Justin Bonsignore Scores Whelen Modified Tour Riverhead 200 Victory

Justin Bonsignore celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Riverhead 200 Saturday at Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway (Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Justin Bonsignore celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Riverhead 200 Saturday at Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway (Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

A visit home has long proved the perfect elixir for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Justin Bonsignore.

Saturday night that home cooking once again proved to be the perfect remedy for bouncing back for Bonsignore.

Bonsignore recovered from a disastrous visit to Bristol Motor Speedway recently to bounce back with victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Riverhead 200 Saturday at his home track of Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway.

It was the second victory in the last three Whelen Modified Tour events for Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., who won the Bud King of Beers 150 at Thompson Speedway on Aug. 10. Bonsignore followed up the victory with a 22nd place finish at Bristol Motor Speedway on Aug. 17 after an early crash in the Bush’s Beans 150.

Saturday’s victory was Bonsignore’s fourth in 12 career Whelen Modified Tour starts at Riverhead.

It was his 10th career Whelen Modified Tour start overall, coming in his 100th career series start.

Timmy Solomito of Islip, N.Y. was second and Shawn Solomito of Islip, N.Y. third.

Bonsignore could also celebrate Saturday taking a big bite of the advantage of points leader Doug Coby, who finished 15th after being involved in a wreck. Bonsignore came into Saturday’s event in second place in the standings, trailing Coby by 32 points. He left Riverhead trailing Coby by 12 points with five events remaining this season. Timmy Solomito moved from fourth to third in the standings, 35 points behind Coby.

Doug Coby 465, Justin Bonsignore 452, Timmy Solomito 430


  1. You cant race on the outside of justin t riverhead. Hell put you in the wall. What a hack.

  2. That’s racing lol

  3. Where was th race
    Wenttobrs. Beer rules. I just poped

  4. Watch it Mike that is my boy ! Class act and great driver and team . Watch more races he is clean as they come . Mike your a little… You know ! Congrats JUSTIN

  5. Crazy in NY says

    he is clean as they come ???? Yeah and Trump is humble. 🙁

  6. Hey, where’d all those LFR cars finish?

    A big carb can compensate for only so much.

    Points got a little tighter. Next two races are on bullrings, tight tracks. It favors the bullring drivers: 51, 4, 8, the Solomitos, the Goodales. Coby can’t drive in traffic, does well when he can get away all by himself with the help of that big power. Traffic is inevitable on these bullrings, Coby is vulnerable at these tracks, can’t get away from traffic. Coby is toast, gonna need an even bigger carburetor when the Tour gets to Stafford, Loudon and Thompson.

  7. Oswego is not a bullring. Coby has never been there though. After Oswego, it’s goodnight Irene in terms of points. Coby could lock up points by Stafford. I think it’s already over. I hope I’m wrong though. Coby has become better at managing decent finishes at tracks he doesn’t run well at.

  8. Steve Devine says

    Oswego is a bullring track?
    That’s new

  9. Crazy and Mike ! 2 for one I would love it ! He is dirty ? You both idiots ! Nicest guy and driver on your … Wake up ladies

  10. NH MARK… Tiltle hunt is over ? You on crack ? Justin will be top3 at Oswego and win at Seekonk and take over point lead . Wake up dude . And how anyone can say Justin is dirty is a complete idiot ! He is to clean at times and that’s why he is behind in points …. He is to clean !

  11. Oswego is certainly not a bullring,but it is a different animal than most.I don’t know if any drivers other than Summers,Tomaino,or possibly Santos has ever seen it.Close chase so far but I think its still Doug’s to lose.Big carbs at Stafford,N.H. and Thompson.Justin is a not a hack.I thought Timmy might dump him there in the closing laps.Go Justin!Preece continues to turn heads

  12. Okay, Oswego is not a classic bullring. But it is NOT a horsepower track. No real straights, large radius, long turns. No real straights, it’s one big left turn, sharp and not so sharp. Traffic will be an issue for Coby, he doesn’t do well with traffic, doesn’t play well with others. Coby does very well on large, roomy tracks, like Stafford, Thompson and Loudon where he has room (straights) to use that big power and get away from traffic. Oswego has short straights and long turns… not in favor of extra big horsepower.

    Coby has 21 bonus points this season, 19 of them from Stafford, Thompson and Loudon. Simple facts.

  13. dareal- If Coby gets his trunnion angles perfect for Oswego I’m sure he’ll be tough to beat.

  14. Joey, the centrifugal virtual nebulizers are crucial at Oswego. I feel for you if this is the first time you are hearing about them.

  15. Crazy in NY says

    ModMan to and too doesn’t equal four (those are numbers)

    I’m an idiot but I know the difference between to and too.

    Just open your I’s (I mean eyes)

  16. Way to go Justin, Billy and SPAFCO

  17. ModFan Homtracks says

    Da Real, you have been spot on and killing me with your posts. I heard most teams are going with a “Flux Capacitor” instead of the CVN. Advantage: Riverhead based teams.
    I agree that there are enough longer race tracks coming up that will allow the 2 to pull out another championship.

  18. What happened to the 15 post shaker ,all this time I thought that was the reason Coby ran so good how foolish of me

  19. ModFan Homtracks, you are my target audience. 🤓

    The Riverhead guys have to put Coby away the next two races, before they get to Stafford, Loudon and Thompson. Tracks where driving skill is required is Coby’s kryptonite, and it shows in the bonus points. The 51 and 16 have been doing a great job racing against the horsepower of the 2.

    Nobody was supposed to publicly discuss the flux capacitor, or the automatic driveshaft angle-izer.

  20. I would love to see the 51 win the points. He needs to be more consistant though on the bigger tracks. Coby won at Seekonk in June against a very strong field. I’m not giving that win to anyone else yet. Coby has a few midget wins there now too. No reason to think he isn’t a top three car at Seekonk. If Coby gets out of Oswego with a top 12 finish I think it will be awfully hard to catch him down the stretch. He will be the favorite to win everywhere the tour goes after Oswego.

  21. Dolla Dolla $$$$ says

    Oswego is Troyer Country!!! Here’s a hint don’t let the boiler plate scare ya..Place was only built for heat races!!!

  22. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, the championship is far from in the bag for the 2.

  23. Facts Matter says

    When the 2 was put into the wall that ended the nite and goodfella do you dream of Coby?
    Haters can hate but your stats of his short track and midget wins are way off you need help
    with how he has come through traffic to the front and won or got a good finish keep preaching
    to your fans of haters and another clue the engine builder who is in tech with the 2 car does not
    build cheater motors and carbs now when your dreaming of Coby tonite come up with some new stats
    for you and your hater friends 2 car Bla Bla Bla your sick seek help.

  24. Justafella says

    Dareal don’t forget the deuce also has traction control and a power valve out of a old built Ford Tony Corrente engine that The 51 m3 let him use .

  25. Liz Cherokee says

    Remember that geographically Oswego is close to New York’s Finger Lake wineries. Hopefully we can all enjoy a tour and a tasting whilst we are in the area.
    Also remember that Colby-Jack is a fine tasting blended cheese and that Coby-Jacks is a racing move used in turn one to steal a race victory…

  26. Ehatever kid can drive
    He reminds me of a young rusty wallace
    And he also races speed boats full time

  27. Okay, Facts Matter is either Donald Trump or Maine Governor Paul LePage. Facts Matter, that’s a nice sentence, paragraph, whatever. And the 2 can only “come through traffic” on a roomy track like Stafford, Thompson and Loudon, where he can use that special power valve.

    Justafella, I was under the impression that all those power valves were confiscated by NASCAR and destroyed.

    Liz, the driving distance between Oswego and the central winery region is pretty far. One can easily travel >>200 miles to and fro the track to visit the wonderful NY winery region. Consider DUI, OUI, DWI, etc. before you travel. 🍇 🍷

    Oswego Speedway will be quite the whinery after the race. 😜

  28. way to go JUSTIN nice win at a good time during the season. now lets get the championship. a good win for SPAFCO.

  29. DAH real jerk fella biggest loser on this site .

  30. Liz Cherokee says

    dareal – thank you for your sincere concerns. No one can say that you aren’t a most graceful fellow!
    If I can’t find a nice B&B nearby my chosen vineyards or a driver for Sunday, I’ll be sure hire a car.

  31. Liz, I hope you have a wonderful time. I used to live in the region. Great time of year to visit, harvest season and all. I used to see Richie Evans, Jimmy Spencer, George Kent, Jan Leaty, etc. regularly. That area was modified country!

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