Crash Tested: New London-Waterford Speedbowl Catch Fence Holds Up To First Test

Speedbowl Crash 1 8-20-16

Adam Gada’s SK Modified lays on upside after a crash Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – After Bruce Bemer was the high bidder during a foreclosure auction of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in October 2014 he made clear that one of the first major improvements he wanted to make was to replace the dilapidated catch fence ringing the track.

Court issues holding up the final closing of the track following the foreclosure didn’t allow Bemer to get that job done before his first season as the owner in 2015. But when the 2015 season ended it was the first project that began at the track in a winter of improvements at the facility.

Saturday night that fence got its first big test, and passed.

In a horrific looking crash, Adam Gada’s SK Modified got airborne, flipped and ended up over the frontstretch wall and got into the fence.

Speedbowl Crash 2 8-20-16

Adam Gada’s SK Modified after his crash Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

“That chicken wire probably wouldn’t have held up,” a relieved Gada said after he was extricated from his car.

Said Bemer: “It definitely was a worthwhile investment. I’m glad that we did it the way we did it with a structural engineer that designed it. We could have had a catastrophe here tonight and it was avoided. Not that what happened was anything anybody could have expected.”

The accident took place with 23 laps remaining in the second SK Modified feature of the night. It began when Tim Jordan, running fifth, got sideways seemingly from a hit from behind. Gada, running 13th at the time was part of the group that piled into the chain reaction crash. Gada’s car launched off the car of Paul Buzel and got airborne flying over the top of the pile of wrecked cars and into the fence. The car landed upside with part of it in the fence and hanging off the wall.

No drivers were injured in the wreck. 

“I’ve flipped over plenty of times in Quarter Midgets, but a big car like this, that was a first for that,” Gada said.

“Just everybody checked up in [turn] four. I had nowhere to go. I ended up hitting [Paul Buzel], popping up, and then everyone behind me ended up piling in and that’s what ended up sending me over. Definitely something I don’t want to do again.”

Adam Gada's SK Modified after his crash Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Adam Gada’s SK Modified after his crash Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

It was known moments after the wreck that Gada was uninjured, but he spent about 15 minutes hanging upside down in the car while track crew and safety officials turned the car over off the fence and wall.

“The safety equipment held up,” Gada said. “I’m thankful for the track guys. They took their time, did it right, got me flipped over so I could get out. It would have been tough trying to get out upside down. I was hanging by the belts. That was the scariest part, I was just hanging there, I couldn’t do anything. I was just waiting on those guys to get me flipped over. I could move everything.”

“… I didn’t know I had gotten into the fence until they lifted me up so I could see over the wall and I saw the fence pushed back. I actually wasn’t even sure what part of the track I was on behind upside down and rolling over.”

Said Bemer: “I don’t know if I would have had the patience to sit upside down in the car for as long as he did. I probably would have taken matters into my own hands and tried to get out. Our safety crew and everybody did a great job talking him through it and being there for him as well as [Gada] being patient, was willing to wait the length of time he waited for them to upright the vehicle. The track crew did a great job.”


  1. I was at the race and it was amazing noone got hurt. Growing up we were at Waterford alot. It was awesome to see how well the fence held up. That old fence definitely needed to be replaced. Nice job to all the crew that did an awesome job getting that car flipped back over. Way to go Mr Flannery for stepping in!

  2. I would like to start off by saying myself and others are glad that Adam Gada and all dtivers involved are ok.I am also thankful and proud of Bruce and the entire staff for all the great improvments at the track since he purchased it.As a matter of fact….
    I was speaking to him about this while he was in his golfcart prior to the stsrt of the last feature.Now my concern.I understand the need or facination to see carnage up close or the gouls who want to see the ugly side of racing but people need to stop running up to the frnce after a wreck.It was a miricle tonight that there was no fire.Most teams involved have good safe equipment however oil gas and other fluids dripping on hot parts or a spark with fumes around can be catastrophic and people could be maimed or killed.Im a little dosappointed by the normaly excellent Waterford PD who wasnt much help to Shawn the Security Guy from the Track.Also i was sitting right in gront of where the cars landed and did not see the car hit or contact the fence at any point.I am stii glad it was upgraded and was there.Maybe others can shed light on this.

  3. Time for Tim Jordan to find a different hobby

  4. C’mon zeke..that place is a wreck fest every week.

  5. Same cars causing the wrecks week in and week out. Never the their fault always the Speedbowl hacks or squirrels. Maybe some of these guys should look in the mirror and realize they are the hacks

  6. I am extremely pleased that Adam was not injured and those Gada cars are as strong and safe as any store bought car. My hats off to the safety crew as they did a great job handling the carnage and getting all drivers safely out of the cars. My hats off also to the crews of the cars involved as they got all but three back into competition. I also share a concern for the lack of crowd control around the scene as there was a lack of presence by security and police which needs to be addressed in the future.

  7. David and Kelly you son is one tough kid.

  8. first of all grown ups should know better and they should keep there kids out of harms way . just hurts bad.

  9. James Scott says

    I was not there but pleased to hear everybody was OK. Anybody remember officer Henderson? Nobody would be near that fence!

  10. The backmarkers at the Speedbowl have every right to race every week.The bowl is a perfect place for any driver and owner with the desire,money and a set of real balls to realize a dream.You sit high and mighty in the grandstands judging some really nice guys that make our home track just that.If I was the luckiest guy in town,I would take a green flag in a modified race and be honored to come in last!Adam Gada ,good luck with your rebuild and glad to see that you are uninjured.

  11. James Scott says

    AMEN 450 Mike. People just don’t get it.

  12. If you watch the video, it looks like the car did hit the fence. Not sure if it was very hard though. Either way the new fence has got to be 100 times better than the old one. I hate to put the blame on anybody but it seems since the 44 quit the bowl, the 47 has taken over for causing or being involved in the most wrecks.

  13. Jim Phillips says

    You all need to stop bashing drivers and the track there is not a driver out there that has run the bowl who has not had a bad night and caused a wreak its racing and if any of you grand stand racers think you can do better get a car and put up or shut up

  14. I was there and it looks to me that the whole thing was a hoax
    It was the spotter fault he say how low and high

  15. Margaret, it was the grown ups that were there never mind the kids. Bottom line no one should have been anywhere near the fence, young or old!

  16. Dolla Dolla $$$$ says

    LFR paying big money for that Timmy Jordan sponsorship !!

  17. The car definitely hit the fence; it was right in front of where I was sitting. I do not understand why some people run to the fence when something like this happens (especially the guy who had a lit cigarette in his mouth).

  18. Jeffrey, enough of the stupidity, this was a serious wreck and far from a hoax. Thank God no one got injured or killed.

  19. People run to the fence because they can and don’t understand what can happen with leaking gas and vapors that can easily be ignited. Maybe another way to look at it is that the track should have more paid security. Part of why Waterford is so unique is how close you can get to the action. I do agree that some parents think it’s a daycare center and have no control over there kids. I was there last night and have been there when during driver intro’s kids run up and stick there hand out for high fives with drivers then pull there hand back like a punk and then run to do it again. If they were my kids they would be getting a lesson in respect for others or they would not be coming back. Hey I can dream.

  20. speed kills says

    didn`t see the car strike the fence but I am sure it would have held. I was right there and saw the action outta four ..I think Owen and Joe Gada were faster on the throttle outta the turn than timmy stock and it was on when timmy stock came back across the rack..(racing deal?) glad Adam is OK ..track /crew did an awesome job. I would like to know if the FD has the capability to snuff out a fire during a similar scenario ? yes people should have been immediately removed from the area with the risk of fire…. you cant plan for every scenario however if a fire had occurred the outcome would have been catastrophic. this is an opportunity to discuss what safety changes if any might be considered moving forward .I am sure this will be discussed as well as the gate in 2. huge thanks to Bruce Beamer for his commitment to the facility

  21. Grey Matter says

    Zeke needs to find his common sense… He also needs to watch the many videos of the wreck. Maybe your really name should be Knee/jerk to be affiliated with your reaction. that 17 car drove up and over the 9 car. Blaming the 47 for that wreck is the same as blaming Teddy for flattening the 78 in the turn 3 wall in the first feature.

  22. Wow!! A big wreck that didn’t involve T.C. There must be some way to blame him.
    Seriously though, glad everyone is o.k.

  23. josh paradis says

    i work on adam gada’s car and I want to say thank you for all of your concerns about adam and us. and I want to thank shawn bruce and the entire staff for doing what they did because even though adam may be done for the season words cant describe what everyone has done for us in this difficult and tough situation and also adam would like to thank everyone as well.

  24. Would have liked to have seen a little more fire fighting equipment at the scene. You never know what gasoline is up to.

  25. The fire department guy was sitting there with the hose in his hand ready to go right behind the car. Also TC had nothing to do with Shawn monahan jumping over the back of the 51 car and crashing in turn 3.

  26. Waterford is a dump ! Worst food ever … Restrooms are down right nasty . Race programs are longest anywhere . And the talent ? Isn’t any except TC and overrated Kid Rock ! Kid rock dominates there and is average every other place . He will never get another tour ride !!! I do like TC ! Should had sold the track and built a mall ! Will say the improvements are nice ! Lots more to fix and good luck finding talent !

  27. Chris meyer says

    Lol loser^^^

  28. Hey Mod Man who pissed in your corn flakes?If you think the place is a dump…why are you there almost every week?Rocco has not had a typical dominant season anywhere this year.Ive been going to the Bowl since 1976.Present ownership has been chipping away at the much needed improvments.My understanding is that New Stands and Concessions and Restrooms are planned for this off season.Time constraints and proper engineering and approval from the necessary municipalities take time.If you look at each area of the track grom racing to good to restrooms…..there has been much improvment.If i had a few things i would critique .I do think the food is tasty however it takes forever to get it.This will be improved.Also Rest rooms are also a problem…..always have been.But again.its my understanding that these issues are going to be solved.Im willing to wait.I go to Stafford and Thompson and im glad if i decide to go to the races i have a few choices for my racing fix.zGive the place a fair shake.

  29. Dolla Dolla $$$$ says

    Average every other place ??? Please put the tire soaker away and stop typing with your exclamation point. Keith is as good if not the best he’s ever been in his career hands down. Screw the tour!

  30. Sick Ranton says

    To all the haters.
    There used to be about a dozen other small tracks in the area.
    West Haven Speedway, Plainville, Agawam, Danbury, Bridgeport, ect.
    I’m thrilled that the Speedbowl has survived.
    We are lucky to have a venue like this in our backyard.
    I can decide to watch local motor sports on Saturday afternoon
    and be in the stands in an hour.
    As far as the complaints of the “cuisine”, It’s a race track. Smell the burning rubber,
    get a Luke warm hot dog with to much pickle relish, sit down and enjoy.

  31. Fast Eddie says

    Regardless of your opinion of ANY racetrack, please be thankful that it is STILL A RACETRACK!! I drive by a former dragstrip and circle track location 10 minutes from my house at least a 1/2 dozen times a week, and it kills me that it doesn’t exist any more!
    Mr. Beamer and crew are in the middle of their SECOND YEAR of ownership and management. They have made A LOT of improvements so far and are continuing to do so. (THANKS TO THEM!!) These things take time and money! Like any track, the quality of racing is better on some nights than others. I think I have seen many more good races than bad there. I wish I it was closer to me so I could go more often! As for the food, it’s not a 5 star restaurant, it’s a race track! If you think the food is that bad, BRING SOME WITH YOU! Racetracks are about the only sports event left that you can bring food and drinks in, and/or go to your car and go back inside.

  32. Mod Man,You have to be kidding.You need to go out with the girls next Saturday night for sushi.The New London Watererford Speedbowl is the essence of American short track racing.The Bemer/Monahan team has preserved a haven for racers and fans alike.I cannot thank them enough for saving the “bowl’.Your disrespect is misguided in so many ways.I am in heaven walking through the pits,sitting in the stands,or having a beer on the rail in turn one.My last cheeseburger was fantastic,the peanuts were fresh and the beer was cold.I wouldn’t change a thing,(what real man doesn’t want to pee under the stars?).The local and not so local talent is amazing.This is home track racing paradise.

  33. On ae good note.Sitting in the stands after out night was finished,the big oone happened.clean up began and I noticed the clean up crew.Mr bemer and Shawn M. right out there with the crew sweeping up.This is why the speedbowl is going to succeed.The track owner and track management ,performing what ever duties need to be done.Great job guys.People do take notice of these little things.Things like that would NEVER happen at Stafford.

  34. 450mike your insane AND NEED A NIGHT WITH A WOMAN . Stafford is the best track and best talent anywhere. you are crazy to think the bowl is filled with talent. some nice improvements. Long way to go. and programs run way to long. SUSHI with my lady, sign me up and will get some loving after. enjoy the toilet bowl 450mike. PS- Hope the tri-track race is done by midnight.

  35. Mod Man- You are incapable of holding a civilized debate without sounding like an intolerant loudmouth. You may as well change your name on this site because everybody sees your opinions as void. Change your attitude in the process because you are an example of the garbage of this site.

  36. JOEY ? Why cause I don’t like the bowl ? loudmouth…so funny today. I can express my view just like you . I was stating facts . place is dirty…..programs run long and other than kid rock and TC the talent isn’t there . Everyone else id voicing there opinions just like me so me and you can chat if you would like. Never said I was right. it’s people like you I can’t stand. I was Joking with most everyone . 450MIKE was just busting chops. grow a pair brother joey…….COBY Fan I can tell. can also tell your from the Waterford area….not to smart. enjoy the races joey !

  37. Joey the big bully . You have your opinion and I have mine . Nothing wrong with that but please don’t play the tuff guy crap. Cause in the end you mean nothing to me . There are some great people and views on this site . Yours isn’t one of them . Real race fans for the most part . Your not one of them. So enjoy whatever you call racing and have a great day . To everyone else keep the comments coming . I like to joke around and I believe most of you are true race fans and good people . Enjoy the rest of the season.

  38. Saw the video and am happy everyone is OK. Unfortunately, it looks like the car was destroyed. As a casual fan, I really am curious, how much will it cost to repair that car? Anyone with a ballpark estimate?

  39. I find it amazing how everyone bashes the track. Count yourself as fortunate to have a track. Raced on LI in the days of Freeport and Islip Speedways, Charlie Jarzombek was my favorite driver. then within two years apart they both closed, and left us with Riverhead. Being from Brooklyn NY, that meant an 2 hour drive to a track that is not that good for mods. So now I have to travel 2 hours to Wall Stadium in NJ or 3 Hours to the Bowl, 4 hrs to Stafford. I prefer the Ct. tracks due to the better racing. So please stop complaining how bad the track is.

  40. Mod Man- You want to express your opinions, that’s fine. Now, your negativity, defensiveness, and inability to make words into sentences makes you look like an uneducated fool. Not to mention a poor spokesman for racing. Assuming I’m a Coby fan and from the Waterford area? You’re flowing with arrogance and you’re wrong on both so that proves your poor judgement as well. As a whole I didn’t question the views of people on this site. Yours and a select few I will single out. You’ll get no respect if you keep sharing your opinions in the manner you have been. Share your opinions like an adult and maybe things will change.

  41. Kevin: it’s hard to put a price on it without knowing the extent of the damage. But I’d assess it around the $10,000 range in chassis/body/suspension components alone. I’m not sure if the chassis can be repaired or has to be replaced, Im not sure if the engine can be hurt being upside down like that but the carburetor looked junk, I believe the Gada’s do a lot of in house work so that would help with costs. Extent of drive train damage is also a factor. Nice to see everybody was ok and hopefully they find a way to get back on the track. Very pleasant group of people.

  42. speed kills says

    track is fine and is getting the much needed attention it deserves from a hands on owner. food is fine albeit the service is done differently than in the past(takes longer) I am sure there are some adjustments that can be made .they are probably trying to get a handle on it to prevent food waste .if you don’t like it don’t go!!.I was not bashing the FD or their capability ..I was just wondering if they have the latest and greatest chemical agents/foam what have you should we have a fire where cars are in a precarious position. rocco got his mojo back this week I am not sure if that’s good or bad but he works hard so stop the hate . pretty good crown in my opinion sat night .track crew and the flagman (decoster) did an outstanding job ..

  43. Ken, I feel very fortunate to have so many tracks within a pretty short distance. More like spoiled actually. It’s 30 minutes to both Waterford and Thompson. Just over an hour to Stafford. Exactly an hour to Seekonk. I’m a huge short track race fan but I’m not even sure that I’d drive 2 hours every week to get to a track. I’ve been to the Turkey Derby. Very cool track. I’d imagine the traffic must be bad on weekends in the summer for you though.

  44. Kevin, a new sk light would cost about 25-30k to build, about 6-8k of that is motor. just to get you in the ball park. a bare chassis is about 4500, all the stuff that bolts to it drives up the price.

  45. Joey really brother ? You remind me of my mom who gets all grouchy and goes off on people . I don’t need you at all ok. Said my peace on the bowl and I stand by it .There lack of running a smooth show is why I will probably skip the tri-track race . Don’t need to get out of there at 11 45 and drive home and then get up for work . Joey if we ever met in person it would be interesting . I have a great life and don’t really need to get juiced up by someone like you. The bowl has a long way to go and that’s all this was about . You turned it into a tuff guy thing . I love to joke around . You decided to make it personal so chill . Everyone else enjoy the races . Ps- Joey I did say about 3 times that the track had made improvements so pay attention.

  46. Frankie tree says

    I saw Bruce Bemer sweeping him self . Mr Flannery took over the clean up. He has years of wrecker experience. Great job by all and l heard Adam was not going to make it back this year. Hopen he does. God bless all involved. See you all Thursday for Tri- Track big motor mods.

  47. Joey, you are the one that can’t tolerate anyone having a difference of opinion, or when someone knows the facts and you choose to deny the facts. It’s you and the other troglodytes wearing construction boots that insist on parking lot meetings that are the idiots. When a 6’2″, 248 lb former hockey player shows up, you’ll pee your Fruit of the Looms. Be careful what you ask for.

  48. GOODFELLA first round is on me. busting chops is fine. life is to short and just have fun people. just said not my favorite track and things have improved and Joey rips me a knew one. GOODFELLA summed it up perfectly. we are all race fans and it’s ok to disagree. when someone like Joey wants to cut me up wouldn’t mind doing it in person. ANYWAY ….Racing season is flying by so enjoy the stretch run darealgoodfella and all other good people.

  49. The only one I see playing the tough guy is you sir. The man is simply defending a place he obviously enjoys going to and you called a dump. I think it would be interesting if you met in person as well cause people who say things like ” it would be interesting if we met in person” are insecure little boys.Your the one who is playing tough with your keyboard. Another point of interest if you don’t care about his opinion why have you responded so many times. Judging by the crowd there last Sat. you must be the only one who thinks the place sucks. With a handle like mod fan you’d think you would support a track that pulls 20 plus sk’s every sat. that each competitor has a significant amount of time and money invested in. To call them garbage drivers is not only an insult it shows your lack of knowledge of what actually goes on weekly to put these cars on the track. Now go ahead and insult me and tell me how much racing experience you have there “keyboard tough guy”.

  50. dareal- That response is strange and completely irrelevant so I don’t even know how to respond. And it seems to me that you and mod man are missing the point because the strange thing is I actually agree with him that the food, restrooms, and lengthy programs could use improvement. So claiming I’m intolerant is off.
    But this…..
    “Waterford is a dump ! Worst food ever … Restrooms are down right nasty . Race programs are longest anywhere . And the talent ? Isn’t any except TC and overrated Kid Rock ! Kid rock dominates there and is average every other place . He will never get another tour ride !!! I do like TC ! Should had sold the track and built a mall ! Will say the improvements are nice ! Lots more to fix and good luck finding talent !”
    ……is not helping anything. It either makes you arrogant and foolish OR just somebody seeking attention. Again, try sharing your opinions like an adult instead of being the garbage of this site.

  51. OH Brian . Are you for real. I am a lover not a fighter. Made my opinion known and got crap from JOEY, NOW YOU. I love Stafford and that’s my right. said the bowl made improvements did you read that ? meet in person ? whatever you want . I will bring darealgoodfella you bring Joey. ridiculous . you like the track great, I think it has a long way to go simple. never said I wouldn’t go there. not a tough guy. Speaking my mind. you seem tough so you offering to buy me a beer or what ? makes me laugh when opinions are made and people like you get tuff. never challenged anyone to a meet and greet yet you do. Think about that little man. enjoy the races …..real race fans .

  52. PS BRIAN- Simply said there wasn’t a ton of talent. do respect the time and effort that they all put in. been going to races my whole life so I understand what’s involved , don’t understand you and your UFC CRAP. So take it down a level.

  53. In closing was nice to see the young man walk away from the crash and the safety team doing there job. SIMPLE

  54. Joey I could had my point a little better I agree. but your looking way to into it. I go there maybe 3 times a year and it looks a whole lot better this year than it ever has. food always makes me ill and talent ? so you need to really bring it down.

  55. Grey Matter says

    Really enjoying the string of 10th grade comments on RaceDay when we should be thankful that Adam is ok after that wreck. You BOYS need to take your immature comments somewhere else. Everyone has their own opinions so get over yourselves. Hope to see Adam back at Waterford soon with a new chassis!!

  56. Joey says: “……is not helping anything. It either makes you arrogant and foolish OR just somebody seeking attention. Again, try sharing your opinions like an adult instead of being the garbage of this site.”

    WTF???? You are criticizing someone for criticizing the ‘Bowl. What is your point? Why are you so negative???!?!? Mod Man is not a spokesman of racing, nor a marketing manager from the ‘Bowl. He’s a paying customer and is sharing his experience as such regarding his visits to the ‘Bowl.

    The ‘Bowl is what it is, and it is not a NHMS, BMS, etc. Mod Man was blunt, and if you do not like it, too damn bad.

    The only way for the ‘Bowl to be better is to let it be known what needs to get better. Turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the things that are detrimental are not in the best interests of the ‘Bowl.

    Stafford did a facelift of its own few years ago, and that was way overdue. Stafford is no longer repulsive. I hated using the restrooms at Stafford. Same thing happened then, there was discussion, you might call it negativity, about the deplorable conditions at Stafford. It was fixed, over time. The ‘Bowl is now getting a much needed facelift and such.

    Joey, if you walk out of the bathroom with 3 ft of toilet paper stuck to your foot, I’m not going to tell you and let you walk around looking like that.

  57. I am loving darealgoodfella ! agree with all you just said. Stafford is my favorite track and I am still afraid to have belly issues because of there restrooms . the bowl is getting better . we all love the races , and I need a beer now .LOL. GOODFELLA if i ever see you the first few are on me. you make your points and they are to the dead on without any BS . so many touchy people. YEAH JOEY AND BRIAN. RELAX….find a girlfriend and enjoy the races. PS- NEVER said I wouldn’t go to the bowl or that they aren’t making an effort so some of you need to chill . darealgoodfella for president !

  58. dareal- Let me explain something. I try to put myself in the shoes of a track owner, racer, new fan, or a track/team sponsor. We already know the issues of tracks losing car counts, attendances, and some tracks are even shutting down. We already know that social media has been a huge reason for some of these issues.
    1. If a track owner or employee came online and read that their track is a dump, worst food, nasty restrooms, don’t you think it would cause some frustration and insult to the people who have put in the time, money, and effort to make the place better? We’re not talking about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism here. We’re talking about loud direct insults.
    2. Same with belittling all the race teams at the Speedbowl who put incredible effort into their cars to be the best they can. Only to come online and see somebody insult and discredit them on a public forum. Frustrating? Again, not CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
    3. A new fan or track/team sponsor finds out that is the most popular website of New England racing. They come online to see people bad mouthing and belittling a track and its racers. Think they aren’t going to question the character of the people they are surrounded by? Once again, a percentage of people are coming online to spew insults with the lack of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
    It’s frustrating to track workers, disrespectful to the racers, and a turn off to new people entering the sport.
    You can give opinions, you can even be blunt about them because these comment fields can be a great way to get public opinion. But there’s a NOT so fine line between that and typing out insults and humiliations.
    “Should had sold the track and built a mall” I don’t mean to keep revisiting 1 post since there are plenty of others on this site…… but how is this helpful?

  59. Must of hit a nerve 5 responses from a guy who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. You are either a little slow or don’t remember what you type. You are the one challenging people to meet you in person I was simply stating that.Are you a drunk or something that you can’t remember what you said? To take it to the level you have and with the amount of responses you post makes you look foolish. Go stand in the pits and spew that garbage about no talent if you really feel that way. We both know that won’t happen. You said all I need to know about you. You’ve been going to races for years but never worked or supported a real race team but feel it necessary to call them garbage racers with no talent. By the way I don’t need anyone to help me handle the likes of you.

  60. A competitive SK Light for 25-30k and 6-8k of that for the engine? Really? You ain’t even close my friend!

  61. Joey…

    1. Well, if a track owner read that his track is a dump, food sucked, restrooms were nasty, I think it was good that he read the website. Because if he continued with the dumpy track, crappy food and disgusting restrooms, he’s gonna be out of business soon. He needed to read that to save his business.

    2. No matter how much money a team spends, effort they expend, how nice they are, if they suck, they suck. If they cause the wrecks, yellow flags, they suck. We all know who they are. That’s a fact, not an insult.

    3. Your third item is strange. Do you think a prospective team interviews the other teams in the division to see if they will like the other people? You know, assess their character? LOL! How may times has that happened?

    Look, there is no nice way to sugar coat something and say it as constructive criticism. Too bad.

    There is a reason why there are fables on this very subject, consider the “Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    The very suggestion of constructive criticism infers negativity, and crybabies will play the victim card. Cry all you want.

    Find a nice way to constantly say, “Hey idiot, stop wrecking”, or “This food still sucks”, “These bathrooms are disgusting”.

    As a customer, I am not spending my money to respect a concession worker, team, or other. I expect decent entertainment and quality food. If not, I have every right to provide feedback. You tell me merchants are not terrified of the comments that they might get on Yelp and that makes sure they don’t insult customers with sub-par product?

    You see, these conditions have been around for years, people have been subjected to these conditions for years, and it is appropriate for people subjected to this crap to be rather blunt. Or they just stop spending their money there and let the place go out of business.

    Which do you prefer, Joey?

  62. Oh Brian here you go challenging people to go a round or two . I also wrote good luck to all teams and I respect all teams and drivers . Saying there is a lack of talent is not a dig it’s a statement . Now your a tough guy to . Christ . If I could give you my personal cell I would . Your a big mouth and not saying another thing about you . Made a few statements and that’s it . Wasn’t angry or violent about it . Just think Stafford is more competitive . Brian it’s people like you I can’t stand . So you enjoy your summer to and maybe …. Ahhh your not worth it . God all I said is I don’t like Waterford and needs to improve and talent pool is weak . Guess I should be shot !

  63. I quit. Judging by your responses dareal, you’re either not reading my messages clearly or I’m poorly explaining. So thank you and keep up your great contributions to racing.

  64. Good for you. Joey, you are advocating, promoting, shilling a position. I read your messages, you attempted to explain your message, and your “message” was clear. You are advocating for the track. Advocating by its very nature, is opposed to facts contrary to the goal. You want to make the track look good and keep all the negatives out of sight. Others would want the negatives to be remedied, not obfuscated.

  65. You are so far out in left field and it’s very clear you haven’t read my posts.

    I’m far from advocating. Read back…… I agree with the lackluster performance of the track.

    My point is clear. This type of post…….
    “Waterford is a dump ! Worst food ever … Restrooms are down right nasty . Race programs are longest anywhere . And the talent ? Isn’t any except TC and overrated Kid Rock ! Kid rock dominates there and is average every other place . He will never get another tour ride !!! I do like TC ! Should had sold the track and built a mall ! Will say the improvements are nice ! Lots more to fix and good luck finding talent !”
    …….shows a complete lack of intelligence. It’s a spewing of insults. A post that required no thought or credibility. A post that will not be taken seriously. That type of ignorance is damaging to the sport. If you can’t agree with me on this then there is no use in arguing anymore. Your knowledge is self explained.

    Now, please go back to explaining something you’re knowledgeable in. Like the importance of trunnion angles in modified front end dynamics.

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