Entry List Announced For Whelen Modified Tour All-Star Shootout At NHMS

(Press Release from New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Woody Pitkat celebrates winning last year's All-Star Shootout at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Courtesy New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Woody Pitkat celebrates winning last year’s All-Star Shootout at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Courtesy New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

The All-Star Shootout has become a welcomed addition to an already jam-packed July racing schedule at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway the last two years.

The third annual NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour/Whelen Southern Modified Tour event, which will be held on Friday, July 15, should be another door-to-door battle among the tour’s best drivers.

The field for the 35-lap invitational was announced on Thursday.


The 2016 All-Star Shootout lineup:

  • Doug Coby 3 championships
  • Andy Seuss 2 championships
  • Donny Lia 2 championships
  • Ryan Preece 1 championship
  • Ron Silk 1 championship
  • Bobby Santos 1 championship
  • Todd Szegedy 1 championship
  • Jamie Tomaino 1 championship
  • Justin Bonsignore 8 wins
  • Jimmy Blewett 5 wins
  • Ryan Newman 4 wins
  • Woody Pitkat 3 wins
  • Timmy Solomito 2 wins
  • J.R. Bertuccio 2 wins
  • Rowan Pennink 2 wins
  • Eric Goodale 1 win
  • Chase Dowling 2015 NWMT Rookie of the Year
  • Patrick Emerling 5th in points
  • Gary Putnam 8th in points
  • Bryan Dauzat 11th in points

The All-Star Shootout has a 30-minute time limit and will feature two segments with a mandatory caution displayed at Lap 20. The race will be restarted by the car’s last completed green flag lap except for those cars involved in a random number selection that will determine the number of cars to be inverted for the restart.

Any car finishing the first segment of the race in positions 1-8 will be subject to the inversion. No tire changes or fuel will be permitted. The winner’s purse will be $4,000.

“It was really cool to win the All-Star Shootout. Just to be involved is pretty special when you consider the field of drivers out there,” said Woody Pitkat, the defending All-Star Shootout champion. “It took a last-lap pass to win that race and I expect it will take something like that again this year.”

The mods will also be on the track on Saturday, too, as the NASCAR Whelen Modified
Tour will have its first of two points races at the Magic Mile in 2016. Todd Szegedy is the reigning New England 100 winner, which will be the first on the docket of a tripleheader Saturday of racing that includes the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, NASCAR XFINITY Series and the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East.

Also expected to be a heavy favorite will be Doug Coby, the defending F.W. Webb 100 September race winner. His win last September was his third in his last seven Whelen Modified Tour starts at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

“This is the biggest stage that we’re on and we equate that to the Daytona 500 in terms of what it means to win here,” said three-time NHMS winner Doug Coby during a test session at the Magic Mile on Wednesday. “We just want to give the fans as good a show as we can. I think we do that. There’s always a lot of excitement about our series and we take that very seriously.”

The All-Star Shootout will drop the green flag at 2:10 p.m. on Friday, July 15, while the New England 100 will get underway at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 16.

For more details and ticket information on events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, or to purchase tickets to the July New Hampshire 301 or September New England 300 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series weekends, please stop by our Ticket Office, visit the speedway website at www.nhms.com, or call our Ticket Hotline at (603) 783-4931.


  1. 4K is peanuts, far cry from the cup shootout purse. Might as well make this A 20 lap race. Each team picks a charity and donates their winnings. The mods put on the best show, they should pay them what the trucks get paid… I would bet if the mods were not there on Saturday they would have less than 1k fans

  2. NASCAR is awful to the mod boys . 30 minute time limit ? Really ? You give them a short window every year to get 100 lap tour race in as well . Series should get away from nascar …. Treat the drivers and teams unfairly …. And we the fans love the mod squad but seems they always get the shaft at the magic mile….and the fans travel there and pay good money to watch a ton of yellow flag laps as well ! When green it is exciting …. Just fix it and get more green flag runs in !!!! Enjoy everyone !

  3. I agree …. No mods Saturday … No fans ! Dam time limit stuff is awful. 100 lap race always had long caution periods that put you to sleep and they push the 90 minute mark to get off track for pre-race xfinity stuff. You have all day to allow them enough time to race ! Fix it nascar ! Go mods ! Best drivers hands down .

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Once again I have passed up a FREE ticket to Sunday’s race in order to PAY to see the best racing of the weekend on Saturday… the modifieds!!!

  5. Steve, I agree, people go for the Mods, stay for the other races. Just look at the empty stands on TV for the other xfinity/truck races where there are no accompanying Mod race.

    I, and many others, leave after the Mod race.

  6. Justafan says

    Agree with all above and would like to add that ryan newman does not belong in this race at all.

    The fact that the stands at bristol are now half empty should tell nascar something is wrong but what do we know we are only ones buying the tickets or not buying I should say

  7. Bill Realist says

    Putnam should be hard to beat

  8. I also will be there fri and sat only.Friday practice and qualifying mods,and cup/xfinitypractice.Mod race sat and will stay to see the xfinity race to watch Ryan Preece.Otta there right after.Has anyone noticed that preece’s name has not been on the TS 6? does it have anything to do with JD motorsports?Do you know Shawn?

  9. How come no spot for the most popular driver?

  10. Art,
    I guess I haven’t noticed whether his name was on the car or not.

  11. Allstar race.lmao.Emerling,Blewitt,Newman,Dauzat,Putnam.Are u kidding me.ALLSTARS.LOL.Lets call it something else,PLEASE.STEFANICK<CHRISTOFER<.etc.those are allstars.Lets call it ,I don't know.someone give it a name.

  12. What about Zachem and Swanson? There are many more familiar names than Dauzat.

    Who is Dauzat?

    What about that other LFR car, the 01? Must be some miracles waiting to happen there.

    A little advice for all drivers: stay away from Lia.

  13. How about “The 3rd Annual Reason To Charge More For Friday Tickets Shootout” ?

  14. Stay away from Lia ? 2 time champ all I have to say about that . Stay away from Dowling and blewett ! Anyway… We all agree the mod tour gets the nascar shaft . And the magic mile does nobody any favors ! Listen to the drivers and teams … And the fans . Do right by us and treat us all better ! And no Cony gifts the year either !

  15. Friday admission is $10. Same as it was before the All Star event was created. No additional charge. 40 laps of mod racing for $10 best value going.

    I love the mods but there are way more people in the seats for the Busch race. Funny how all the people who leave after mod race are talking about how many people are at the Busch race.

  16. Are you people for real ? Oh I get it you are Full Fender Fans that hide out on here to bash the Modifieds. If you are real Modified fans then read below.
    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch That’s all Modified Fans do.
    You can’t make any Modified fan happy.
    If the car owners don’t like to run the race or the purse they can sit in the garage and watch.
    They run 35 laps for $30,900. It’s free money and a test session.
    It’s another Modified race for Modified Fans to see at a great track for Modified racing.
    Add the $30,900 to the 100 lap modified purse of $117,150 cash dollars it’s the best paying weekend in Modified history. A lot of bonus money for this race $1,400 to lead the most laps, that’s just one of the bonuses.
    Woody won $6,200 for last years win. It will be about the same this year.
    Only good comes out of the Modifieds running 2 races on 1 weekend at Loudon.
    The other races who cares and who cares if someone’s name is on the roof or not on the roof.
    If you are real Modified fans go to Loudon and enjoy the Modifieds Friday and Saturday, if not stay the hell home.

  17. Shawn,I noticed no name on the car at riverhead and thought maybe they just had the car painted or something and didn’t have time to letter it.Then I saw the picture that you took at the test session and again no name and now I guess my imagination is working overtime.

  18. Is the Most Popular Driver on the entry list?

  19. Craig read before replying ! We all love the mods … Simple ! They just Deserve better . Time limit ? That is awful… Stupid cup series races to a overtime line …. Why is there a finish line ? All I am saying is in years past the mod race has been cut to 75 laps and 80 one time because of time restraints ! That is ridiculous ! Give me my money’s worth . 100 laps and stop with the 10 laps under yellow every single time there is a caution ! It is the best show there … Simple !…. Oh Craig are you sure that’s all woody won was 6,200 ? Years past it was over 17,000. I forgive you for probably being a Coby fan ! Will buy you a beer …. Relax ! Enjoy

  20. Well, $10 admission on Friday sounds good, but I have to guess that the 95% of the fans travel well over an hour one-way to get to Loudon. I don’t see many New Hampshire license plates showing up at Thompson, Stafford, Riverhead, etc. It’s about 3-½ hours one-way for me to Loudon, and that works out to about $32 in fuel, and 360 miles wear on my car.

    But the mods are awesome at Loudon. They deserve so much more exposure and respect.

  21. Andy Boright says

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I like to come here and be reminded about how full of themselves modified fans are.

    It never fails to put a smile on my face.

    Earth to modified fans; outside of 3 states in southern New England, and small parts of N.Y., nobody gives a rip about your little 24 car series that races half it’s schedule at two tracks in CT.

    You just aren’t that important.

  22. Andy Boright says

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I like to come here and be reminded about how full of themselves modified fans are.

    It never fails to put a smile on my face.

    Earth to modified fans; outside of 3 states in southern New England, and small parts of N.Y., nobody gives a rip about your little 24 car series that races half it’s schedule at two tracks in CT.

    You just aren’t that important.

  23. Mod man, Craig was referring to the $6200 won in the All Star race last year on Friday. Yes, the Saturday race is much much more. I think around $13k. That is down from the $17k yrs ago but there aren’t 100k people showing up anymore on Sundays.

    Good fella, CT fans are the worst travelers. I have been commuting to CT for a good number of yrs from NH. I don’t want to hear it. I even had to fly in from TX for races yrs ago. I’m sure there will be a shortage of CT fans at Monadnock and the Star 125 too. Such is life. CT fans cry about it while the rest of us chase races.

  24. NH Mark says: “CT fans are the worst travelers.”

    I gotta tellya, when I park at Loudon, I look at the car tags and I feel like I’m in CT.

    If CT people didn’t travel to Loudon for these events, the place would be empty.

  25. NH Mark… Your correct . I was referring to the 100 lap purse. And Andy b. … You serious ? You know nothing about racing I can tell by your response ! You love the cup series … Which sucks ! Mods are the best and if they would get away from the nascar banner the series would actually grow . Keep cheering for Rowdy Busch and all those guys and watch all the same cookie cutter ovals…. Same show every week . If you can get out Andy I will buy you a beer …..thanks to all the real race fans …mod fans !

  26. NH Mark, I think you have been living in the wrong states.

    I have a knack for the obvious.

  27. Andy Boright says

    Mod Man – the Whelen Modified Tour schedule speaks volumes about popular that series is outside of Ct.

    Get over yourself.

  28. Andy your not making friends with the mod fans at all . We would had all got you a round of colds ones next weekend but your now on your own . Get ready for your exciting cup race ! Yuk ! Andy it’s ok to love the mods 🏁🏁🏁

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