Money Man: Matt Hirschman Commits To $15K To Win MTS Winchester 200 At Monadnock

Matt Hirschman

Matt Hirschman

A big money payout for an Open Modified event? In the Northeast that means you can almost guarantee one driver that will be there.

He does after all have the nickname Big Money Matt.

Matt Hirschman, who has fashioned himself in recent years as the Modified Open Show dominator of the Northeast, said Tuesday he has committed to running the $15,000 to win inaugural Modified Tour Series Winchester 200 on May 21 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

“How do you not do that with that kind of payout?” Hirschman said. “That would be hard to pass up. I didn’t do a lot of research on it, but to me it would be a can’t miss event for that kind of payout at a very fun short track, which are my favorites.”

Monadnock Speedway features a high-banked quarter-mile layout.

“I think at the quarter-mile or third-mile or three-eighth’s mile tracks, I think the driver plays a larger role in your success,” Hirschman said. “I think you take the motor part out of the equation and I think it’s more about man and machine. It seems to interest me more and I just seem to have more fun at those types of events.”

Hirschman, of Northampton, PA, also likes going into the event having some history on the American Racer Tire that will be used for the race. Hirschman ran the tire at an Open Modified Show last fall at Wyoming County International Speedway.

“For the first time on it we really ran them hard and we put them to the test and they held up really well,” Hirschman said. “So I think, for a 200-lap race, I don’t think you’re going to need a lot of tires to do it because they do hold their speed and they’re a very consistent tire.”


  1. darealgoodfella says

    And why has Matt Hirschman not been on the Tour the last few years? If he is so good, what is the catch?

  2. RaceDayNH says

    Dude is too busy winning seven RoC championships and big money open shows… I’d love to see him on the tour more but I’m sure it’s real tough for the non New England guys to do all that travel. Patrick Emerling is in the same boat and he is reducing his tour schedule even after having a relative breakout season.

  3. He’s obviously racing where he wants to. Not everyone wants to be on “the tour”.

  4. Because the payoff sucks, travel expense $ from PA and he can’t afford one of those wiz bang spec motors that NASCAR is forcing down everyones throat to be competitive on the WMT!

  5. Because to him racing is a business the way it should be.Him and his father are two of the smartest people in racing.

  6. darealgoodfella: do you ever have anything worthy to say on this site? you commented that you wouldnt call jimmy blewett a clown on another article. here you suggest matt hirsh isnt that good. matt has been winning ROC and big $ races, probably close to making a profit the past 2 years. jimmy b prob spent a fortune to have top notch equipment in the tour and dirt cars the last 3 total years… how much money and how many trophies has he won? clown.

  7. Matt was on the tour 2 or 3 yrs ago.I think with Darling and maybe b4 that also.Why would he not do what he is doing which is having fun and being successful.The ROC tour also ran American racer tires last year or maybe 2014

  8. darealgoodfella says

    tom, I commented on the other thread that was about TC and Blewett, that I wouldn’t call Blewett a clown. What’s wrong with that?

    Here, I did not suggest that Hirschman is not that good at all. I am asking why isn’t he on the NWMT? The Tour needs good drivers and cars. Since you brought it up, does/has he had offers to run the NWMT but he is refusing to run the NWMT, or is it that he has no opportunities to run the NWMT? If he is that good, you’d think he’d want more competition. Emerling was interviewed and made it clear that the NWMT is the best of the modifieds, which is why he tries very hard to run the NWMT. Teams from the VMRS, ROC, NWSMT, Riverhead and others simply do not compete with the NWMT. Teams from those other series try to run in the NWMT, but they do not place. They come and go and are very transient. Hirschman’s attempt at the NWMT was not very successful at all. Given his age, one would think he might want to try to swim, seriously, in the big pond before his career is over. There is a seat open in the 4, if he is serious, it seems plausible that he would be bidding for that ride, given all the hype over other established drivers. There are more drivers than seats, can’t be picky, supply and demand in play.

  9. RaceDayNH says

    “Hirschman’s attempts at the NWMT was not very successful at all”……… He came in 2nd place in 2008 and 3rd place in 2007 in the Tour standings.

  10. Bill Realist says

    From Claremont NH Eagle Times
    — Gary A. Knight, 45, of 125 Sullivan St., Charlestown failed to appear in court on a charge of destruction/damage/vandalism. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Knight was charged Nov. 23, 2015 in Charlestown after police said he smashed the windshield of a 2000 Volkswagen Passat with his fist, causing $300 damage.

  11. darealgoodfella says

    Matt Hirschman info from the Media Guide:

    “YEAR-BY-YEAR NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR RECAP – 2012: Competed in two events. 2012: Made two appearances in a part-time role. 2011: Returned to the tour full-time and finished sixth in points on the strength of eight top 10s across 16 events … Best finish was third on three occasions. 2009: Made two appearances in a part-time role. 2008: Best season of career included a pair of wins and 11 total top 10s that placed him second in the season standings… 2007: Jumped to third in the final standings thanks to 11 top 10s in 16 starts. 2006: First full-time season resulted in an 11th place finish in points … Earned first pole at Holland. 2005: Debuted on the Tour with seven starts.”

    I think he had a stint in the Wayne Darling car for the 2014 season after Coby went to MSR, and that was uneventful. Missed a race, would have finished around 10th in the points.

    RaceDayNH, 2007-2008 was a long time ago. What happened after those two seasons? It looked like he was going to be a regular on the Tour. There has been plenty of cars in search of drivers over the years since 2008.

  12. That statement should say Matt’s most recent attempts. He went to the World Series in 07 & 08 with the title within his grasp. The guy has won pretty much everything else outside of the WMT since. He is probably the odds on favorite for this race, if it happens. Sounds like Gary will need some bail money soon. Maybe an anger management course too.

  13. RaceDayNH says

    2007-2008 was a long time ago dareal… But that was back when he ran the tour full time and is the only real way to judge his success on the tour. You said that his attempts at the NWMT were “not very successful at all.” But out of the 4 years he competed in full seasons he was a championship contender going into the last race twice. I would consider that success on the tour.

  14. I know matt and his father if you sent the 4 car to them in there shop and let them set it up.They would be a threat to win every week.

  15. I'M Mike From Utica says

    They let me hang out in their pit area. And Big Money would be so much if it wasn’t for his engine with the hogged out cylinders, bloated compression ratio, and his gutted carb. I know.

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Well, in 2014, he ran in the 52, a car that ran well with Coby. That was a tight budget deal, ran well. Not sure what happened when Matt Hirschman drove it. But look over the stats from that year, he ran rather well on the bullrings, not that well on a speedway. These open races he wins are mostly, in not all, bullrings. He certainly likes the bullrings.

  17. when he used his own car at thompson he was very strong

  18. Maybe someone knows when they post a big purse like this is there anyway to be sure it will be paid out like a bond or something.They may have good intentions but what if they dont get the turnout

  19. Nobody Cares says

    Nobody cares about a 300$ windshield, just show me the money at Monadnock!!!! And why do you D-Bags keep calling the track Maddog? Nobody knows WTF you’re talking about.

  20. So if he runs well on bullrings then why not do that and keep taking the money? Sounds like a pretty solid business plan to me!

  21. Bill Realist says

    Just goes to show character. Hopefully takes showing up behind the pay window more seriously than showing up in a court of law.

  22. just a fan says

    i agree bill realist ……racers are sending this guy 150 bucks for a pre-entry fee ….he is pounding the internet about this race ….HIS FIRST EVER RACE ….but the guy blows off a court date and has a arrest warrant out for him to be locked behind bars over three hundred dollars ? somethings not right here ? would you “nobody cares” sent him 150 bucks after hearing this ? i think not !!!! unless your mind set is the same as his …..up his …well you know …..i would not go to that race till a bond was set for the full payoff !!!! and he never touched it ….have an outside party handle all the money …could turn into the shades of the days of terry sceams at waterford were racers are still looking for there checks

  23. Andy Boright says

    Well, Knight is an advertiser for Raceday CT, so can he really be a bad guy who would run and hide with the entry money?

  24. Andy,
    American Racer actually purchased the advertising.

  25. just a fan says

    there you go andy …..what kind of straight up person that also wants all us to believe he is a race series owner and promoter blow off a court date for any reason ….no less one that comes with a warrant for your arrest ? that you know its public info and people can’t wait to talk about it ? if he went to that court it would not have been printed in a newspaper for all to see …it would have stayed as just court records ….yes you could look them up but who the heck would have….his judgement on a 300 dollar court case goes right to his character …..hell he could have used the entry money to pay the 300 and court costs and just payed it back and nobody would know the difference and hoped nobody found out ….a better plan than the one he came up with ….not the right thing to do but he is sure to go down in flames over this mess in my opinion ….

  26. Joe Lajoie says

    Hey Dan Vandilay, I mean “just a fan”, for someone who claims to not be negative, you sure want this race to be a failure. Did Gary burn your house down or something??

  27. You know what Joe, you are correct. It seams like everyone wants to see this race for tour type modifieds, that pays these guy what they deserve to race for fail. I don’t get it myself…….

  28. darealgoodfella says

    I don’t think anybody wants to see it fail. Just that it looks very high risk, or low probability of ever happening, or success. Don’t have high expectations.

  29. Bill Boulay says

    Why is it that some people think your not that good if you don’t race the tour ? Wake up the tour sucks Nascar screws my beloved modifieds every chance it gets! thank GOD for these BIG money open shows and series like the TRI_TRACK one that make it possible for drivers like Matt Hirschman to come out put on a great show and earn the nickname BIG Money Matt .Since 2011 he has won more $$$ than any other modified driver going hands down. And people still Question wether or not this kid is any good or not because he doesn’t waste his time nor his money running the tour! Any one Remember the Eastern Bandits ? Well this kid is the 21st century version of them!

  30. Gary Knight says

    Good evening this is for everyone who is concerned about my court date. I’m sorry I missed it I was out of town as my company’s work is almost always out of state. We put in for a date change but some thing got over looked but I took care of it that day with the court. As for the charges my youngest daughter was at the time dating a young man who was very controlling and abusive so as a loving dad I took care of it. Things that night got out of hand, my daughter is now safe . I will go before the judge and pay the 300 dollors for the windshield if he feels that I should. As far as my financial situation I’m fine . if anyone wants to talk to me directly about this or the race please feel free to call me 6038260063. Some people might find that to hard to do because then they can’t hide behind a keyboard. Sincerely yours, Gary Knight

  31. Gary, thank you for clarifying your personal situation to some of these bloggers that has over shadowed your honesty, sincerity and commitment to making this race event happen.

    This article was supposed to be about Matt Hirschman entering the race however, it seemed to detour to you and a legal issue that no one had a clue what it was about. There are always two sides to every story and eventually the truth rises to the top.

    Frankly, you don’t owe me an explanation as your personal family life is none of my business nor should it be anyone’s business however, there are those who insist on stirring the pot for the sake of doing so.

    And for the phone calls, my bet is you will get none! Thanks again Gary just prove them all wrong and make this happen.

  32. Good luck Gary. A lot of us want you to succeed. Modified racers need someone who is at least trying to get them good paying races.

  33. wmass01013 says

    I want the race to succeed to but the excuse work was out of town for a court date is kinda lame, this is not a dentist apt u can just change, he should have been there to answer the call!

  34. wmass, why don’t you call him and voice your displeasure about the explanation he gave, his number is right there or don’t you have the testicular fortitude. Don’t hide behind the pen name, go for it he opened the door!

  35. just a fan says

    hey… joe lajoie my handle on here is just a fan …i started posting on here before i had a facebook account so shoot me ….your the one that seems to have a problem… because you disagree with my posts …which is your right …but 98% of all modified car owners or drivers do not because i only speak to there concerns …there point of view ….i have been involved in all levels of modified racing for over 40 years …including spending my hard earned dollars and countless hours on them …i have been part of checks that bounced or where from closed accounts by so called race promoters …i am the biggest modified race fan on this earth ….but that does not mean i will just sit back and not voice my 40 years in this business …..i was and still am 100% behind this race ….i tried to help gary a knight in a open forum HE chose on facebook to promote his race …he chose to dodge or not answer my questions that any car owner or racer wants and needs to know before they will support a race and a promoter that has never done it before …asking race procedure and race related questions is not being negative ….i was doing his work for him he should have done BEFORE he started to hype a race he had no posted rules for ….he put the cart before the horse not me …after he refused to answer any more of my posts i bowed out and wished him the best ….then i see on here he has a warrant out for his arrest !!! again i am only looking out for the car owner and racer to bring this to light ….you have teams with 100,000 …200,000 invested in there team willing to spend at least 4 to 5 thousand to go to that race would you like them to get screwed if you knew this info before hand ? i think not …i do not hide behind the internet …. i will call gary a knight and talk to him and report back … …by the way joe what is your side of this did put up any lap money yet ? ever owned a modified race car ? ever spent a dollar on one ?

  36. wmass01013 says

    Thanx HUMPHRY? oH that’s right your NOT HIDING BEHIND A PEN NAME! I don’t need to call him up and ask for his explanation, it was a court DATE, SOMETHING THEY ARREST you for when u don’t SHOW up when they tell you too, if you WANT TO GAIN TRUST of MANY PEOPLE TO RUN A SERIES or ONE RACE this year, then you need to SHOW people you have some responsibility to those who trust you with their MONEY and time. WHAT HAPPENS if he GETS UPSET at the racetrack? smash a window and leave? with the 75K?

  37. wmass01013 says

    Bottom Line
    I hope to be at the race
    I hope for great weather, huge crowd and great car count with a great race with no issues!

  38. This court date had nothing to do with the race, it had everything to do with a family member so again why are we exploiting that. Not everyone in this world is perfect and I will give credit where credit is due, he explained his actions to everyone and as far as I am concerned case closed, finished business, and lets move forward.

    And BTW, I plan on being there as well, hope for great weather, great competition, a race that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats and lets see if Matt (which by the way this article is about) can keep hit reputation of being big money Matt.

  39. I have been thinking about running this show until I did some math, it’s not as good as everyone thinks. Also I am cautious about this events organization.

    Sure the purse is good on top, but to break even you need to Finnish 7th($2700) or better.Here’s the exspenses $150 entry,$300 race gas, $1980 tires 3 sets, pit fees 40-50 ea plus tow money.You can argue that you don’t need tires but if your allowing unlimited tires everybody will take 4 more during race. I will be skipping this one as will alot of cars and wait for tri track 2 weeks later.

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