RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The Whelen Modified Tour Thompson 125 Wednesday

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In April at Thompson Speedway, Timmy Solomito stepped in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour’s season opening Icebreaker 150 to grab his first career series victory.

Wednesday the division returns to Thompson for the second of four events at the track this year.

So who will get the job done in the return for the Tour? You make the call.

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  1. Won’t be going $44 is too much$$$. Rather go to the MRS race

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Great weather forecast.

    Should be a great race for 2nd place!!!!

  3. Steve, would you go if the price was $34?? What are you gonna do with that extra $10? Your gonna spend it one way or another.Not trying to bust your chops just hate to see anyone stay home for $10. Im just sayiing……..

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Why so little love for Lia? Running good, 3rd in points, 3 top 10. I think Lia has pretty good chances to finish 2nd.

    But the real question is: Who will win the highly coveted 2nd place on Wednesday night?

  5. Paul, what price would you say is too much? Your argument implies that there is no limit to a reasonable price.

    Steve has set his limit. What is yours?

  6. $44! are you kidding me! Stafford was $33 last week and the K&N is $27.50! Thanks but no thanks

  7. NH Mod Fan says

    Is the payout for finishing position listed anywhere?

  8. Georgiades Family says

    Paul, still too much$. The K&N race and the up coming MRS race is $27.50. $30 is plenty to spend on admission. I would bet that they would pack the place if it was $30.

  9. $34 is still more than most tracks. $25 @ Loudon, $30 @ Monadnock, $30ish at Stafford. It is what it is at Thompson though. I would like to see them run one show at like $20 to see what kind of crowd they get.

    My pit strategy tomorrow is do the opposite of the 2 and hope for the best. Feels like a Showtime kind of night to me.

  10. Chris D. says

    It’s worth every penny, you will get to see an Xfinity driver run against the locals Wednesday night.

  11. Fred Ragers says

    They don’t want to pack the place, the main grandstands would probably collapse again.

  12. Hopefully Justin stuffs Preece in the wall again!!

  13. Yes, I agree that $44 is a bit much and I wish it were $30. For this event, $44 would be my limit. For the Ice Breaker and World Series you have to go both days to get your bang for your buck. Honestly don’t want to see people stay home if they really want to go the the races!! Thats all

  14. Muddbus461 says

    Where is the entry list

  15. wmass01013 says

    yeah it bugs me Thompson charges these prices for any race 30-35 should be limit for one day 40 for 2 days but the Hoenigs only care about $$$$$

  16. I’m going for broke with a paddock pass.Maybe if we all kick in a little extra they might give us back the two pit stands that were taken away for the road course.

  17. Perhaps these polls should be asking who will get 2nd place.

  18. NH Mod Fan says

    do you know the payoff breakdown for this race? With the admission being on the high side, I would think the teams would have one of their better pay days.

  19. NH Mod Fan: No I do not. Purse information if not shared in releases any longer.

  20. Seekonk fan says

    Aaaahh, $$ 44 dollars. Waterford was $40 and no one complained?? I don’t get it.

  21. Well, if this race is too rich for your blood we have the Seekonk Open in two short weeks. Admission $25. That is always a who’s who of drivers and with the WMT tour set to return in September, a few more WMT teams can be expected. Seekonk and Loudon are can’t miss shows in my book.

  22. NH Mod Fan says

    Thanks Shawn. That’s disappointing that the tour isn’t more transparent. I would’t mind paying a little more if I knew it was helping all the modified teams pay the bills.

  23. Some guy says

    It must really suck. To have done so little in your lives that you have to take a shot at Preece any chance you get Paul p and chris d (we know what the d stands for).

  24. yo momma's boyfriend says

    Some guy:
    Paul P and Chris D are both auto racing superstars. You didn’t know that? Their career stats are better than Dale Earnhardt AND Richard Petty combined.

  25. To all the sensitive Preece fans:
    Did I say Ryan sucked or I could do better? Nope, just said I hoped the 51 puts him in the fence again.

    Some guy, I might not have millions in the bank, but judging by the time of your comment defending Ryan’s honor (1:19 am), I’m sure I have done a “little” more in life than you.

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