Wet Launch: Rain Forces Suspension Of New London-Waterford Speedbowl Bud Blastoff

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoWATERFORD – Bud Blastoff 2016 got off the ground Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, but mother nature kept it from taking off fully.

After two of 10 scheduled features were run Saturday evening at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl the event had to be stopped because of rain.

Rains came just as the SK Light Modified drivers had taken to the track for the start of their 25-lap feature.

Speedbowl officials announced they will resume the event Sunday at noon for the final eight events.

Keith Rocco won the 30-lap Late Model feature and 10-year old Tyler Barry won the 20-lap Bandolero feature before the rain came.

Remaining to be run Sunday is a 35-lap SK Modified feature, 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature, 25-lap Mini Stock feature, 25-lap SK Light Modified feature, 25-lap Legends feature, 25-lap Mr. Rooter New England Truck Series feature, 20-lap X-Car feature and a 20-lap Super X-Car feature.


  1. Seem like math is a minor issue beside the weather. They completed two of ten features. The remaining eight will run on Mothers Day May 8th. Surprised NLW did not mention a price for just Sunday to attract more fans. hope the weather works for them.

  2. Waterford is a water bowl
    It sits on wetlands
    That why I did not buy it

  3. Bob Npt says

    Considering the great job Mr. Bemer is doing at the Speedbowl, I think we’re all glad you didn’t buy it, Jeffrey.

  4. Justafan says

    Wasn’t going to comment in this but I have to chime in. While the track upgrades are nice and long over due great job there BUT……very poor job for the event.

    Everyone in the house new weather was a factor, was absolutely no need for bandelero,trucks,x and super x and they should have scratched the late model heats also. Start them by practice times. Move the sk race up in the schedule, i am in no way body slamming the supporting divisions but i speak the truth fact is the sk race is the only reason the majority goes and to make people sit there just to prevent people from leaving early to sell more hot dogs and beer does nothing but piss people off and make then really think about not even going back. Yes they are the headline division but gosh darnit use some common sense. Had they scratched the unnecessary heats,the 20 minutes wasted before even starting features made some intelligent schedule changes they would have got most of it in, maybe would have to simply add the x cars to another night but people would have left more satisfied and would have been able to enjoy mothers day with mom, not sitting at the bowl wasting the whole day waiting threw another rain delay.

    Koodoos on the track improvements but very bad job scheduling the day. The fact the most people didn’t even wait for the announcement but just left shaking their hands pretty much says it all.
    It takes more than a nice fence to run a good race program

  5. Come on guy it’s opening day . In our house Mother’s Day is everyday . Let’s enjoy the race . Thanks to all if you for putting your time in .

  6. Justafan, I came back Sunday to watch trucks, x cars, limited sportsmen, and super x’s. I left before the modified feature, just as I would have on Saturday.
    Kudos to the bowl for getting the ENTIRE show in without screwing the “undercard” divisions like some other tracks do.

    In case you haven’t noticed, in most instances the lower the budget the more respect is shown amongst the competitors and the better the racing is.

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