IndyCar Boston Street Race Scheduled For September Cancelled

Verizon IndyCar LogoMultiple media reports confirmed Friday that promoters of this summer’s scheduled IndyCar event on the streets of Boston have decided to cancel the event.

“The relationship between us and the city is not working,” John Casey, president of Grand Prix of Boston told the Boston Globe Friday. “The relationship is untenable.”

The event had been scheduled to run on 2.2-mile temporary street course in the Seaport area of Boston. The event had been expected to be held annually for five years.

But friction with local groups who raised concerns over noise and environmental issues plagued plans from the start.

“We’re grateful that the public process finally worked, that the people of Boston will be spared the damage and destruction of our streets and that the people in South Boston and the Seaport. . . will be able to live their lives without the disruption this race portended,” Larry Bishoff, cochairman of the Coalition Against IndyCar Boston said in a statement. “From the beginning, this was the wrong place and time for this event.”

Casey told the Boston Globe the promoters of the event would look to holding an event in another Northeast city for the same weekend. The Boston Globe fueled speculation that the group could look at holding the event in Providence, which had previously been targeted for an IndyCar race.

As of Saturday morning officials from IndyCar had not officially confirmed the removal of the event from their schedule.

“IndyCar was made aware of the news involving the Grand Prix of Boston [Friday] evening,” read a statement released by IndyCar Friday. “We are obviously disappointed with these media reports and are in the process of gathering additional details and will respond accordingly at the appropriate time. At this stage it is premature for INDYCAR to comment further on the situation locally in Boston or the prospect of an alternate event.”


  1. Bostons losss, not Indy

  2. They don’t mention how they haven’t kept their financial commitments to the city. Boston is doing everything they can to keep the event from becoming financed by MA taxpayers. Another issue isn’t with the city, but the DEP. So that’s a federal issue. I was looking forward to the event. Although the condition of the roads in that area are a nightmare. I believe the cost to resurface was around 2 mil. and the city didn’t want to have to pay for it. Then again, nobody’s ever said doing business in MA was easy. Remember, Boston 2024 for the Olympics? LMAO!!!

  3. Bring them to Thompson road course.

  4. Even if Thompson was interested in having the race , does anyone know what the cost would be to bring them in. Just wondering what the fee is for the series.

  5. What a shame. A great city to spend the day in. Would have gone without a doubt.

  6. Andy Boright says

    Like most Indy car races, it would have been a money loser. No big deal for Boston, meanwhile another Indy car race disappears before it ever happens.

    I don’t think it matters to many people, Indy cars have a poor following as witness by the poor attendance at the Loudon events.

  7. I love IndyCar, would have gone to Boston.

    The Thompson idea is terrific, but I also liked them better at Loudon than Sprint and Xfinity cars.

  8. Could it be Providence? The Boston Herald is reporting that IndyCar has resumed discussions with Providence and that they are receptive to the idea.

  9. “Could it be Providence? The Boston Herald is reporting that IndyCar has resumed discussions with Providence and that they are receptive to the idea.”

    Lets hope it works out! That might be interesting…

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