Jonathan McKennedy Looking Forward To Winchester 200 At Monadnock And Big Purse

(Press Release from EXIT Racing)

Jonathan McKennedy's ride for Saturday's $15,000 to win Winchester 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (Photo: Courtesy EXIT Racing)

Jonathan McKennedy’s ride for Saturday’s $15,000 to win Winchester 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (Photo: Courtesy EXIT Racing)

The Winchester 200 at New Hampshire’s Monadnock Raceway began building news print, internet and social media rumblings in mid-winter. By springtime, drivers and teams from across every New England state were giving notice.

Recognized now as one of the highest paying and longest distance races for Modified race cars in over 20 years, three-time Modified Series Champion Jonathan McKennedy believes even bigger news will be setting Saturday’s race apart.

“I have no doubt that race fans and race teams; everyone at Monadnock Raceway, will be a witness to the largest and most competitive field of asphalt Modified racecars in many years, said McKennedy.

Preparing for his 5th race of the 2016 season, McKennedy and his EXIT Realty #29 modified have already won two open Modified shows. Finishing the others in 9th and 5th McKennedy and team are listed as one of the favorites for Saturday’s Winchester 200.

Saturday’s race will also be the first in many years where Modified racecars will be competing over a two-hundred lap distance. Teams will have the ability to purchase and change any amount of tires – another checkmark to this race that has drivers and teams intrigued.

“Our races in North Carolina were only similar to what will be happening on Saturday because of the car type”, highlighted McKennedy. “I think the quality and quantity of cars and drivers arriving is going to be fantastic.

“I feel Gary Knight and Larry Carrillo have come together with a great plan. I’ve only raced a Super Modified for 200 laps, so even discussing pit stops for fuel and talking tire strategy with my crew has been is exciting, smiled McKennedy. “It’s truly old school. I can’t wait to see how things develop.

News around the Northeast has chronicled teams working for extended hours in preparation for Saturday. With teams expected from as far away as Pennsylvania, Maine and North Carolina, adding the amount of hours committed by all would truly tell a huge tale.

“For me, what makes racing so riveting is of course the driving. But I’m a part of this sport because I also enjoy the mechanics and creativity in building race cars. Like others I’m sure, I found even more time to prepare for Saturday’s show, laughs McKennedy.

“Though I don’t always enjoy the seemingly endless hours of prep, the rewards that can come from winning are usually very gratifying. And for this race, I think everyone has stepped up their work ethic. Every driver and team wants to be a part of that great reward.”

Look for the Jonathan McKennedy – EXIT Realty #29 Team to make a strong showing in Saturday’s Winchester 200 lap event


  1. Should be a decent event. If ROC guys are no longer coming the roster isn’t all that impressive in my mind though. Not bad, just not great. The fact that there isn’t an updated entry list concerns me. That said, I will attend most likely.

  2. I think we were all spoiled from what we saw as car counts years ago, and even in the early 2000’s. But quality was another issue. We truly didn’t see 95% of the field being able to win the feature…let alone heats. I saw much want to see Saturday’s race because I do think, like McKennedy says, fans will see one of the very best (competition ability) in modified racing. I wish everyone the very best! Thanks to Monadnock and Larry.

  3. Bill Realist says

    That entry list is devoid of 70% of the biggest names in northeast modified racing.

  4. Justafan says

    Said it when this race was announced and i will say it again great idea, decent payouts and nice to see the effort however poor scheduling is going to kill this event. While the race itself may turn out to be a good race people are not going to see the car count they are exspecting. Too many conflicts. Roc,mrs at stafford, rocco and rc commited to bowl for points and so on
    This should have been a sunday race on an off weekend for the 3 major series and when the sat night local tracks are off. Hey maybe im wrong but i dont see this being blockbuster

  5. Chris D. says

    Bill Realist is absolutely correct

  6. darealgoodfella says

    Why aren’t the Big Dogs turning out for this event? This is looking like a VMRS event, with a few invaders thrown in.

    Interestingly, VMRS has an event the night before, and they are the teams with the largest population of this open event. Those teams will play it safe on Friday, hoping to save the car for Saturday.

    The TTOMS gets very good attendance.

    Justafan, contrary to your delusion, the world of modified racing does not revolve around TC or Rocco. Rocco has yet to up his brand in a Tour-Type car. Why Rocco has not been a regular in a Tour car for years already is the $64,000 question. And given TC’s long and verified reputation of wrecking, there is probably a collective sigh of relief and Joy that TC won’t be there.

  7. Best of luck to Jon and his Raceworks chassis.

  8. getserious says

    First heats at 3:30, and the 200 not scheduled to START until 8:45 ?! Seriously? Tjhat is embarassingly bad management.
    And “Teams will have the ability to purchase and change any amount of tires ” That is going to be a race where it is going to cost a lot of money to rune up front. Well, of course, The race is sponsored by the tire supplier…Sounds like they won’t lose too much.

  9. darealgoodfella says

    And there is a forecast for rain starting in the evening. Just to add even more drama.

    Is there a rain date?

  10. Darealgoodfella,
    Sunday May 22 has been listed as the scheduled rain date since the event was first announced.

  11. It’s a better forecast than Waterford last week. They will get the show in Sat. Weather is a non issue.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    That’s too bad, the Sunday forecast is worse.

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