Cash Flow: Ryan Preece Wins MTS Winchester 200 At Monadnock Speedway

Ryan Preece (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Ryan Preece (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Some moonlight this weekend from his full-time job with the NASCAR XFINITY Series paid off handsomely for Ryan Preece.

Preece, of Berlin, had a jackpot night Saturday in winning the inaugural Modified Touring Series Winchester 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

First place in the event paid $15,000 to Preece.

Eric Goodale of Riverhead, N.Y. was second and Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. third.

“There were a lot of good cars and they were strong,” Preece said after the event to The Chrome Horn. “I kind of knew coming into this race that the tires were going to make the race. We bought only two sets of tires and we were able to buy a set off of Anthony Sesely since he was out of the race.”

On lap 170 Preece went to the lead of the event past Jon McKennedy and never trailed again.

Twenty-two cars started the event.


  1. Andy Boright says

    Hmmm. 22 cars, not all of them tour type modifieds, and Preece claims there were a lot of good, strong cars there.

    Don’t quit your day job Ryan, I don’t think you will make it as a correspondent. On second thought, maybe he does have a future as a media guy for some race track or racing series.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Hirschman didn’t win?????

    The end of the world is near, the sky is falling, armageddon, apocalypse, rapture, etc.

  3. Hopefully the check clears….

    If so, then hats off to Knight for making this happen on an unfortunate weekend for scheduling conflicts.

  4. NH MOD CHASER says

    Well said Goodfella !! Did you go to the race ??

  5. Does anyone else think that is a problem that you buy a set of tires off of someone as the race is in progress

  6. There were a solid dozen cars there capable of winning. It was a very good crowd. Bigger crowd than any of the Tri Track created events. Sure the car counts were low but I wouldn’t call the event a flop. Plus, now they only have to pay 22 drivers instead of a full field. Probably didn’t need to expand the pits like they did though. As long as the checks clear MTS could be around a while. If you really think about it, almost every open comp show in the last 15 or 20 yrs has failed. Seekonk being the shining example and even that took a few years to become what it is. The Star 125 is probably second. Not much left after that. Time will tell what become of MTS. Tri Track draws a large amount of cars but not too many WMT drivers and certainly not the fans at Lee, Monadnock and Waterford up until this point. Maybe that will change this year, we shall see. What I do know is four touring series in New England won’t work.

  7. Justafan says

    22 cars must have been a great event, can anyone say 1 and done?

    It’s too bad this was a great idea just very poorly done, put that race at the speedbowl with a un questioned date without conflicts and a more common tire rule and then you would have a race.

  8. Andy Boright,

    Quick little fact.

    WMT winner
    ROC Winner
    MRS Winner
    Southern Mod Tour Pass South Winner
    Tri track Winner

    Please tell me as to how there were not good cars there?

    I am going to guess you did not even attend the event. You just say the same thing as many others do. So for you to go ahead and criticize this event is pretty ridiculous to those of us who did.

    At the end of the day, there were 6 – 10 solid cars with solid drivers that can win. If you don’t like the odds of that, then you must not want to watch any type of modified racing.

    As your mother probably told you when you were a kid ” if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all “

  9. Just a fan, you say put it at Waterford and it will be a huge success. Hmmm Didn’t Tri Track try that TWICE last year and the grandstands were shall we say, less than full. Monadnock at least had full grandstands last night. I’m sure track ownership made money. What is so bad about that? To further RP6’s point, Last night had former WMT, ROC and VMRS champions racing. Several track champions as well. Again not so bad. I guess the million dollar questions is what makes an event successful. A lot of cars or a packed grandstand? I know what the track owners will say. All in all, last night was a pretty decent night of racing. Oh, and by the way, the next Tri Track open event at Monadnock next month conflicts with the ROC schedule and that isn’t due to rain makeups. Are we going to hammer them for that?

  10. Joe Lajoie says

    RP6 wrote:
    “As your mother probably told you when you were a kid ” if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all “”
    If Andy lived by that motto, we’d never hear a peep out of him.

  11. NH Mod Fan says

    NH Mark
    Tri-Track raced at Monadnock last year on the same weekend as this years schedule.
    ROC added this date to their 2016 race schedule.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    With an Open Race, the competitors should be the cream of the crop through the entire field. At this event, there were 4-5 cars that had a chance to challenge Preece. There were less competitive cars at this event that had a chance to win than at a regular NWMT race.

  13. This was a great race! I feel a lot of you weren’t there… great crowd, lots of competitive cars. Eric Goodale finishing 2nd was the feel good story of the night. Solid race. First 50 laps were awesome with multiple lead changes. Loved the strategy. Good deal for $30. The support divisions were entertaining. Monadnock is a very funky track. We’ll be back next year if it happens!

  14. andy bogoose wasn’t there yesterday.I was, the turnout was disappointing not the race.this bogoose clown doesn’t even bother to check to see who was there.he also knows that checks will bounce.he also knows about the moral makeup of the promoter.this is the only place he has to flap his stupid gums and spew diarrhea of the mouth.his bogoose wife probably smacks him around if she didn’t already leave for the mailman

  15. darealgoodfella says

    Eric Goodale finishing 2nd only shows how lacking the competition was. He finished well because it is a tiny track like Riverhead and no competition.

  16. Good for you, Jason. It’s nice to hear some positive points of view instead of all the negative stuff. Glad you enjoyed it. 22 cars can, indeed put on a good show.

  17. RaceDayNH says

    Dareal… 10 cars could have won… Were you there?

  18. Goodale always runs well there. He usually qualifies well too. If he didn’t get hung up trying to get past 29 and 15 at the end he probably could have chased down Preece and made things interesting. His tires were just as fresh. I thought Preece gambled by pitting from the lead with 42 laps left. Worked out well for them though.

  19. For the purse of this race, everyone and their mother should have been there, and they weren’t, not even close.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    This was the same as stealing candy from a baby for Preece/Partridge.

  21. Crazy in NY says

    Tiny like Riverhead and no competition? Hirschman,McKennedy, Pennink, Hinckley, Pasteryak are chopped liver? LoL

    Andy Bo and Dareal keep writing. Comedy channel is looking for new talent.

  22. darealgoodfella says

    RaceDayNH, you say 10 cars could have won? There was plenty of freight train running, and the 10th place finisher was 6 laps down. There was no race in the closing laps, the cars were strung out.

    As long as the 6 didn’t break or get hit, it was going to win. Everyone else was racing for 2nd place.

  23. News flash from Long Island:Eric Goodale has matured into a very tough and reasonably respectful driver.He absolutely smoked his heat and passed many strong running cars.He also looks solid so far this year on the Tour.They have Great equipment,set it up well and race strong.I won’t make idiotic predictions,but I’m having fun watching these developing drivers out there.Love to see Tommy Barrett back.

  24. wmass01013 says

    and that never happens on the WMT with COBY AT THOMPSON?
    tHE TOP 3 ALL SAID WAS A GREAT RACE, ran smooth, treated well and would support the series in the future!

  25. I hope what I read on SPEED51 is wrong. It says Ryan Preece was running a Roush Yates spec engine. I thought I read on this website that the NASCAR spec engine was banned on the MTS.

  26. Ryan is the best ever
    That’s a fact the guy is only 17
    Great job
    Rumor has it He will be with hendrix replacing kasey kane

  27. speed kills says

    Mr X ..I guess there will be 2 potential issues for the promoter post race …. .If you are correct the engine is NOT allowed in this series and what is the ruling on purchasing tires from another team during the race (I read they gave a set “back”) .we shall see. The negative press about the promoter probably didn`t help car counts along with the ROC race. There was a substantial investment in time as well as money for these teams just to hit the track…Just to be clear Shawn I am NOT accusing you of bad press. As far as the race ..Preece has NOT dominated in a tour car (excluding the farce at New Smyrna) and I wouldn’t`t have picked him to win. I agree based on the entry list there were 8 to 10 drivers/teams with a shot. hope this turns out OK .I would have picked McKennedy/Hirschman/Hinckley for the top three in any order ..

  28. darealgoodfella says

    Jefferyt1258, glad your’e back.

    It would be a huge mistake to prohibit the NASCAR SPEC engine in this event since all competitive NWMT teams are running the SPEC and have probably sold their built engines by now. And a competitive NWMT team is not going to put a built engine back in a car for this event. Besides Preece, who else was running the SPEC? Goodale?

    Art, I understand you are from Long Island. Eric Goodale, also from Long Island, was a rookie on the Tour in 2009. E. Goodale Tour stats after 103 races: he has 1 win, 1 pole. Best season finish of 7th. Always had great parts.

    The “negative” press didn’t affect car counts. The owners knew what was going on long before Shawn did.

  29. This was an open show, I see no reason not to have the spec engine as an option, add weight, do something that evens the competition. If the stands were full then the promotors did their job, it’s up to the competitors to support the series otherwise it will disappear. What if they ran sk’s as a support division, pay them a decent purse then let the winner run the open race.

  30. Patrick Tetreault Jr. says

    Preece is more like 26ish not 17 and is far from the best ever he has 1 championship and has been in great cars. That being said he is a very good wheelman and is doing an admirable job in not the best equipment in the Xfinity series!

  31. Just hit me, Monadnock is first track to host WMT, VMRS, Tri-Track and MTS in same season. It will be interesting to compare car counts, crowd size etc as we move thru the season.

  32. MR. X, read the rules for the Series on there website and you will notice it states you can run the Nascar Spec motor. Couldn’t find anything that says you couldn’t get tires from someone during the race.

  33. Thank you, I read somewhere early on in the planning that the spec engine would not be allowed on the MTS. If it’s a true open series then why not allow big carbs on the 18° engines? That would make things very interesting.

  34. I really don’t know that Ryan is the best ever however, I would consider him a very good driver. When you have past drivers in the sport such as Desarro, Stevens, Flemke Sr., Evans, Cook, Bodine, Bouchard, Stefanik just to name a few that I consider great drivers I think Ryan has a ways to go to be in the same class as them.

  35. darealgoodfella says

    Preece is pretty good, and he’s extremely lucky to have been in top notch cars.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    Shrewd move by Ed Partridge. He probably figured not too many premium cars would show up, so taking home the $15,000 was like shooting fish in a barrel.


  37. I don’t disagree dareal however I believe you need to add talented to that also.

  38. Darelgoodfella

    Always well
    thought out comments

    Would you agree
    TC preece rocco coby
    Not a 4 better ???

    You can’t pick a better 4 I bet
    As far as tracks

  39. Oops porterhouse

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Jefferyt1258, I’m not sure about Rocco as a Mod Tour driver. He hasn’t made a mark in a Tour ride yet after bouncing around several rides over many seasons. And pretty good rides at that. He’s real good in the Sunoco and SK mods though, one of the best. It is bewildering that he doesn’t do well in a Tour car. As for TC, well, TC, he’s a character for sure. If he didn’t leave a trail of carnage and/or suspicion behind him wherever he went, he would have a pretty good legacy. Heck, if he didn’t wreck so often, he would have been in a top ride the last couple years, and would have won a couple championships throughout his career. He took himself out way too many times, eliminating his chances for a championship, many more championships.

    My pick of 4 would be (current active drivers): Santos, Preece, Szegedy, and Pennink.

    Santos is really good, they are having car problems. Preece is good and has been in good cars. Szegedy is a good and clean driver. Pennink is good, he just needs a good crew chief. If his family run operation had a good crew chief, they’d still be running it. Pennink does well in other people’s cars with their crew chief. Go figure.

    Stafford is a one groove track, unfortunately. Nearly impossible to pass without extreme risk. Perhaps if the turns were to be ground, textured or repaved to get some grip, it would then be very exciting. That one groove is why, I believe, there are lots of accidents coming off T4. Guys have to force the issue and someone loses it and ends up into the wall coming off T4. Modified racing takes place in the turns, and when the turns don’t have grip, the cars can’t race.

  41. Chris D. says

    dareal, you are a hypocritical fool. You rant about how the 36 tour mod had a big carb when they were dominating, then you come on here and thank Brad for sponsoring Tri Track like he’s your good buddy. You know so much about TC but you fail to mention how Preece cost himself the ’15 SK championship at Stafford by wrecking himself and Woody while running second, and also wrecking Pennink on the last lap while he was running second…remember Preece handing back the checkered flag to race officials in victory lane? TC never had to do that, LOL. You only see what you want to see, leaving Coby out of the top 4 of current active drivers just shows your bias and ignorance. I know, I know, the 2 tour mod is illegal and anyone can win with it, you’re right, you’re right. Then explain how Coby won his first championship.

  42. darealgoodfella says

    Chris D., what is the connection between thanking Brad for sponsoring TTOMS in 2016 and the 36 Tour Mod? That’s years apart.

    TC missed many finishes (DNF) because he junked himself, and usually others. TC has probably junked himself and others more often than Preece has raced a Tour Mod. And yet, Preece is running in the XFinity Series.

    I do not think Coby is that good of a driver. He is terrifying in traffic. DC is the replacement TC. He has a great car, for whatever reasons, and therefore does not have to do much driving.

    The list of wrecks that TC has caused can go on and on and on and on…

    Chris D., you do not hide your disdain for Preece at all, and equally show your love for TC and DC. Hey Chris, how has TC been doing since he isn’t in top notch cars? You TC fans blather on about how TC can drive anything and win. Well, how’s that going since he was booted from the 36? TC hasn’t won in several years.

    And let me remind you that Preece is running the xFinity series. You can catch him on TV.

  43. Andy Boright says

    I have to laugh at the comments about how competitive the race was. The only people who had a shot to win were the teams who could afford 12 tires like Preece used.

    The promoter had a warrant issued for his arrest for missing a court date, that is a fact.

    SK lights were used to fill the back end of the field, that is a fact.

    The 10th place finisher was 6 laps down.

    So much for a successful show. Comparing attendance to a Tri-Track race is like comparing a restaurant to eating out of a dumpster, the Tri-Track group can’t promote a race to save their life.

  44. Chris D. says

    dareal, you know as well as anyone, that Xfinity ride is a bought ride, it is a field filler, and he isn’t even the top driver on his own team. When will I see him on tv? When the leaders are lapping him? Think he’ll win Rookie of the year?
    You didn’t answer the question…How did Coby win a championship before he started driving the 2? There is some good news for you though…Preece will be driving modifieds for many, many, years to come, so you will still be able to mingle with him at pit parties and tell your neighbors that you know an Xfinity star.
    Hey, the exciting press release from Johnny Davis Racing for Charlotte will be out any minute, you don’t want to miss it!
    Next time you’re in the pits and Brad is there, ask him about the cheated up carb that you say he used on the 36 and let us know what he says. I’m sure he’ll give you the straight scoop on the topic, it’s many years ago so he’ll surely be willing to tell all.

  45. Gotta post a cross-comment on the daily poll. Shawn, do you REALLY want to remove this from this site? I’d pay a $5 cover at a bar to watch the cage match that this would generate if these guys were to actually meet in person.

  46. darealgoodfella says

    Chris D., were TC and DC asked to bid on that “bought ride”? I’m guessing that would be a “no”. TC and DC would love to have that ride, field filler or otherwise. But both of them will never get out of off-off-off-off-off Broadway. TC and DC will be driving mods while Preece is in the upper leagues. TC ran in Cup a couple times, but with his own car because he couldn’t get a ride. Calling him a field filler would have been very optimistic and complimentary.

    The press release is out already. Again, you didn’t have a point.

    Coby won a championship before he moved to the 2 because two teams consolidated their resources. Either team alone would not have been able to field a competitive car. DC left that deal for the 2 for the security, since he was a journeyman at best for years before the consolidated b52 deal happened. The b52 is gone. DC is not a very good driver. He is in a car that performs very well.

    I don’t have to ask Brad about the carb, tech inspection told what was needed. Why do you keep bringing up that old big carb story?

    Sooooooooo, back on topic. Preece won the race.

  47. Chris D. says

    Preece won the race? You are a hypocrite. Read your own posts on this topic. All you talked about was the lack of competition. Now, you are bragging because Preece won the “race”. You said it was “stealing candy from a baby”, and “like shooting fish in a barrell”… now, it was a “race”.

  48. darealgoodfella says

    Preece won the race.

    Chris D., that really bothers you, right?

  49. Crazy in NY says

    dareal, Your boy RP should smoke the field easily at Concord then without any other Whelen stars there right? Preece of cake , like shooting fish in barrel eh? Be careful though, it not an unlimited tire race. ( and nowhere near 15 large to win) He’ll probably lap the field he’s so good.

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