s the need for attention,car hasn’t won in a long time . Put TC in the car and go right to the front !! He can make a brick look good we all Know that! I’m not saying the car is a slug but it could use a good shoe, to overcome some of those gremlins. hope to see that #4 good luck

  15. darealgoodfella says

    Jerry Marquis

  16. On the surface, the passion to race the WMT this year does not seem to be there for Mr. Garbarino. Now, who knows why, what the reasons are. I gotta believe it is not just finding a driver to bring money, sounds like there are other factors.

    Maybe it comes down to the investment required in order to compete for wins week in and week out these days on the WMT is simply too much in Bob’s mind.

    All I can say is the Mystic Missile is an iconic image that many of us have has the pleasure of watching over the years (I was particularly fond of the Dodge Stealth body that Satch Worley drove!)

    While I’ll miss seeing the v4 at the track. I respect the contributions Bob Garbarino has made over the years, and his desire to do as he sees fit with the team.

  17. James Scott says

    As a long time fan of the iconic V4 I am hoping they will run and something tells me they will. Something tells me TC. Hinkley would be just fine also. My gut believes it will be TC.

  18. I’m not a TC fan but you wouldn’t loose putting Teddy in that car…and if you repeat this I’ll swear I never said it 🙂

  19. darealgoodfella says

    The Mystic Missile team is by far the most respectful team on the Tour. TC is a knucklehead, and does not fit with the Mystic Missile. TC will have to run his own car.

  20. Crazy Larry,
    The 4 won the July race at NHMS last season. When was the last time TC won on the tour? Also, Bob has had how many opportunities to put TC in his car and never has. That should say something.

  21. darealgoodfella says

    Ever since the 36 shutdown, TC has been a journeyman.

  22. Geoffrey says “Don’t mention Jimmy Blewitt he’s obviously not driving it”. I say “Look for a press release early next week putting JB in the seat”. Jimmy wants to be back on the WMT but admits it hard to find the time & money and still run the family business. He would be a good fit in The Missile. He brings talent, possibly some much needed crew members and probably a little financial support, whether Bob needs it or not.

  23. Fast Eddie says

    I recently read TC hooked up with Joe Brady’s son to run the Brady 00 with TC’s spec engine.

  24. Fast Eddie says

    I recently read TC hooked up with Joe Brady’s son to run the Brady 00 with TC’s spec engine.

  25. TC entered in the 00 at the WSMT race at Concord which was postponed until April 2nd.

  26. man it was a joke Jimmy is gunna drive the car im 99.9% sure unless some unforeseen reason

  27. I have been reading all the thoughts, and guesses regarding the upcoming season, as to who is driving what, where, and so on. I have pounded the pavement the last few weeks, and have a partial list of the silly season updates for most of the teams. Please follow along:

    00- Not TC, as Jap Membrino is returning to the seat, as soon as the car is painted purple.
    01- Preece moves to this car, as the number matches the XFinity car # he is currently driving.
    2- Now to be driven by Melissa Fifield, because this car never gets lapped. Coby to run a limited
    schedule on the RC (Radio Controlled) tour @ Rapid Raceway.
    3. Rowan released due to so many conflicts. Replaced by Austin Dillon, as grandaddy took away cup car, because he never puts away his toys
    4. Yellow 4 will now be driven by Ernie Irvan. Need to let him know Kodak is not the sponsor.
    6. (See car 01)
    07. Jan Leaty back into the seat. Tired of turning wrenches, and getting hands dirty.
    8. Lia to bring lots of cash, and 3 cars to New Hampshire.
    15. (Whatever)
    16. Sure aint like the old days, anymore
    33. Wade. Purchased new planks to load car. (Hope he has his best season ever)!
    44. No changes. Will win championship, unless he gets a call from a (top tier) Cup team
    46. Jeff Goodale (O.K)
    51. Justin. Pleanty of cash–No worries
    57. Rocco. Has to remember the entire tour is not run at Waterford.
    58. Eric Goodale. (O.K)
    64. Rob Summers. This car runs on gas, and NO need to push start everytime.
    99. Jamie. Good to see ya each new year.
    (These are just opinions, with no malice to anyone mentioned. )

  28. My apologies to Geoffrey, thought you were serious. Looks like more and more of us are agreeing that it will be Jimmy Blewitt behind the wheel. It sounds like Pete Kelly may be a little more “In The Know” about the the status of The Missile than the rest of us. Anyone know if Bob really has a new car waiting to be picked up at Brad’s?

  29. yup maybe RaceChaserOnline was right…

  30. Anyone reading the RaceChaserOnline story can tell that it sounded like Jimmy let it slip out to the wrong person and then was doing his best to cover it up. He even posted a picture on FB of The Missile back in December with a post “What da ya think?” and someone replied “I thought we weren’t telling anyone yet” Probably the only thing left to debate is will they run the full schedule or just run the bigger tracks/shows. That could be what the delay is on an announcement. Still crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

  31. justafella says

    The Mystics Missile has a brand new chassis at troyer’s in Rochester ready to be picked up he’ll start the season with the old car

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Observer, thanks for that line up summary. LOL!!!!

    We will have to wait. If a new car and new driver are in the cards for the 4, then we’ll see at Thompson testing on Saturday.

  33. They won’t be there for this Saturday’s open test

  34. We probably won’t see the new car until the first Loudon race. Until then, Jimmy will have to hustle the old one around.

  35. darealgoodfella says

    So according to sources, the “new” chassis is in Rochester, or RI, take your pick. Frankly, what was wrong with the chassis the 4 ran last season? It did not appear the chassis was at any fault. The chassis wasn’t going to stop the 2 car from taking out the 4 car not once, but twice. Maybe the 4 car chassis was a little bent after it rode the wall after the 2 car caused the accident at Loudon.

    The driver is going to be this guy or that guy, or someone else. Again, take your pick, flip a coin, flip a couple coins.

    Just about any driver is familiar with Troyer, so maybe they will pass on Thompson this coming weekend. But, maybe they have rented a secret track so nobody knows what they are doing, somewhere out in western NY or Ohio. And the driver is disguised to keep his identity a secret.

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