Birthday Blastoff: Taking A Two-Seater Modified Ride With Bob Potter At Stafford Speedway

Bob Potter (right) prepares to take me for some laps at speed around Stafford Motor Speedway in the track's two-seater Modified Friday

Bob Potter (right) prepares to take me for some laps at speed around Stafford Motor Speedway in the track’s two-seater Modified Friday

STAFFORD – “Hey Shawn, they’re paging you to go to the two-seater Modified.”

Those were the words from Stafford Motor Speedway announcer Ben Dodge Friday afternoon at the track as I set up my laptop and prepared for another night of short track racing covereage.

Bob Potter pilots the two-seater Modified at Stafford and I’ve been friends with the legendary driver for years.

Most weeks when I arrive at the track and go to the pits Potter is the first person I see and we end up chatting for a few minutes.

My first thought was, “I guess Bob really must want to chat about something.”

By the time I got about halfway down the grandstands from the press box it started to make sense. Full disclosure, today is my birthday. Forty-fourth one, since we’re disclosing and all. Suddenly I realized, someone was putting me in that seat next to Potter.

When I got down to the car Potter confirmed my suspicions.

Stafford Speedway owners Mark and Lisa Arute had a surprise birthday present for me, a ride with Potter. Debbie Streeter, a crew member for SK Light Modified driver Joey Ferrigno had tipped off Lisa Arute recently that my birthday was coming up soon.

So off we went with Potter giving me a full-on adrenaline rush. I could describe the moments simply as intense, smile-inducing, heart-pumping. Just simply a blast. I held that video camera as tight as I could. Check out below for the adventure.

If you’re interested in taking a ride in the Stafford Speedway two-seater Modified with Bob Potter clink on this link and find out how: Stafford Speedway 2-seater Modified Ride-Along 


  1. Crazy in NY says

    Your now ready for a truly butt puckering Super Mod 2 seat ride at Oswego.
    Congrats Shawn your now officially faster than the 01 on the Tour. LOL

  2. That is a very cool birthday gift.

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