RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should Local Tracks Have Sunday Makeup Events?

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It’s the spring racing season and that annually means one thing: Too many unfavorable forecasts.

We try not to speak of the R-word here at RaceDayCT ahead of events, but it’s a reality of the sport.

Over the years many have questioned why local tracks don’t build in Sunday make-up dates to their schedules. So what do you think? Should tracks use Sunday events to make up rained out regular weekly events?

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  1. Personally I think they should but you have track officials, competitors, and other aspects that factor into it. As a season ticket holder I believe that should make the effort to make up rainouts but logistically it may not be something there staff or competitors would support. I know two years ago stafford had so many rainouts they added a race between the last one and the fall final which was great but we had lost I think 7 races at least that year. If they had a make up date maybe we could have had a couple make-ups.

    Then comes the rain wed thru Saturday. Do all the tracks have a make-up date that Sunday? Who decides who gets to make up one and who doesn’t? Does one start there show at 8am and the other at 6pm? What about the third track? What if it calls for rain Sunday night? I’m sure these track owners could get together and figure it out provided there egos didn’t get in the way. If Waterford and stafford both made up a race on the same Sunday. You wouldn’t have enough cars or fans at either track to make it worth it.

  2. Stephanie Elder says

    Well said! My exact thoughts!

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