Late Drama: Ronnie Williams Gets First SK Modified Win At Speedbowl

Ronnie Williams celebrates his first career SK Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday

Ronnie Williams celebrates his first career SK Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday

WATERFORD – Ronnie Williams has struggled to find victory lane running full-time in the SK Modified divisions this year at Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway.

Saturday the Tolland driver took the show on the road for a rare appearance at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and made the decision to drop in on the action one to remember.

Williams passed Ted Christopher for the lead out of the final corner to win the 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

“I just had to the throw it in there,” Williams said. “I know [Christopher] would have probably done the same to me so you just have to do it back. I just beat the king, so it’s a pretty great feeling.”

It was the first career SK Modified victory at the track for Williams.

“Great racetrack, we’ve been fast every time we’ve come here,” Williams said. “So to park it in victory lane after the season we’ve had is definitely a good step and hopefully things continue.”

Christopher, of Plainville, held on for second and Matt Galko of Meriden was third.

Christopher took the lead from Justin Gaydosh with 30 laps remaining and then fended off challenges from Galko and Diego Monahan.

Williams was able to get by Galko for second before a caution flew again with six laps remaining.

“I don’t what really happened but Galko and Monahan got mixed up, but I got into second and I knew the car was good,” Williams said.

Williams stayed on Christopher’s bumper on the ensuing restart, but the action was slowed again with another caution with three laps remaining.

On the final restart, Williams kept Christopher in his sights and gave him a tap to the rear in turn two with a lap and a half remaining.

On the final lap Williams made a diving move into turn three and then rolled off of turn four and into the lead going to the checkered flag.

“He got down in the grass, where am I supposed to go?” Christopher said. “He stuck it in and it stuck. When you go low that’s what happens. If it was anybody else they would have spun out but because it’s me people think they can do that. I’ve got good car control. What are you going to do?”


  1. Brandon Wilkinson says

    Awesome race. TC really held his own on that move, Ronnie made a perfect move for the win and it stuck. Breath taking.

  2. The Old Coyote says

    Coming from Indiana, the land of 410 non-wing Sprint Cars of dirt bull rings, I must tell you what a great place and race. I met some great race fans, had a splendid time and will return on my next visit.

  3. Eye in the sky says

    Gotta love the fact that after a year in which TC won somewhere around 8 features with the worlds most ported heads and an intake so hogged out a family of four could live inside it, his dream team can’t nail down a single, solitary SK win at the Bowl. Amazing what losing 50 HP will do to a teams winning percentage. Good lord, I hope it doesn’t go back to .000 though for another 15 years though.

    When you can’t even bring it home coming outta four with the checkers in sight, when you’re too slow to even block, that tells me one of two things: that’s the worst handling car ever with a distinct lack of now legal horsepower or whoever is the spotter on that team is the worst in racing history. Period. It ain’t Ted, he’s proven he’s still got what it takes this year at Stafford.

  4. I do agree that minus the cheated up heads TC is not dominating this year but just because he got beat on the last turn does not mean the car is not right or the spotter is blind! It means that TC got beat on Saturday night by a very good car and driver. Give credit where due, Driver and Crew

  5. The 59 was on rails, nothing more, nothing less that is why he won.

  6. Say what you want about TC not dominating. He is still running VERY competitively at this age when most, like Bo Gunning are nothing but back markers. He is a very good driver and is not an embarrasment on the track.

  7. Dougie Fresh says

    So true Ken. Anybody see Gunning on Saturday night? Spent his heat race trying to take out one of the points leaders before taking himself out on the last lap. How many times this year has Bo wrecked himself trying to take other people out? Not only can he not race anymore, he can’t even wreck people and get that done. No surprise his team spends most of the night on the midway eating ice cream and chasing ladies, no point in working on the car if Bo is just going to go backwards or wreck every week.

  8. ModFan Homtracks says

    I agree with Humphry. Even though it was only his second visit to the track this year, that team nailed the set up and that Kid Ronnie can wheel a race car. He won the pole award at Waterford the first time he was here 2 weeks ago so this was no fluke. He stated 10th that race and was top 5 until the 51 spun running second and collected him. He was on his way to win that race too. I’m hoping he comes back to the bowl at least a couple more times this year. It’s great watching some great young talent passing guys high and low groove. He’s well spoken and he interviews well. A very respectful clean young man and very good for modified racing. Especially after how Ted hit the 59 and cut him off after the race, TC did not tip his cap to Ronnie,,instead made up crap like the 59 went into the grass to pass him and how great TCs car control is. What a slug and a very poor loser. Not the case buddy video doesn’t lie. Shawn, let us know if Ronnie is coming back to the bowl this year.
    We’d love to see another show like this.

  9. Don’t lose any sleep over Tc not giving credit where it is due. Just let him keep thinking he is a “legend” until he nods off.

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