New London-Waterford Speedbowl To Honor Ron Bouchard And Numerous Former Racers Thursday

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoThe New London-Waterford Speedbowl will showcase many of the best currently of Modified racing Thursday night in a 100-lap NorthEast Race Cars & Parts Tri-Track Open Modified Series event, while also celebrating some of the best the past of Modified racing has to offer.

Thursday’s NorthEast Race Cars & Parts Tri-Track Open Modified Series event will be run in memory and honor of former Modified great and 1981 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year Ron Bouchard, who passed away last December.

As part of the special pre-race festivities Thursday, Bouchard will be honored along with a number of former drivers who are scheduled to take part in the ceremony.

Former drivers who are expected to take part include Bob Potter, Butch Perry, Dick Ceravolo, George Savary, Billy Harmon, George Summers and Bugsy Stevens.

“A lot of these drivers and teams competing Thursday are on the younger side now,” New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan said. “To bring some of the old timers in to give a little background is cool. It’s very cool I think if we can get that point across that there’s a lot of young races that should know the history of the sport is as rich as it is.”

As part of the pre-race festivities selected members of the honorary group of drivers will offer some short stories memorializing Bouchard.

The festivities will also include numerous former cars that Bouchard competed in during his racing car, including the familiar No. 47 he raced to victory with in the 1981 Talladega 500 at Talladega (Al.) Superspeedway.


  1. Hopefully Bugs can make it,,,illness may prevent.
    The winning races he won were fantastic, especially when him a Fred DeSarro switch rides in 71 epic battles….
    Remember when Bugsy was involved in mid-week crash at the Bowl driving Bob Johnson’s #17 Coupe, people in stands went crazy,,but stands were packed.

    And Ronnie, when Dick Armstrong put him in the former Tant/Mitchell #11 at Pocono, started last in consi, won, and lead the main, think it was the Parodi 250,,,but car broke. Woke up may owners and fans.
    The battles that Ronnie had and then onto the Cup scene in the Beebe #47 and won Talladega when TV went blank…..He was always a gentle giant as was Bugsy, the prankster……

  2. As much as I would like to be there I am going to pass as I can see the show will get dragged out and tomorrow is a work day and It comes real early. Nice touch however, people are coming to watch racing not nostalgic interviews. i can see this turning into an 11PM evening when it should be completed by 10.

  3. Totally agree. Was going to go with my oldest daughter with work Friday and and 90 minute ride home and then New Hampshire for the weekend . I will be skipping also . Went to seekonk race and Ben dodge took 30 minutes to introduce the field …. Can see a long night ahead ! Should had been about the tri-track mods and maybe SK and make it a quick night …. Kinda stinks wanted to go .

  4. Great field full of talent will make for a great race especially with JB in the Art Barry 21. Just wish they would condense the show to be out of there early and I think the crowd would be much better. Feature should be running by 9PM at the latest. Shawn won’t listen and just does not get it. Would love to see Ben Dodge at the controls for 2017.

  5. Agreed. Too long a show for a week night.

  6. Would love to see Ben dodge retire ! He did intro’s at seekonk for open wheel Wednesday and it was over 25 minutes . He had a story for each driver . Agree it should start way earlier . Seekonk started at 10 40 that night . Waterford is worse so good luck to those going . I am not because don’t want to be home at 2 am . So they need to eliminate some divisions . Enjoy !

  7. I hear what you are saying about his intro’s however, that can be controlled by track management. I still think he is a good promoter and would serve the Speedbowl well. I like you am disappointed that I am not going tonight because modifieds are the best.

  8. These comments are comical. Because of Ben Dodge, seekonk ran till midnight. But we want him to run the show so we can get home early…. The speedbowl was packed and I’m pretty sure most had to work Friday. Waterford is so much worse. The stands and pits are packed most weeks. At least 20 sk’s weekly with 29 this past weekend. Oh and the checkered flag flew around 1045 tonight. What a disaster and poorly run show yet again……

  9. Jacques Cousteau says

    You realize Ben Dodge is a paid announcer right? The promoter, or the relevant person in charge, tells him what to do. He cannot simply do what he feels like and drag the show out. That comes from the top. Sometimes delays cannot be avoided, obviously, like a big wreck or weather.
    Ben does a great job at his job every week. When he was the promoter (and announcer) at Riverside he moved the show along as quickly as possible. There were special times and events where some showmanship is needed and outside intros are due on a big show like this. The drivers love it and makes the event special in a way. This choice however is not Ben Dodges to make so he cannot get the blame.

  10. Interesting that John Spence (not Ben Dodge) was the Tri-Track announcer at the Speedbowl last night …

  11. Don’t know what track you are at but Waterford stands are not packed by any means on Saturday nights and the pits are busy but not packed either. And last weeks double SK features were a wreck fest, key word carnage.

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