Speedbowl Notes: Al Stone III Grabs Fourth Limited Sportsman Win Of 2016

Al Stone III celebrates victory in the Limited Sportsman feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

Al Stone III celebrates victory in the Limited Sportsman feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

WATERFORD – The heat of the summer also has a champion heating up in the Limited Sportsman division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Chasing a second consecutive Limited Sportsman division title – and a fourth overall – Stone has been fiery of late and continued that heated roll Saturday.

Stone, of Durham, cruised to victory in the 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature.

It was the third victory in the last five events for Stone. His other finishes during that span are a second and a third.

“It’s pretty great,” Stone said. “I don’t want to jinx ourselves, but everything is top notch here and we keep working at it every week. A lot of maintenance, going through the car every week. Hopefully it shows.”

Josh Galvin of Oakdale was second and Chris Meyer of Norwich third.

With 16 laps left Stone used the outside lane to go by Charles Beal into second place and began chase on Jon Porter, who started on the pole.

With 12 laps remaining Stone found a lane under Porter in turn two and moved to the lead going into turn three.

“In the heat race it was a tough battle,” Stone said of battling with Porter. “You do what you have to do trying to stay out front. I have to respect that. In the feature he ran a hard race again and he showed a lot of respect. That goes a long way.”

Galvin moved to second past Porter with 10 laps left, but Stone was already checked out and rolling to victory.

Staying just as hot as Stone was defending Mini Stock champion Wayne Burroughs Jr.

Burroughs used a three-wide move on a restart with 12 laps remaining to take over the lead and win the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

It was the third victory in the last four events for Burroughs, who finished second in the other event. It was the fourth victory overall for Burroughs in 2016.

Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon was second. Jacob Perry of Pawcatuck, who got his first career victory last week, was third.

The caution flew again with 12 laps remaining with Cassidy leading, Perry in second and Burroughs third. On the restart it was Burroughs making the battle three-wide to the low lane and taking over the top spot out of turn two.

“[Cassidy] was the car to beat. I think he would have beat us if we didn’t have that [restart],” Burroughs said. “I don’t know what happened. He slowed down a little bit on that restart. I don’t know if it didn’t go into [third] gear or what. I thought he was going to miss it so I dove under him and we got so far up to his door I said ‘We can’t lift now.’”

Said Cassidy: I just couldn’t get it into gear. I tried it under caution and it kept grinding. Just not our night tonight.

Ray Christian III got payback at the perfect time.

Christian, of Uncasville, sent Keith Rocco out of the groove in the final corner in a battle for the lead and won the 30-lap Late Model feature.

Jeff Smith of Old Lyme ended up second and Rocco, of Wallingford, third.

With 21 laps left Rocco moved to second place by Anthony Flannery and began hunting down Christian out front.

As the leaders were about to take the white flag a caution flew to set up the decisive green-white-checkered finish.

On the restart, Rocco got the advantage and was leading on the outside as he and Christian took the white flag.

But on the final lap, the pair went into turn three side-by-side. In turn four Christian moved up the track, sending Rocco toward the wall and allowing Smith to move into second place.

“I knew Keith was going to get to get me on the green-white-checkered but he ran me to Crystal Mall in the heat race so I just returned the favor for the feature when it mattered,” Christian said.

Said Rocco: “We had a good run on the top but you know how that goes. Just like the majority of the people down here at the Speedbowl, they can race side-by-side with you.”


  1. Just watched the Sids View video of the late model race from last night and the winner is the worst hack I’ve probably ever seen on a racetrack. That video shows the complete difference between someone with about 200 wins and someone who tries to wreck a guy that’s passing him on the outside. He actually commented that he knew he was going to lose the race on a green white checker, so he made a conscious decision that if he wasnt going win then the 88 wasn’t either.

    I’ll be glad to chip in for any repairs needed to the 88 if he chooses to make it even and send that 93 car north for two new ends. Nice to see the “race director” puts up with this nonsense. It worked out good when he let it go between the 35 and the 17 too.

  2. Greg Raymer says

    TC fan you should prolly show some respect for Ray. He’s a future champ in that division and Rocco’s washed up. Rays family has given up a lot to get him to the track and it’s paying off now. Stuff like dental care, remedial education classes, soap and self respect. So make way for the champ!

  3. Rocco wins every week. Ray needs to do what he needs to do to win. If you are on the inside u need to do what you need to to to win. Losing isn’t an option. Besides if the the track doesn’t care why should Any of the competitors. Ray don’t win a lot so it’s a smart move to completely clean Keith out. Rocco won like 200 times and Ray only wine like 5 times so Rocco had it coming.

  4. Greg you do know this is not sprint cup education is moe important and washed up really you sound like a idiot posting those things you need to pull your head out of the sand. Good job on your win ray keep it up kid

  5. JD Harmeyer says

    I watched the SIDS VIEW. Did Sid not show where Rocco took Christin to the “crystal mall”. That was an ugly and embarrassing display by the 93. I guess add Rocco to list of people that owe him one. Can’t wait to see that car get destroyed.


  7. 93 fan i cant even believe I read that.its ok to wreck someone because he has won a lot of races and u have not.r u kidding me?????????.that has to be the stupist thing I ever read.i had to read it a few times to believe it.i am not a fan of either or the class.

  8. How was what the 93 did any different than what they do at Thompson from lap 1 to the white flag? Especially in the modifieds.

  9. Dick Brooks says

    It looked like hard racing to me. Rocco’s got to stop trying to win every race he’s in and give other guys a chance. I mean driving around someone on the outside is BS, you only do it to make the other guy look stupid. Ray Rays a good kid, a little simple, but a good kid. Lots of different winners his year in that division, they put on a helluva show for the numbers they have.
    I think besides Roucco the only other winner of more than one race is the kid who’s Dad loans a $330,000 tow truck to the track on Saturdays. Other than the fact he throws on four stickers every week in a two tire a week division, everything pretty much seems on the level.

  10. For years I enjoyed watching Ray drive Soup Civardi’s mini stock. Him and Ken Cassidy would race side by side, week after week, always clean, respectful, and put on some great shows. I was excited to see him get a shot in a late model, but never expected a 180 degree change like this. Sid’s video shows exactly what a punk he has turned into. He won a couple races and now he thinks he is Tony Stewart!

    They had only 11 late models last week, after seeing that video, does anyone think a Ray Parent, Dave Farrington, or Wayne Hellewell would consider traveling to the bowl like in past years? I hope Monahan, Webby, or who ever is calling the shots sits him down and says knock it off . People want to see clean racing, respectful racing.

  11. I wish Ray well and agree what he did was cheap racing. I boo Rocco and others when they do the same. It is boring seeing the same person dominate so I welcome the upcoming Rays. Remember Rocco was not always dominant in the #1 LM. Also remember the #88 LM is a new ride for him so to call him washed up is ignorant, unless you include what the #93 did to him. If you look at the bowl now people go out and buy what Rocco already figured out. Did you hear #93 refer to his chassis builder,sound familiar? Now many mods praise Pettit engines. History repeats itself. Teddy was the king, then they boo him, Rocco is now booed, they booed Richie Evans. Richie would help a lot of people and a lot of people started learning what he did, Once they started competing with him then the tension started. That is all this is. The world is a lot easier to understand when you know the history, racing is no different. On a final rant why do you think the idiot in the #78 mod, #22 mod and #35 LM keep driving the way they do; because the race director and the GM keep letting them get away with it and others praise them for their accomplishments. Ray, how do you want racing to remember you? Best of luck seeking your first championship.

  12. Sid doesn’t show the heat races. Did you miss that part? Reading comprehension a problem for you? Rocco moved Ray for a heat win, Ray moved Rocco when it counted most. Feature win !

  13. Nobody wrecked. Move along. Nothing to see here, and nothing to be blown out of proportion. One car rode another up the track a little in the last turn for the win. Rocco has done it before also, as he did in the heat race.

  14. Terry Eames III says

    Lets not go crazy with this championship talk. Be careful what you wish for people. Do we really need another homegrown champion from the area to represent all of the good things the Bowl has become in the last couple if years? Do we need somebody on stage can’t even tie his boots, never mind own a pair of dress shoes? A guy who considers it “dressing up” if he tucks in his flannel shirt?

    A champion surrounded by his team of big mouthed punks running around a banquet hall in sneakers and hats on backwards? Chasing Pokemons on their Obamaphones all night instead of sitting quietly and showing respect for others? Attending one of these past banquets was a real eye opener and a true introduction to the polluted gene pool of the Waterford – New London area resident.

    In closing, I’d like to see new regulations and qualifiers to enter the championship banquet, something along the lines of having to show a current pay stub from a job if your under 70 years old, the mandatory wearing of a belt so your underwear stays covered, you’re banned from smiling all night if missing more than one front tooth, no hats of any sort inside the building, etc. I’m also open to other thoughts on this policy, we live in a democracy.

  15. Rick Mast fan says

    Steve, if you bothered to watch the video, you’d see that the first half of it was from that evenings heat race. Pay attention, we’re gonna have questions later.
    That was an incredible display of average mini stock talent becoming terribly nervous in the face of adversity. Poor decisions by somebody with poor critical thinking skills. (Credit to Andy B on that last comment)

  16. speed kills says

    RCIII can tell his grandkids he once “beat the national champ” yup gave him a taste of his own medicine…..Rocco has hundreds of wins.. works on the car does everything.. true definition of a “racer”..a great family man as well .. Its unfortunate people cant wait to bash him.. RCIII showed zero class by waving to Rocco following the checkered flag.. no story here .you get what you give RCIII .you could have shown some humility but ya didn`t ..that will be your undoing.

  17. Nope didn’t watch the video, watched it live. Sid very rarely puts in heat race footage. What are your questions, or is it not later enough? haha

  18. Bystander says

    Speed kills- Ray waved because Keith flipped him off, but that’s classy apparently? Also, the people saying Ray deserves a wrecked race car, way to show some class. You guys are top notch.

  19. I thought that was an incredibly embarrassing video Sid made. He doesn’t usually show the heat race, but in this case Ray Ray made himself look like a dummy. I applaud Sid for showing the obvious stupidity that occurred on Saturday night. I also enjoy these comments. They are very well written for the most part. I think the one about the banquet was on point.

  20. Big Papi says

    Bystander – How would you know what Rocco did to Ray? One could only assume that Ray must have told you he got flipped off. What was mentioned in this thread about him waving like a doofus at the 88 was on video and not hearsay from a now very ashamed driver.

    At least when the 13 year old was pretending to be 15 years old, he acted like a 17 year old. Ray’s a 21 year old acting like a 12 year old with the class of a 14 year old that’s dating a 16 year old.

  21. Anonymous says

    Everyone is talking about how classy of a guy Rocco is and running their mouth. everyone knows he is one of the best but nobody is perfect. I’ve watched him make similar moves and I’ve watched him make worse moves. I specifically remember one race where Ron yuhas was passing him on the outside and he didn’t even wait until the corner to run him into the wall. He did it right on the backstretch. And I guarantee none of you even know Ray personally. He’s a good kid who dedicates his life to that car and he knows damn well Rocco would have done the same to him and honestly he’d expect it. And Rocco has admitted to stuff like this too after he pushed teddy up the track at stafford and laughed right at teddy over the intercom after thanking him for showing him the move to get by him aka the typical teddy bump and run on the last lap. It’s called racing people
    Maybe some of you should crawl out from behind your keyboard and try it sometime

  22. Anonymous says

    Also I’d like to say thank you to everyone talking about how they hope Ray gets wrecked and bringing his family and friends into it. I really hope I am
    Lucky enough to have a daughter one day that brings someone home as classy as you gentleman. I’d be so honored.

  23. Open your eyes says

    Whoever said Rocco was perfect in this entire discussion? At least that’s what I think you were getting at with that giant wall of text I just struggled through.
    To even bring the Yuhas name into this is bordering on sacrilege, he couldn’t carry the helmet bag for TC or The Kid. As a matter of fact, he may even be trailing
    Ray Ray at this point.
    Nevertheless, the kid drove like a punk and should clean up his act. That stuff wouldn’t fly with Brian McCarthy or farmer Phil and it don’t fly today.

  24. speed kills says

    bystander.. not taking a win away from RCIII and not saying Rocco is a saint on the track.. my point is show some humility ..the wave was some attempt to taunt Rocco..thats a a bad move .. PS RCIII can brag when he has 200+ wins and a national championship.. you reap what you sew

  25. John Davis says

    Crawl from behind your keyboard says “anonymous”. I go to the Speedbowl every week. I haven’t seen Rocco do anything like that. I don’t even care for him, but Ill call it like I see it. That was Low down and ugly. That video on sids view makes that kid look like an even bigger idiot. I dont know Ray personally, but I know what I see on the track and then listen to what he says on the microphone. He is obviously a nit wit. Im sure he is a jealous child. Dont get me wrong Im not a rocco fan, but that kid couldnt hold roccos helmet between races. It would of been fun to see a side by side race. To bad we got to see a hack fest.

  26. Bystander says

    Speed kills – I can understand where you are coming from, I just disagree. Him waving when he was flipped off by someone (hearsay or not) isn’t the worst way to handle a situation. Was him pushing Keith up a crap move? Yes. Would Keith have done it? Yes. He proved that in the heat race. Both of their actions on the track that night obviously weren’t their best. But for people to attack Rays character over one move on the race track and one wave is ridiculous. Especially people who probably have never even met the kid.

  27. Johnny Rockets says

    Maybe I’m dense, but I fail to see on that video where Rocco pushed him out of the way in the heat race. I saw it live as well and I missed that part. Rocco was under the 93 three times in the heat and had to lift as “Ray Ray” tried to block the bottom. I’m pretty sure Rocco just stayed inside him after a while. I don’t believe it was anything like the feature. Everyone seems to be on a big blocking schedule. The track should really do somthing about it. The race director telling someone to pick a lane for 10 laps does nothing. Time to make an example out of someone.

  28. speed kills says

    bystander ..watch the video .. this isn`t “hey I acknowledge you are there or are flipping me off” wave ..its “LOL I got you”. taunt a multi time track champ ..national champ and see where it gets ya .. wasn’t upset about him moving rocco or vice versa.. its Busch league/immaturity whatever and its on video ..what he said in victory lane was acceptable to me “payback for the heat race when it counted” ..leave it at that …don`t gloat ..I am sure he will get “no room” or respect on the race track here on out

  29. Bystander says

    Speed kills- I respect your opinion. Agree to disagree. But what both you and I believe is just speculation. You believe it was gloating, I believe it was just shaking it off. What matters is both Keith and Ray were able to shake hands at the end of the night and leave it at that.

  30. I believe the dumbest comment on this whole thread is from someone who said “Driving around someone on the outside is BS, it only done to make the other guy look stupid.” Would you rather they drive right through the person’s rear bumper instead?

  31. Think Ray better stay at the bowl, if he pulled that crap at Thompson on Gentes or Gelinas he would be taking his car home in a basket.

    I agree with the comment above, I saw nothing in the heat race or Sids video that looked even close to as bad as what he pulled in the feature.

  32. Dave Lape says

    At this point, with Ray Rays credibility sinking faster than Crooked Hillary in the polls, the only thing he should do is man up this coming Saturday and request the microphone from Shawn at the drivers meeting and issue a public apology to Rocco in front of the other drivers.

    It would show that he’s actually taken the whole episode to heart and that he’s realized how wrong he was to act in that fashion, both during the race as well as afterwards. Sometimes some reflection on the dumb things you do results in acting in a more respectful and humble nature to others around you.

    The being said, if he decides to ignore the spectical that this has become and try and pretend nothing happened, my sincere hope would be that his motor blows up during practice and he backs it in the fence with the car snapping around to smash the front as well, resulting in a double hook to the pits with a nine foot long late model leaking fluids from all corners. Absolutely not hoping in any way that there would be any injuries at all to anyone at any point (that would not be right) but the above noted scenario would provide definitive proof that Karma exists.

  33. Frankie tree says

    I heard Class less Ray said some real vulgar and racist woods to Keith. That’s not needed the kid has talent and in heat of moment you still.need to be professional. Shut and drive your car and show everyone who’s better that some all for now. God Bless

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