On Empty: New Tests Show Illegal Fuel Call On Ted Christopher By Speedbowl Stands Up

Ted Christopher celebrates Sunday evening at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl before a penalty stripped his team of victory in the SK Modified feature

Ted Christopher celebrates Sunday evening at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl before a penalty stripped his team of victory in the SK Modified feature

In the eyes of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl management team, the fire that has burned over their penalty call for illegal fuel on Sunday at the Bemers Big Show is officially flamed out.

On Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Ted Christopher was stripped of victory in the SK Modified feature when his car was found with illegal fuel in post race tech inspection.

Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan confirmed Wednesday evening that multiple tests done since Monday have proved that the tech staff at the track indeed made the right call to disqualify Christopher’s Doug DiPisa owned Prestige Motorsports car from the victory.

“The bottom line is that I feel as though the tech staff at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is the strongest department that we have,” Monahan said. “Those guys are on point. I’ve heard it from other tracks. I’ve heard from other people that have gone through inspections. These guys are not out to make anybody’s lives difficult, they just want an even playing field, and that’s all this came down to.”

Reached Wednesday evening DiPisa said of the situation: “I can’t comment right now.”

Sunday’s SK Modified race, which was scheduled for 75 laps, was stopped with 14 laps remaining because of damage done to a gate in turn four during a crash.

Ryan Preece, who finished second to Christopher on the track, was declared the winner of the event, which paid a $5,000 first place purse. Christopher had passed Preece for the lead on a restart one lap before the race was ended.

Since the disqualification call was made DiPisa has floated a number of theories as to why the fuel in his car showed a higher specific gravity than what should have shown for the spec Sunoco fuel that was mandated for use in Sunday’s event.

Paul Kusheba IV, who finished fourth on Sunday, was also disqualified from the event for having illegal fuel that showed a higher than allowable specific gravity number.

DiPisa has said that he bought fuel from two separate New England Racing Fuel trucks at the track on Sunday and has called into question whether there was contamination from the second truck his team bought fuel from.

Monday the fuel samples from both trucks were tested by John Holland from New England Racing Fuel and both were found to be at the allowable specified legal number for specific gravity.

Additional testing was completed Wednesday through Sunoco research and development labs in Pennsylvania. That testing found that the fuel samples taken following the event from Christopher’s car and Kusheba’s car did not match either of the fuel samples from the two trucks that were at the track on Sunday.

“The fuel samples were tested by a technical specialist at Sunoco and both samples are off spec on specific gravity and looks based upon color,” Monahan said. “I can’t tell you what hydrocarbons are making the fuel heavy, but [Kusheba’s fuel] had more of them [than Christopher’s]. … Those findings are the same as what [tech inspector Todd Stiles] found on Sunday night.”

Rumors have floated during the week that one of the fuel trucks had been at the track for a recent Legends event and some have suggested that fuel left from that event contaminated what was brought to the track Sunday. That rumor was debunked by Holland, who ensured track officials that the fuel truck that was at the track for the Legends Nationals event earlier this month was not used this weekend.

Photo posted as the "Profile Picture" on the Prestige Motorsports Facebook page on Monday (Photo: Prestige Motorsports Facebook page)

Photo posted as the “Profile Picture” on the Prestige Motorsports Facebook page on Monday (Photo: Prestige Motorsports Facebook page)

“With either team, there were no oxygenates, there was no methanol and no ethanol,” Monahan said of instances that may have indicated contamination from a purchased product possibly contaminated by another type of Sunoco fuel. “But they were both off of spec.”

Monday the profile picture on the Prestige Motorsports Facebook page was changed to seemingly mock the situation at hand. DiPisa has indicated in various online outlets since Monday that he may not return with his team to the track next year.

DiPisa’s team went through a similar penalty situation at the final event at the Speedbowl last year after a third place finish in the season ending event. Christopher was originally disqualified for having illegal heads. After DiPisa’s public outcries of an unfair call, the track paid to have the parts in question inspected by an independent engine builder in North Carolina, who upheld the track’s findings.


  1. Funny how it was tested and still found illegal and Doug is still upset. AND he’s considering leaving because of his own wrong doing. Funny.

  2. Jacob M that’s because it’s always someone else’s fault when you get caught don’t you know. More than one test and they all came to the same ccconclusio. You got caught – again. Some people just aren’t very good at cheating. Clearly Doug is one of those people

  3. Doug have you considered creative writing? Seeing creative cheating is not your forte.

  4. I love that the Bowl backs up there tech guys.

  5. Wow. Doug is getting a lot of attention. At least he’s doing something right. Must be on their minds a lot

  6. TC needs to find another team to race for. Surely someone else out there with a competitive car would want him. It’s not like he’s tearing up equipment every week like the old days.

  7. Why don’t you write your comments on the page and not the article. Stop hiding behind closed doors!!!! Teddy fan for life

  8. darealgoodfella says


  9. Pimp E nick says

    Teddy doesn’t cheat Dipisa doesn’t cheat Bear doesn’t cheat Pete the motor builder doesn’t cheat NEVER! If Teddy had the urge to cheat he would tell Doug, Doug would tell Bear and Bear would tell Pete and none of them would EVER think of cheating AGAIN that is until next year……,

  10. Fuel had nothing to do with Ted’s win. Who in the hell decides that when their leading the race with a much better “handling” car and the caution comes out, to restart on the outside of all people than TC????? Yea, how’d that work out for ya kid? Good call!

  11. Sounds like another fixed race to me. It’s all in what position their chosen winner is in!

  12. Borderline says

    Empty cans of VP race fuel have been found on the side of the road near Stafford speedway this summer. Someone has been filling their cars before getting to the track and then tossing the evidence in the cabbage to dispose of the evidence.

    Im not saying these cans belong to TC’s team specifically but someone racing at Stafford is doing this and has been for a while.

  13. Who’s not to say Sunoco didn’t lie about to make the track and the fuel dealer look good. Send that fuel to NASCAR and combine both to get tested.

  14. IMO, in this race ONLY…. the penalty is a non-issue. Preece had the faster car. Had Diego “The Blocker” Monahan not destroyed the gate, (ending the race prematurely), Preece would’ve easily gone on to win regardless. The only way Preece would’ve lost, would have been a faulty mechanical issue, or Teddy putting him into the wall.
    BUT, this also sets a precedent. For future potential illegal fuel penalty’s, this case should be investigated to the fullest extent.

  15. If TC finished second he was still going to get DQ’d in tech so it doesn’t matter what Preece took

  16. Fast Eddie says

    Thank-you to the Speedbowl staff for taking the extra steps to confirm and back up their decision. I would bet that whatever extra expense was incurred was well invested in confirming the integrity of the track and it’s decisions. I would hope that would also increase the overall level of respect from the race teams. Well done!

  17. You sir are an idiot if you believe that.probably dumbest comment I’ve ever seen here.

  18. Hi Shawn, have you looked into what’s going on with the MTS or are going to be posting something on it? They just posted about their new Competition Committee: Art Barry, John McKennedy, Charlie Pasteryak, Rob Walendy and Kirk Alexander. Pretty interesting that it contains the reigning and four time champion of the MRS (McKennedy) and the all time MRS wins leader (Alexander). Also adding Art Barry gives this upstart a little more legitimacy in my opinion. I’m really interested to see how this impacts the MRS as it seems to be pulling some of their premier drivers and owners over. Not to mention that 2 of the MRS dates at monadnock have now become MTS dates for 2017.

    This obviously could end up being just a flash in the pan but it definitely seems like some juicy silly season fodder. Just that fact that Tommy Barrett has committed to the series alone will most likely grab some interest.

    Just hoping to hear some insider info on this

    Drivers commited so far per MTS:

    John McKennedy
    Tommy Barrett
    Chris Pasteryak
    Anthony Nocella
    Kirk Alexander
    Richard Savary
    Mike Holdridge
    Jeff Gallup
    Todd Patnode
    Joe Doucette
    Adam Norton
    Todd Annarummo
    TJ Bleau

  19. read what the test at sunoco said …..both guys that were thrown out used V.P. RACING FUEL ….both are connected to V.P. ……..V.P. made them some fuel that looked close in color not to throw any flags …but not that close to meet the numbers ….so they lost 5 GRAND ……to save a fuel bill and maybe a couple more horsepower ?….but worse look like a a-hole after it all for cheating ….ya…..sign me up for that team of great thinkers ….

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Coming up next, Prestige TV, modeled after Trump TV, will broadcast their version of reality.

    They only accept results when they win, and when they don’t win, the race and results were rigged.

    TC must have the record for losing the most wins, and getting caught with illegal cars, fuel, etc. What a prestigious honor! And he did this with so many different teams.

    I apologize for the typos, I’m laughing so hard as I write this.

  21. darealgoodfella says


  22. TC thanked Mike Pettit on Sunday, so it doesn’t sound like Pete (East Coast) is building the Waterford engines for TC/Prestige these days. Perhaps the switch relates to last year’s season ending DQ for illegal heads??

  23. pete….. proved to be the smartest guy on the team ….won a ton of races last year with his power ….made it all year long to the last race before they found his secret ….punt him …..put in the petit puff motor… just another car out there no advantage ….there went all the wins ….guess they tried to made up for it with this trick fuel ….lol…..

  24. Right or wrong call don’t even matter to me at this point, tc returning to the bowl was the only reason I have been going and I mean the only reason. So if he leaves then so do I. Other than the occasional Stafford invader’s he is the only one that can consistently run with Keith and to me without those 2 battling it out I see nothing at all that interests me

  25. So Jessi will ignore any and all Facts because she is a Tc fan…..Typical.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, why don’t you tell us your SG test results?


  27. Hillary is good at Cheating!!!

  28. So what are you going to do w/ your Saturday Nights next year? Perhaps play Bingo or Tennis??

  29. Justafan – I am a TC fan also but you are so wrong when you say he is the only one that can run with Rocco… plenty of other good competitors that put on a good show. I think the 13 team are a bunch of hacks that think they need to cheat to win and should have been suspended for at least the first show for what they pulled last year with the non-conforming heads… now this with the fuel. Suspension is in order for next year. I really dont think they need to cheat and I would say they would have won if they ran the spec fuel. We don’t need Cheaters JMO

  30. speed kills says

    if the track is correct kusheba would be labeled a “cheater” as well…I know there have been rules infractions with both teams in the past ..the bowl should have waited til the testing was done to publish a decision.. also could have sampled anyone else that was at that second truck…(there had to be many) so if any other team bought from that second truck.. speak up !! offer your fuel for testing.. surely anyone buying from the second truck would come up dirty .. I guess we will find out this weekend ??? otherwise take your punishment .

  31. If you really read for what isn’t written, the team only said they purchased 20 gallons of fuel from the track. I don’t think i ever read about them actually using it in the car. Just a thought

  32. Jessi sound like TC stands for true cheater

  33. ModFan Homtracks says

    Justafan. At the end of the day, that’s what we all end up seeing is the 13 and 88 battle it out. Rumor is the 59 may be running there “more often ” according to a crew member and that would be worth staying for. All the 59 did in 3 races there this year is a 3rd, a 1st, and in this race finished 2nd after the DQ and he started 25th. He was going to the front. That kid is Fun to watch.

  34. Fun to watch especially when he passes TC in the last turn of the last lap.

  35. Waterford knows people come to see TC. They toss him in final event to keep him honest. They don’t have to worry about Teddy taking his ball and going home. This will all blow over by April and TC returns in the spring. Everybody wins. TC is good for business even if he needs a little extra blue octane to rise to the occasion these days.

  36. Sorry I have better things to do than just wait for an notification or check this to bash people all day. Must have no lives to sit there and worry about what the outcome is. I don’t go bashing any other competitor that I don’t like.

  37. When will we hear more from Doug DiPisa?

  38. This universe is currently in flux, maybe Doug didn’t cheat at all but a quantum shift occurred on Sunday where a cheating Doug doppelganger brought VP fuel died blue to our universe. He seems sincere, always question reality.

  39. darealgoodfella says

    Where are all the Deplorables, aka: loyal TC fans? Why aren’t they here demanding parking lot meetings?

    Let DiPisa go… he will be crushed when racing continues without him.

  40. And the only DQ the 59 got this year was at Stafford for a minor ride height violation… Gave the win to the 2nd place car… Don’t remember his number… Just know he houses Arutes Kids car!!! OUCH!!!!

  41. Fixed ??😂😂😂 you must Watch a ton of pro wrestling skmods.

  42. Pimp E Doug DiPisa says

    We never ever thought of cheating ever! What really happened was someone who doesn’t like us chea-Ted promise

  43. Facts Matter says

    Get ready to eat Crow the FBI is back

  44. Doug has been very quite considering any other time his car has been DQ’d or even had questionable parts he’s been very vocal on this site. Could it be because he really has no excuse?

  45. Vp or Sunoco gas is all the same not much advantage between the 2 if any . This is really about money and nascar is a control freak and don’t dare go against the hitler regime .

  46. darealgoodfella says

    -100%, this is about rules, and following the rules. It is about law and order!!!

  47. Doug was quite vocal on Facebook until just after the Sunoco test results were announced. After last year’s illegal heads DQ, TC admitted that the heads were illegal (after an independent review confirmed the Bowl’s findings). But, I don’t think Doug ever made such an admission. So, he may not say anything else (publicly) about the fuel DQ.

  48. There is a HP advantage by using VP. On my modified motor we picked up 10 hp on dyno nothing diffrent but fuels sunoco to VP. But that said tracks should stop this monopoly where you have to run this fuel, this tire, etc. The fuel at waterford is known to have water in it, we used to be able to run VP,Powermist,Rocket,and more. We used to be able to get fuel sponsors because of vendor competition.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    So where is this Doug DiPiza guy? Giving up without a fight? Very unusual not seeing his Trump-esque blathering, hysterical blathering at that.

    Rules are rules.


  50. darealgoodfella says

    Hey -100%, did you read this?

  51. darealgoodfella says

    Still pretty funny.

    Lost $5,000 because of this. LOFL!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    Still look like anal sphincters.

  52. darealgoodfella says

    Great job by the track tech crew and fuel experts for verifying that what was supposed to be just wasn’t.

    That’s the way to keep law and order, and keep the Deplorables in line.

  53. I was hoping Dareal’s comments would trigger replies from Kusheba and/or Prestige that would shed more light on the illegal fuel. But, it looks like no one is talking and “we’re on to 2017”.

  54. darealgoodfella says

    Yeah, $5,000 coulda bought plenty of Sunoco Race Fuel.

  55. darealgoodfella says

    So if the fuel in the truck(s) was contaminated or incorrect, then all cars that went through post race tech should have been disqualified. All the cars should have been running that irregular fuel.

    Did that happen?

  56. Fast Eddie says


  57. darealgoodfella says

    Any new fuel test results?

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