Doug Coby Rolls To Whelen Modified Tour Victory At Oswego Speedway

Doug Coby celebrates victory Saturday in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event at Oswego Speedway (Photo: NASCAR/Fran Lawlor)

Doug Coby celebrates victory Saturday in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event at Oswego Speedway (Photo: NASCAR/Fran Lawlor)

A few weeks ago following an event at Thompson Speedway Doug Coby described the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour’s upcoming return to the Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway as a possible dangerous wildcard in the championship chase.

Saturday the reigning Whelen Modified Tour tamed anything that was wild about the division’s long awaited return to the legendary facility.

Coby, of Milford, scored victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Toyota Modified Classic 150 at Oswego Speedway.

Coby, who had never seen the .625-mile Oswego Speedway oval before Saturday morning, qualified second for the event and led a race-high 121 laps.

It was the fourth victory in 13 events this year for Coby, who is chasing his third consecutive series title and fourth title in the last five years. It was the 21st career Whelen Modified Tour victory for Coby, moving him into seventh on the division’s all-time wins list.

While Coby survived the wildcard event, the chase to grab points in the standings proved minimal.

Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y., Coby’s closest pursuer in the standings, was third in the event. Timmy Solomito of Islip, N.Y. was second.

Coby now holds a 20-point lead over Bonsignore with four events remaining this season. Solomito sits third in the standings, 40 points behind Coby.

Rob Summers of Manchester and Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. rounded out the top five respectively.

Coby led the first 61 laps on the .625-mile oval but fell to 11th after pitting. Coby moved past Rowan Pennink for the lead on lap 91 and never trailed again.

The Modified Tour returns to action September for the running of the 150 at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway.


  1. Wonder why Hirschman was a no show? Money Matt indeed…..

  2. Read somewhere today that his car wasn’t finished.

  3. Turn out the lights, the party is over…. Coby has this in the bag. I know the points didn’t change but Coby will be the favorite for every race from here on out. He slammed the door shut last year. I would expect more of the same this year. On to Seekonk!

    I thought Hirshmann was running Oswego?

  4. I’ll tell you why. Brand new car for a brand new owner, the guys busted butt this week to get it done but
    it just didn’t happen. Matt loves Oswego and make no mistake he was very disappointed but hey…it happens. Look for the Pee Dee Motorsports entry at Seekonk next Saturday.

  5. Crazy Larry says

    If you weren’t here you missed a great race lots of passing lane changes that VP traction compound really works !! haven’t seen a race like that in a long time congratulations Coby and Santos for taking the pole wake up NASCAR that vp needs to be applied on all tracks you have no problem taking our money now it’s time to use it get a tractor-trailer load

  6. NH MARK …you think it’s over ? Justin will win seekonk and your cheater boy Coby will be mid-pack and the points get tight again ! Cheaters all get caught . Like Brady they will as well . Coby won earlier at seekonk, that wasn’t a tour race so see you there ! Far from over . Money Matt was wise not to show … Wasn’t a field of ROC guys so he probably realized a butt whooping was going to happen and he might had got a top 10. Good move not coming Matt ! Well people enjoy the stretch run the season has flown by again… Kinda sucks . Racing is the best and pretty great people at the tracks ! Always a great time🏁🏁🏁🏁

  7. How did the most popular driver on the tour do?

  8. There’s no mention of NASCAR and the Tour payouts any longer but did you happen to see the check that Coby got last night $6,000 for the win all these Connecticut and Massachusetts based team’s drove 300 miles to Oswego when you could just drive to Waterford or Seekonk and get $10,000 makes no sense

  9. That dam football rears its ugly head again…I hear they use helium in dem balls now .

  10. Liz Cherokee is finishing another bottle in honor of the great run by Melissa F.

  11. Why does Mod Man think Doug is cheating? Maybe he hasn!t ever been on a crew or had a crew chief that knows how to set up a race car to make it go fast.I Quess it.s easier to say they cheat then to learn how to make a car go thru the corner like Phil does. I know that when you go thru the corner faster then the other cars that makes the straight away longer and faster for your car.

  12. Harold welcome to the show ! Getting all technical with me . I haven’t seen a team dominate like this since Greg sacks in 1982 and it is a different game now . All I am saying is how on certain tracks does he toys with people and other tracks he is average . Doug has always been an average driver till he got In the 2 . My opinion and it’s that simple . Justin will be the champ … Remember that I said it first !

  13. Coby isn’t my boy but it’s over. How come the 2 cheats but the 16 doesn’t, given they are close in points and had equal amount of wins going into Oswego?? The starting grid at Seekonk in June may have been the best field I’ve seen all year. Literally, everyone in the field had a shot. Everyone had won modified features or championships. That won’t be the case come Saturday night.Your crazy not to think Coby will be fast and in the mix. How many feature wins does Coby have there? Justin has zero I do believe. It will be a great race but to discard the black duece’s odds is insane.

  14. Facts Matter says

    He won two races in one day at Thompson for 20,000 10,000 at Seekonk and a tour championship in the 52 car yeah that was another just average deal.

  15. Mark Fisher says

    Mod Man although Doug Coby has helped MSIII win its first 2 championships and soon-to-be there third . There is no comparison between the 1982 Greg Sacks/Ernie Wilsberg 5 combo that Won 28 out of 37 races it entered that year NOW that’s dominance. Doug & MSIII will be the team to beat at the next four TOUR races The 51 & 16 we’ll have to wait till next year

  16. Seekonk fan says

    Mod Man, Coby did pretty good in the 52

  17. Happens every time someone does well,they’re accused of cheating,don’t give credit to crew,driver,or most likely the best crew chief in the pits,

  18. Liz Cherokee says

    Yes, it was an unfortunate day for Melissa as it appears she had some troubles with her gears. It’s too bad because I think she had a top 20 car for sure. Albeit noisy under those covered grandstands, I must say that it was fun too feel the thunder of the cars! I’ll also admit the I even enjoyed a nice cold Budweiser too!

    Moreover, I must say I’ve enjoyed the trip out here and the wine trastings thus far today have been truly fantastic!

    Bottoms up boys!

  19. Jerry Fascione says

    This ain’t dominating not even close. Evans dominated “EVERY” track he went to and a lot of them were his 1st time there. Eddie Flemke dominated every track he went to just to name a couple of drivers. And one more thing they did it against the best modifed drivers ever no disrespect to the current drivers while they are good none of them compare to Evans, Flemke, Bugsy, Troyer, Cook, Charlie. Bouchard(s), I can list 15 more and they are all better then the drivers now.

  20. Liz is Looking for love at the races ? LOL… The title Hunt isn’t over ! Well if Doug dumps the 51 or 16 like he did to preece last year it will be over ! Never would had won title last year if NASCAR had a sack and took the New Hampshire win away ! Justin is great at riverhead so this week he is the favorite along with Timmy . So Coby lovers it’s not over yet . Melissa is a cute girl and very nice , but the SK lights are calling her name . Liz I will buy you a beer sorry ! Anybody but Coby and that’s my opinion only …. Sorry boys !

  21. NH Mark … Starting grid in June at the konk wasn’t a tour field and it wasn’t that great . No TC … Savary is a hack . Oh money Matt was there . Wow ! Talk to me after the 2 is average next week ! Heck I will buy you a beer Saturday ! Melissa out by lap 10 and they finally realize by years end to get off the tour . Would love to see her learn and work her way back !

  22. To Jerry when naming great past drivers u left out a great one Fredo bandito.Bobby Santos an DONNY McTavish.

  23. Where was Matt…… That’s funny. They actually had tech inspection after this race. He usually won’t show if that the case. LFR dominated in Troyer country BTW. Love it.

  24. Facts Matter says

    You can’t compare the old era with todays drivers our favorites were not told you have to drive 200
    laps on the 4 tires you have on the car there tires were softer our great guys could come in with 10
    to go put on 2 or 4 tires start 10th and win thats way been over, they were not told you have to run a
    rf tire that is a compound not the same as the rr and when you watched your guy win he could have
    been one of the 2 or 3 teams that could get tires no one else in the world could get thats why Nascar
    stopped it and went to the spec tire.

  25. If you’ve followed modifieds long enough, you know these things (“unbeatable” drivers) are cyclical. Nobody could beat Geoff Bodine in the Armstrong #1. Richie dominated forever. Greg Sacks in the #5. Charlie Jarzombek in the #5. It happens. I actually think it’s more interesting than having a season where 10 drivers get wins. We need a “villian” to root against.
    (I was away for a few years… so forgive me if maybe Marquis and Stefanik belong in the same category with the others I mentioned…)

    I don’t see much point in comparing drivers then vs now. The cars were different, the tracks were different, the money was different, the tech was different.

    As I recall, the first Thompson 300 drew MORE THAN one hundred modifieds. And I think there were more than 90 entries for the second running. As I said, different world.

    I’d love to have the 300 back, tho.

    Oxford Plains pulls 60-70 Super Late Models every year for the 250. Why can’t we do that with the modifieds? Just steal the format… $25K to win, no time trials, all heat races, $100 lap money, make it an open show; screw NASCAR.

  26. How did the 8 and 44 do?

  27. Facts matter do you google this stuff ? Really …. This is suppose to be fun conversation not NASCAR Tech garage . Era’s are different I agree . I miss 30 lap features at Stafford and Thompson …. 100 lap specials at Stafford … Pentax 200 and Thompson 300 . Never liked the tour ever . Wish the TRI-TRACK stuff could turn into a series of at least 20 races . Is what it is . Miss the way it was before the tour . Liz you there ? LOL. Where is darealgoodfella ?

  28. Mike86 totally agree with you ! Gotta have a villain and Coby is mine . Was the best years ago . Give TRI-TRACK organizers credit for what they are doing . Change needs to happen soon . I hate NASCAR and how they treat the tour teams . Yes they added 2 races this year …. Not enough for me . New touring series needs to come together . Love all modified fans … I raise a glass and toast you all …. Your the best . Liz you to.

  29. Liz Cherokee says

    Man Mod, FYI I’m resting quite comfortably in my suite at a fine upstate NY B&B watching that handsome New Jersey fish boy win the Southern 500…

  30. Mike86 totally agree with you ! Liz you there …lol ! Coby is my villain ! New tour needs to be formed soon . NASCAR is gross and serve no purpose on the mod scene anymore ! Tri-TRACK 20 race tour ! Let’s do it . The mod teams deserve it and so do the fans . Best racing on the planet ! Mod nation stand up 🏁🏁🏁🏁🍺… Have one for Liz

  31. I’m right here.

    It’s all over. The 2 has the championship, unless he has another wreck or two in him. But they are good at Seekonk, and the rest of the schedule.

    The rest of the field are racing for 2nd place, as they have been since way to early in the season. They have to be careful, a poor finish can cost a spot in the points. There’s a lot of points between 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. Bad luck can change things.

  32. Can’t compare drivers from different eras. It’s like comparing a Greek Gladiator to a Seal Team 6 member. They didn’t have the equipment that we have now. Engines are far better. Shock technology has greatly advanced. As brutish a Modified is, there is still so much more we have today that they didn’t have. I would love to see Evans, Charlie Leaty, Kent, et al. in today’s Modifieds.

  33. Mike86, I agree with many of your points. The Thompson 300 was awesome racing. I remember the 90 plus car counts. As far as stealing Oxford’s format, Gary Knight tried that at Monadnock this year, $1500 to win, qualifying races, consi’s, lap money etc. What should have been the greatest race of the year had 22 cars show up.

  34. Enjoy yourself Liz ! Hope you have a sexy man with you enjoying that suite . The championship is far from over ! Dougie will not win it and I guarantee it . Enjoy the holiday people .

  35. Yes, it was an unfortunate day for Melissa as it appears she had some troubles with her gears. It’s too bad because I think she had a top 20 car for sure

    LOL , funniest line of the year on Raceday CT. (there were 21 starters so Liz I guess that would be one helluva accomplishment) God help us if Liz and ModMan ever procreate. Dis Coby all you want but he just dominated a race at a track he’d never seen before. ( a track that is not an easy place for newbies btw). That said having Phil Moran as your crew chief is HUGE to be sure. So Coby can’t win at Seekonk you say? Tune in next week folks, things are going to be interesting.

  36. Liz Cherokee says

    As the affable and always quotable Bill Belichick would say ‘We’re on to Seekonk…’

    Since I won’t have time to catch the last ferry to the Vineyard after the race, the choice of accomodations was easy. I’m staying at Mr Darling’s fine establishment, the Hampton Inn.

    Hopefully I get a room in back on a high floor so I can watch all of you ‘living the dream’ as you race those go-karts next door. When you sprint out of that gate to pick your go-kart, be sure to pick the one with the best carburetor!

  37. What ever happened to that MTS or whatever it’s called. I thought the one race they held was supposed to have been a success with many more races to come.

  38. Liz the traveling girl . Won’t miss a race till she sees her girl Melissa finish on the lead lap . Keep those bags packed Liz and keep a man buy your side for the journey . Races and wine and …… Be safe Liz we are all worried about you ! Seekonk results will make the point battle almost dead even ! Can’t wait . 51 & 16 will close the gap on Dougy and Phil …. The dynasty as some of you would say 🏁🏁🏁

  39. To Dave S: Wish I knew more about the Monadnock MTS event to have an opinion re: why it drew such a small field. Tire choice? The promoter? Scheduling? Two dozen cars for a $15K win can only be called underwhelming.

    My understanding is that NASCAR really had no interest in bringing in back the 300. Frankly, I wouldn’t want it to be a NASCAR event. I don’t want time trials… I want heats and consis and a crazy last chance race.

    If $15K to win doesn’t pull in drivers from NY, NJ and PA, would $25K?

    Guess I’m just baffled as to why a 1/3 mile track in East Nowhere, Maine can host a $25K to win event, pull in drivers from across New England (and, this year, NC, FL, WI and Canada) and the Mods can’t have an equal event.

    If Thompson can’t do it… I wonder if Oswego could?

    I wish Bateman and the MRS could pull this off. I think you have to have an established sanctioning group at the heart of it (like PASS and, previously ACT, with the Oxford 250)… not some start-up group. But the MRS just doesn’t have the credibility at this point. Officiating… tech… etc. Consequently, the level of talent has dropped off that tour in the last couple years. (Not saying there’s not talent there today, but the bench isn’t nearly as deep as it once was.)

    Oh, well… the 300 is a relic of the past. I’m glad I have the memories.

  40. Get used to Colby at the top of the heap. When he’s done he will be ahead of all of the “greats” in Modified record books.And, he’s just a humble low buck low key guy racing for the fun of it not like guys like the Reg or Bodine or Teddy who made a big money business out of racing!

  41. Grey Matter says

    Man… and all the haters that said Doug wouldn’t and couldn’t do it. Hope you’re all eating cold crow for breakfast since Sunday morning.

  42. Liz Cherokee says

    I never doubted Doug, so I had Eggs Benedict, blini with honey and caviar, and of course a few mimosas to wash it down… Makes for a fantastic start to any morning!

  43. “Get used to Colby at the top of the heap”

    I’ll bet Doug Coby will go even higher up the heap!

  44. Liz, I love mimosas ! You always talk about the good time your having ! Who is the lucky guy ? Title fight is far from over . Did look at the point system on the tour …. It’s a joke system , like NASCAR …. A joke !

  45. 24 cars showed up for the NASCAR modified tour race at Oswego. the race paid the winner ~$6000. in a few weeks, the ROC will be there. i believe the winner gets $12500 plus lap money. also, if i’m not mistaken, the overhead to run ROC is alot less than it is to race on the NASCAR tour. financially, the bottom line is much better in ROC and the open comp events than it is in NASCAR. is the point fund so great in NASCAR modifieds that it’s worth it to lose $$ each race (at least for 90% of the teams)?

  46. The travel expenses are also a fraction of what the tour costs.I can’t understand it either.Nascar should be persona non grata,but still they hold sway over these teams that they disrespect and jerk around with time limits and truncated events.So the crummy purses seem even more baffling.All the venues other than Bristol and N.H.will still welcome this tour no matter who is sanctioning them.New England,N.Y. and N.j is all they need.

  47. Coby took home $9,350 with his bonus money for the Oswego win.
    Matt would have run really well if they were able to finish the car in time.
    Last place paid $1,500 with bonus money.

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