Eric Webster Leaves Position As Race Director Of New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Eric Webster

Eric Webster

Last November, New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan beamed with pride at the track’s annual Racers For Racers Toy Drive when he announced Eric Webster to replace Scott Tapley as the track’s race director.

That night Monahan called Webster – a longtime official at the track – “a perfect fit.” for the job. Webster that night said: “The ‘Bowl is clearly my home.”

The marriage though was a short one.

Monahan confirmed Friday morning that Webster – after two events in the 2016 season – resigned his position at the Speedbowl earlier this week.

“The only thing he’s informed of was he was leaving for personal reasons,” Monahan said.

Reached Friday morning, Webster declined comment about the situation via text message.

The Speedbowl opened its season May 7-8 with the running of the Bud Blastoff. Last week the track hosted the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour for the New England Cycle Center 161. The Speedbowl is scheduled to run its third event of the season on Saturday, with the American Canadian Tour making its return to the track.

Webster is the son of the late Charlie Webster, a four-time track champion at the Speedbowl. Previous to this season Webster had built a strong reputation at the Speedbowl over the years as the individual leading track officials on the track and infield during events.

Monahan said he was “extremely disappointed” in Webster’s decision this week.

“I spoke with multiple people over the winter and he came with high … I obviously made a choice over the people that I was speaking with and wanted to pick somebody from in-house,” Monahan said. “He wanted the position so I thought it was only fair to do that.”

Monahan said an acting race director will be named publicly prior to Saturday’s event.

“There are two things that are most important to me for the competitors,” Monahan said. “To have an expedited program and to have fair calls. That to me is what the responsibility of the race director is. We have great people working in the corners that have always been in the corners to make sure that calls are done professionally and fair. That will continue.”

The Speedbowl is in its second season under the ownership of Bruce Bemer, who acquired the track in a foreclosure auction in October 2014. Monahan, a longtime competitor at the track, was named general manager of the facility not long after Bemer finalized his acquisition of the track. Tapley left the track at the conclusion of the 2015 season to take a similar position at Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway.


  1. O here we go one down wonder who’s next and with the forecast of rain again i hope he thinks of the weekly guys we have seen enough dog and pony show.

  2. Justafan says

    If he was the one calling the shots the first 2 weeks i say this is good news because someone surely doesn’t have a clue and hopefully sean obtains a compitant replacement. The bowl is by far the place to be but omg what a rocky start to the season.

  3. Not Rick Fuller says

    Wonder if this had anything to do with him being directly ordered to call last weeks SK race “official” even though only 17 (not 18) laps were completed. Obviously not halfway to make a event complete when the rains came.
    Maybe because Diego was leading (and he has less than a zero percent chance of winning, and a 94% chance of wrecking others as well as himself) the feature “someone” high up at the track wanted him to win?

  4. Waterford Res says

    to “not rick fuller says” oh I am sure “someone high up” made it rain too!!!

  5. Bob Freeman says

    I believe Shawn reported here that the remaining 18 laps would be completed at a later date.

  6. Bob,
    The final 18 laps of the feature are scheduled to be completed Saturday night.

  7. open wheel fan says

    The rule of thumb is to stay away from Waterford Special Events. Had they dropped the green at 7pm and had on track introductions at 630pm they would have gotten the entire show in. No way will we go to the Wings and Wheels Show. Another disaster waiting to happen with 8 features. They will be doing qualifying until 8pm. When it comes to running the racing program they do a terrible job. Last year the wings and wheels show I left there almost midnight. They never run their program on time. Track improvements are excellent and is a first class racing facility but who wants to spend 8 hours at a race track. I spend 8 hours at my job and do not want to spend 8 hours at any race track.

  8. Justafan says

    Im with you open wheel fan, we finally have a owner that’s doing what needs to be done and the place looks amazing but when you have clowns running the race program it is all for nothing as it is only making people not even want to go. Only 2 weeks in and both were absolutely harendous and ridiculous. There have been so many blunders allready but i have to say the one that really boggles me the most is opening day. How in the world was digeo not penalized for punting janovick. I been going to races for 40 years and im sorry but that was a classic textbook blantant drop kick. It doesn’t get any more obvious than that one. He pile drive dive bombed him 100%. Is it just because somehow rob was able too not spin and stop? If that’s they’re reason then that is pretty darn sad. For christs sake last year they put teddy to the back for not even touching the guy lol. Oh yes I remember clear as day. Ironically both inncodents were captured on in car cameras, so anyone that disagrees go and watch both videos and if you still disagree ( which you wont) then make your comment.

    Sorry so long i had to vent lol

  9. Steve golas says

    Doing an awesome job reviving what was run into the ground, keep up the good work and KEEP improving. Haters will always hate and whiners will whine! Love the bowl and the work you are putting into as a racer you know the dangers of tunnel vision always looking at the next corner!

  10. Jim Phillips says

    Its a shame webby resigned i think in the long run he would have been a great RD lets hope the next guy truely loves racing as much. And for those of you bitching about how the first two weeks went step up and lets see how you do trying to get the show in with rain coming and nascar making you change things last minute insted of running your moths maybe you should get the facts. If you choise not to attend any more races at New London Waterford Speedbowl no loss as the new staff are trying to create a positive place to race

  11. Bill Realist says

    You guys don’t know how good you have it. Why don’t you all come up to New Hampshire and sit through a god awful program at someplace like Claremont if you really want to see screwed up

  12. What does Chris Williams have to do with this?????????

  13. Mike MacCracken says

    I agree with you Steve! You and your family have seen what the track has gone through for the last 30+ years from every aspect.

  14. Frankie tree says

    He’s a idiot ” Williams ”

    Webby took the high road . There is more to this story.
    19 years Webby has been there . I’m a betting guy it’s all on the GM who should take the same path. I’ll bet he’s next .

  15. Jeff Zuidema ???

  16. Tracy lord says

    I was shocked when I heard that webbie is no longer gonna be at the track.i am very happy that Bruce bought the track,but maybe he needs to open his eyes ,the track has lost some great people in the infield because of upper management unwilling to listen and understand repercussions of their decisions to fire them.

  17. Open wheel fan says

    There was absolutely no reason all weekly divisions and modified tour time trials were not completed by 630pm. Whomever did the time scheduling did a poor job. I feel bad for the weekly support divisions that went home without running their feature races. Waterford does put on great modified racing and very exciting features. They need a common sense race director to run a time efficient program. Spring sizzler SK feature took the green flag at 1pm as advertised on schedule. Not 130pm or 145pm. Modified tour race took green flag at 330pm as advertised on program. Believe me race fans it can be done. I have attended my last modified tour race and wings and wheels event at Waterford. Spending 8 hours at the speedway takes all the enjoyment out of going to races. Will go to Stafford, Thompson, Seekonk to take care of my modified appetite. Too bad as Waterford puts on a great SHOW but the program is run too poorly.

  18. speed kills says

    Eric Webster has been an asset to the bowl much longer than the present GM.. his presence and work with the track crew and his respect for competitors was obvious . ” a perfect fit” ? there must be more to this story although I do not like to speculate .. I would NOT put any blame solely on the race director for the first two events . aside from the driver introduction I see the track trying to get the show completed. the owner, GM and the race director should be working together to provide the best program possible .Webster resigning tells me there is a serious issue afoot in the office .I am thrilled with the improvements but my feeling is Monahan was a bad choice for GM and lacks the people skills to make it work.. his temper will eventually get the best of him and it will be an easy choice to let the GM go

  19. InsideFromTheOutside says

    It does not state that Webby is “no longer going to be at the track”. He has resigned as RD. I hope we all get to see him back in some capacity, eventually. Your last statement was also false. The infield people you mention were not fired, they quit, again. One is a drama queen and the other is not allowed to be there unless they can both be there. Isn’t that how it works? But, I’m sure it’s the management. Is that what it was at Pomfret too?

  20. He was NOT the guy calling the shots the first 2 weeks…

  21. Frankie tree says


  22. Former scale guy Bob says

    I will agree more than 100%
    Hopefully Bruce will realize this and get a hold of a safe racetrack and crew again.

  23. Beast from the East says

    So Chris Williams is still the race director?

  24. Beast from the East says

    Definitely not… I don’t blame him for quitting.

  25. Beast from the East says

    It’s not official. They’re finishing it today. Nice try though.

  26. Beast from the East,
    I was told by Shawn Monahan that Chris Williams will not be the acting racing director.

  27. Frankie tree says

    Thank God

  28. Race Dog says

    I was allready asked not to get involved or post on the subject, and we all should appreciate this venue to air our opinions…..thank you Shawn. The only comment I will make is that I as you all should appreciate Webby taking the high road and calling his reason for quiting as …”personnal”. I believe he deserves that respect. We have seen WAY TOO MUCH. …..,STUFF written to knock the Bowl down. In their second season with an amazing facelift and future plans on the table we should try to be happy that we have a track to race at and let the politics and procedures alone and to the management in place……..just a thought. Helpful suggestions I am sure are always appreciated.

  29. Ron Mexico says

    Chris Williams has everything to do with this, Chris stepped in Webby’s toes for two weeks, he did so cause of his title, director of race operations. Isn’t that the same thing as Race Director? Webby is a great man and great race fan hope he finds a way to stay at the Bowl, make management needs a shake up

  30. Ron Mexico says

    He’s already Director of Race operations, aka Race Director

  31. Ron Mexico says

    It’s been two Weeks and no Mike S. Anyone know where he has been? Vacation??

  32. All of these negative comments just playing into the drama and gossip of the clueless. Obviously many of you have to idea about the inner workings at play and no appreciation for the efforts and countless hours of dedication put into each week to give race fans the best show around regardless of hurdles. The simple fact that all of you haters are willing to overlook the “personal” fact that he’s leaving just so you can dish out negativity and whining about the ownership, gm or anyone else, says a lot.

  33. Folks,
    I’ve said this numerous times in the past, and it still stands. When it comes to the comments section here no vulgar words are allowed and no creative representations of vulgar words are allowed. Leaving a comment, without having to use vulgarity to make a point, or to even represent vulgarity to make that point, is not that complicated.

  34. I guess “less than a zero percent chance of winning” came through tonight. Someone owes an apology, or at the very least an admittance of being wrong. I’m sure it won’t happen though. Keyboard warriors and bleacher racers never admit being wrong.

  35. Tracy lord says

    The drama queen you’re referring to was fired two days after an incident where she didn’t feel safe in the infield.,and the Other chose not to return because the call to fire her was wrong!

  36. Frankie tree says

    It’s time for a big shake up and protect the place we love. Mr. Bemer follow your heart and have a open ear you are loved by so many for being out savor from the Terry’s in our lives. Let not follow that path and go.on to be the premier place for racing , car shows ,concerts, monster truck jams and even rodeos . Things that have always pack the parking lots full of HAPPY people. I’ll ride this train with you as will many people who have your back. Let’s take the NLWSB to the next level . And I want to thanks Shawn who got us this far but now it’s beyond you to go any further. Don’t you remember you like to race and miss it. Spend more time at your business and with your supporting family.

  37. Former scale guy Bob says

    Isn’t it funny how you can’t say whats on your mind on this site because you are so selective on what you put out… some things will never change. You let someone slander myself and my daughter and then you are done… pretty sad shawn… you need to get a clue….

  38. Former scale guy,
    We have rules about the comments. They’ve been mentioned plenty of times before. They’re not complicated. This isn’t Facebook where you can post whatever you want.

  39. Former Scale Guy Bob says

    And what my wife said was not of your rules??? She did not even mention names and it was deleted before it was ever posted….. What ever…

  40. Former Scale Guy Bob,
    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  41. There is one thing i have learned from my past 18 years of being a car owner and supporter of many drivers it is never a good thing to be both a promoter and race director at the same time it boes not work i hope a decision is made soon for the good of the bowl and its racers

  42. Race fan 99 says

    Just say another bad management position

  43. Race fan 99 says

    Choice not position

  44. Frankie tree says

    If anyone has anything to add please talk to Mr Bemer he’s a great guy and wants all.input .

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