Matt Galko Keeps SK Mod Winners List Growing In 2016 At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoDifferent faces in victory lane aplenty has been the theme of the 2016 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in the track’s premier SK Modified division.

And that trend continued Saturday night at the track.

Matt Galko of Meriden scored victory in the 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the first career SK Modified for Galko, who became the 10th different winner in 18 SK Modified events this year at the Speedbowl.

“It was the restart of my life,” Galko said of going by Joe Gada for the lead on a lap-19 restart. “We have been trying for for an SK win for a long time and it finally paid off. I never thought the first win would take place here at the Speedbowl. To do it with a part-time crew is amazing. I can’t thank them enough.”

Gada, of Salem, was second and Paul Kusheba IV of Monroe third.

In the 30-lap Late Model feature it was Jason Palmer of Berlin scoring his first victory of 2016. Keith Rocco of Wallingford was second and Anthony Flannery of East Hampton third.

Monte Gibbs of Killingworth got his fifth win of the season in the 25-lap Limited Late Model feature.

Josh Galvin of Oakdale was second and Chris Meyer of Norwich third.

Brett Gonyaw of Vernon got his first career victory in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature.

Cory DiMatteo of Farmington was second and John O’Sullivan of Salem third.

Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon got his first victory of the season in the first of twin 20-lap Mini Stock features. Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale was second and Sean Caron of East Hampton third.

Ian Brew of Wood River Junction, R.I. got his first victory of 2016 in the second 20-lap Mini Stock feature. Sean Caron of East Hampton was second and Jordan Hadley of Waterford third.

Meyer scored his first career series victory in the 35-lap North East Street Stock tour feature. Joe Arena of Bristol was second and Frank L’Etoile of Wethersfield third.


  1. Wonder if Corey Barry learned anything? You don’t piss off Bill McNeil

  2. Congrats to Brett Gonyaw and crew! A well deserved victory overcoming the odds and pushing through! They absolutely deserve it and more.

  3. Bill McNeil needs to learn how to drive a race car through the corner and not stop in the middle, that’s how you get run into. He should be thrown out for the rest of the year for the BS move he pulled in retaliation.

    Now, let’s talk about Rocco punting Monahan in 3&4 and why not the same call as the 39? Again, no consistency in the calls by management.

  4. Forgot, nice job Brent on your first win!

  5. No call because of who it involves. You answered your own question right there

  6. Hey Humphry..Diego needs to learn how to drive a race car through the corner and not stop in the middle, that’s how you get run into..LOL. thought there was a full moon last night based on some of the actions on the track. nice to see some new faces on the podium. penalty box may be a little crowded this week. nest couple weeks will be “action packed” I am sure

  7. Track Worker says

    SIDSVIEW is out now. There is a slow motion cut of monahan spinning himself out with Rocco 10 ft away. I imagine that’s why there was no call on Rocco Humphrey.

    On a side note. I watched a video on Facebook with Diego and mike serluca drunk and crying about how they were robbed by Rocco again with comments below about retaliation. I watched deigos GF run in to the race tower screaming like an insane person. All the while the guy spun himself out which was quite obvious to 90% of people watching.

    With that being said, I can’t imagine how an entire family and crew of people who have been around racing their whole lives could be so incredibly clueless. That whole group is a complete embarrassment every week.

    I think they have the fastest car every week. If he can never win starting anywhere but the top 4 he should look in the mirror.

  8. Yea your probably right pop rocks but like I said, the staff is consistently inconsistent on the calls. The troops were playing a little rough last night and you are correct, it is not going to get any better before the season ends.

  9. Saw that. I stand corrected.

  10. Just watched the video on Sid’s View and I stand corrected on the Rocco Monahan incident, definitely no contact.

  11. the video was an embarrassment for diego and serluca.. I don’t care if there was a retraction /apology.. people need top stop overreacting and shut up for a change ..your not in the drivers seat.. of course in this case it didn’t`t matter. Neither party has any class or credibility .. PS I didn’t need to see a video to confirm what was obvious to any unbiased race fan standing/sitting in three or four. awful , awful , awful

  12. Why did Monahan circle the track to find the 88, and then run him up to the wall? The video clearly shows he lost it all on his own.

  13. Ok. Let me start by saying I was not there, but the bowl has made it this way this year. They have been incredibly inconsistent all year long. Track Worker maybe you should go back and watch the video you saw. Mike and Diego were apologizing to Webby because they were wrong not bitching. Speed Kills did you really just say Diego and Serluca video was an embarrassment, and need to shut up because they are not in the driver’s seat???? Maybe I am missing something, because I’m pretty sure Diego was driving the car…… I don’t know how much racing you guys have watched, but there are instances in every level where guys lose it and swear they were dumped. It’s a mistake that can happen. Until all you guys get out of the stands and actually drive a car and feel it you don’t have much to say.

  14. mike serluca says

    Lol. Track worker. You’re funny. I rewatched the video and I don’t see any crying. I did post a follow up video the following day. Maybe you should check it out. Keep up the good work you do at the track. Since we are on the topic of track workers, nice job by a track worker unloading on Matt Galko in victory lane. That was a beautiful display of professionalism. Keep hiding behind your screen name. It’s not my fault I’ll always be cooler than you. 31 to the front and always ice cold beer after, no matter the outcome.

  15. mike serluca says

    Speed Kills thank you for your compliment. You are obviously perfect. Congratulations on that. By the way, I have a lot more credibility than you, and I don’t even know who you are. Nor do I care. You are an anonymous nobody. I will and do voice my opinion where ever and when ever I want. Unlike you, I can admit when I’m wrong. Based on your past comments, you can’t. But, I forgot, you’re perfect. Thank you for viewing my videos though. I always knew you were a fan. Lmaooooooo

  16. I saw the video too. It was an embarrassment. I guess Terry W only saw the second video those two drunk idiots posted. I like how they decided if they couldnt blame Rocco, they would blame the 21. Man up dude and admit you screwed up.

  17. mike serluca says

    I never blamed the 21. So you should go back and watch the video. Thank you for watching tho. I’m glad my life is that interesting to you. And I’m the idiot… Lol.

  18. Speedbowl Fan says

    As if right now the Speedbowl could use anymore bad press. Two drunk fools looking like idiots on a live Facebook video calling out people, Dropping F bombs and shot gunning beers. Very Very Trashy. Shawn Monahan puts up with enough people saying how much special treatment Diego gets. You would think Diego wouldn’t do stuff like this. It would be like the Arute Kids posting stuff like this. That will never happen. It comes down to Class. You guys have none of It. Its very sad.
    mike serluca,
    Yes Very Good Apology, I like the part where one you Call Roccos wife a “Douchbag”. You guys should be embarrassed and ashamed. If you’re not then you are just complete trash.

  19. I did see the first video. Yeah they got drunk after the race and vented. The only difference between them and you guys is you type out your rants and they used a camera. The point is they man’d up and apologized because they found out they were in fact wrong. Show me a team that doesn’t get drunk at the race shop every once in a while. As far a credibility goes….I don’t really know Diego, but I would imagine any of you that would like to jump from behind the screen name I’m sure Mike will gladly walk around the speedbowl with you and you can take a poll about his credibility.

  20. sure diego was in the car ..not man enough to say hey I lost it on my own.. serluca.. you made it personal using social media and saying derogatory things about someone’s family are an embarrassment no credibility and should stop posting .. I guess your sponsors and the speedbowl are proud of this drunken rant .. so stupid and irresponsible its almost incomprehensible

  21. mike serluca says

    I said something about someone’s family? Really? Are we watching the same video? Once again, I will post whatever I want on MY Facebook page. Too bad if you don’t like it. Don’t watch it then. Pretty simple.

  22. mike serluca says

    I’m not embarrassed pal. Never.

  23. Frankie tree says

    I wish l had a lot more time on my hand to post useless banter on here. Shawn C. thanks for such a great forum for all of us to kill time at gas station whole filling up tanks. I’ll bet Mike S is the only person who drinks at track or in parking lot lmao. I’m glad that Mike S is passionate fan and team member. More people should step into any roll and help out there favorite driver. Then you’ll be the same. See ya Saturday………

  24. Old man racer says Matt on a job well done.

  25. Jim Phillips says

    TERRY W there is no need for a poll at the track because i can tell you right now every one in the pits including Rocco will tell you Diego is one of the greatest guys around the pits these fools that hide behind the screen or as i call them keyboard Heros wouldnt know a tac from a shiffter never mind be of any help let them stay in the stands and beer lines and as far as Mike S goes another great guy

  26. David Johnson says

    Jim Phillips they may be the greatest guys going, but they made themselves look stupid. Everyone is right, they should be embarrassed.

    Typical nobody’s who are think they are somebody…..

  27. Dennis Perry says

    I never saw the video by the 31 team and dont care too but I have to say that calling Diego and his crew classless and saying he is not respected in the pits is entirely wrong. I spoke to Diego yesterday when I was told that people said the 21 turned him just to clear the air. Diego and his team are one of the most fun and willing to help groups at the track. If the video was bad I am sure they regret it and hell find me a racer who has never done something stupid after feeling wronged just to find out later the situation was not exactly what they thought. I can remember some guy leading a race this year and going around in turn 1 right after Keith hit him with the bumper. He then quickly spun around and went looking for Kieth before he realized he was leaking oil everywhere. Lucky for him he didn’t fully act on his wrongly placed frustrations. People bitching about every little thing is no help. Keith being called rough and dirty doesn’t fly with me yes he made a bad mistake that cost Diego a ton but Saturday night I ran side by side on the outside with the 88 for I dont know how many laps and never once touched bars. You don’t win as many championships and races as Kieth if your a hammerhead. What I am saying is everybody needs to chill and remember just 2 years ago at this time I was bringing my car to the bowl for the last race because it might not be there anymore. All this hiding behind computers and calling names helps no one and just hurts the casual fans that we need to bring back to the track.

  28. mike serluca says

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I think. I wanna be just like you.

  29. mike serluca says

    Can’t be too much of a nobody if we’ve got so many people commenting, watching, and sweating our video though. If we are such nobody’s, why does anybody care? Think about who the nobody’s are here before you make such a ridiculous statement…

  30. I just read the Mike Serluca facebook race shop video has been viewed more times than the Paris Hilton sex video!!! Congrats man, that’s proof some people have way to much free time.

  31. Independent observer says

    Boy just when you thought this serluca guy was done making a fool of himself. That’s right sir you are tops! Thumbs up sir. Defiantly a real somebody.

  32. “Keith being called rough and dirty doesn’t fly with me yes he made a bad mistake that cost Diego a ton but Saturday night.” So are you saying that Keith is to blame for Diego spinning when he was never hit from behind? Your post is hard to follow with the lack of punctuation and train of thought.

  33. Jim Phillips says

    David Johnson if you think they looked stupid because they went home after thinking they got dumped by some one they call family and having a few pops and posting a video speaking there minds then i guess you have no clue what being a contending team is

  34. Jim Phillips says

    Oh and David do you personly know Diego or Mike if it shows a lot of class to call them nobodys angain enjoy the beer line

  35. hey serluca ..some people`s feelings get hurt when false accusations are hurled at a driver about what happened on the track without confirming it first. peoples feelings get hurt when you call someone’s wife derogatory names and you do it on social media ! people also become concerned for public safety when you say were going to get some take out/drive thru after you had had way to much to drink at the shop (after business hours) .possibly driving while impaired ?? people care when positive things are finally happening at the track and competitors, crew and whatever else you wish to identify yourself as shed a negative light on the facility who has had a very messy history and may not have remained a race track until ownership changed in an already compromised economy . after viewing your video I guess if I had kids and a wife and I saw this I would probably spend my money at Stafford or Thompson .. would NOT support the 31 team ,your radio talk show or the sponsors either one of you are affiliated with . wouldn’t`t support the company you work for either …see what acting like a fool on social media does. is it sinking in? the fact you state you are not embarrassed makes it more egregious .you bad behavior is best kept behind closed doors. P.S. hey you asked the question .That’s my honest answer

  36. mike serluca says

    Thanks, as you can probably tell, I really don’t care what you or anybody else thinks. Let me know when anything you ever post on Facebook gets almost 2000 views. I get more likes and comments than you have friends. So much for being a nobody, I guess. Good, bad, or otherwise, you’ve spent time out of your life to see an idiot in action, for free. You’re welcome. I’ve been called worse by better! Thank you all for your views and kind words of encouragement. You haters do realize you’re making this “nobody”, somebody, right? Ahhhhhhhh, but wait, I’ve always been “somebody”. I can’t wait to make some more videos! Please e-mail any suggestions to: [email protected]. Until then, keep it classy. I know I won’t!

  37. mike serluca says

    Great answer, but, in a live video, I can’t control someone else calling someone names, which was the case. Secondly, I am not that stupid. I had a DD. I didn’t know I needed to be more specific in my ride situation. Third, the fact that I am not embarrassed shouldn’t bother you or anyone else. I don’t work for the track. I will not go into detail as to why, but ask anybody, I gave my life to that place last season. As for Charles Toyota, the 2 radio shows I co-host, and the 31/78 team I choose to support, that’s your choice to do what you want. Most have been degrading and trash talking Shawn, Diego and the track all season long about favoritism. Looks like the choice has been made already. I apologized to Eric Webster. Personally. Before I made the 2nd video. I apologized to Keith on the video for saying he dumped the 31. Before you go getting all emotional about that, let’s not act like I’m the only one to toss out acusations about stuff without watching videos. I’ve seen NUMEROUS instances and the Rocco camp isn’t innocent. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one to publicly admit when I am wrong. If you think Stafford and Thompson don’t have their share of “idiots” like me, you are sorely mistaken. I have said my peace. I refuse to be embarrassed, for myself. I made a poor choice, yes, I dragged Diego into it. Yes. Was I very defensive. Yes. I tend to get that way, just like other people, when I get called names, just like the people named in the video would be defensive toward me. What really confuses me is, if is so bad, why did so many people watch it and react? I appreciate your response, no sarcasm at all either. I would love to say I’ll think more about it before doing something like this in the future, but I’d be lying to all of you. Everybody hates somebody and I guess I’ve added to my collection of haters. I am sorry that I called out people and was wrong, but I’m not embarrassed.

  38. mike serluca says

    Defiantly? I’m lost…. At least I’m somebody who can spell.

  39. mike serluca says

    You are a great guy Dennis. One heck of a driver too. I was a big fan of your dad and have watched you have a tremendous season thus far, and your son as well. Good luck on your run for the championship this season. It looks to be one of the most exciting, down-to-the-wire battles between the top 5. I wish all of you the best!

  40. I have never seen similar video rants on social media before from Stafford ,Thompson or Waterford competitors who were venting. than again I may not have that many “friends” . I am a fan who did NOT expect what I saw in the video from a team and individuals who I felt up until this past Saturday had overcome much adversity and were running right up front.(good for you) at the very least it was sour grapes and showed poor sportsmanship/judgment for reasons stated.My main point was your actions can effect those around you in a negative way perhaps more than you know and apparently based on your response will or may continue. good luck to you sir !

  41. mike serluca says

    I think he is referring to an incident a couple of weeks ago when the 88 made contact with the 78 and the 78 was destroyed in turn 3. Hence the reason why Diego is now in the 31. I’d also like to point out that Keith and Diego talked and it was agreed that it was unfortunate, but unintentional.

  42. mike serluca says

    No. You definitely haven’t been on enough social media. That’s ok though. By the way, the reply I wrote to you, was to you. The one above was to independent observer, whoever that is. Like I said, I’ve apologized to all involved for my actions and for the actions of a person in the video, which I don’t feel I should apologize for the actions of others, but in this case I feel it is appropriate on my end because I have nothing personal against any of the Roccos or Eric Webster. I understand my actions can effect those around me, just as their actions effect me. As far as what I choose to post in the future or comments I feel the need to make, there’s always someone bound to be offended. I am a very opinionated person. I’ve listened to enough opinions and have taken enough criticism from people in life to learn to respect people’s thoughts, dumb, smart, right, wrong, drunk, sober, ignorant, or otherwise. Whether I choose to fire back or keep quiet is based on how I feel. In the case Saturday night, I felt the need to take shots at Keith and Webby. I have also vehemently defended both individuals at times. Drinking did not factor in one bit. Anybody who knows me will tell you, I don’t need alcohol to voice anything. My point is, I made a mistake, took the verbal abuse for it. Apologized publicly, still took criticism, then decided to stoop to the level of the minions and voice my opinion based on their opinions. Like I said before, I’ll admit when I’m wrong, but if people still feel the need to pipe off after I’ve admitted wrong doing, so be it. Deal with what comes after that and so will I.

  43. Any one know why the 72 sk got a dq

  44. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that he was probably talking about what Mike just said. Destroying a car would “cost a ton”, not a simple spin.

  45. Children , children ! Every once and a while some people need to take out their wallet and look at their license and see how old they are .

  46. mike serluca says

    Illegal carb spacer

  47. When was the 72 DQ’d?

  48. Not Mike Serluca says

    I believe he was dq’d in tech

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