Ted Christopher Penalized For Post-Race Contact In SK Mod At Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified division July 2 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified division July 2 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Ted Christopher’s chase for an SK Modified championship at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2016 will see him starting from deep in the field over the next two weeks at the track.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl race director Eric Webster confirmed to RaceDayCT Tuesday that Christopher will be forced to start last in the SK Modified field over the next two events at the track as a penalty for post-race contact he had Saturday with Ronnie Williams.

Christopher was also fined $200.

Williams used a diving move into turn three to wrestle the lead away from Christopher in the final corner of Saturday’s 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at the Speedbowl.

After the checkered flag Christopher expressed his displeasure for Williams’ move by making contact with his car during the cool down lap.

Webster said it has been made clear over the past three weeks during drivers meetings at the track that any contact under caution or after an event would result in a disqualification. Webster said he didn’t feel what Christopher did deserved a disqualification, but that a penalty needed to be handed down.

“We’re kind of backed against a wall,” Webster said. “The last three drivers meeting we’ve said any contact would be an automatic DQ. … To level a penalty of disqualification in a feature event, I really think that penalty is pretty stiff. If he went over there and cleaned the guy out we wouldn’t be having this conversation. … But we had to do something. … I can’t really see taking a second place away from the guy. He was mad and just let the kid know. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I just don’t feel it warrants a DQ.”

Christopher sits squarely in the mix of an ultra-tight battle in the standings for the SK Modified division at the Speedbowl. With three events remaining this year, Christopher is tied four fourth in the standings with Tyler Chadwick, 10 points behind standings leader Keith Rocco. Joey Gada is second in the standings, one point behind Rocco, and Dennis Perry is third, two points off the lead.

Christopher wasn’t happy at all, even by a seemingly less than threatened penalty.

“He hasn’t done anything all year to anybody,” Christopher said. “What have they done to anybody? Nothing. Two weeks for me starting in the back for that? The guy is an idiot. You didn’t do anything to anybody the whole season for anything and now you’re going to do that? … I just don’t like that’s he’s so inconsistent.”

Christopher will also be forced to start at the back for his heat races. He will be allowed to earn points for his finishes in the heat races, but he will be removed from the handicap process for setting the starting field for the feature no matter what his finish is the heat races.


  1. I agree with teddy 100% that the whole season has been inconsistent when it comes to penalizing people. But if in the drives meeting you where told not to do something then don’t. I can’t wait to hear what TC fans have to say.

  2. And yet again inconsistent mr. Webster it has ben said you would dq anyone but no its teddy we cant do that to him really the 59 car clearly passed him clean and yet no dq .

  3. Said it before and will say it again…..TOILET BOWL ! Place has issues every where. Bring it people I know it’s coming. Race director is a KID ROCK FAN.

  4. Just rip through the field tc
    I agree with teddy definitely
    I seen a lot worse
    I think tc won’t give it away
    He wins championship this year
    If Ronco wrecks
    Those 2 guys are dead even for sure
    Rocco and tc
    Williams is 13 years of age tc number is 13

  5. I wasn’t at this race and didn’t see the contact… With that being said, it is real dangerous to hit someone under caution during pace laps or cool down laps. That’s when a driver lets his gaurd down and isn’t expecting contact. Especially in cool down laps guys will start taking off safety equipment getting ready to talk about their podium performance. Every track emphasizes this rule and you shouldn’t be surprised by a penalty

  6. Given the warnings issued, the Bowl had to do something. So, not a bad decision. One week (instead of two) would have been defensible, also.

    A rule along the lines of “any contact under yellow will be reviewed by the Race Director; if the contact is deemed to be intentional, penalties up to and including a DQ may be assessed.”

  7. I should have added “… would make sense” to the end of my post above.

  8. Rick Raducha says

    I’m sure the staff at Waterford Speedbowl realise they are inconsistent…they truly have no one in charge who is not connected in some way with a team, driver or sponsor. They need someone without bias …a strong person with intelligence about driving and fairness. I hope they fix the rules, points and rough driving. The place is really the best it’s been in 20 years….but needs constant eyes on the racing and understanding that no one wants to see NASCAR type wrecking

  9. Rick Raducha says

    I’m sure the staff at Waterford Speedbowl realise they are inconsistent…they truly have no one in charge who is not connected in some way with a team, driver or sponsor. They need someone without bias …a strong person with intelligence about driving and fairness. I hope they fix the rules, points and rough driving. The place is really the best it’s been in 20 years….but needs constant eyes on the racing and understanding that no one wants to see NASCAR type wrecking

  10. They just want to make it easy on Rocco so he can win the National title with ease and less competition coming through the field. Rocco can save his tires while Teddy is burning his up coming to the front. Then when TC gets to the front Rocco can start to go. Politics 101 So the track gets national attention.

  11. No need to bad mouth Ronnie. He’s a hell of a driver. TC tagged him. No denying it. The issue his beteeen him and The Bowl.

  12. No need to bad mouth Ronnie. He’s a hell of a driver. He beat the King. TC tagged him. No denying it. The issue his beteeen him and The Bowl.

  13. MARK STANTON says

    After a race or during a caution there are people on the track, gates are opening, track crew is out, pace car may be out, and wreaker crews may be working. Almost anything can be passed off as a “Racing incident” under green but contact with another car under caution is a No-No.

  14. This is the second time this year teddy has done this at the bowl. He can’t go around bullying he got beat the way he would beat someone else in their position. If they said they are gonna DQ if contact then he should be DQ not complaining about starting at the rear.

  15. I agree with TC in the inconsistency of penalties at that track. I’m a new driver myself at the bowl and have received penalties for the same thing, rightfully so, that’s not my gripe. My problem is in the SK division with the inconsistencies. Why were no penalties issued the night TC was clearly hooked twice in one night, and destroyed two cars? Or just two weeks ago when the 88 sent the 78 into the outside wall going into three? If it’s good for one it should be good for all, no matter of point standings, name, or sponsors.

  16. Eye In The Sky says

    The TC fans have no leg to stand on, period. It was literally yelled at every driver during driver’s meeting 2 weeks ago by the GM Monahan that the outcome for ANY contact under yellow or after a race was going to be DQ no matter who it was. Seeing TC do that after the feature was over was the stupidest thing I’ve seen any driver do in a long time. He punched his own ticket to be one of the runners up for the SK championship with that move. William’s move was a great racing move (just watch Sid’s video of it) unlike TC’s version of the events when he was making his podium speech.

    Jason – right on brotha as it was told for 2 weeks straight that no matter who it was that made contact, automatic DQ and so TC fans should actually be happy the rules are different for their driver 🙂

    Mod Fan – Speedbowl has best racing around and knocking race director for doing something is pure stupidity. Christopher incorrectly implies that they haven’t done anything to anyone else all year and that’s simply not true as you can see here: http://www.speedbowlct.com/penalty-box

    RaceDayNH – is spot on that any contact cannot be permitted. I’ll add that I do think the penalty is too light and he should lose 2nd place finish, points and handicap. Officials need to learn if they say it, they had better do it!

  17. wasnt there not a tc fan allthough im not a hater either been watching him a long time. after a quick read my take is simple. Should have been no call made just as they have been doing all year long. I dont care what is said in the meetings i have seen way worse too many times with not even a finger point. If they want to lay down the law then great but do it next year start fresh same rules for everybody. To make an example with 2 races to go against the only guy there that we all know can beat kid rock for this championship im sorry folks to me that is just obvious favortism and singleing the guy out. That being said it was a corteous gesture not taking his finish away ,but gosh darn lets face it all the garbage and blown calls involving this guy this year the bowl should be thanking him for not taking care of buisness himself. they hose the guy week in week out. There is just way too much of its not what you do but who does it. That is what needs to change. again not a tc fan i am merely a long time race fan that does not need eye glasses. mark my words on this if tc is not in the title chase come the day of the final race the entire field had better put there big boy pants on because the old man is going to have a take no prisoners move or be moved mind set and it is sure to be quite entertaining. Remeber this folks he has been there done that and won everything……he dont care and will send a message

  18. Eye In The Sky says

    Should add the following that the Waterford Speedbowl General Track Rules do give the officials a little wiggle room on this infraction despite their saying and every driver hearing that “it will be an automatic DQ for any contact during the yellow or after the checkered” during driver’s meetings.

    Look at 1.6.1.B where it says “Officials will use their discretion to impose penalties they think are fair and prudent concerning each infraction or penalty. The following are guidelines of conduct infractions but are not limited to: 4. Contact under caution or after race completion (willful or negligent). ”


  19. I have been involved in racing for over 35 years and there was and always will be contact after a race. DQ is not the answer, personally I think intentional contact under green is far worse the under caution to a point…. The only fair way is to take away either a position or 10 points for each infraction under yellow if contact under caution is not allowed. As a fan I love the banging after a race, adds to the show

  20. Well teddy should learn how to not mirror block every one and learn how to drive ronnie had to do what he had to do to win so stop bashing a first time winner

  21. Honestly who cares…

  22. TC should be thanking Webster, not calling him an idiot. Could of just gave him a DQ and took him completely out of the championship battle.

  23. Eye in the sky ? You mean eye in the big brown eye cause your taking crap. The bowl is a mess and I agree with Jim … They want to be noticed as a top notch track with there boy Rocco being some super star . How’s the tour been kid rock ! Your a great local racer and nothing more …. The bowl is for some and not for others . Stafford is were the real racing is ! Go TC

  24. I agree with Rich, I still believe he should have sat out the first two shows of the year for having cheated up heads last year…

  25. Yeah modman, the bowl is a mess . That’s probably why 43 different sk modified drivers have chosen to race there throughout the season.

  26. When the place is a Mini mall I will miss these stories.

  27. No longer at the bowl says

    You just said it, the GM yelled at all the drivers during the drivers meeting. The GM has way too any horses in these races and should leave ALL OFFICIATING to the RD and the RD’S crew. A race director should be just that , a race director. Make on track calls for the cars actions, not names and numbers, numbers should be used only to identify those involved. If this happens the place will thrive, but unfortunately, the front of most places have too much influence. Believe me, I have been in those shoes.

  28. Rich, see you at the strip mall soon. wow 43 drivers ! how many are good ? oh rich….

  29. Perhaps the drivers thought a DQ was too harsh and it would never be imposed, so they go and do the stupid stuff anyways. Then the management doesn’t do wha they say they were going to do and they now become enablers of the deviant behavior. If you state consequences and then don’t apply them, you are weak. Might as well get rid of the rules.

    The inmates are running the joint.

    Way too much nepotism.

    The gene pool is too small.

  30. After watching Sids video I have got to say that has got to be one of the worst calls, that was nothing more a classic post race nudge. complete total bs,all the carnage this year and destroyed race cars with zero calls made and they are going to call that??? Give me an efffin break. hey every one has they’re opinon i have said it befor will say it again. Mr Bemer is doing alot of good but this management team has got to go. Let me throw something at you. best short track racing in new england? yea id actualy say yes. An enjoyable entertaining night at the track? absolutley. fan freindly? yup yup and so on. So i ask you this if management is doing such a great job and running a even level play ground why are the counts so low? why are the grandstands more and more empty every week? excluding big shows. hey im not saying 40 cars and a packed house $$$ is a big factor but if they are doing such a great job they should by far be pulling in alot more ticket buyers. here is the answer other than the physical upgrades not a darn thing has changed. that there lies the problem

  31. Tired of the crapbowl says

    New owner new management same outcome. Favoritism. If you’re a TC fan don’t go to the the Speed bowl. They have it out for the only one that has something consistently for the golden child. Any chance they get to keep TC from getting close to the golden child! I don’t understand how the car owner keeps coming back week after week. After what I’ve seen the crap calls the bull crap against the team the driver. If it was me I would take my team and race elsewhere. TIRED OF FAVORITISM AND INCONSISTENCY!!!

  32. Paul A Dziewit says

    Teddy has to still learn that finishing second is better than wrecking his own, and the other competitors race car, and the safety on both drivers in general ! And Teddy is to proud to accept this over his long modified driving career.

  33. really dumb guy says

    I agree with TC about officiating inconsistencies. If he wasn’t penalized the last time he did it, he should be able to do it all the time.

  34. Yup they want Keith to win the championship just look at how many phantom penalties they have given Joe Gada, Dennis Perry, and Tyler Chadwick all year. Oh wait they haven’t because they haven’t done anything stupid. If you don’t want to be penalized don’t force the officials to make a judgement call. The Bowl has the best thing going in CT right now and it seems like some people can never be happy and want to run it down every chance they get and it’s seems that whatever they do is never good enough and that they are evil incompetent pricks out to get people every chance they get and I just don’t see that at all. I go there every week and enjoy myself It’s a good show they run it off smooth and they have the best competition across all divisions. Maybe Ted should quit Waterford because his attitude and his teams attitude is just getting old whenever they are penalized they just turn vicious against the track and lob insults at the officials and to me it is just bad for the sport.

  35. “After watching Sids video I have got to say that has got to be one of the worst calls, that was nothing more a classic post race nudge.”

    I agree! The TC “Bumper Cam” shot sure didn’t appear to be much more than a love tap. I don’t have a single farvorite, but both TC and Williams are guys on my “list” who I root for at Stafford.

    If they must, DQ him for the evening of the “offense” or maybe fine him, but the two week penalty is pretty harsh.

  36. So if a post race “nudge” gets you two weeks of starting in the back and loss of your handicap, shouldn’t it apply to all divisions across the board? If I recall, there was a legend car that was DQd not too long ago at the conclusion of a Thursday night show for doing the exact same thing. Where is the consistency? The GM should not be threatening penalties to drivers or crew at a drivers meeting. That is something that should come from and be enforced by the RD. Unfortuanately, Rich Raducha is correct when it comes to not having a bias person on the officiating team. The Bowl has the best thing going right now? I wouldn’t go that far. The only people that say that and think that are the ones who are too blind to see the bs that happens week in and week out there. All the management is looking at right now is Rocco being close to a national title and making it as easy as possible for him to get that top spot and for them to get positive press from it.

  37. Wow!!! So many posts! Cool! Just want to say congrats to RW!!! Hell of a driver, good crew, awesome family, his Dad’s a Gentlemen… To bad about your ride height DQ at Stafford… Lesson learned, if you had housed the owners kids car you would have had one more win!!!

  38. I haven’t been to the Bowl since July but thanks to Webbie stirring the pot ever so gently, I’m interested again.

  39. I like Williams
    The kid is good for sure
    Just so young compared to tc
    Like teddy 9 out of ten though
    Williams is the future for sure
    Good for racing
    Stash you da man !!!!!!!

  40. Rocco a great driver period
    He never had a good ride for the tour but if he got one he would kick ass I’m sure
    Rocco preece tc pennick woody coby silk and some others too!!!Santos too
    Williams is on the up too

  41. Jerry Fascione says

    Some idiot always blames Rocco, lets just make it easy for him to win. nobody works harder on their race cars then Keith and his crew give me a break that’s why he wins and he is a great driver.

  42. Another championship for Rocco ……

  43. Bahaha! Now ya done pissed off prestige motor sports …..good luck to the rest of the field!

  44. Nick Fraulino says

    I’m sorry but has the race director ever watched a race before… people gives each other love taps all the time for a win or nice move… this is BS

  45. Jeffery are you high ? Rocco isn’t tour material and Williams will never be ! Look at Nick Salva , tried the tour he is awful ! He sucks at SK . Wake up brother …. Wow !

  46. James Scott says

    Folks this is the least of the tracks worries. Just enjoy the track and the competition. We are lucky its still here.

  47. Love tap, bump, hit, whatever you want to call it. For 3 weeks the drivers were told not to do it. Isn’t a dq worse than starting in the back? At least he still has a shot at the championship. And if they are so in the tank for Rocco they couldn’t come up with some kind if penalty for the 2nd and 3rd place guys?

  48. This is the true big picture

  49. James Scott yes the least of worries with the news headlines last weak

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