Triple Play: Tony Membrino Jr. Scores SK Light Modified Victory At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Tony Membrino Jr. celebrates his first career SK Light Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Sunday

Tony Membrino Jr. celebrates his first career SK Light Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Sunday

WATERFORD – Tony Membrino Jr. might be making some phone calls this week looking for any short tracks still scheduled to have season openers.

Membrino, of Berlin, has proved to be the king of opening events in 2016.

Membrino held off Brett Gonyaw over the closing laps to win the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Sunday at the Bud Blastoff 2016 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the third season opening victory of the season for Membrino. He won the SK Light Modified opener at Thompson Speedway on April 9 and the also won the divison’s opener at Stafford Motor Speedway on April 23.

“It’s like the best way you can start a season at any track is to start off with a win,” Membrino said. “To start off with a win at all three – especially the one you plan on racing for a championship at all year – it’s surreal.”

Gonyaw, of Vernon, was second and Corey DiMatteo of Farmington third.

It was the first career SK Light Modified victory at the Speedbowl for Membrino, who plans to run his family owned car at the track full-time this year. Membrino said he is working on a deal with another team to secure a full-time ride at Stafford, where he has competed regularly in recent years.

“I was getting a little choked up [in victory lane],” Membrino said. “This is not at all what I expected to happen. We work hard for it, but to have it sitting right in front of you in your hands, it’s so awesome.”

Membrino went from fourth to third on lap two and then on a lap four restart he moved to second behind DiMatteo. Membrino then used a lap nine restart to move past DiMatteo for the top spot.

Gonyaw stalked Membrino over the closing laps, but couldn’t find the lane to the lead.

“We were good but [Gonyaw] was definitely better,” Membrino said. “He was driving me really clean. He was aggressive with the taps to the bumper, but that’s good hard racing. We love that crap.”

Said Gonyaw: “We had a pretty good car. … He got to the front first and he was racing for the win. Instead of giving him the bumper I raced him clean so he can race me clean all year. We’ve got to race together.”


  1. Nice job

  2. Great run by Tony, good to see drivers running all the tracks. But I see all the support divisions only averaging 13 cars? Like I said before, too many divisions = zero full fields, boring heat races (shouldn’t have heats unless you have 20 cars)and less people in the stands.

  3. I knew he would do well
    He is a racer from stafford going to a ameture track with back yard drivers
    Love when stafford guys outclass that wetlands they call a track
    I am happy most guys stay at stafford because if the ran at waterford all the time it would be EMBARRASSING TO ALL

  4. Steve you need to have support divisions not every one can afford to run sk as you saw sunday they smash up some stuff.

  5. Grey Matter says

    Maybe those SK drivers can learn from what Brett Gonyaw said but that would make to much sense. Embarrassing to all Jeffery? I saw with my own eyes Tony being pushed around the track by that 87 car in he closing laps. A “backyard driver” would have dumped Tony.

  6. The Membrino’s definatelly have it figured out! Out right total domination!! You would expect them to have an attitude but they sure dont!! Always willing to help a fellow competitor! His Dad’s the first one I go to see when I’m in need to borrow something!! And with the luck we have, we are always in need!!! Lol

  7. Jason, I’m not saying to get rid of support divisions… but how many do you need? 8 support divisions = 104 cars. now take the 104 and divide by 4 = 26 car per. which equals better main events. right now you are watching 8 heat races and calling them Mains.

  8. Steve, because 104 teams want to run a chassis, and division of THEIR CHOICE, that’s why….

  9. M to the Izzy, K to the Ezzay says

    Jeffrey needs to go to an “ameture” spelling bee. Complete moron.

  10. Billy, then we should have 104 divisions that way everyone can win

  11. Fewer divisions says

    I’m with steve on this. I’m sorry Billy but I don’t see why tracks wouldn’t stick to a beginner, intermediate, and expert division for people to choose from. Everybody seems to talk about how great things were in the old days: days when you would choose between sportsmans and modifieds.

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