Stout Group Ready To Challenge Keith Rocco Supremacy In SK Mods At Speedbowl

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

Keith Rocco

Keith Rocco

His accomplishments at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl are mind-boggling. Keith Rocco has racked up 121 wins in his 13 seasons at the Bowl, 15 more than any other competitor. He’s the all-time win leader in the SK Modified division with 73 victories. He’s also nailed down eight track championships, including five in the SK Modifieds, and has won the last three SK crowns in a row.

Even with all those accomplishments in his resume, Rocco says his desire and determination remain at full speed. He’s just as hungry as he ever was.

“Nothing beats winning races,” Rocco said. “When you get older, it does get more difficult in the shop, especially when you and your crew do all the work on the car. And I have a lot more going on in my life, with two kids and a lawn to mow.

“But when you step on the track, it makes it all worth it.”

Rocco will be in action Saturday at the 2016 season opening Blastoff. Ten Divisions will be making the debuts Saturday, including the SK Modifieds.

That means Rocco will be out to defend his title.

“Nothing has changed from last year,” Rocco said. “We have the same car, same team. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off. Obviously, we’ll be shooting for victories. We always have, and we always will.”

Rocco won the final race of 2015, the Modified Nationals, as he fought off the challenges posed by Tyler Chadwick, Ted Christopher, Rob Janovic and Diego Monahan.
“We missed the opening practice because we didn’t want to show all our cards,” Rocco said. “But we’ll be ready.”

So will Chadwick, who missed winning his second SK championship by just four points.

“That’s given me extra motivation to get ready for the season,” Chadwick said. “I have been on both sides of the championship picture — I’ve won one and I’ve lost one, and last year taught me I’m capable of winning another one. I’m much more focused.”

Chadwick has upgraded his game. His team has renovated his back-up car, Old Betty, and it has become his new ride for 2016.

“It’s not a new car, but it feels like one,” Chadwick said. “It’s the best piece I’ve had in a few years. We practiced last week, and we did everything we wanted to accomplish.”
Chadwick knows the Speedbowl’s SK competition level also has been upgraded.

“Nothing is better than beating the best in the business,” Chadwick said. “There are going to be a lot more good teams this year. And there’s also Keith Rocco and Ted Christopher. Last year they had everyone’s number. I definitely hope to stay with those guys this year.”
That’s why Chadwick and his team made sweeping changes to his car.

“We couldn’t come back with the same stuff we had last year and hope to run with those guys,” Chadwick said. “We knew we had to make some changes. We made those changes and now we’ll see what happens.”

Ted Christopher finished third in the SK standings in 2015, 13 points out of the lead. He led the division in wins, however, with eight. The same car-driver combination is back for another season.

“We practiced last week, and the car started to come around,” Christopher said. “I’m happy.”
He’s also healthy. Christopher underwent rotator-cuff surgery on his right shoulder during the off-season and now has 95 percent motion back in the arm.
“I kept it a secret last year, but I was driving on adrenaline,” Christopher said. “But now I’m 100 percent healthy.”

And that means he’s in perfect shape to renew his rivalry with Rocco, one of the best in Modified racing.

“It was a lot of fun last year,” Christopher said. “We seem to mirror each other. And we’ll probably be doing it again this year.”

Also expected to be part of the field are Speedbowl veterans such as Janovic Jr., Monahan, Joe Gada, Tim Jordan, Paul Kusheba, Frank Mucciacciaro, Dylan Izzo, Ryan Morgan, Kyle James and Tom Abele Jr. Bo Gunning, a three-time Stafford SK champ, will be joining the field , along with rookie Paul Buzel, the reigning SK Light champ.

The SK division is just one layer of Saturday’s blastoff. The race program will also feature the Late Models, Limited Sportsmen, Mini Stocks, the Magnus Racing Products SK Lights, the Joie of Seating Legend Cars, the Micro Blue Bandoleros, the Coastline Fire Protection Super X Cars, the X Cars and the Mr. Rooter Trucks.

Qualifying heats for all divisions will get under way at 2 p.m. The features will get under way at 5:30 p.m.

Admission is $22 for adults. Tickets for youths 13-16 are $5 and children 12 and under will be admitted free. For more information, go to


  1. Vortec Heads says

    Does Teddys 8 wins include the times he didnt make it through tech??

  2. Chris D. says

    Tyler is a nice guy, but someone should remind him both Keith and Ted missed nights at the bowl to run the tour last year, or he wouldn’t have even been close.

  3. Doug DiPisa says

    Say hello to the first arm chair racer. Never was DQ’d from a win. You should come to the races some more, maybe you’d figure that out.

  4. Justafan says

    Id like to add one small point, if i recall correctly if tc had not be dq’d on I believe opening day last for that stupid unapproved part thing, which to me was a bs call…jmo but anyway if tc kept his finish from that one race bam he is the champion.

    Ancient history but kid rock is gonna need his A plus game to beat the man this year. I like watching them go at it but that #13 will be hard to beat this year. To all you tc is washed up talkers, just kick back and enjoy the show cause at 50 something with equal equipment ain’t nobody out driving him.

    I’m not even a dedicated tc fan lol, thats just the cold facts. I am interested in seeing how bo gunning runs because idk how old he is now but that guy is just nuts so if hes still got it and his car is fast….(both unknowns) but throw him there too could get interesting

  5. Vortec heads says

    It was an honest question Doug. He had a lot of tech trouble. Mostly in the engine department…. Wasn’t sure if they took wins away or not.
    I’m sure an over night success like you won’t have any trouble in tech this year though. Make sure you take care of billy the bear. If u lose him I’m sure you will be back on a 20 year drought.

  6. Similar opinion as justafan… not a Rocco fan…not a Christopher fan. But boy, will they put on a show every Saturday night for the next 5 months!

  7. It will b interesting to see if TC shows up w a legal engine, I still laugh when I think about last year when Doug and Ted stated the heads were legal.. Then when they were deemed illegal teds response was “of course they were illegal”???? Not sure why he thinks he has to cheat at the bowl, he could win with legal equipment. I think the bowl should have dropped the hammer an suspended him from the first race of 2016

  8. Doug DiPisa says

    Ok arm chair. Keep dreamin.

  9. Doug DiPisa says

    Only in your dreams arm chair number 2.

  10. How come Jeffrey hasn’t commented yet

  11. James Scort says

    Doug why the rabbit ears? Let the arm chairs have their fun. Your bigger than responding to this stuff.

  12. Warren27sk says

    Chris D is a nice guy but someone should remind him that the 27 broke two motors in the second half the season leaving us with a 17th and a 20th and forced to run a back up with a tired motor in it for 2 weeks.

    They are not zero’s but they are not the top 5’s they coulda shoulda woulda been. Lots of things happen and don’t happen to make this play out through the field.

  13. Chris D. says

    Warren, Tyler was at every race,right? Ted and Keith weren’t.

  14. WONDERING says

    Tyler also ran with a few family heartaches on his mind and won when most of us probably wouldnt be able to function. Give the kid some credit.

  15. M to the Izzy, K to the Ezzay says

    I love the argument that Teddy and Keith missed races and blah, blah, blah… Tyler had a couple DNF’s and received few points. Put all of your “ifs” in one hand and crap in the other. See which one fills up first. The fact is, he still finished 4 points out and is a legit championship contender. Does your crystal ball show that, if Teddy and Keith didn’t miss races, that they would’ve won those races? They may have wrecked. who knows. Your point is ludicrous. Let’s not forget that Tyler is a past champion and deserves the respect that goes along with it.
    There is no doubt that Teddy and Keith are the odds on favorites, week in and week out, but let’s not sit here an discredit guys like Tyler, Joey, Rob, Diego, and any of the other guys who are always right there in the mix every week. Anything can happen in racing, especially short track racing. I know that there will always be Monday Morning Crew Chiefs on here, so I don’t expect to change any opinions. I respect the opinions of them as well.
    We all have our “heroes & villains” when it comes to racing and that’s what makes for the excitement and drama that we all crave. Written, spoken, driven, acted out, or whatever, it’s that passion for the sport that makes us feel compelled to cast judgement. Just remember, nobody in this sport is perfect and nobody watching this sport is perfect. What we see at the NLWS week in and week out makes us truly fortunate to have such a venue right in our backyard. Good luck this season to all of the competitors and teams.

  16. Doug DiPisa says

    That was very emotional. Was great to witness.

  17. teddy fan says

    I read a great story about doug dipisa. I never knew he had all the best mod drivers there was drive his SK. I cant believe he never won an SK race as a car owner with any of them. Good thing teddy came along with the cheated up heads and intake. Not to mention those QA1 shocks built by AMF with the Ohlin parts inside.


  19. Jerry,
    The RaceDayCT Results page is still where it’s always been. There’s a link at the top menu on the front page.

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