New England Cycle Center Title Sponsor For Whelen Mod Tour At Speedbowl

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

tour race 2016It’s a special occasion every time the Whelen Modified Tour visits the Waterford Speedbowl.
This year should even be more special.

New England Cycle Center in Hartford has climbed on board as the title sponsor of this year’s Whelen Modified Tour appearance at the Speedbowl. The New England Cycle Center 161 will take place Saturday, May 14.

It will be the fifth consecutive season that the best drivers in the Northeast have invaded the bowl, and the first time New England Cycle Center has been the title sponsor.

“We’re excited about it,” said Gary Moir, the manager of New England Cycle Center. “Everyone here at our business is enthusiastic about racing. And we’re super happy to be involved.”

The 2015 Whelen Tour event was won by Ryan Preece, who is currently competing on NASCAR’s XFINITY series. A sellout crowd turned out to watch Preece grab his second Whelen Tour win at the Speedbowl. Other winners have been Doug Coby and Bobby Santos.

“I’ve been to the Speedbowl quite a few times, and it’s a great family night out,” Muir said. “Anything we can do to promote motor sports and recreational vehicles is a priority. Everyone here enjoys racing so much that it only makes sense to get involved.”

New England Cycle Center is the largest motorcycle dealer in Connecticut and sells Yamaha, Suzuki and Victory motorcycles, Yamaha and Sea-Doo watercrafts, ATVs and UTVs. The business is located at 73 Leibert Road in Hartford.

“This will be such a big event, and it’s awesome to be a part of it,” Moir said. “We support everything pertaining to motor sports, such as car shows and bike shows. So when we had a chance to be involved at the Speedbowl, it just clicked.”

“We would like to thanks New England Cycle Center for coming on board,” Speedbowl GM-promoter Shawn Monahan said. “This will be a night everyone will be looking forward to.”

The combination of the Whelen Modified Tour and New England Cycle Center should be a perfect fit. That’s because the people at New England Cycle Center aren’t just sponsors, they’re diehard fans.

The Speedbowl opens its 66th season Saturday, May 7, with the Blastoff, featuring the SK Modifieds, the Magnus Racing Products SK Lights, Limited Sportsmen, Mini Stocks,The Joie of Seating Legend Cars, X-Cars, Super X-Cars, the Microblue Bandoleros and the New England Race Trucks.


  1. Johnny Davis says

    What happened to the Mr. Rooter 161. looks like the only business man to support the mods is Doug Dunlevey.

  2. Then why isn’t it the Dunlevey 161?

  3. Pointless Coment says

    Because he didn’t buy the title sponsorship, idiot.

  4. Right back at ya. You obviously don’t understand my point so let me explain it to you. Johnny says Dunlevey is the only business person to support the mods. I’m assuming the guy that owns NECC is also a business person, and he is the title sponsor of the tour race. So to me, he’s also supporting the mods. Now if you need to read that a couple times to understand what I’m saying, feel free.

  5. Frankie tree says

    Mr Bemer ownes the cycle shop …..

  6. Ok, I would call Mr. Bemer a business man.

  7. Oh no, Ryan Preece has an Xfinity race that day at Dover. I hope he can make it to the Bowl that night, or no one will want to go to the New England Cycle Center 161. Darealgoodfella, will you still go to the Bowl if Ryan Preece can’t make it?

  8. Hey Chris – Did you ask Ryan for a date and he turned you down? Why all of the animus (sorry – I’ll use a smaller word – hate) for Ryan? Give it a rest already !!!

  9. The only thing I hate RichC, is that thousands of folks from CT will be at Dover to watch Ryan run the Xfinity race which will hurt the attendance for the New England Cycle Center 161.
    I, like darealgoodfella, want to see the best run on the WMT, and since Ryan is clearly the best, it won’t be the same without him there.
    Perhaps RichC, you can convince Bemer to fly Ryan up to Waterford in one of those helicopters of his. How exciting would that be? See what you can do, heck, I’ll even throw a couple of bucks into the hat to help pay for it. There is still time to make it happen if we all band together.
    Unless of course Ryan wins the Xfinity race at Dover, (he already has 2 top 20 finishes this year) then unfortunately his obligations with the press would likely mean he wouldn’t have enough time to make it to Waterford in time.

  10. darealgoodfella says

    I’ll be at the Bowl if Preece isn’t there.

    Heck, I’ve only missed a Mod Tour race or two the last couple decades because of things like weddings and surgeries.

    And I go the races even if TC runs.

    Chris D., I doubt thousands of folks from CT will be at Dover to watch Ryan run the Xfinity race. C’mon man, that would be the entire crowd at the Bowl. I’m thinking RPs immediate family and car crew attendance will be lost at the Bowl. What is that, maybe a dozen heads? I know you are a Trumpesque H-U-G-E fan of Preece, but let’s stay real here.

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