Doug Coby Leads The Way In Second Whelen Mod Tour Practice At NHMS

Doug Coby (Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Doug Coby (Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

LOUDON, N.H. – Doug Coby up front for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at New Hampshire Motor Speedway?

Shocking? Nope.

And it looks like that usual speed will be right there when the series hits the track Saturday for the F.W. Webb 100.

Coby was fastest in the second and final practice for the series Friday afternoon in Loudon. Coby, of Milford, put up a fast lap of 129.772 mph.

Coby was fourth fastest during the abbreviated first practice of the day. That practice ended up setting the field for the race after qualifying was cancelled. Woody Pitkat of Stafford will start on the pole, Bobby Santos III of Franklin, Mass. second and Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. third.

If there’s one thing fans can count on of late when it comes to the Whelen Modified Tour at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, it’s Doug Coby somewhere near the front of the pack in Whelen Modified Tour action at the 1.058-mile oval.

Coby is the defending champion of the F.W. Webb 100 and has four career victories at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He won in the division’s visit to Loudon in July this year and has top-three finishes in seven of the last nine Whelen Modified Tour events at the track.

Sprint Cup Series regular Ryan Newman (129.630 mph) was second during the second practice Friday. Patrick Emerling (129.191) of Orchard Park, N.Y. was third.

Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y, who sits second to Coby by 20 points in the series standings, was fourth fastest in the final practice at 129.077 mph. Pitkat was seventh fastest in the final practice (128.950 mph).


  1. Has LFR won every event since they came on the scene here at Loudon? Not sure just asking. If so that’s pretty awesome.

  2. Billy, no.

  3. Never mind. Just heard that Todd Szegedy debuted the LFR car in the fall race at Loudon in 2014 and finished second. Won everything since then I am told. Still pretty good record so far. Pulling for Silk tomorrow. Great race to watch!

  4. No house car for LFR ? Not looking good

  5. Billy, you sound like Donald Trump, so I heard, I was told.

    In 2015, Todd Szegedy won the July race with an old Troyer. In the Fall race, the 2 won with the LFR. That is not everything. This is all readily available online, if you know how to do it.

    LFR did not win in Loudon in 2014.

    Do you have small hands and a good brain?

  6. The reason for no LFR house car is Rob Fuller is crew chief for Newman.

  7. You sound like a great guy duhreal. We are all just sitting here talking about mod racing that’s all. I was just asking a question. Didn’t mean to ruffle feathers hero. I knew they didn’t win in 2014 since it was their first race. So it sounds like they won all but 1 race since then. I am sitting at a fire with a bunch of buddies drinking a few beers having a good time while your probably by yourself at your computer. You should probably work on that. Loser.

  8. Elect, where is the Troyer house car? Oh yea, they put Kasey Kahne in it and after he got lapped he pulled in so they haven’t had one for 7 years. Not sure they even owned that car actually. Almost forgot. The Spaffco house car is not there either. Wait….. they don’t have one. Never mind. Why would LFR even run a house car anymore? Sounds like the other manufacturers might need to make the investment in a house car to catch up. Or they can just try to copy the LFR LF set up. Wait… they are doing that already by the looks of it. If you can’t beat em join em I guess. God day mate.

  9. Not for nothing but LFR should be doing exactly what I saw today in the garage area, focusing on customers. House cars do nothing but waste money in my eyes. Why do you think no one else has one? I saw Rob Fuller go to each and every LFR car all day. Yes he is focused on the 7ny but I saw him go to every customer and make sure they were all happy. That’s what I would worry about. I didn’t even see a Troyer rep here not that they know what to do these days with half of the garage on LF bind. That’s way over their head I’m thinking. I am a Troyer guy. Owned one for a long time before I had to sell. Just not sure if that’s the way to go nowadays. On another point Nascar should be ashamed of this car count. I was here 4 years ago and it was nothing in comparison. What a shame. These are just my opinions. Don’t want this dareal bully all mad at me!

  10. Facts Matter says

    Billy when u find out how to push his buttons he runs away to his corner and won’t answer.
    He prefers a rotor behind a spindle some kind of dream he’s been working on with

  11. Didn’t LFR sell/lease the LFR house car to the 01 operation? Yeah, I think so. Looks like it anyways. The 01 runs an LFR. The LFR number and sponsors were visible under the 01 paint.

    Why doesn’t the 01 LFR run with the 2, 44, 8? Just saying’.

    Darren, the 89 of Matt Swanson is SPAFCO sponsored and Kenny Barry of SPAFCO is the Crew Chief.

    Given the implosion of LFR, they probably can’t afford to run a house car, and had to sell off the house car to raise cash. That’s probably how the 01 operation ended up with it.

  12. I have no issues with LFR focusing on customers but I know everyone on here will go bat bleep if Newman wins. It’s a catch 22 in my eyes. I like having the 15 out there myself. They have been so close to winning at Loudon I would like to see them get a lobster. I’d rather have one additional good team out there over 5 field fillers.

    Emerling is your winner today.

  13. So the 01 is not as fast as the other LFR cars and you don’t know why? Huh. They purchased that car last year. You have been throwing it out all season on why it’s not as fast as the others. That was a second house car that was purchased by that guy that ran it at Thompson last year then he sold it to 01 if I’m not mistaken. It was never owned by LFR. So Spafco owns the Swanson entry? Just because Kenny is helping doesn’t mean he’s paying the expenses. LFR or Fuller owns the 15 I’m pretty sure if that. Not sure why he would race against customers but that’s not my idea of customer service.

  14. Darren, you are correct that the 01 car was not the house car aka the #15 and Rob still owns the #15. He has a commitment to help Newman at Bristol and Loudon. The #15 will not be at Stafford as Ron is still relocating his operation to Mass also the reason for racing the #15 is so he can try new parts, set-ups, etc. to help support his customers.

  15. Billy, still hanging around a fire drinking beer?

    In my circles, people that have nothing better to do but hang around a fire, drinking beer are losers. Hanging around a fire is for cavemen.

    I don’t do that.

    How did those LFR cars do?

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