RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Are You Watching More XFINITY Series Events This Year?

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Local social media buzzed to life on Saturday when in the late stages of the NASCAR XFINITY Series event at Talladega Superspeedway Berlin’s Ryan Preece was running with the leaders of the event.

Preece, the 2013 Whelen Modified Tour champion and regular in recent years at Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway, is in his first season running full-time on NASCAR’s second-tier series.

So does the presence of Preece in XFINITY Series events this season have you watching more of the division’s events?

Tell us your thoughts below.

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  1. I don’t really watch the series with as much interest as years ago. It has turned into a really watered down version of the race you will with Cup on Sunday. There are too few competitive teams. This is the opposite view than I had in the 80s’s and early 90’s when it seemed the then Busch Series had usually better racing and more teams with a shot to win than Cup. They screwed up when they made the cars and engines closer to what the Cup cars had sometime in the 90’s That caused the Cup owners to flood into the series full time and killed off the smaller Busch teams that actually could win titles. That and there used to be more variety of tracks the series had that Cup did not race at. So the series ended up losing its identity. I tried bringing this up on a message board years ago, but a NASCAR broadcaster\writer condescendingly replied something along the lines of “like the series would really be better off racing in front of 12,000 people at Hickory and Myrtle beach.” Years later I would like to call the guy’s radio show and say “Remember when you said that? Now they can’t get 12,000 people on a Saturday afternoon on a weekend they are running at the same track as Cup!”

  2. M to the Izzo, K to the Ezzay says

    I only watch the Xfinity races to see how Ryan Preece does… I think they need to disallow the full time cup guys from running. You don’t see MLB guys playing AAA to help out the farm club… Just my opinion.

  3. Richie O says

    I used to be a huge fan in the 90’s but lost interest in recent years due to the cup drivers and teams dominating and outspending the regulars. I watch now to follow Ryan Preece , who did a great job at Talladega. Watching Kyle Busch win every week is not what the division is attended for as a feeder for Cup.

  4. Chris D. says

    M to the Izzo, if you are going to complain about Cup drivers running Xfinity races, then full time Xfinity drivers like Preece should not be running Sunoco modifieds or tour mods for that matter.

  5. Ilias tha Illest says

    I watch all of the Xfinity races, as I do all of the Cup and truck races, something I have done since I was 5 years old in 2002. I used to watch them because they were entertaining, but now its mainly because I have nothing better to watch, and because I am too big of a fan of motorsports to just quit watching altogether. Truck races are still fun, and Cup is hit and miss, but the Xfinity series in particular I can fully understand nobody wanting to watch, because besides the restrictor plate races and the road courses, you know the only cars with a chance of winning are the #18, #22, and the #88. Now, most people throw all the blame on the Cup drivers who run in this series, but in my opinion, the series was still highly competitive and fun to watch up until around 2008. And, as I remember, 2007 races often had upwards of 30 or more cars entered by Cup teams, with around 20 Cup drivers in every companion race. So the problem is this: today, there are not ENOUGH Cup drivers/teams in the field to make for an entertaining race at least amongst themselves, but too many for the Xfinity regulars to have a chance to race for wins. So, there are a couple of solutions: outlaw Cup drivers/teams entirely, or “encourage” more Cup drivers/teams to return to the series. Oh, and make Kyle Busch start 2 laps down every race.

  6. I believe this poll revolved around the addition of Ryan Preece to the Xfinity series and the results proved 1 thing: Nascar races get more viewers when there are competing drivers with a following. Whether you like or dislike Preece, Xfinity races gained viewers because of him. It’s not like Joey Lagano, some 17 year old kid waltzing in from the K&N series without creating a following (disgusting how K&N is conisdered an equal ranked sereies with the NWMT isnt it?). Back in the day, racers moving into a premiere division have somehow created a “buzz” in the racing world as a competitive, recognizable character. So I guess this poll actually further proves 1 other thing: Nascar is clueless in recognizing the problems in their sanction.

  7. M to the Izzy, K to the Ezzay says

    Chris, first of all, I’m not complaining. Secondly, you’re comparing apples to oranges. If you want to make a point it should be SK drivers should not be allowed to run SK Lights, which they aren’t. Sprint Cup drivers ruin the Xfinity series for up-and-coming talent. The cars are basically the same. A modified and an Xfinity car are completely different. I’ll point out the obvious for you, one is full bodied, one is not. It’s like comparing a Cup car to an Indy car. However, I do feel that tour drivers should not be able to run regular weekly modified races. It’s the same as Cup drivers in the Xfinity series, in my opinion.

  8. The cup drivers do not get points for competing in the Xfinity series. I think they need to add to that if they haven’t already. Not only should Xfinity teams with cup drivers not get points for the series, they should also forfeit any purse awards. The other Xfinity teams need those funds so that they can be more competitive.

  9. Andy Boright says

    Preece is “increasing” the amount of viewers for Xfinity races?

    That’s funny because it’s not showing up in TV ratings or attendance.

  10. Andy- Preece becoming part of the series certainly helped gain viewers. I neglected to mention the thousands of reasons why Nascar is losing their following at an exponential rate. The viewers gained from RP certainly doesn’t overpower the mass viewers lost.

  11. Andy Boright says

    What would spark a measurable increase in interest in the Xfinity series would be to have drivers like Preece land rides with legitimate front-running teams. It seems to me that series hayday was back in the late 80’s, early 90’s when the majority of the front running teams (and race winners) were made of series lifers like Tommy Houston, Tommy Ellis, Jack Ingram, etc. mixed in with series newcomers like Jimmy Spencer, Mike McLaughlin, Kenny Wallace, Steve Grissom, etc. Sure Cup drivers would occasional race and win in the series, but back then it was more short track centric, which the cup drivers avoided.

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