WEEI Whelen Modified Tour Pit Crew Challenge At NHMS On Thursday

NHMS Pit Crew ChallengeThe teams of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will have three chances in competition to show off their stuff this week at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

First the division will be in action with the running of the All-Star Shootout Friday at NHMS.

Then comes the New England 100 points event for the division on Saturday afternoon on the 1.058-mile  oval.

But Thursday night the crews for Whelen Modified Tour teams will get a chance to be the showcase in the WEEI Pit Crew Challenge at the track.

Check out below for more information.

Pit Stop Challenge Big


  1. How many teams are signed up?

  2. Almost pays more than the all star race. Funny, a pit stop challenge for a series that does halftime stops at NHMS. Either way, some talented team will come out $3k richer

  3. This is absurd. The series does intermissions, which effectively did away with hot pit stops (yellow flag), so there is going to be a competition for something that has been obsoleted?

    And we wonder why NASCAR is going down the toilet.

  4. Goodfella you clearly dont goto alot of Mod Tour Races. Im with you we should definitely do hot pitting at Loudon but we do at Stafford,Thompson,Oswego. This will be a good show if all crew guys can make it by Thursday night. In the future Friday night would be better. Their is alot of talent in these crews and all the top teams practice stops

  5. wmass01013 says


  6. Frog, this thread is about NHMS, where the series now takes an intermission.

  7. One of the “reasons” for the intermission was because many teams allegedly could not field a crew to do hot pits, and then there was the excuse that the SPEC also needed to take on gas, and that is a big taboo.

    So now there is a pit stop challenge on Thursday that requires the crew to get up there a day earlier.

    Can’t get a crew up there to do hot pits, so bring them up a day earlier for a pit stop competition for a race that doesn’t allow hot pits.

    Looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck. Must be NASCAR.

  8. wmass01013 says

    NO DAREAL this is about A PIT CREW CHALLENGE IN THE FAN LOT OUTSIDE THE TRACK on thursday night after the hauler parade, there is a good crowd there on thurs night and they will be able to see something upclose that most people don’t see or watch closely, we all see CUP pitstops weekly over n over and most don’t watch wmt stops, so for all the people who are at Loudon on thurs night the MODS WILL BE THE SHOWCASE for people to see upclose and can be fun for the teams and nothing but good for the division! YESSSS I would like no break in the race on sats at loudon just as much as any true mod fan but again lets have some fun once in awhile!!!!!

  9. wmass01013 says

    NOBODY IS REQUIRED ANYWHERE, it’s open to signup by any WMT team that wants to do it, u really must be fun at parties!

  10. Good job at seekonk
    They may stop the loudon race 4 this pit competition
    This is big
    I spend 3 grand on shoes

  11. Kyle bush to drive a mod
    And jj
    And Stewart
    The tour is broke guys
    I have to write a check out 4 80000 dollars to whelen today
    Just so the tour goes on
    Good thing I am filthy rich boys
    Gotta go my copter pilot is calling me

  12. wmass01013, Just like “there’s no crying in baseball,”, there’s no intermission in racing.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Here’s an opportunity for WMT pit crews to shine and earn some recognition! Maybe they can earn a few bucks as most of these crews are volunteers. If you’ve ever really watched pit stops at Thompson or Stafford during a race, they’re working a lot harder then the other nascar crews do! Yes, it should be Friday and yes, real stops would be better at Loudon… BUT… let’s recognize it for what it is and what it will mean to the crews, all of whom do this for their love of modifieds! Maybe if it’s well received, next year nascar can throw a few more bucks in and recognize the top three or top five teams.

  14. Let the NWMT pit crews shine and earn recognition for doing a real pit stop during the race, when it counts, under race (yellow) conditions.

    Nobody is going to be there on Thursday. Nobody.

  15. I will bet there will be some wringer crew members.

  16. I hope the Truck/xfinity/Cup crew people are not allowed.

  17. darealgoodfella,
    People who have already shown up with their campers will be there Thursday. It is going to be in the “fanzone” outside of turn 1 and 2. It’s not like they will have to walk far to get there.

  18. wmass01013 says

    obviously dareal you have never been to Loudon on Thurs for the hauler parade, I HAVE 3 TIMES THE LAST 4 YRS, there are ALOT of people already at Loudon then, and again having the mod crews have a lil FUN completion and having 3 grand up for grabs is NOT A BAD THING!!!

  19. JMB, have you EVER been to Loudon?????

    Those campers are not following the NWMT. Those people have no idea what a Modified is, they think the Modifeds are there to fill time. Those people will be gathered around campfires doing who knows what when the Modified Pit Stop Challenge is happening.

    The population of people in those campers is but a tiny percentage of the people in the stands on Saturday.

    Do you think people are going to take off from work and travel for hours on Thursday to see the Modified Pit Stop Challenge?

    I appreciate the attempt at giving the Modifieds some attention, but I prefer to let them show their stuff in the race, and that means no damn intermission, let them race.

  20. wmass01013 says

    ok dareal forget it u know everything

  21. Wmass 01013,I can’t believe it took you this long to figure that out,you could even save a few bucks by staying home, he c a n tell you now who’s going to win

  22. wmass01013 says

    I like good discussions about whats happening in WMT racing but all he does is piss and moan about everything, every aspect of everything, Now I do not agree with a lot of tings NASCAR IS AND HAS DONE to the TOUR but dammmmm have 1 good thing to say sometime!!!!

  23. So my dumbass self drove over to Loudon to grab my Saturday tickets and watch this pit stop deal. After standing around for 25 minutes after the scheduled start time they had to postpone it because weather was moving in. I’m still livid, The damn marketing director stood around with his thumb up his you know what for 25 minutes and made the few hundred people who where there wait it out. I will be emailing that cat later. He should be fired. Every other event goes off with exact precision all weekend except this one. What a waste of my time. I drove up for nothing.

  24. NH Mark, dude, get yourself one of those newfangled smartphones, it would have told you many hours earlier in the day, like I found out. LOL!!!

    Anyways, what was it like? Good crowd overall, given weather conditions?

  25. They had a couple hundred people. A lot of them were crew and family. Preece and Showtime were there with crew. The 51 crew also. Maybe 7 or 8 teams total. There were still a lot of people walking around. They probably would have come over if any action had happened. NHMS should buy all those teams some beer tomorrow evening.

  26. Results???

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