RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Would You Like To See The K&N Pro Series East Return To The State Next Year

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Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway the K&N Pro Series East made its return to Stafford Motor Speedway for the first time since 2008.

Noah Gragson scored the victory in a late race overtime thriller for the series in the Stafford 150.

So would you like to see the series return to Connecticut in 2017? Tell us below.



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  1. All this series consist of is rich teenages living out there parents dreams when they where young.All rich kids with team owners just racking in the $ from parents.Very funny.Last 20 laps of race pretty good.First 125 a joke.The S tafford Late models run comparable lap times at a way cheaper expense.Very fancy haulers in the paddock area.

  2. robert jr says

    i thought it was a good race . it was good to see the burtons out there we ran quarter midgets with them at silver city meridan in 2008 harrisson and my son robert were both in jr novice .

  3. No bigger of a joke than the mod tour last time , what do you think your going to get poor kids, it was something different for a change,not that bad,hope there back

  4. Not a Sheeple says

    Nope, not if they’re gonna make me sick with those PIG motors and garbage fuel.

  5. Joe White says

    One of the problems with both the K&N and the WMT races is that they started straight up with the pole winner starting on the pole. These races should have started with the pole winner in 10th place. Now you will have some passing as the pole winner tries to get to the lead spot. Also the race was too long. 80 laps tops. Just my opinion. To answer the question, no we do not need these cars to come back. Extra money to get in was not worth it.

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