Limited Sportsman Field Once Again Chasing Al Stone III At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

Al Stone III celebrates a win and a championship in the Limited Sportsman division last year at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Al Stone III celebrates a win and a championship in the Limited Sportsman division last year at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Al Stone III showed everyone in New London-Waterford Speedbowl’s Limited Sportsman division the art of sealing the deal in 2015.

He won four of the last six races to put a padlock on the championship. Stone had six wins overall and has 43 career wins, the most in the Limited Sportsman division.

As the 2016 season approaches Saturday with the annual Blastoff, the No. 52 on Stone’s car has turned into a bull’s-eye. Everyone will be trying to shoot him down.

“We’re just going to do the same things we did last year,” Stone said.

Stone took part in the opening practice session and observers were saying the car looked just as impressive as it did a year ago.

That means the bar has been raised for two of the drivers who will be chasing him for the championship — Monte Gibbs, who finished second last year, and Jason Chicolas, who finished third.

Gibbs will start the season with a new chassis.

“The old chassis was beaten and banged up,” Gibbs said. “It never handled right. One week it would be good. Then the next week we didn’t change the setup, and the car would be so far off.”

Gibbs practiced with the new chassis Saturday at the Speedbowl and was pleased with the results.

“Things were much better,” Gibbs said. “We had a little problem getting off the turn, but we were able to figure it out. The car handled great.”

Thanks to the confidence that a new chassis can deliver, Gibbs has set his goals high for 2016.

“I think we can make a run for the championship,” Gibbs said. “I consider myself more of a points racers. We don’t go all out for the wins. Our goal is to finish races. Last year when we did, we grabbed a lot of podiums.”

Handling is also an issue for Chicolas, so he made some alterations to his car.

“We have an all new body, and new suspension parts,” Chicolas said. “We also freshened the engine and the transmission.”

Chicolas says the Saturday practice session netted some favorable results.

“We had a few problems early, but in the last practice session, we really looked good,” Chicolas said. “The car started to handle a little bit better. And that’s the only thing we were missing last year. Everything else was there.”

When it comes to good-handling cars, Chicolas says Stone is the Limited Sportsman role model.

“Al Stone’s car handles perfectly,” Chicolas said. “We have to get to that level. A perfect-handling car is what it’s going to take.”

Chicolas said he expects the competition to even be stiffer this year. Chris Meyer, who opened 2015 with three wins in the first five races, should also be a contender.

“I’ve won some races, but I haven’t finished the last few seasons,” Meyer said. “I’ve either had bad wrecks, or I’ve been suspended. I think if I can run the entire season this year, I should be in good shape.”

Allen Coates, who is fifth on the all-time Speedbowl win list with 85 victories, is scheduled to return, along with his son, Corey Coates, who racked up one win in 2015. Three former champs, Josh Galvin, Ed Gertsch and Norm Root Jr., are expected to return along with Jack Aqillina and rookie Shawn Gaedeke.

Saturday’s 25-lap Limited Sportsmen feature is just one nugget in a Blastoff gold mine — 10 features will be on the season-opening agenda. The SK Modifieds will be competing in a 35-lap feature. The Late Models are on tap for 30 laps and there will be 25-lap features for the Magnus Racing Products SK Lights, the Mini Stocks and the Joie of Seating Legend cars.
20-lap features will take place for the Micro Blue Bandoleros, the X-Cars and the Coastline Fire Protection Super X Cars.

The Mr. Rooter Race Trucks will be the guest division and will be competing in a 25-lap feature. Bert Ouellette won the opening event April 23 at Stafford Motor Speedway.
Tickets are family priced at $22 adults and $5 for youths 13-16. Children 12-and-under will be admitted free.


  1. Chris D. says

    Wow, Al Stone, King of the Limited Sportsman, can’t wait to watch. I have Goose bumps just thinking about it.

  2. Limited it is
    These cars are junk
    I bet I can bring my bmw and win
    But also you are the best in that division
    Good job al. Move up now
    Imagine if tc or rocco raced they would win every race
    I am happy that under average drivers get to run too

  3. I met all once and his friend told me talk slow with him and don’t use big words

  4. Wow jeff you talk a lot of bull do you have a race car if you did you wouldn’t say these cars are junk what year is your junk bmw

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