RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should We Remove The Comments Section At This Website

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So today’s poll question gets right down to it.

Of late the comments section at RaceDayCT has become quite racy one might say. Ha, motorsports journalism joke.

But seriously, it seems of late more and more people are wanting to level more and more insults and unfounded accusations and all that other fun stuff.

The comments section has always been a quandary. Make people register a username and the comments disappear, it’s as simple as that. The reality is, when it comes to web comments on stories, probably about 85 percent want total anonymity.

We want this to be a forum where people can have interesting dialogue back and forth on local racing topics. But, of late we’ve been forced to delete more and more comments just because people can’t fall simple rules like no vulgarity or no threatening people. It’s really sort of getting old.

And the thought has crossed our minds of late: Should we get rid of the comments section? So what do you think?

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  1. The freedom to express…or Say stuff always brings bad and good. Lately more negative with racist and other stupid comments. I like to read most of the comments, if that’s what you can call many? But I see or read your dilemma Shawn. Perhaps you should do like was done on Old Weird Herald.com or Slot Blog.com. These are two slot car sites where us racers can ask questions, learn and comment. The only way you can post is to become a member…or be approved by the host. Since that would be you, you’d get busier (maybe). But at least a sponsor or company looking to get involved with your website portal doesn’t have to be embarrassed and start to think of you as a Tiger Woods or something similar?
    I’d keep the comments.

  2. Ilias tha Illest says

    No, just perma-ban obvious trolls like Jeffreyt whatever his name is. Arguments in the comments are unavoidable, especially since many who comment here are related to a driver or are involved with a team, and will have differing viewpoints on certain topics. However, obvious trolls whose only purpose of commenting is to provoke others can and should be removed entirely on a board like this.

  3. Make people sign in block when necessary.

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Where there is advocacy, there is antagonism and disagreement. And when you don’t agree with the advocates or fans, there will be disagreements. For the most part, the people that get all twisted are those that are fans and can’t defend their favorite driver, or someone else doesn’t love their favorite driver. Gee, that’s too bad. Crybabies are crybabies. Tell them to get tissues.

    But the comments should stay. Just be heavy handed and don’t hesitate to not post stuff that is profanity laced, or doesn’t fit the rules. You have kept it rather clean, and that is appreciated.

  5. Shawn, it’s your website, you call the shots, you make the rules. If you think some comments are over the top, it’s your choice to not post them. Keep posting the comments which you think are appropriate. Those of us who are sane like the format.

  6. Patrick Tetreault Jr. says

    It is entirely possible you could just report on the racing and races when and where they are going to happen and help the New England race tracks get the word out about their event! Instead you report stuff that stirs up controversy and creates hostility! I’ve read for a long time and scratched my head on allot of your stories wondering exactly what the purpose could be for some of the stuff you write!

  7. i am a frequent commenter on this site.I do get bent out of shape at a few people here who i think are disrespectful.But most of the people that make comments here do have something meaningful to say and it leads to lively civil dialogue.I personally have made some nasty outbursts at a select few but Shawn has always posted my comments.Hopefully the comment space will continue.If its becoming a distraction to Shawn i guess he will do as he sees fit.

  8. I think you should ban anyone that does not use there real name . I bet that chump darealgood fella and some of these others would make like a genie and disappear . JMHO .

  9. crazy larry says

    post all comments not just the one you like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. old observer says

    NO, I think it is good to debate/ express different points of view but it would help if some people grew up.
    I wanted to use more expressive language so that some of the instigator/negative comment people would get the message but I chose the high road.

  11. Sharpie Fan says

    No. Sometimes it’s my only laugh of the day!

  12. ModFan Homtracks says

    I really like this section. I like to see the opinions of all the posted/ edited comments and thank you Shawn for not posting the idiots. You can tell who attends the races vs the dudes just wanting to spout off or be stupid. I also love the fact that I’ve asked follow up questions to Shawn and he reply’s. The website is a win, the comments work so thank you Shawn. Keep up the great work. We know it’s much harder than you make it look!

  13. darealgoodfella says

    Keep reporting “stuff that stirs up controversy”. Reading the posts from the advocates is very entertaining.

    Do not toil over posts… if it is nasty and does not meet standards for decorum, don’t post it. That should send all the message that is needed. If people want to participate they will clean it up.

    No need for colorful or expressive language, just stick to good information, data, facts, statistics. And people need to understand that an opinion is not a fact.

  14. Andy Boright says

    Well, now that “the race” has come and passed, I’m sure the vulgarity that seemed to surround supporters of that event will fade away too.

    As long as the opinions agree with me, it’s all good.

  15. Every website has it’s problems Nascar.com has this stuff happen on every post almost. arguments about stuff reported by the writer. You have the ability to monitor the comments and only allow ones that make sense and have reason behind them us that ability problem solved

  16. Bro I don’t troll. everything I comment comes from knowledge of the sport and what happens in it period the end. I never sware and keep it to a reasonable level all the time. What I say is what I say if you don’t like it then boo-hoo

  17. Fast Eddie says

    I agree with the last four postings. People can voice their opinion, good or bad, without being disrespectful. I believe in Mom’s saying myself; “If you can’t say something nice…” My favorite place is a racetrack to see some good racing. I try to keep my comments as positive as possible so as to not bash my favorite sport. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although it would be good for people to stay on topic within each article. Shawn, thanks for doing all of this!

  18. Justafan says

    All up to you shawn, if your goal is to make your website pretty much non-existing then yea get rid of comments but then there is no point in clicking your page as the fact is you report absolutely nothing we can not read about elsewhere. The difference is that you allow fans to chime in so take that away there’s no longer a reason to click.
    Most people already know your reports before you even report on it…….they go to your page simply to read and post a comment

  19. Not my real name says

    I wouldn’t use my real name unless I was paid to. I’ve read the thug-like threats on many of the comment threads on this site. Loser tough guys bite me!!! CAPS LOCK IS FOR LOSERS!!!

  20. open wheel fan says

    I would not recommend doing away with the comments on Raceday.ct. For the most part you get the truth on how the show was and not sugar coated. Raceday.ct is a fantastic web site and check it daily. You get the truth on what occurred at the track. Good example was the show at Monadnock (200 Lap Modified Race) The fans reported on how many cars showed up and the freight train racing that occurred. Turned out not to be a good show and the car count was very disappointing for a
    $15000.00 first place finish. I always enjoy reading the fans comments and get the truth on what happened at racing event. Raceday.ct you are the number #1 racing web site no question about it.

  21. Grey Matter says

    If someone can’t get their point across, good or bad, without attacking someone or being vulgar, they need to get a grip. If you can’t control yourself then, those of who can will never respect you or your opinions. Everyone is entitled to their freedom of speech but lets take a reality check. If someone wants a better future for local short track racing, prove it by exercising your intelligence rather than your testosterone and help create a better image for all of short track racing. Sponsors are hard enough to come by these days, stop making it even more difficult. How can one market hooliganism, vulgarity and profanity to a sponsor? No one.

  22. m.membrino says

    As you can see i do use my real name, usually don’t post or reply.but when some ignorant clueless so called race fan calls into question the character of my family yes i do take offense to it.there has been a membrino racinf at stafford sicne the early 90’s., not one DQ.if you know the history of this sport then you know my family has been involved in modified racing since the 50’s.i think we know just a little bit about this sport.

  23. Everyone should read Mandee Pauch article ” The Ugly Truth about Racing” it’s is so true. Google it and read. Social media has ruined the sport.

  24. Ilias tha Illest says

    To the Jeff in the comments above: I wasn’t referring to you. I meant the guy who uses his yahoo email address as his username.

  25. Andy Boright says

    Only the feeble-minded believe social media has ruined racing.

    What people are saying online today about racing, they said 30 years ago in bars and on the back of haulers, and in the pit and grandstands.

    Successful race tracks have little negative said about them, while poorly run race tracks have little positive said about them.

    That is the way the world has worked long before Al Gore invented the internet.

  26. I cant believe it but I’m giving the thumbs up to Andy Boright’s comment.

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