Jeff Rocco And Doug Dunleavy Teaming For Open Wheel Wednesday Seekonk Run

(Press Release from NorthEast Race Cars & Parts Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

Jeff Rocco

Jeff Rocco

When the NorthEast Race Cars and Parts Tri Track Open Modified Series hits the track at Seekonk Speedway next Wednesday night for the annual Open Wheel Wednesday, Jeff Rocco will have a familiar sponsor on the side of his ride.

On Wednesday, Doug Dunleavy confirmed to the Tri Track Series that his company, Dunleavy Truck and Trailer Repair, will be the primary sponsor for Rocco’s efforts towards the annual $10,000 prize at Seekonk.

“We’re going to win this, we’re not messing around,” Dunleavy said. “I’ve already been in the winners circle up there at the $10,000 to win race with Tommy Barrett before. I sponsor Jeff’s Late Model, we talked about this — I told him I had a car to get ready for just a couple of races if he wanted to play once in a while. We just wanna get the chemistry working here.”

Dunleavy mentioned that the deal could extend to some of the other races that the Tri Track Open Modified Series has to offer, especially those at New London-Waterford Speedbowl later in the season. He also confirmed that the car will have a driver for the Seekonk Speedway 150 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race on Sept. 10 — but that won’t be Rocco.

“Jeff is gonna do some testing for us and we’re gonna have fun,” Dunleavy said. “I’m going to put George Brunnhoelzl in the car for the Whelen Modified Tour race down there in September. It will be wrapped just like the colors of the No. 28 he drives down south, just a little bit of the opposite.”

Jeff Rocco has not only competed at Seekonk behind the wheel of a modified, but also inside the cockpit of a ACT legal Late Model. He showed up at Seekonk late in the 2015 season with his Late Model and stormed right to the front of the pack and battled against some of the top Seekonk talent.

Rocco qualified for the 2015 Open Wheel Wednesday event against a stout field, but didn’t have the finish he wanted. Some bad racing luck forced him to a 21st place finish, three laps behind the leader.

“Seekonk is one of the places I have run the VMRS races a few times and I had a lot of luck there,” Rocco said. “Doug is a strong supporter of modifieds and it’s a great opportunity for me. We’ve put together a good bunch of guys, they are all an all-star bunch, so I hope we can go there and have a podium finish — it will be like a win for us.”

All the action gets underway next Wednesday with practice at 3:15 p.m. for the 100 lap feature. The qualifying rounds go green at 7 p.m. and more than 40 cars will pack the pit area chasing the big prize.

The Tri Track Open Modified Series will compete at Seekonk on June 29, then make a stop at Star Speedway on July 30. Two events at New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Aug. 25 and Oct. 23 will round out the 2016 season.

Due to circumstances past control, the event that was rained out at Monadnock Speedway on June 11 will not be rescheduled.

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  1. Are you serious ? With all the guys out there Jeff Rocco ? Doug …. Won’t even make the feature ! Never mind win the race . Great late model driver that’s it . Anyway Doug your passion for the mods is like mine… great . Best of luck anyway …..

  2. George B. In car for seekonk ? Guy’s from the south are no match for our northern boys ! Doug put TC or another northen driver in the seat . Your a great sponsor of this sport but find better talent for your car . Chuck Hossefeld ? Best of luck to all drivers . Mod squad drivers are the best period ….. North or south ! Best drivers in the country .

  3. Go git er done Jeff

  4. I have to disagree with Mod Man, both these drivers can wheel a modified.

  5. Cheeseburger breath says

    Mod Man, yeah TC is better than anyone down south. You are very close minded.

  6. Cheeseburger breath says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I do recall seeing Dunleavey’s name on the 00 at the Spring Sizzler, TC looked like a clown in that race. You people have to stop TELLING folks like Mr Dunleavey where to spend THEIR $$$$.

  7. Cheeseburger breath says

    Mod Man, So your on a first name basis with Mr Dunleavey, I’ll bet you would NEVER walk up and criticise in person like you do here. You must have marbles in your Haynes Her Ways.

  8. Cheeseburger Breath ? LOL… No need to say more on that . Closed minded ? Your calling TC a clown ? Mr. D is a great supporter of the sport and we need more of him . Was only saying who should be in the car and that Jeff Rocco was not a good choice . His car his money ! Wish them well. Your a COBY fan and I can tell that . Met Doug I few times … Great guy ! Go get a burger and be real burger boy …. If you think George B. Or J. Rocco could win against the best the north has to offer them you have been served some bad meat ! Les Hinkley is better than both of them . Southern tour champ isn’t impressive with 11 races and 16 drivers . So you need to wake up my friend . But I still like you burger boy.

  9. Cheeseburger breath says

    I’m actually not a fan of anybody in-particular, especially TC. I’ve seen too many guys pay the Teddy Tab over the years.

  10. Let’s agree we love the mods ! Your a great fan I am sure ! Enjoy the races and anybody but Coby !

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