RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Are There Too Many Touring Divisions Racing At Connecticut Tracks?

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It wasn’t that long ago that events at Connecticut short tracks featuring Touring racing divisions could almost be described as a rarity.

A decade ago the Connecticut racing scene usually never hosted more than 4-5 Touring divisions in the state per year.

These days it seems that a racing week can’t go by on the state’s short track racing schedule without some Touring division at a track. In 2016, 12 different Touring divisions will visit Connecticut’s three short tracks.

Some say it’s good for the sport and gives drivers something to shoot for beyond weekly division racing. Others say it hurts short track racing by thinning out car counts for weekly divisions at local tracks.

What do you say?

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  1. Andy Boright says

    It waters down the racing, and most of the so-called tours are ridiculous anyway. Street Stock tours and Mini Stock tours are just money grabs for promoters to try and pump up their backgates. The fans get hosed because the racing isn’t any better, but oftentimes an increased ticket has to be purchased.

    Think about it, there are more modified tours in the Northeast, than there are tracks that run those cars weekly.

    The other issue is that there aren’t any strong tours, but a bunch of mediocre (at best) tours. If feel sorry for the people who didn’t experience northeast short track racing in the 80’s when touring series were legitimate special events that drew the best and biggest names. People who saw those series wouldn’t be so accepting of today’s crap.

  2. Bob Npt says

    Andy’s right. Don’t forget about the truck tours too. I go to the track to certain divisions. I don’t want the show watered down and dragged out by other touring series that I’m not interested in.

  3. RichieO says

    Just an excuse to pork the fan with another expensive ticket every 2-3 weeks. Way too many “SPECIAL” events that aren’t very special.

  4. Andrew B. says

    Not only are there too many touring series, there are too many weekly divisions.
    I would trade having 5 or 6 divisions with 10-16 cars each, to instead have 3 solid divisions of 24 cars.

  5. Bobby G. says

    How about promoters focus on cost containment and competition as much as special shows? With no season pass for the bowl this year I really won’t pay extra for a visiting show unless it was one of the mod series. Even then with tri track out there now I don’t hit all of them. A new division or new tour pops up every other year to offer an affordable alternative to what is out there now. They end up with the concrete shoes of mediocracy on after a while, and a slow boat ride to an even slower death. How about looking at ways to take what is there and force the cost down? Even if it slows the cars. More cars i will visit more, especially if there are multiple drivers in contention for the win each week. For heavens sake look at your lap times from the lites to the skS tonight, cost and performance creep drove the lites to near SK performance and most likely cost. I wanna watch lowbuck Jeff Lee win again not daddy’s money bought me a new team. Cost rises, lap times drop, and so do car counts. Revamp the divisions, s-can half the tours, and put the racers wallet first even if they don’t. If I wanna watch to see if anyone finally beat driver x in an uncompetitive field I will watch NASCAR…
    We want you to sell us the seat, but we only use the edge

  6. I think they should increase price
    Like 50 and 100 for pits

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