Rob Fuller Motorsports Brings Todd Szegedy Back To Whelen Modified Tour

(Press Release from Rob Fuller Motorsports)

Todd Szegedy (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Todd Szegedy (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Rob Fuller Motorsports (RFM) is proud to announce the return of Todd Szegedy to its driver lineup for 2016. Szegedy will pilot the 15-40 Connection Modified for select NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (NWMT) races this season.

Szegedy, a 19-time winner and 2003 NWMT Champion, raced for RFM in 2014 and is excited to return this season for a number of reasons.

“For me it was a combination of a few things – I want the freedom not be locked into a full season schedule,” said Szegedy. “Also, this is an awesome opportunity to race at tracks that I really enjoy running at and I’ll be in top notch equipment with LFR Chassis. We can go there with the opportunity to win every race we enter. That combination was appealing to me.”

Team owner Rob Fuller is enthusiastic about having Szegedy back.

“It’s great to have Todd back in the RFM camp for sure,” said Fuller. “Ron Silk had an opportunity to do more races than we wanted to commit to so I’m also proud to have provided a platform for him to showcase his talents to keep him in the minds of the modified owners.”

“Todd and I kept in touch and he would bring up how good the LFR cars drove and how much he loved to drive them,” continued Fuller. “He was a big piece of the LFR puzzle when we started the company and its great to have him back. We will use him to run a few different LFR cars throughout the year. We have a plan to have him in a SK a couple times and possibly a couple Super races as well. We will have fun this year which is a high priority on both our lists!”

15-40 Connection will continue its partnership with RFM entering its third year with the team. 15-40 Connection is a non-profit organization driving a new cancer conversation. It starts with a simple yet powerful question “would you recognize a cancer symptom?” and teaches three simple steps to help you recognize potential warning signs of cancer.

“We are very excited to be working with Rob and the team again in 2016,” said Tricia Laursen, Executive Director of 15-40 Connection. “Partnering with them has been an amazing opportunity to bring 15-40 Connection’s education to race fans. We’re glad to be back with them, and to have Todd on board.”

Szegedy enjoys the opportunity to push the envelope and try new things on the race track. In 2014 he was the primary driver for the new LFR Chassis in the modified series and worked closely with Fuller to build the first competition notebook for the team.

“I felt that we had a small part in building the modified competition notebook for LFR Chassis and it helped the teams out at the tracks, even Doug Coby and the No. 2 last year (2015 NWMT Champions). I felt that we had a part in that. I like where LFR is heading – they have talented people and great race cars that are winning. That’s cool to be a part of. ”

More details on the RFM race schedule will be released soon. For more information, please visit and


  1. Sounds like a win-win. Good luck to Todd and the 15-40 team!

  2. Andy Boright says

    So much for wanting to take the summer off to spend with the family. I guess Todd just couldn’t admit to the world that he wanted a different team to drive for.

  3. Put this team down for a couple wins. Glad to see Todd happy to go to the track again. Last year must have been tough for him. sounds like this might have been in the works longer than the public knows.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    It sounds like Todd didn’t want the hectic pace and pressure of a full schedule, which is entirely his choice. He will now still have extra time for the family, AND still be able to race occasionally. Rob Fuller gets another quality guy to help develop the racecar. They could be quite the “spoiler team” for the guys who will be chasing the championship. Rob and Todd and crew: Go have fun and kick a little tail along the way!

  5. I dont know about that. He is only looking at like racing 6-7 races total (LFR and 1 race with Stuart) so that is considerably less than he raced last year. He ran all the tour races and most of the Valenti Series last year so he has definitely scaled back the amount of time he has to devote to racing.

  6. Part timing it has become a trend. The second half of season is brutal in terms of travel. Exciting for fans though. Any word on the 4 team’s driver?

  7. Rumor mill says

    TC in the #4 book it.

  8. darealgoodfella says

    The LFR house car was never much a threat. If it was really using the same set up as the 2, any driver would have been right here with the 2. A driver can’t make up for a set up that doesn’t work at that track. Remember, the two cars running LFR chassis and LFR, are supposedly sharing information. hehehe…

    And there are other hardware elements that can be different.

  9. That ride has lost its luster. Who cares who is driving that car. They lost a driver and a crew chief this year. They need to retire. They always wait until the last minute to make decisions like people care. They need to get over themselves, stop whining and put up or shut up. The days of the 4 car, 6 car, and 88 car type owners having any meaning are over. Sick of those whining owners. If you can’t win, get better or get out. They bash NASCAR every year but guess what…. They always return. Rant complete.

  10. Pete Kelly says

    Bruce wants teams that accumulated 6 wins and 26 top 5’s among the 3 of them to disappear? I’m puzzled by that… smaller car counts of lesser quality, huh?
    With a new car at Brad L’s, looks like Jimmy Blewett is in the Missile. With Jimmy being silent on Twitter & Facebook, since Feb. article, it sure looks like Bob’s finger prints are all over it.

  11. I can appreciate a good rant but the 4 team was in victory lane last year. Hardly a has been.

    Goodfella, The LFR house car is stout a Loudon. I don’t think they have lost anything. They run with the leaders everytime. Just need some luck up there.

  12. Don’t know if I agree. The 4 car is still a quality ride, quality team and will have a quality driver.

    As far as the LFR house car, I am certain they are the R&D team for the organization however, very capable of winning with the driver they have. As far as sharing info the set up for the driver of the 2 may not work for the driver of the 15. There is a base line however, different drivers like different feels so you need to tweak the set up a little to make the individual driver comfortable.

  13. I’m with Bruce, I stopped rooting for the 4 car in 2012 when Bob chose Lia over Santos. All Bobby did in two seasons for him was win 7 poles, 5 races, and a championship.

  14. Dare fake fella or whatever that bs name is your blind. Corey LaJoie qualified 3rd and ran second until the pit stop and silk was leading with 15 to go and for some reason pitted. I was there at this race last year while you were talking crap on your computer. They can’t pit a car or call a race but they have the best cars out there. Todd and Silk both should have won Loudon and Todd flew at Bristol in that car. Todd left the 4 to drive the house LFR car. He disagrees with you as well. You must work at Troyers or your just that dumb or jealousy has done you in. Every post here hold water except yours.

  15. I think it was a Lexus

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce, the 4 would have been a top 3 championship contender if it had not been literally knocked out of at LEAST two races by the #2 car. The 4 was knocked out of another race, I think, which made things worse. Hardly a “has been”. It gets way too much bad luck. If the 4 gets an aggressive driver that won’t take getting pushed around, and does some pushing around, watch out.

  17. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce, the 15 ran six events and collected 173 points, for a whopping (sarcasm) 28.82 points per race, placing it at between 13th and 14th place in the standings on a full season basis. You and others yap it up like the LFR house car is awesome and superior, and the statistics say otherwise.

    Here are the car 15 results for 2015:

    The 15 (Lajoie) qual 3rd, finished 28th, 26 laps down.
    The 15 (Lajoie) qual’d 4th, finished 14th
    The 15 (Silk) finished 5th, same race the #4 finished 1st
    The 15 (Silk) started 12th, finished 27th, suspension problems.
    The 15 (Silk) started 16th, finished 4th
    The 15 (Graham) started 24, finished 30

    That is hobbyist performance, not contender performance.

  18. darealgoodfella says

    So Bruce, look at those statistics… how can you possibly say that is the best car out there?

    Bruce said, ” They can’t pit a car or call a race but they have the best cars out there.”

    The 8 ran LFR, did not do well at all.

    We shall see… how many teams built new cars around LFR chassis in just a couple weeks.

  19. I was actually at these races not hiding behind a computer and the cars are ver fast. I look at how they ran. In every race you posted they were very competitive and had a shot at the win. Not the last one when that old guy drove it. That was a service they provided to a customer I’m thinking. You obviously have a lot of spare time, why don’t you use it and actual go to the track and watch instead of pulling up stats. All everyone here is saying is that the cars are fast and you can not agree for some reason which is ok. Everyone in racing can have their opinion and then you can have yours. While your sitting at your computer pull up the 2 car stats from 2014 and compare them to 2015 if you don’t think the cars are better. That might silence the normal doubter but something tells me your a special breed of hater.

  20. Look out Bruce, he is on a rampage now!

  21. darealgoodfella says

    You guys bring up the 4 car in this thread, but I think the 4 is still a prestigious car. It is historically significant to modified racing, and earned that position. I think of it as the Charlie Brown car. It gets so close, only to have the opportunity snatched away at the last instant the way Lucy always pulled the ball away just as Charlie Brown was going to kick it. I think the 4 team is a class act, and refuses to play dirty.

  22. I was talking about LFR cars not That team specifically. Man your like talking to my 15 year old daughter.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce, statistics are not opinions. The 15 car statistics suck.

  24. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Bruce, the only race I did not go to was Bristol.

  25. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce, are you the LFR Marketing Department?

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce, why do you have one going on for the LFR chassis? Why hate Troyer?

  27. To sit here and trash the #4 modified just shows what a bunch of idiots some of you are. Bob has had a car in the field for a lot of years and he has won a lot of races and championships. Last time I looked we are still in America and Bob can do what he wants when he wants to doesn’t owe any of you Bozos an explanation. If it wasn’t for car owners like him you would be watching street stocks at you local tracks.

  28. darealgoodfella says

    Well, I can’t wait to go to the IceBreaker and count all those LFR cars.

  29. I am confused, isn’t this article about the 4 and who is going to drive it in 2016? Or is it about Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy or the Red Barron? How did we get off track here.

    Here is a statistic for you, 35% of the posts on this article are by dareal! Go figure…………….

  30. My bad, it isn’t about the 4 and who is driving it in 2016…………

  31. Still waiting on the stat sheet on the 2 car from 2014-2015. I don’t hate Troyer at all. It’s just you constantly bash LFR and it make s no sense to me. Those cars are far superior than a Troyer. When you get around to typing the 2 car stat sheet you will realize it as well. Go look at one online and look at a Troyer. No comparison. I’m not on their add budget but I do know quality when I see it and I look at results when teams swap over to them. They all run better with a LFR. Those southern boys did a great job and all the northerners can’t accept it. That’s what I see anyway.

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Bruce says, “Those cars are far superior than a Troyer.” What cars??? Show the list of these cars which you speak. Why did the 8 not keep up with the 2? Same chassis and engines. Go figure.

    Bruce says, “They all run better with a LFR. Those southern boys did a great job and all the northerners can’t accept it. ” Again, who is “all”? Only two cars ran LFR on the NWMT last season. No conclusion there at all.

    As far as the southern cars go, they still can’t compete with the northern cars. No matter what chassis they run.

  33. Man your just avoiding that comparison chart aren’t you. What cars you ask. The cars that are winning races and the drivers that are running better after swapping to LFR. Man open your eyes some. Your missing out on a beautiful world around you. Now I almost feel bad for you. The level of ignorance is astonishing.

  34. darealgoodfella says

    No, I am not avoiding anything. There is nothing to compare, or you would have done so. LOL!!!

  35. You guys all sound like politicians. All bashing each other. What office are you all running for? Please. Let it rest.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Bruce, where’s that list?

    Bruce, think the southern cars with the LFR chassis have a chance now against the northern cars with any chassis?

  37. I never remotely said anything like that. I’m still waiting on the 2 cars 2014 stats compared to the 2015 stats. I’m thinking I shouldn’t hold my breath. Your a special kind of ignorant whatever your name is. I’m a stats and facts person. Your obviously not that. Maybe you could sell tickets to that place you live in because it’s not reality.

  38. darealgoodfella says

    Well, I’m waiting on those stats too. Hurry up, I’m waiting. Make sure you include all factors. If you miss anything, you will be informed.

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