Jason Palmer, Chris Douton Suspended by New London-Waterford Speedbowl; Bruce Thomas Jr. Penalized

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoThe reigning Late Model champion at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl will be sitting out competition for a week because of some extracurricular activity with another former division champion following this past Saturday’s feature for the division.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl management announced today that 2016 Late Model division champion Jason Palmer of Berlin has been handed a one-race suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct last Saturday.

The track also announced that Limited Sportsman driver Chris Douton of Waterford was suspended for two weeks for an incident on track with Ryan Waterman.

Palmer and three-time Late Model division champion Bruce Thomas Jr. were involved in a hard wreck with each other in turn one of the track just after the checked flag flew in Saturday’s 30-lap Late Model feature. Thomas had finished fifth in the event and Palmer sixth.

In addition to the suspension, Palmer was put on probation until Aug. 13.

Thomas, of Groton, won three consecutive Late Model championships at the track from 2007-2009. For the incident Saturday, Thomas was put on probation until Aug. 6, fined $200 and will lose his handicap in the starting draw for the next two events.

In the most previous Late Model event at the track before Saturday – on June 4 – Thomas and Palmer were involved in an aggressive and contact-marred battle for the race win. Thomas ended up knocking Palmer out of the lead on last lap of that event to win.

After the event Thomas said the last lap contact was payback for Palmer allegedly hitting him a lap before, though replays didn’t seem to show any purposeful contact by Palmer. Palmer called Thomas a dirty driver after that event on June 4.

“I’m slowly watching the racing get back to the way it used to be and I’m not a fan of it so we’re going to be tightening up the operations here,” Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan said.

Monahan said Douton intentionally took out Waterman to earn his two week suspension. Douton will also be on probation for the remainder of the season.


  1. Lol..

  2. speed kills says

    yup the gm/promotor sure knows how to judge a driver.. he was one of the worst offenders at the bowl.. what?? doesn`t like dive bomb low move the guy up to pass…. that’s what is passing for racing(excuse the pun) now a days… put some nerf bars on the late models and its all the same

  3. Mike mordino says

    I got to chime in here the suspension of two cars in a field that only has 10 cars is not the right thing to do if you get into somebody you get fined gotta let him think about doing it again can’t afford to be putting cars on the sidelines here Stafford or Waterford

  4. Doug DiPisa says

    I have an idea. Fine em and use the money to buy a speaker that works for the pit area near the tire truck.

  5. Funny how all of a sudden it’s enough but when it was his brother doing the same stuff nothing happened

  6. Mike- I have to disagree with your opinion and agree with the Speedbowl staff’s decision. Those 2 cars hit the wall very hard almost head on. 17 car obviously showed a lack of respect in regards to his competitor’s safety. You don’t have to respect the other drivers but you have to respect their safety. The track is responsible in making racers adhere to this principle and protect the essence of the sport. Now, you can argue the track poorly followed up on incidents leading up to this one (which I know nothing about). You can also chime in on reasons the track only has 10 cars to begin with. But these accidents have to be policed no matter what the car counts are.

  7. racefantic says

    Every division has their guilty parties.I.e. 37 mini he can go three wide and take out three cars and get his spot back but god forbid you touch his bumper.

  8. Sounds like fun racing….the track has the responsibility to keep drivers as safe as possible ,”if someone should get hurt bad or even get killed because of drivers like that ,then show is over everyone suffers race fans and track owners…..that division is a crash bang division ,better off without it…..

  9. I got a new team at waterford
    The number v0
    I got drive r
    Scott slower turtle
    This guy is very fast
    He does las at thopson

  10. Justafan says

    Mighty strong words from the gm that would wreck a guy for 10th, talk about calling the kettle black smh. Right call/wrong call opinions will vary but don’t be surprised when the ones suspended dont even come back.
    My question is does this include diego or does he still have his own rules. Sayin it right if his driving tactics continue to get over looked its only a matter of time someone will step up and handle it themselves. Hopefully no injuries occur when he gets taking out. Not if but when

  11. Ken Latham says

    Impartial fan here. Did not see anything wrong with anything by the 35. Good late pass on a tight track. The 17 looks like a sore loser due to the fact got beat close three straight times. Tough racing. 17 should be sat down. Thats the right call. Though not sure why the fine on the 35

  12. Well mr promoter lets just have a grudge match again that worked so well maybe you should take care of business instead of making a joke about it the two drivers you suspended might not of had to take care of it them self if you and your staff took care of it before it got to this .

  13. Anonymous says

    What about the 21 in mini stock? I’ve seen him cause three wrecks in two weeks! I’ve seen a caution get dragged out so he could get his unsafe wreck back on the track just to get points, after he took another driver off the track for the rest of the night. I haven’t seen so much as a flag in his direction. Anyone think his uncle as a track official or his father have any pull there? All I ask is that the penalties are going to EVERYONE that deserves them, whether it’s a flag, suspension, fine, what have you.

  14. mike serluca says

    Diego got a fine for speeding in the pits. Love the fact that you sweat him so much. You’re probably a way better driver than him, especially from your seat in the grandstands.

  15. just a thought says

    So with all these fines being levied against friends and family of certain employees at the Speedbowl does anyone besides me wonder if the fines will actually be paid? I know Stafford makes competitors being fined write a check directly to one of three charities the racetrack supports. I think the Speedbowl would be wise to follow suit just to show they are doing everything above board and in a transparent way.

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