RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What’s Your Favorite Short Track In Connecticut?

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Saturday night the New London-Waterford Speedbowl kicks off its 2016 racing season. With that all three Connecticut short tracks will be up and running for the year.

All three NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanctioned short tracks in Connecticut have their unique qualities and special history.

So which one is your favorite? Is it the Speedbowl? Is it Thompson Speedway? Is it Stafford Motor Speedway? You tell us.

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  1. Stafford is the best
    I can see why people voted for waterford though
    There is a lot of low wage earners in that area
    Waterford is for guys who make like 8 bucks per hour
    Stafford is like wine and cheese
    Waterford is like bologna and ramon noodles

  2. Grey Matter says

    Obviously, Jeffery hasn’t seen the changes made to Waterford with his own eyes. If things keep moving along at Waterford, it will be the best track. Stafford has a pretentious feel to it like the attitude that follows that wine and cheese, maybe you should have some Earl Grey with that… Waterford is like a that pair of shoes you can’t get rid of because they are just that comfortable.

  3. Jeffrey you have no clue waterford speedbowl has the best raceing hands down go ahead keep golng to stafford we dont wont your kind at the bowl

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Stafford has a pretentious fell to it? Is this since they remodeled the latrines? You must still use an outhouse if you think Stafford is pretentious.

    There’s nothing like the open air feel of the 20 feet long split pipe urinals at Waterford. That really is low brow and makes Stafford pretentious.

    Please pass the Grey Poupon!

  5. darealgoodfella says

    The thing is, with Waterford amidst a remodeling, that will result in all three CT tracks being recently facelift and upgraded.

    Stafford has been repaving, paving, remodeling buildings, etc. And Thompson with the major construction and buildings.

    I’d say short track racing has a bright future in CT.

  6. kevin t says

    We are very lucky to have all 3.

  7. Thompson- Have always loved the tracks size and the speed of getting done on a timely manner. Waterford to me is 1b, great racing all around.

    Stafford lost me when they got rid of the Pro Stocks, and have since decided to be the track in the area whose car rules are different from the rest. Other than the Sk’s, what are you going there to watch???? At least Waterford and Thompson offer pretty decent Late Model and Limited Sportman divisions that are worth watching.

  8. I’m surprised by the results so far… I think the sk’s put on the best show at stafford. I don’t like the way us as competitors are treated, too many stupid rules as far as stuff that does not matter to racing, examples- need to buy a number and it must be on the car for the open practice… Need a transponder during warm ups???
    Waterford and Thompson are way more relaxed, always feel like we will b treated fairly, thanks for showing up type of attitude. I agree we r lucky to have three left

  9. Waterford is just so silly and kinda ramon noodles
    I love stafford and hope they get some luxury boxes so I don’t have to feel all that dam dirt on me
    Gotta go I have money to count

  10. Hey Jeff
    Don’t make any assumptions about the bowl. It has some of the best racing in the state. Cars there routinely pass on both sides and reach speeds very close to the other two ovals. BTW, I don’t make $8.00 per hour, I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and drive cars you can only dream about. Got to go now, the market is about to open.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    This was tough to vote on due to the differences in each track making them great in their own way. Waterford has two grooves all day long and is a great “small track”.
    Stafford seems to have four distinctly different turns, making it a more technical challenge.
    Thompson has its banking, long straights, and big speeds.
    All three are very cool to go to in their own way!!

  12. I'M Mike From Utica says

    You guys are so lucky to have what you have. All three CT. tracks are second to none. We have nothing here in NY. Heck, your SKs put on a better show than our touring circus over here. Then you add in the fact you have the only real modified touring series anywhere (NWMT). Again, you New Englanders are so lucky.

  13. Chris D. says

    Stafford needs another outhouse in the infield, it is silly to see 10 guys including drivers waiting in line to use the can just before the race is about to start. Thompson has 2, the door is falling off on 1 of them.

  14. Jeffrey the Jerk has neither money or the ability to count.

  15. M to the Izzy, K to the Ezzay says

    $8.00 an hour… lol. Jeffrey, your ignorance is entertaining. Off to my accountant, whom I pay to count my money for me.

  16. M to the Izzy, K to the Ezzay says

    definitely agree with Fast Eddie…

  17. Only three tracks to choose from not much going on there…. We need a good durt track in this state size of Waterford then ask that question …. Really miss riverside park speedway , was the best short track in the country…….

  18. We are lucky in Connecticut to have three race tracks all of them have good racing . Waterford has been neglected for so many years it’s great to have a new owner that is putting money back into the track . It will be one of the best tracks again like it used to be. I would like to see all three tracks get together and make something special between the three tracks that no other tracks have in the country that would really put Connecticut back on the map.

  19. Jeffrey, how can you even enjoy yourself at Stafford? Are you even able to communicate with the cheese and wine fans up there with their above average dialect and big words? From reading your posts, I’d have to say no. You should try a beer and pizza sometime. It’s actually quite good.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    To I’M Mike From Utica – Yes, we are lucky around here but don’t sell yourself short! Dirt modified racing is a whole different world and level of expertise! One reason I think Jimmy Blewett will do well this year is because of his recent dirt racing. I was captivated by dirt modifieds from going to Lebanon Valley for the drags and checking the speedway out at night. I still go out there and to Albany Saratoga for my annual “dose of dirt.”
    To Bob – We ABSOLUTELY need a dirt track!!!
    To Richard – If the rules could be evened up with the SK’s for all three tracks, how about the Triple Double series? Each track could have a double feature night with some extra $$ and a points fund for what would be a six race series for competitors, but a three event series for the fans. That would also give you a little bit of “the invaders against the home team” each night as well. Just a thought….

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