RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Be The Next First Time Winner On The Whelen Modified Tour?

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Sunday at Thompson Speedway, in his 36th career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour start, Timmy Solomito scored his first career series victory in the season opening Icebreaker 150.

Solomito’s victory was hardly a shocker. It was fairly clear during the 2015 season that sooner or later Solomito was going to find his way to victory with his Flamingo Motorsports team.

Now the question is, who will be the next driver to join the ranks as a new member of the Whelen Modified Tour winner’s club?

Vote below for who think will be the next first-time series winner.

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  1. ModFan Homtracks says

    I go to all the tour events and I can help you on this poll. To win on the tour you need great equipment, a strong team and a Driver that is willing to stick it in there. Emerling almost won last year and is the clear choice on this list. Dowling is a good driver but drives to preserve his car and won’t stick it in there. Rocco with a team would win. Salva, Talman, and Swanson have ZERO SK wins between them so they have a huge learning curve ahead of them. In the middle I’d go Solo, Jenk, and then Zach as if the stars align one night, it could happen. All these guys should watch the tape on how the 16 did it this weekend. He went out and took that win. He drove smart and on the edge and was not giving it back. Timmy wanted it, most of these guys want and need seat time. My dark horse is other. Why? Watch that Williams #59 kid. If he starts showing up on the tour, this poll would be easy.

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