RaceDayCT Daily Poll: The Best Story From NAPA Spring Sizzler Weekend At Stafford

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Another NAPA Spring Sizzler weekend is in the books at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Now it’s time to look in the rearview at the weekend and decide what was the best story out of the plethora of features over two days at Stafford?

Make your choice below for the best story of Spring Sizzler weekend at Stafford.

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  1. They need to do something with the tour.That race sucked.Stafford pack the house for that crap tour race.Boring as all hell.Good thing the sk mods put on a show.That was one boring race.People where leaving at 1/2 way.No racing at all.Follow the leader.TERRIBLE

  2. darealgoodfella says

    That race did suck. There was far more parity with built engines. The field strings out freight train style and that’s about it. Cars compete for places on a restart and in the pits. Then it’s green flag freight train.

    SPEC motors and cookie cutter chassis, and one car walks away with the races. Something smells real bad. NASCAR, how long are you going to let this happen right under your nose?

    It was kinda funny watching TC bounce of cars though.

  3. Really hard to pick just one!

    – Pennink was terrific all weekend.
    – The Tony and Joey good clean racing demo was a blast to watch on Saturday.
    – I’ll bet Sorel had more than a few folks looking in the program to see who he was.

  4. Pretty sad when a 20 lap sk light feature has more to offer than a 200 lap tour mod.How many people left Stafford and said they saw enough tour mod racing for the year.Except for N.H.LOTS I WILL BET

  5. Maybe they can have a caution every few laps like the truck series.lmao

  6. wmass01013 says

    why I say they should go back to other formats then 150-200 lap races, have the sizzler WMT 80 laps, Thompson 300, MAD dog twin 50’s Waterford 100 laps all green flag, BEEN SAYING THIS FOR 20 YRS, THIS IS NOT WINSTON/NEXTEL/SPRINT AND WHOEVER IS NEXT CUP!!!!

  7. Kevin t- well put

    I thought the extra distance would add excitement with various strategies. It just padded the laps lead stats for #2.

  8. wmass: Not a bad plan you have there! The only one I tend to disagree with is the twin 50’s. I believe VMRS did this in recent years as did Thompson Speedway.. These races create confusion with the fans. ex: who is the real winner? is there two winners? who gets what for points? wait… you take an average? so the winner is actually the guy who didnt win either of the two races?

    Just my opinion… maybe the format could be tweaked. But looking at NASCAR and the goofy stuff they do to try and “spice” things up, it seems to just create confusion.

  9. they need to slow down the modifieds, I believe the slower the cars, the better the race. take away hp and tires. I think stafford made a mistake by going with a softer tire in the sk an sk lite. make the rear spoiler 4″ instead of 8″. put the driver back into the equation, right now it is the car/engine combination.

  10. Something that would add some excitement:
    Part of what steve states above, is a good idea.
    How about inverting the starting field by points, for every race. (Fast cars in the back) Couldn’t use time trials, as everybody would be fighting for slowest. (the 01 team would be drinking a lot of Coors Light). Back in the 70s (at some local tracks), the lineup was done using the past 3 weeks finishes, and if you won a race at all during the season, you could not start in the first 3 or 5 rows, depending on the number starting the feature. Nothing better than watching the faster cars fight their way through the field.

  11. darealgoodfella says

    The modifieds need parity!!!! The SPEC engine was supposed to level the playing field, only made things worse. There is less racing now than before the SPEC.

    Establish parity, and the racing will get better.

  12. NH Mod Fan says

    I couldn’t agree more. The old local format worked for better racing. What made some of these legendary drivers was that they could drive from the back of the field to the front most weeks.

    I know there is a lot of talk about the #2 car but if he would have started in the back on Sunday. It would have made the race interesting and if he won so be it. Invert the lineup by points and wins.

  13. If you invert the lineup then what do you do with the 01, 26, 33, and 18?

  14. Horsepower fan says

    @ Steve, less horsepower? Yeah, let’s make modifieds really wimpy and slow. When Stafford went to Hoosiers a few years back the racing got much better, imo.

  15. Fast Eddie says

    How about twin 100’s for the Sizzler? Invert the lead lap cars for the second one. Points count for two separate races, with the overall winner being the total points for the two? Maybe the points idea needs work, but the twin bill would be much more interesting. Two of the better races I saw last year were the twin 50s at Lee USA. Or how about two 35 lap heats (odds and evens from qualifying) and a 130 lap feature?

  16. Mods are to fast for the track,tracks Ned to improve to compensate for the speed of these cars! That is why the sks put on a better show I said that before. Ya speed and horsepower is good that is why they run so well at NH ……the sizzler is getting to be a boring race , if something isn’t done you will start to lose your fan base….this to be done in my next speak your mind…..

  17. darealgoodfella says

    Invert only the top 15 or so, so there are no pylons starting in the front.

  18. Chris D, that would be an interesting front 2 rows, I agree. Either some of the slower cars would volunteer to go to the rear, or if not, it will make an exciting start of the race. We need excitement for the tour to survive. Perhaps as Dareal stated, maybe only invert the top 15, or perhaps 20 in the points.
    The only other CT track I will attend this season will be The New London Waterford Speedbowl. (Usually great racing there)

  19. “Back in the 70s (at some local tracks), the lineup was done using the past 3 weeks finishes, and if you won a race at all during the season, you could not start in the first 3 or 5 rows, depending on the number starting the feature. Nothing better than watching the faster cars fight their way through the field.”

    I seem to remember something like this from the Danbury Racearena. It made for some seriously exciting racing!

  20. NH Mod Fan says

    Chris D. good point.
    All teams have transponders. Maybe one way would be during practice at each race, teams would have to pass a time threshold in order to be part of the inversion. If they don’t reach the percentage, start them in the rear. I wouldn’t want to see the field run over people at the start of the race and take out half the top cars. In any case a 15 or 20 car inversion would be more exciting than last Sunday. Its too bad the race fell flat. I like the track, weather was great, good field of drivers and a large crowd. Maybe the modifieds at Monadnock will put on a good show this Saturday.

  21. The tour drivers don’t tend to wreck. When you link that with a one groove track like Stafford a guy like Coby can drive away. Waterford may be different, or not. Maybe they should not allow tire changes.

  22. I can’t complain too much as I got a free ticket for Sunday. But I feel sorry for the people that only went on Sunday and paid all that money just to see one decent race. The tour race sucked and the LM race was horrible. Does Stafford have any plans to make changes to that division or are they content with letting it fizzle down to nothing?

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Bob, when the racing sucks and the cars are strung out with no racing, there is little opportunity for traffic, passing or wrecking. When the cars are close, there is ample opportunity for wrecking. The Tour does not wreck as often as the SK series. The SK series wrecks way too much, with some good racing between the wrecks.

  24. @kevin t….Racing on that lousy, 1 groove “race track” does not help.

  25. Bring the Chase to WMT! That will fix everything!

    I like the Speedbowl because it is small enough to keep the field from getting to spread out and big enough for good racing action.

  26. Charlie S. says

    Drove up to Stafford Sunday morning.nice ride,great day.the 200 was a snoozer.I was hoping for a better race.not sure what needs to be done but this series is know different than the ROC.a lot of follow the leader,single file racing.if the spec motor was supposed to make the racing better,not sure they have accomplished that.going to the ROC tour race at Chemung on sunday.Let’s see what this race produces.the asphaltodifieds are awesome racecars.we need to see awesome racing or those large crowds want be so large.

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